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					     Contents of The Thomas Stanton Society Newsletters
Volume      Date

3           Dec. 1998   Officers and Committees
                        A Message from Society President, Bernard Stanton
                        What We are All About
                        Minutes Aug 1998 Meeting
4           May 1999    Thomas Stanton’s Home circa 1655
                        The End of Doubting Thomas
                        Announcing 2001 Reunion
                        Whoops there are Errors
                        We are Being Found
5           Aug 1999    Thomas Stanton’s Will Finds Daylight
                        Making the Connection by Cousin Brian Bonner
                        Story of the Big Granite Boulder Marks the Homesite of
                        Thomas Stanton 1654 by Whit Davis
                        Notes from the Field
6           Nov 1999    Dedication Ceremony Monument at Wequetequock
                        Not Always Easy to have a Middle Name
                        The First Thanksgiving
                        Reunion Notice
7           Feb 2000    Behind the Name Elizabeth Cady Stanton
                        Keep Your Computer Data on Paper Too
                        Mormon’s Genealogy Records Online
8           May 2000    Mohegan Indians, Concern for Stanton Davis Home
                        Thomas Stanton Society Inc is Dissolved
                        The Enigmatic Robert Stanton of Newport
                        A Few Notes on the Life and Times of Asa Stanton
                        Reunion Talk
                        Lord Birth Dates are Revised
9           Sept 2000   Sulgrave Manor
                        Katherine Washington, Mother of Thomas Stanton,
                        Shared Illustrious Heritage with American President
                        Washington Genealogy Chart
10          Nov 2000    Author of Stanton Bible Reveals Additional Family
                        Thomas Stanton’s Last Will and Testament
                        Reunion Bulletin
11          Feb 2001    Stantons Think of Thomas in Terms of Stonington-------
-                       But there was Hartford Connecticut
11   Feb 2001   The History of Thomas Stanton’s House Lot
                Stanton Wequetequock Connection by Don Stanton
                Reunion Notice
12   May 2001   Staunton-in-the-Vale, Our Home for a Thousand Years
                Chart-Santons of Warwickshire
                Slavery in Connecticut---Right Here at Home
                Venture, a Stonington Slave Bought Freedom
                From Elation to Anguish--A Presidential Election
                Reunion Notice
13   Aug 2001   Life in England 1635Ni
                From Puritanism to Polygamy
                Letter from France (ECS Relative)
                Slavery Wasn't Always Considered Bad (hmmm)
                Cynthia Stanton--Grandmother of Wizard of Oz
                A Former Munchkin Tells of Oz
                Cousins of Oz
                Reunion 2001 Revisited
                CBS TV Connection
14   Nov 2001   The First Thanksgiving
                Reward for Genealogical Pursuit--A Stanton
                Connection with Thanksgiving
                Massasoit Helped Forge Colonial America
                His son Metacom (King Phillip) Set it Ablaze
                Reunion 2001 Revisited by Louise Hawley
                More on CBS TV
                Letter to Editor..Victoria Freeman
                Immigration Records will Aid Genealogists
15   Feb 2002   What We are All About
                Thomas Stanton's 1635 Voyage to America
                The Lady on the Tombstone
                Reunion 2001 Financial Report
                We Ask a Favor (send reunion photos)
                Statue of Liberty--"The Lady" Poem
16   May 2002   A Scientist, an Athlete, A Lovable Human Being
                (Harley Wilhelm)
                Old Stanton-Davis House to Have New Look
                Committee to Preserve the Stanton Davis Home and
                A Brief Sketch of the General Stanton Inn and
                It's Joseph Stanton Family Founders
                First Cousin Marriage Taboo is Shattered
                Children of Thomas Stanton and Anna Lord
17   Aug 2002   Hon. Thomas Stanton, New London County Ct.
                History of New London
                Puritan Slavery Laws were Humane
17   Aug 2002    Genealogy Here to Stay
                 Stanton Davis Restoration Project Update July 25, 2002
                 We Welcome A New Cousin with Boundless Energy
                 Enthusiasm and Capability to Match. (Fred Burdick)
                 Nice Touch with the Past
