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                2003 Greater New York Auto Show

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May/June 2003            Jon Trudel & Rachel Corey
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                   Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
                                                                Join the
                                                             NY Chapter
                                                              BMW CCA

Chapter Board Meeting at Recondition USA                                                       !
            Chapter Meeting & Event
         May 18, 2003 - 12 O'clock noon
      Join the NY Chapter as it starts the caravan at 11:00m am in
Christopher Morley Park - Roslyn, NY and winds it's way through Nassau
                    and Suffolk counties finishing at
   Recondition USA 200 Route 110 (Broadhollow Road) in Melville, LI
  There will be an open board meeting, lunch served,
door prizes and a demonstration of interior restoration.

Please RSVP to Matt e-mail onrailsm3@hotmail.com Subject: "Recondition Event" or
                     call the Chapter hotline at 516-792-2002

                                 Directions to Christopher Morely Park
                                 • LIE West to Searingtown Road Exit 36 (make
                                 right) park is located on the right.
                                 • LIE East to Searingtown Road Exit 36 (make
                                 left) park is located on the right.

                                 Directions to Recondition USA:
                                 LIE West/East to Route 110 North
                                 Northern State Pkwy South past Old Country
                                 Road - Near Starbucks Coffeehouse Volume 25 Issue No. 3
                                                          May-June 1999•

