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Periodic Table Student Notes by dkh16703


									                     Periodic Table2 Student Notes
Date ______________________Name ___________________________

The Periodic Table is an organized chart of all the _______________________
that exist.
Each element tile will give you important information about the element.
You have a periodic table in your agenda planner; your science teacher
will also provide you with a copy.

   • Scientists have discovered more than ________ elements.
   • ______________ of these elements are naturally occurring



   • Atomic number = number of _________________________. (Usually
     the number of electrons too!)
   • Atomic Mass = number of protons   + ___________________________.
  • Atomic Symbol = One or two letters which represent that element.
Do all of the elements have the first 2 letters of their name? Discuss!!
   In the periodic table, elements have something in common if they are in
   the same period (row). Rows go across!
   Observe the table discuss a pattern you see.

   The elements in a group (columns) have the same number of electrons
   in their outer orbital.

   • Orbital or energy level- Shell where electrons travel.
   • Period- row in the periodic table.
   • Group – column in periodic table
   • Nucleus – protons and neutrons hang out here. Center of atom!

         o Review from unit 1, basics of atomic orbitals.

.A shell is sometimes called an orbital or energy level.
Shells are areas ______________________________________.
The center of the atom is called the ___________________.
Electrons travel in something called _____________________.

Look at you periodic table and draw the carbon atom. Include protons,
neutrons, electrons, and label the nucleus.

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