                 Lifetime Membership List Grows
                 Map--Hartford in 1640
18   Nov 2002    New Officers
                 Reflections of War
                 Christmas not for Pilgrims
                 The Law that Banned Christmas
                 John Stanton's Residence
                 Stanton Shrine up for Sale (Gen Stanton Inn)
                 Committee to Preserve the Stanton Davis Home and
19   Mar 2003    Notes on the Founding of New England
                 The Settlers and their Origin
                 Town Clerk
                 Were Your Ancestors Inmates?
                 English Passion for Record Keeping
                 99 yr old New London Day's Newspaper Articles:
                 Famous Osbrook Farm
                 The Venture Stone
                 The Mix of Church and State
                 2004 Reunion Notice
20   Jun 2003    A Brush with Greatness (Sister Joan LaVerne Rutz)
                 Lifetime Memberships
                 2004 Reunion Notice
                 A Case of Strange Neighbors
21   Sept 2003   Elizabeth Cady Stanton
                 A Personal Look at a Woman Ahead of Her Time
                 (deserving of an entire issue)
22   Nov 2003    Pilgrims Weren't So Puritanical
                 When Connecticut Hanged Witches
                 The First Thanksgiving
                 Sir Winston Churchill Piece
                 The Birth of Calvary Episcopal Put a New Face on
                 Religious Practices in Stonington
                 2004 Reunion Notice
23   Feb 2004    Stanton Davis Farm is 350 Years Old
                 A Story Told of Old
                 2004 Reunion Notice
24   May 2004    Stanton Davis Homestead to Become Museum
                 A Brief Visit in Stonington
                 Three Years ago with CBS
                 Women's Mini Insurrection in Stonington
25       ????       I am Missing This Issue (DBS)
26       ???        I am Missing this Issue too (DBS)
27       Mar 2005   Burial Ground Receives Face Enhancement
                    Wequetequock Resting Place of Stanton Family
                    Artistic Gravestones Not a Graven Image
                    United Kingdom Launches National Archives
                    The Privys Passage Brings no Laments
                    New Book Tells of Stanton History (Pequot Plantation)
                    The Children of Thomas and Anna Stanton
28                  I am Missing This Issue (DBS)
29       Nov 2005   The Hereditary Connections of The Families George
                    Washington, Winston Churchill,Princess Diana Spencer
                    Robert Kyston and Katherine Washington Stanton
                    Connection Chart
30       Jun 2006   Treasured Notes Close the Loop on Stanton History
                    Dr. W.A. Stanton notes of 1914, 1915
                    Chart..Thomas Stanton Genealogy
                    The Shakespeare Connection
                    Epilogue (Bernard's reflections on notes)
                    Stratford Was Everything
31       Oct 2006   History Turns a Page in Stonington
                    Stanton-Davis Farm is 353 Years Old
                    Letter from England
                    Remembering 9/11/2001 A Reprint
     `              Just a Reminder (dues)
32       Mar 2007   Thomas Stanton A Founder of Hartford
                    Your Heritage to Enjoy with Pride
                    Changing Times
                    2008 Reunion Notice
                    Museum is Getting Legs
                    Pequot Plantation, An Easy Read
33       Jun 2007   Colonials Made the Case for Church State Separation
                    Slavery in Connecticut--Right Here at Home
                    Researchers Gather Artifacts at Gravesite of Venture
                    Reunion Talk 2008
34       Sep 2007   Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum Update
                    Donation Form
35       Nov 2007   We are Challenged By the Legacy of African Slave
                    Trade and Venture
                    Venture's Amazing Life
                    Extraordinary Traditions of Venture
                    A Stanton Connection with Thanksgiving
                    Step Back in Time
36   Feb 2008    Reunion, Thomas Stanton Society, 2008
                 Staunton on the Vale
                 Stauntons of Staunton
                 Wolverton Court, Wolverton, Warwickshire
                 Longbridge Manor
                 The Stauntons still of Staunton
37   Jun 2008    Colonial Stantons Down on the Farm
                 2008 Reunion Notice

      Indexed and Typed by David B. Stanton August 2008.

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