                                       Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
   What is
   doing for
   you?                                     Brod checked out the site and wrote:
                                            “After speaking with Bruce and seeing
                                                                                       ibles and novices on the track, so even
                                                                                       though our Chapter works only with
                                            his operation I can say that we have
                                                                                       other BMW CCA clubs, we’re happy to
   Rachel Corey                             found a true enthusiast” Yeah! Bruce
                                                                                       let our members know what is avail-
   rachel@z3ers.com                         wrote: “Looking forward to helping you
                                                                                       able from other sources like SCDA and
                                            to make our organization the best in
                                                                                       the Westchester Sports Car Club and
                                            the U.S. P.S. I drive a supercharged ’95
                                                                                       the Internet Z3 Club. Note: Check out
This column begins to fulfill the           M3 with all the tricks making around
                                                                                       www.depuycanalhouse.com for their
                                            450hp. BIMMERS RULE!!! “.
commitment I made in the last                                                          upcoming Epicurean Road Rallys June
                                            Get down with that badass M3 Bruce!
issue of Die Zugspitze in honor                                                        8 and June 15 in High Falls, NY.
                                            That is the reason for the Club, to meet
                                                                                       —Charles also found a meeting place
of my very much missed friend,              other like-minded folks and have some
                                                                                       we can afford in Manhattan for the next
the Founder of BMW CCA,                     FUN with our BMWs! (I’ll show you
                                                                                       Open Meeting- let’s get every borough
Michel Potheau, who died on                 mine if you show me yours!) For Man-
                                                                                       involved and the full extent of our geo-
                                            hattan Bimmers, Rallymaster Jeff
January 6 this year. “I am to mak-                                                     graphic area covered! How about June
                                            James is organizing caravans to this
ing it my mission in this column                                                       for an Open Meeting in Manhattan?
                                            mecca of clean- another first for the
                                                                                       —Charles is also working on
this year to find enough people             Chapter. *If you want a caravan from
                                                                                       NYBMWCCA.ORG, the Chapter web
who want to participate in mak-             your area let Matt or Jeff know!* It’s
                                                                                       site. Additions include: revised
ing this what Michel called ‘The            going to be fun getting there and fun
                                                                                       yahoogroups email list- all 350 mem-
                                            being there and everyone will come
Best Damn Car Club on the                                                              bers on the list can now send as well
                                            back with sparkling clean Bimmers.
Planet’, to get much more than                                                         as read emails, new Message Boards
                                            Frantz Lilavois reported that so many
                                                                                       already in use, and coming soon, NY
your $35 worth back in friends              people turned out for the AAA School/
                                                                                       Chapter Web Ring- Add your web site
and fun and help when you need              points reducing class that we will
                                                                                       to the Ring!
                                            schedule another one for this year.
it.”                                                                                   —Roseanne Burke gets to figure out
                                            —Andre Noel explained how to get
What Is Your Chapter Doing For YOU?                                                    how we’re going to pay for it all, includ-
                                            around the parking fees for the very
I learned more about what is planned                                                   ing new Chapter logo license plates,
                                            popular autocrosses at Nassau Coli-
for us at the first meeting of our re-                                                 while the economy is making a meal of
                                            seum- there is another entrance,
elected board. Much of it you see                                                      our reserve funds.
                                            please check out the notes for instruc-
scheduled in this newsletter, here’s        tions. 34 new members joined at the
some of the background dish:                                                           What Can YOU Do For Your Chapter?
                                            last autocross!
—May 18- The first Open Meeting for                                                    Well, you ARE the Club after all, and
                                            —Sten Hallock reported that the ads
members at Recondition USA in                                                          these fine folks at the meeting are just
                                            in this newsletter have been so suc-
Farmingdale, Long Island. Bruce                                                        members like you. So, who are you
                                            cessful for the advertisers that now he
Bejsovec answered the call from the                                                    and what do you have to contribute?
                                            has so many new items we will have to
nybmwcca@yahoogroups.com email                                                         —Attend meetings- all ya gotta do is
                                            print more pages just to accommodate
list offering his mouth-watering ultra                                                 ask.
high tech car care shop for all mem-                                                   —Vote- folks, only 8 people voted this
                                            —Charles Karnati interviewed the
bers to meet and learn to use the equip-                                               year and no one nominated anyone to
                                            Sports Car Driving Association,
ment. (Yes, you read that right, Bruce                                                 run. If the current board didn’t stick it
                                            www.scda1.com, based in Connecticut.
has offered all members the use of his                                                 out, we wouldn’t even have a Chapter
                                            SCDA runs Driver’s Schools at Lime
toys to work on our own cars.) Presi-                                                  this year! If you see a board member,
                                            Rock, Watkins Glen, and New Hamp-
dent Steve Fischtal jumped at this op-                                                 give ‘em a hug ‘cause they are doing it
                                            shire International and allows convert-
portunity for members, Secretary Matt                                                  all for everyone else one more time. I
                                                                                       warn ya now, I proposed that next year
                    Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
