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Aloe Plus
  Aloe Plus
Immune booster & stomach
soother in a capsule!
                                               Aloe Plus

Aloe Plus
Herbalife has created Aloe Plus, a vegie
capsule that combines the many benefits of
Aloe Vera with some of the world’s most
established herbs.                                       Ingredient Breakdown...

This exclusive formula includes a blend of Root,
Tamarind, Horsetail and Coriandrum herbs.

I   Root is an immune-boosting herb that also
    helps remedy constipation.

I   Tamarind is a native tree of Africa that is
    rich in Vitamin C and has long been used
    as a fever reducer, laxative and antiseptic.

I   Horsetail is a digestive-tract enhancer.

I   Coriandrum is a calming herb that helps
    ease indigestion.

This easy-to-use product, which should be          Can I take Aloe Plus in conjunction with
taken twice daily, is an important component to    other Herbalife products?
your total wellness program. Aloe Plus is a
health-boosting supplement for those looking       Yes. Aloe Plus can be taken in conjunction with
to reap the benefits of Aloe Vera and other        all other Herbalife products.
revitalising herbs.
                                                   What is Aloe Vera?
Discussion Points
                                                   Aloe Vera is a plant that has many health
I   Aloe enhanced: Formulated with Aloe            benefits. Taken internally, aloe has been shown
    Vera, which has been used widely for           to be effective in relieving constipation and
    cleansing and calming the digestive            generally enhancing digestive health.
                                                   Who can consume Aloe Plus?
I   Immune booster: Aloe Plus features
    Fo-Ti Root Extract, a popular Chinese          (Children, adults, disabled people)
    herb known for helping boost the               Anyone can consume Aloe Plus.
    immune system.
                                                   What are the health benefits associated with
I   Stomach soother: Researchers have              using the product?
    found that Aloe Vera helps improve
    bowel irregularity and helps rebalance         Aloe Plus helps to cleanse and calm the
    the intestines.                                digestive tract. The added ingredient of Fo-Ti
                                                   Root Powder helps to boost the immune
Frequently Asked Questions                         system. This special combination of herbal
                                                   extracts will help to improve bowel regularity
What are the ingredients in this                   and re-balance the intestines.
                                                   Fast Facts
The ingredients in Aloe Plus include Aloe
Extract Powder, Chicory Root Powder and Fo-        I   Provides health-boosting properties.
Ti Root Powder. Aloe Extract Powder and
Chicory Root Powder help to promote                I   Includes herbs that target the immune
regularity and good digestive health. Fo-Ti            system.
Root Powder assists in boosting the immune
system and keeping your intestinal health in       I   Loaded with Aloe Vera, one of the
balance.                                               most commonly used "health" plants
                                                       in the world.

                                                   I   Easy-to-swallow vegie capsules.

          Sku # : 1293
          Volume Points : 9.4
          Maximum Retail Price : 480.00
          Bottle Contains : 60 capsules
          Dosage : Take one capsule twice a day

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