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BUSI The Environment of International Business Winter Class Outline by kaitlynnbarton


									                                  BUSI 3704
                 The Environment of International Business:
                                 Winter 2004

Class Outline:

January 6/04 - Outline of class structure; topics for discussion; areas
of individual interest; distribution of readings; brief introduction
to political Risk Analysis and why it is incorporated in the content of

January 13/04: Emerging Market Entry Strategies: Why is Political Risk
Analysis Important? Is it reasonable to expect that somehow business
and politics can be separate entities with no penetration of the
delicate partition that has historically (or at least conceptually)
divided them? How is risk analysis used a part of a market entry
strategy? Risk Differentiation by Sector (Oil&Gas; Mining; telecoms)

January 20/04: Introduction to Political Risk Assessment Methodologies
in the context of conducting international business: Group
presentations and Discussions

Political Risk Assessment at EDC:    Guest Speaker: Second half

January27/04: Doing Business in Emerging Markets and the rise of the
Corporate Social Responsibility Phenomenon: Emphasis on Human Rights,
environment and corruption

Guest Speaker: Second half -

Feb 3/04: Corporate Social Responsibility - Group Simulation (case
Study) exercises and discussion

Feb 10/04: Globalization and the Role of Political leaderships in
determining trade and investment policy; Has the progress of
Globalization made the nation-state redundant in the determination of
trade and investment policy-making. Who decides regulatory policy?

Second Half: Globalization - the good, the bad and the ugly: Four
versions of globalization

Feb 17/04: Winter Break

Feb 24/04 Mid-Term Exam:

March 2/04 - Forest from the Trees - a non-scripted discussion of how
an international business transaction comes together. Guest speaker -
uses only chalk board to diagram the process. Presentation has been
used and praised at all major business schools across Canada.

March 9/04: The role of Export Credit Agencies in the Promotion of
International Trade and Investment: Lecture and Guest Speaker -
March 16/04: New Financing Arrangements in the international business
environment: project Financing as a relatively new and major factor in
the provision of medium and long-term finance for new capital
developments; the advantages and disadvantages and the players

March 23/04: A discussion of today's changing international business
environment (drawing on all of the above) and a discussion of new
challenges facing MNEs in emerging markets, especially Canadian firms

March 30: Risk Mitigation Strategies - lecture and guest speaker on
Political Risk Insurance.

End of classes for the term

April 6/04:   Review of course - Exam Preparation.

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