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AUGUST 2007                                                    VOLUME 19, NUMBER 8


    Head Start “Chefs”                                               Service. Caring Spirit
H                                                                   I
          ead Start’s three head cooks, Carla Reed, Joyce                t is all too rare in the world today to find someone who
          Smith, and Jardia Williams and Head Sart’s Food                honestly cares about the welfare of others. But that
          Service Manager Sherry Benson, had the pleasure                perfectly describes AACS/GRITS employee is Mary Ann
of attending the 61st An-                                           Monarch.
nual School Nutrition                                                    Mary           Ann
Association (SNA) con-                                              started with GRITS
ference in Chicago in                                               on May 19, 2003, af-
July. It was the first SNA                                          ter retiring from
Conference for the three                                            BellSouth. She trans-
Head Start cooks, while                                             ports individuals to
Sherry had attended her                                             doctor appointments,
first 35 years ago.                                                 medical treatments, Mary Ann Monarch gives caring
          The highlights Jardia Williams, Carla Reed and            hospitals, and the GRITS service to all her passengers
                           Joyce Smith
of the conference were:                                             HealthPark. She also transports Audubon Area Senior Ser-
great motivational speakers and superb educational ses-             vice Corps volunteers to their volunteer sites. These volun-
sions, Benson said. The food exhibit was a phenomenal               teers serve with the Foster Grandparent and Senior Com-
experience with thousands of new and nutritious food ser-           panion Programs.
vice products to see and sample.                                         Mary Ann treats these special volunteers with kind-
         The AACS Herad Start contingent agreed that this           ness and respect and all who enters her van the same way.
was a unique time to attend the SNA national conference             She goes far beyond what is required of her. Mary Ann lets
inasmuch as the 2006-2007 SNA national president is AACS’           the seniors know they are important and shows it every time
own SNS, Janey Thornton, Ph.D., from Hardin County. The             she transports them. GRITS hears so many great comments
newly installed president, Mary Hill, SNS, is from Jackson,         about her kindness to others.
Mississippi. She is only the second African-American to                  We felt that we all need to know what great employees
head this 52,000-member asociation.                                 Audubon has and what great services they provide to our
      “Being a part of something larger than your own job           community.
and making friends across the nation is a very special feel-             Thank you, Mary Ann, for making life a little better!
ing,” added Sherry Benson.
                                                                               Know Your Audubon Area
  United Way Appeal ... and Rewards                                    Audubon Area Community Services operates

         he United Way 2007 Pacesetters’ Campaign Com                  statewide, but primarily in 34 western Kentucky
        mittee,composed of the following: Cheryl Gatton,               counties. It operates the Child Care Assistance
        Chair, and members Lou Brown, Paula Cobb, Angie                Program and the Kentucky Works Program in 4
Ditch, Nicole Haley, Tracy Howe and Audra Stewart, has                 area development districts consisting of 34 coun-
considered employee “rewards” for their pledge card con-               ties from Metcalfe County in the east to the Mis-
tribution commitment:.                                                 sissippi River in the west and from the Ohio River
  Employee who contribute at least $3.50 per pay pe-                   to the Tennessee border.
  riod would receive a paid “United Way Day” off in 2008.              Audubon also operates Head Start and Child Care
  This year, the United Way is stressing that “every $2                Resource and Referral services accross the 16-
  counts” in their campaign, therefore our employees                   county Green River and Pennyrile ADDs.
  contributing at least another $2 per pay period—or no                Audubon Area employs nearly 800 staff persons
  less than $5.50 per pay period— they will receive an                 and even has offfices in Louisville and Lexington.
  additional 1/2 day off with pay.

