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									Controlled Release Nutrition for better crops:
Potato and Sweet Potato
Taking advantage of MulticoTech™ polymer coating technology, HAIFA has developed Multicote® Agri
and CoteN™ controlled-release fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture.
Multicote® Agri and CoteN™ products provide continuous, leaching-proof plant nutrition over months –
for optimal developments and higher yields. Multicote® Agri and CoteN™ improve nutrient use efficiency,
thus allowing for reduced application rates, while maintaining or even increasing yields.

Multicote® Agri products combine controlled-release and readily
available sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
CoteN™ is a source of controlled-release nitrogen, based on
polymer-coated urea.

Based on polymer-coated fertilizer granules, Multicote® Agri and
CoteN™ are designed to release available nutrients to the soil
solution slowly and continuously over months. Following application,
the granules start absorbing soil moisture that dissolves the urea
inside the granules. The dissolved urea then diffuses, slowly and
continuously, into the root zone.
The release rate depends upon and is dictated solely by the soil temperature. The release rate increases as
temperature rises, just as happens with plant uptake rates.
Other factors, such as soil type, humidity, pH, and microbial activity do not affect the release rate.

The Benefits of Multicote® Agri and CoteN™
• Nutrients are supplied in accordance with plant needs, for optimal development and best yields
• Single application per season – which results in a drastic reduction of field labor and application costs, as
  well as considerably less soil compaction
• Minimized losses through leaching, volatilization or fixation in the soil
  o availability of nutrients throughout the growth cycle is ensured
  o more efficient use of fertilizers without wastage enables reduced application rates
  o ecologically superior (no soil or air pollution)

Multicote® Agri and CoteN™ are not leached off
The polymer coating of Multicote® Agri and CoteN™ granules ensures that at any stage, only the nutrients
needed for plant growth are present in a soluble, readily-available form. This prevents leaching of excesses,
which practically do not present, even after irrigation or during events of heavy rainfall.

Multicote® Agri and CoteN™ are recommended
• In light soils, where nutrients are easily leached
• As base fertilizers for rainy season crops. Rainfall accelerates nutrient leaching, while the mud makes side-
  dressing application troublesome.
• In areas where nitrogen application rates are limited by local regulations, so high efficiency of nutrient use
  is desired
Proven results
Plurality of field trials and demo plots have shown that base dressing with Multicote® Agri or CoteN™at
60-70% of conventional application rates results in
• Better nutrient use efficiency
• Higher yields
• Improved size distribution
The overall result is increase in grower’s net profit, with additional benefit of minimized
environmental impacts.
Some examples are shown here below

Kibbutz Ruhama, Israel (Negev), 2006
Crop: Potato cv Venus
Soil type: sandy loam
Application method: pre-sowing application in 2 banded rows at both sides of the trench.

 Treatment              Fertilizer                    N           Total tuber yield           %
                                                 kg/ha                ton/ha             dry matter
 Grower’s practice      Urea 46-0-0                400                  61.4                 18.88
 CoteN                  43-0-0 (70% coated)        240                  62.5                 19.23


 (ton/ha)                                         N rate: 80%
            62.5                                  +1.1 ton/ha





                        Grower's practice                 CoteN

CoteN™ treatment resulted in better efficiency of nitrogen use: higher yields with lower application rate.
Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu, Israel, 2006

Crop: Potato cv Mondial
Soil type: red loam
Application method: pre-sowing application

 Treatment                 fertilizer                      N              Total tuber yield
                                                      kg/ha                      ton/ha
 Grower’s practice         Urea 46-0-0                     420                     69
 CoteN™                    43-0-0 (70% coated)             350                     71.5

(ton/ha)              71
                                                      N rate: 70%
                                                      +2.5 ton/ha



                                Grower's practice                CoteN

Soil analyses indicated higher N levels with CoteN™ treatment, that can be attributed to reduced leaching.
CoteN™ treatment also resulted in higher chlorophyll levels in the leaves.

Cudgen, Australia (NSW), 2005: Top yields, better income

Crop: Sweet Potato cv Beaureguard

 Treatment                  fertilizer                                   kg/ha
                                                                 N       P2O5     K2O
 Grower’s practice          Granular fertilizers                 112      128      200
 Multicote Agri Hi          Multicote Agri 6M                    102      112      175
 Multicote Agri Med         14.5-16-25 61-0-70% coated           84       93       145
 Multicote Agri Lo                                               74       82       128

Application method
Grower’s practice: base dressing + 2 side dressing applications
Multicote® Agri: base-dressing, fertilizer was incorporated to the soil at bed formation before planting

 Treatment                               Tuber size distribution (%)           Total yield    Income
                                         Small      Medium       Large          Ton/ha        US$/ha
 Grower’s practice                         6          16          15              28.7         9,020
 Multicote Agri Hi                         9          31             8            36.9        16,610
 Multicote Agri Med                        11         32             9            35.3        16,975
 Multicote Agri Lo                         12         18          15              32.8        12,580
(ton/ha)       18        Large







                     Grower's practice      Multicote Agri Hi    Multicote Agri Med Multicote Agri Lo

Highest yields and income were obtained with Multicote® Agri at 75% of conventional rates.

• Multicote® Agri / CoteN™ fertilization results in higher yields as compared to conventional fertilization,
  with reduced nitrogen rates
• Multicote® Agri / CoteN™ reduces nitrogen leaching and improves availability for plant uptake

Recommended application rates
                                 Application rate
                                                                              % coated nutrients
                              % of local practice*
                          N             P2O5            K2O              N             P2O5            K2O
 Light soil             60-70            100             70              70              -          Up to 50
 Heavy soil             70-90            100             80            50-60             -          Up to 50
* These recommendations refer to areas where nitrogen application rates are not restricted by regulations.
If nitrogen application is restricted, calculation of Multicote Agri application rates should be based on the full
optimum rates that would have been given with no restricions.
The recommendations should be considered as a general guide only. Actual application rates and percentage of coated nutrients may be up
to 10% more or 10% less than the values given in the able.
The exact rates, timing and mode of application should be determined according to specific crop needs, soil and water conditions, and the
grower’s experience.
Consult HAIFA agronomist to customize the optimal fertilization program for your needs.

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