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                                    Caucus Launches Unbiased Vendor Scorecard

       By Caucus
       Dated: Oct 23, 2008

       How will you know what type of relationship you will have with your vendor?

       Orlando, Fla. ? Caucus – The Association of Technology Procurement Professionals, sponsored by
       International Computer Negotiations Inc. (ICN), announces the release of its new membership tool, the
       Vendor Scorecard. This new feature is designed to assist IT procurement professionals in saving money,
       time, and frustration as they research various vendors.

        The Vendor Scorecard serves as a tool to rate vendors on a variety of key performance indicators,
       providing a practical and focused perspective on overall vendor performance or lack thereof. The ratings
       assist Caucus members by providing information on vendors that they may be considering for a new
       relationship or by allowing them to compare notes on their current vendors.

        The Vendor Scorecard was developed for the members by the members. We asked our members what are
       the most important issues they consider when deciding the success of their business relationship with their
       vendors. From these responses we developed a solid group of performance indicators and industry
       categories that allow members to rate each vendor. If a company provides feedback for more than one
       industry category they are rated separately.

        The vendor scorecard program relies on the willingness of participants to freely share information
       concerning their vendors; contributors are kept confidential. This means that the information received
       about these vendors comes not from “research firms” but directly from practicing professionals. For a
       vendor to get a good rating in a specific performance category on the Vendor Scorecard, it’s got to perform.

        Not only is the Vendor Scorecard a way to assess vendors, but the results can be an indicator of the health
       of a product or service as well as the vendor’s overall ability. For further information, contact Caucus
       Member Services at 407-740-5600 or


       About Caucus- The Association of Technology Procurement Professionals:
        Established in 1994, Caucus is the only association serving the specialized needs of technology
       procurement professionals. Members come from a variety of disciplines including procurement, finance,
       legal, information technology and contract management. Membership gives them an invaluable edge - the
       Caucus Advantage.

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