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NEW ANTHEM HEALTH BENEFIT                                         HANCOCK CSBG COORDINATOR
    Get the Very Best of Care!                                            Kathy Elliott Retiring

                                                                             athy Elliott, Community Services Block Grant

          s of July 1, 2007, a new employee benefit called the
          Anthem IRIS Care Collaboration Program, is be                      (CSBG) County Coordinator for the Audubon Area
          ing paid by Audubon Area Community Services,                       Community Services,is retiring after 24 years of
Inc. for employees who have Anthem health insurance.              loyal service as of August
     The IRIS Care Collaboration Program works along the          31st. At only 50 years of
same idea as a security system for your home. With a home         age, many are questioning
security system, you know that a team of professionals            Elliott’s decision to retire
monitors your house even when you’re not around. Think            early. “I want to do it while
of the IRIS Care Collaboration Program as the security sys-       I am younger and in better
tem monitoring your health care, with the goal being to           health so I will be able to
improve the quality of care you receive and help prevent          be with my grandkids,”
medical errors.                                                   she said.
     This powerful technology collects your health infor-                Over many years,
mation, such as claims data, and compares it to medically         Elliott has implemented
accepted practices and guidelines. Through this process,          several programs for
it can detect a potential medical concern before it becomes       Hancock County assist- Kathy Elliott: To be missed and
a dangerous, costly problem for you.                              ing low income, eligible long remembered
     When a problem is flagged, an IRIS registered nurse is       households with various
alerted. This professional assesses the situation and may         issues. Such programs include the Low-Income Home En-
contact you and your doctor with a communication called a         ergy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which assists with heat-
“Care Consideration”.                                             ing costs; the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, which
     If you’re like many people, you may have more than           assists with utilities and other needs; the Kentucky Educa-
one doctor. Despite all best efforts, one doctor may not          tional Stipend/Scholarship Program, which provides fund-
know exactly how another doctor is treating you. This can         ing to further education; Choices, a case management to
increase the likelihood for redundant tests, ineffective treat-   help clients reach their potential; Title V (Senior Community
ments or potential drug interactions. The IRIS Care Col-          Service Employment Program), which assists people age 55
laboration Program can help identify such situations and          and older to find employment; as well as the WinterCare
make recommendations that can help you and your doctors           and Weatherization Assistanceprograms.
get the right information, helping you get the most effec-              Elliott says she “fell into the job” while being placed
tive, safest care.                                                with Audubon through a work experience program through
     It’s important to realize that the IRIS Care Collabora-      the displaced homemakers program in Owensboro at the
tion Program and nurses only make recommendations re-             time. She was completing vocational school and was inde-
garding medical practices and treatment based on medically        cisive on what she wanted to do. After six weeks with
accepted practices and guidelines. Their recommendations          Audubon, she realized helping others was her calling in life.
are only suggestions and are not a substitute for the exper-      Edna Jones was the CSBG County Coordinator at the time
tise and judgment of your personal physician.                     and Elliott held the CSBG worker position. By July of 1984,
                                                                  Elliott had taken over Jones’ position and has held it ever
               AACS Job Opening                                   since.
    Audubon Area Community Services, Inc. (AACS) is                     She admits the best part was when she saw smiles on
one of 23 Community Action Agencies in Kentucky, and is           the clients’ faces wshen she was able to say, “Yes, I can
always looking for outstanding employees. Below is a cur-         help.” And of course receiving the many Thank-you’s also
rently available position. Visit the agency’s website             tops the list. to learn more.                                     Elliott has done more than her job implies: She was on
    CCAP Area Manager — Purchase Area of Ballard,                 the starting committees for the local food pantry and Christ-
    Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman,                  mas Care & Share, as well as serving on the local Help
    Livingston, Marshall, and McCracken counties.                 office board. The food pantry was introduced in 2000 and
                                                                  has been quite beneficial to many county residents.
                  In Deepest Sympathy                                   “I appreciate everything Audubon and the county have
    It is with great sadness that we announce the death           done for me,” she said. “And of course I will be back after
    of Judge Reid Haire’s brother, Michael Scott Haire,           I retire and help with the Food Pantry giveaway, I’m sure.”
    who passed away on July 15, 2007. Judge Haire                       But until then, she will be sitting on her deck, drinking
    and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.               coffee, watching the squirrels, and enjoying similar things.
                                                                  She also expects to complete some home projects she has
                                                                  put off, such as painting.

