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					        Volume 3 Issue 3

t NewsletterJuly 2008
      Inside This Issue
                                  Welcome to another jam-packed edition of the Atelier Newslet-
1 Welcome
                                  ter. We’ll be focusing on content and features this time around to
1 Exploring Articulation Voices
                                  help you enjoy making music on your brand new AT-900. Bill Ryder
2 VIMA Tunes
                                  will guide you through one of the amazing Articulation Voices on
3 Organ Music Collection
                                  the ‘Next Generation’ Atelier, and we’ll also explore the world of
4 Articulation Voices Con’t
                                  VIMA Tunes and the incredible Organ Music Collections of Tony
4 VIMA Tunes Con’t
                                  Fenelon and Maestro Hector Olivera.

                                  Enhance your music-making with VIMA Tunes
                                  Explore a new world of sight and sound features! The “Next
                                  Generation” Atelier Series allows you to take advantage of some
                                  unique Roland Content. At Roland, we are committed to not only
                                  designing and producing the finest musical instruments available,
                                  but to making sure you continue to enjoy your instrument for years
                                                                           to come. That’s why our
                                                                           founder launched Atelier
                                                                           Vision        Corporation,
                                                                           dedicated to making
                                                                           software and content for
                                                                           all of our products.

                                                                           In      2006       Roland
                                                                           Corporation introduced
                                                                           VIMA (Video / Interactive
                                                                           / Media / Application)
                                                                           –    a   ground-breaking
                                                                           instrument that integrates
                                                                           music and images. We
                                                                           are happy to say that all
                                                                           the VIMA Tunes software
                                                                           is compatible with the
                                                                           Next Generation Atelier

                                  What exactly are VIMA Tunes? VIMA Tunes are specially created
                                  CD-ROM discs containing standard MIDI file data, lyrics, and
                                                                                      continued on page 4
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Exploring the Articulation Voices with Bill Ryder
This issue focuses on one of the most dynamic new features of
the AT-900 -- Articulation Voices. There are four instruments in this
group – violin, cello, trombone, and saxophone – and they can
be found by touching the “others” button in the solo division of
the upper keyboard. Press the red box in the screen and a menu
listing all the voice families will appear. The Articulation Voices
category is located in the lower right corner of the list. Simply
touch “Art. Voices” to reveal the instruments. Select violin and
press Auto Set. A pop-up screen appears telling you what effects
will be incorporated into the sound. These effects are activated
either by exerting extra pressure on the keyboard or using the
kick-switches on the expression pedal. Simply press OK and
you’re ready to play.

Next time you are watching a violinist, notice how he slides from
one note to the other by sliding his fingers up and down on the
strings. He also changes the character of the sound by exerting
pressure on the strings with the bow or finger pressure on the
strings to create vibrato. All these effects are possible with the
Atelier’s new Articulation Voices.

Here’s how to get started using these effects using the song “Over
The Rainbow.” While holding the left kick-switch on the expression
pedal, play the first two notes of the song – C and C (an octave
higher). You can make a distinct break between these two
notes (staccato-style) or connect the notes (legato-style) and
listen to the slide effect. Notice that
the slide uses just the right amount of
notes to authenticate the effect and
is very effective when there is a large
separation between notes. Release the
kick-switch and continue to play the
song. Look for another measure where
there is a large separation between
notes, hold the left kick-switch and
repeat the process. Press down a little
harder on the note that you are holding
and notice how the vibrato increases.
With a little practice, you’ll be using
                                                      continued on page 4
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                      Introducing the Organ Music Collection
                      Have you ever watched one of our fabulous Concert artists and
                      wondered “How did they do that? Or maybe dreamed of having one of
                      these Masters give you a private lesson right in your home? Well have we
                      got great news for you!

                      Roland Corporation and Atelier Vision are proud to announce the Roland
                      Organ Music Collection. This new series of books and software allows organ
                                                        aficionados (and aficionados to be) an
                                                        up close and personal opportunity to
                                                        learn with the world’s best. Each book
                                                        in the Organ Music Collection offers
                                                        a variety of arrangements along with
                                                        the artist’s personal registrations, and
                                                        a high quality DVD that captures the
                                                        performance techniques of these top
                                                        players and arrangers from multiple
                                                        camera angles.

                                                       The DVD not only shows proper fingering
                                                       and technique, but also guides the
                                                       timing and methods to change
                                                       registration. The DVD can be viewed
                                                       right in the large screen information
                                                       window on the new AT-900 Next
                                                       Generation Atelier so you can learn
                                                       while sitting right at your own organ,
                      or you can watch on your television or home theatre for an amazing in-
                      home concert experience. The included registration disks will enable you
                      to enjoy the amazing tonal quality and superior orchestral capabilities of
                      your Roland Music Atelier.

                      The Roland Collection Series currently includes Hector Olivera Organ Music
                      Collection Vol. 1, and Tony
                      Fenelon Organ Music Collection
                      Vol. 2.      More Collections
                      are coming soon including
                      arrangements by Rosemary
                      Bailey, Yuri Tachibana, and
                      Ryoki Yamaguchi.      Stop by
                      your local authorized Atelier
                      dealer for more information, or
                      to get your own Organ Music
                      Collection by one of these
                      incredible musicians.
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VIMA Tunes
continued from page 1
background images selected to compliment songs from existing
Hal Leonard EZ Play Books.

We are a visual society and we learn better by a combination of
hearing and seeing. VIMA Tunes allows us to not only hear the
music but also “see” the song as we play along. By having images
along with our song we begin to not only play “notes”, but to play

With VIMA Tunes, your Next Generation Atelier can display a
variety of images on the internal LCD or on a connected big-
screen television to enhance the entertainment experience. Use
your built-in microphone jack to create an amazing karaoke
experience! Your Atelier can even display the musical score with
DigiScore®. VIMA makes music interactive, and makes it possible
for anyone to play or sing along with their favorite songs.

For a list of the VIMA Tunes Collection visit www.VIMATunes.com
or visit your local authorized Atelier dealer and play a VIMA Tunes

Exploring the Articulation Voices with Bill Ryder
continued from page 2

these features very effectively.

It’s important to remember to be selective as to where and when to        Remember to visit
use the slide feature. If you use it everywhere in a song, the music    RolandAtelier.com for
will become sloppy and lose its character. Use the “large separation    the latest Atelier news
between notes” rule as your guide to get started using this feature.   and information on your
As you become more comfortable, you’ll be able to insert the slide          Roland Atelier
and vibrato in the right spots and sound like a concert violinist.