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BLUE RIDGE INSTITUTE                                                    BOARD SECRETARY RETIRING
    Logsdon is President-elect                                          Ms. Fouchee Young, Volunteer

         he 80 Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Commu
         nity Service Executives (BRI) elected AACS Execu                Extraordiniare, Leaving the
         tive Director Ronald Lee Logsdon as its 2007-2008
president-elect. He will serve as president in 2008-2009, pre-
                                                                          AACS Board of Directors
siding over the July 2009 82nd Institute. The BRI holds a               Corporate Secretary Foucee Young has informed the agency
week-long themed seminar each last full week of July. His-              that for reasons of health she will be leaving the AACS Board
torically, the Institute held at the YNCA Blue Ridge Assem-             of Directors. Since 2002, Ms. Young has represented the
bly in Black Mountain, North Carolina.                                  Lewisport Senior Citizens on the Board of Directors. She is
     This year’s theme was “Leader to Leader.” It featured              the currently elected Board secretary, and in that capacity
speakers on branding and corporate positioning, financial               executes corporate resolutions and represents the Board in
sustainability, strategic thinking, organizational communi-             its collective voice as its fiduciary on various high-level cor-
cation, and wellness and humor in the workplace. Next year’s            porate documents.
program will focus on “Excellence in Innovation.” The                         Ms. Young has long been a stalwart on the Board of
2009 Institute’s program is being planned under the direc-              Directors, one whose support and participation could al-
tion of Mary Jo Monahan, President and CEO of Family                    ways be relied upon. She will be greatly missed.
Service Centers, Inc., Clearwater, Florida. She and her com-                  Ms. Patricia Meyer serves as Ms. Young’s alternate on
mittee are just beginning their work, so no details are yet             the Board, so she will move into the representative’s seat
available on the 2009 program.                                          being created by Ms. Young’s departure. The Lewisport
     Louise “Weezie” Burgess, President/CEO of Family and               Senior Citizens will be called upon to nominate another mem-
Children’s Service, Nashville, Tennessee, is the 2007-2008              ber to the AACS Board, whether in the alternate or
president of the Institute. Each late November or early De-             representative’s seat as it may determine.
cember the BRI president is responsible for organizing and                    Audubon Area thanks Ms. Young for her loyal service
conducting the organization’s mid-year Board meeting,                   to the Board and to the agency. All agency Board members,
which is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. The Institute               staff and associates wish her well. She is such an integral
                        functions under a 51-member board,              part of the agency, though, that all hope she will remain in
                        which includes state representatives            touch!
                        from each of the 14 states from Virginia            Henderson Consumer Representative
                        to Texas encompassed by the Institute.              Also Leaving the Board...
                             Outside those two meetings, ac-                 Ms. Rhonda Richard, a new member of the AACS Board
                        tive committees and function chairper-          this 2007-2009 term, has also notified the agency that she
                        sons are quite busy planning, organiz-          will be unable to continue her service on the Board. Her
                        ing and planning the various affairs of         alternate, Ms. Leighann Ligon, continues to represent the
                        the Institute, including new-member re-         District III (Henderson) Consumer Seat on the Board of Di-
                        cruitment, planning a President’s Ball          rectors.
(more like a “roast,” actually), planning children’s activi-                 AACS also thanks Ms. Richard for her service.
ties—whole families are invited, and handling registration,                  And the agency gratefully acknowledges the continu-
housing arrangements, recreation and other events at the                ing service of Ms. Meyer and Ms. Ligon on the Board.
annual invitation-only Institute.
     Logsdon has loyally attended the Blue Ridge Institute                Former AACS Employee Passes Away
since the 64th Institute in 1991, and served in a number of             Sadly comes the news that Lana Dartt Laminack, former
volunteer and board-level capacities, including secretary,              CSBG coordinator passed away August 5th in Nashville,
invitation and registration chair (twice), at-large board mem-          Tennessee. She was buried in Lebanon National Cemetery.
ber and electronic archivist and webmaster for many years
running.                                                                             The Curious Journal
                                                                                            Denise Marcum, Editor
                                                                                Audubon Area Community Services, Inc.
          United Way 2007 Pledges                                                           1800 West Fourth Street
                                                                                             Post Office Box 20004
   Staff, if you have not done so, please turn in
                                                                                          Owensboro, KY 42304-0004
   your United Way pledge cards. Remember,                                                Telephone: (270) 686-1613
   every contribution makes a difference.                                         Fax: (270) 686-1614 or (270) 686-1656
   Thank you for participating in Audubon’s                                           ...or:
   2007 United Way Pacesetters’ Campaign.                                        Your stories, comments, and ideas are invited.

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        Robyn Mattingly Honored at Gala Annual Dinner and Award

         udubon Area’s Senior Services Corps director,                                     veteran of two tours of service in Iraq, and his wife, Laura,
          Robyn Mattingly, was honored August 16th at The                                  and her sister, Suzanne Swift, were present. But her son,
          Elizabeth Munday Center, Inc.’s twelveth annual                                  Ben, a U.S.Marine Corps sergeant serving in Spain was un-
recognition dinner. The evening was quite a gala event,                                                          able to attend. Somehow, she said un-
with dignitaries galore and a sumptuous six-course meal —                                                        clear to her, the military hadn’t seen her
and Munday Center Board member Grey Hurt serving as                                                              award gala quite enough to grant him
the master of ceremonies at the event held at Owensboro’s                                                        leave to attend. She thanked her family
Executive Inn Rivermont.                                                                                         and credited them for their awesome
     The event’s honoree had not only served the Munday                                                          support to her.
Center for twenty-four years as its executive director, she                                                           Ms. Mattingly left the Munday
had done so in an exceedingly distinguished and effective                                  Center in May 2007 to become director of the Audubon Area
way, as testimonies to her stewardship there noted through-                                Senior Service Corps, which includes the Foster Grandpar-
out the evening.                                                                           ent, Senior Companion and Retired and Senior Volunteer pro-
     The highlight for many, though, was when Ms.                                          grams, and Audubon is extremely fortunate to have Robyn.
Mattingly received her award/recognition and addressed                                          The previous twelve winners of the Munday center
the assembled crowd in her inimitable exceedingly compe-                                   award were also recognized. One of those honorees was
tent yet unassuming way, repeatedly sounding the themes,                                   AACS Ex-officio Board Vice Chair for Senior Services Nelda
“only doing my job,” reminding by one example after an-                                    Barnett. Eight Audubon Area representatives attended the
other the lives touched by the Center and its purpose for                                  recognition dinner and were thrilled for Robyn and, as her
being—and hers, and how committed she was to serving                                       new employer, wanting to show their great pride and support
seniors. Ms. Mattingly said that she believed that her pas-                                for her.
sion for and life of service to seniors came from her great                                     On behalf of Audubon Area Community Services, Inc.,
love for her own grandparents and the powerful influence                                   the Board, management, senior leadership colleagues, and
they had on her life.                                                                      her staff join in congratulating her for both the well-deserved
     The honoree’s husband of twenty-eight years, Randy,                                   award and the lifetime of service to others that the award
her parents, Frank and Shirley Swift, her son, Jonathan—a                                  represents!
Board of Directors 2007

                          Members                                                          Audubon Area Community Services, Inc.
                          Wesley Bock         Jesse Johnson       Samantha Todd            1800 West Fourth Street
                          Janie Drury         Pam Johnson         James Townsend           Post Office Box 20004
                          Reid Haire          Ronald King         Sandy Watkins            Owensboro, KY 42304-0004
                          Paul Hart           Jerry Manning       Robert Webb
                          Marshall Hatfield   Teresa Rea          Larry Whitaker
                          Donna Howard        Rhonda Richard *    Sister Fran Wilhelm
                          Daisy James         Betty Rucker        William Winstead
                          Jody Jenkins        M. Douglas Smith    Fouchee Young *
                          Charles Johnson     Vicki Tinsley          * Leaving the Board

                          Lisa Ayer           Elaine Grant        Patricia Meyer
                          Sue Baker           J.C. Greene         Bob Mundy
                          Jerry Brown         Leighann Ligon      Barbara Nevill
                          Glen Calhoun        Lafayette Long      Sandra Obilade
                          Phyllis Church      Jeanette Manning    Betty Ray
                          David Combs         Jack McCaslin       Sam Smith
                          Kathy Dennis        Debbie McClanahan   Lanna Vincent            MAIL TO:
                          Susan Edwards       Matt McKee          Tom Watson
                          Ex-Officio          Officers
                          Nelda Barnett       Jerry Manning, Chairperson
                          Mike Goad           Hon. Reid Haire, Vice Chairperson
                          Kathryn Meade       Fouchee Young *, Secretary
                          Keith Sanders
                          Helen Sears
                          Doug Smith          The Curious Journal — available
                          Russ Wilkey         on the agency’s web site at...
                          Anna Winkler    

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