Auto Show tickets would be awarded            in CT is looking for places to run his       Commander Tony Capano, US Navy
by lottery based on ballots received, so      new M3, Elvis in Nassau is looking for       Fleet Hospital Three, “Located Some-
only people who vote next year would          diverse events, a “broader spectrum of
                                                                                           where East of Europe”.
be eligible to get free tickets to the Auto   Bimmer lovers represented at Club
                                              functions… the older models, that are        We are the BMW Club of America, we
Show and Preview, and only those who
                                              still alive and well being offered a venue   are the New York Chapter, we can help
run or serve on the board would be as-
                                              to meet others with the same affliction.”    each other, we can show the way. It’s
sured a ticket
                                              YES!!! Let’s do it! We need YOUR help        your club. Make it the best.
—Got movies or videos or the equip-
                                              because there is no way any ONE per-         Thanks Michel!
ment to share? Got a garage? Know
                                              son could be proficient in all areas.        Enjoy your BMW
any place in your area that could ac-
                                              How about it, older models? What             00xx00
commodate cars or people for a meet-
                                              would tickle your fancy? Who would           Rachel
—Write articles- have you been to a           like to show us some of their favorite
BMW CCA event or something of in-             local roads? Who would like to ride out
terest you would like to report on for        by Bear Mountain? How about
other members to read?                        Woodstock? Hawk’s Nest? Sleepy
—Lead Caravans- help other members            Hollow at Halloween? We could take
get out to the events, at least if we are     the Taconic up to Duchess Wine Coun-
stuck in traffic, we are stuck together!      try and see if we can wake up Rip van
Show us the short cuts! Radios make           Winkle? A BBQ- got a place? How
it easy to keep track of everyone.            about a place where we folks in Man-
—Join the email list- and speak up!           hattan can take our cars for to
Since the email list opened up this year      WASH??? A Wash and BBQ!!! Grab
we learned about a BMW theft ring in          your favorite local car shop, restaurant,
Westchester, an 8 series festival, where      hang out and ask ‘em if they’d
the NYPD has set the cameras to catch         have us!
speeders, Bridgehampton fundraiser            —Use the new Message Boards
parties, BMW Films showings, BMW              too- here your information can
Press releases, member cars and ac-           easily be posted for all to see.
cessories for sale, Robert in Queens          —Every issue of this newsletter
used the list to find more M Coupes in        is posted on NYBMWCCA.ORG-
the Chapter, members can add last             even *before* it is printed and
minute invites to events that happen          sent by mail.
between newsletter issues and pick-up         We live in the best city in the
rides can easily be arranged on the           world, we have great cars and
email list. Like: “Anybody in Staten          terrific members, let’s make this
Island wanna go to the beach this             chapter everything it can be for
weekend?” Joe’s in Staten Island, he          2400+ members, and with
says: ”I also open my home garage to          enough voting members to con-
BMW CCA members every once in a               trol the National elections, let’s
while to prep for driving schools, watch      lead the Nation.
F1 race, BMW related movies, etc. I           My own group got together 40
would love to hear more from NY chap-
                                              Z3s, 1 Z4 and one Z8 on Fixit
ter members, especially one on Staten
                                              Day. We stuffed two X5s with
Island. I know of two on Staten Island.”
                                              goods for the local Children’s
I know two more on Staten Island, they
                                              Shelter and we
both drive Z3s, I met them at Z3 Fixit
                                              made up a huge
Day. Funny, every Bimmer lover I know
                                              banner to support
on Staten Island keeps track of the
                                              the troops, signed it      Factory Recognized Collision Repair Facility
members there. Let’s get the Staten
                                              and with help from
Island Bimmers together! How about
an ALL-BMW Ferry to Staten Island?
                                              Navy Reservist and                               SMALL CAR, INC.
                                                                            154-02 41ST AVENUE FLUSHING, NY 11354
                                              Roundel Technical
How about a group shot with Lady Lib-
                                              Editor Mike Miller,
erty and the skyline? Heck, the email
                                              sent our banner
list is how we found Bruce and Recon-
                                              over to Pensacola,
dition USA! Rich in Queens can help
                                              Florida BMW CCA                           May-June 1999• Volume 25 Issue No. 3
everyone paint calipers, we just need
                                              member Lieutenant
a place where the cars can sit for hours                                  Office 718 • 445 • 0070
while the paint dries. Adam in                                              Fax 718 • 463 • 4926
Scarsdale volunteered his time, Chris                             Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
   The Party
                                              Fourth Annual BMW CCA
    Is Over
                                                    NY Chapter
-Anthony Howell
 VP BMW CCA NY Chapater                           SummerFest at
I am happy to report that no
one got sand in his or her shorts or
                                                 Habberstad BMW
between their toes. I am also ex-
tremely happy to report there
weren’t any cases of sunburn at the                              June 29th at 11:00am
10th annual NY Chapter Beach Party.
New York Chapter and its members
showed its appreciation to Mike                  Mark your calendars for one of our most popular
Schiffer of Euromeccanica by pre-
senting him with a plaque. As usual                            events of the year
Mike did his presentation with a Q
& A.
    We also say farewell and thanks            Tech Presentations, demonstrations, raffles, door
to Mark Ho who is heading to a
warmer climate in Florida. Mark is
                                              prizes, parts discounts, free food are just part of the
one of our volunteers who makes               reason to attend this event. Come meet fellow club
sure we have a great meal each
year. His help will be truly missed.                               members.
  Mark Jones from Allstate insur-
ance was a big hit. Several chapter
members had a lot of questions                             Event sponsored and hosted by
regarding insurance issues. Al-                              www.habberstadbmw.com
though Mark was willing to answer
all the questions, we unfortunately                     RSVP the chapter hotline 516-792-2002
ran short of time. There is a possi-
bility somewhere in the future we
                                                             or events@nybmwcca.org
will have him back.
    Several members were able to
sneak some questions in, to our
                                                    Tech Session and Inspection
main speaker Jim Rowe of Metric
Mechanic. Jim traveled all the way
                                                          Opportunity at
from Richland Mo. to join us. Jim
talked about his research and re-
                                                        LynMor Motors Inc.
design of the ultimate driving ma-
chine engine and transmission.                  Participants of June Watkins Glen Raceway Driver School
 For those of you that have an in-
terest in Metric Mechanics products              will be able to attend a Tech session at Lynmor Motors
his     website      address      is:                         Inc. in Huntington, Long Island.
www.metricmechanic.com. I got to                        Saturday, June 7th - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
know Jim on a more personal level
after the event was over. I gave Jim
the nickel tour of New York. (As he              LynMor Motors 81 West Hills Road Huntington Station,
puts it) Thanks to O’Neil Henry, for
introducing me to Jim and joining
us for the tour.                                    For $35.00 per car a full check on all major systems
  Thanks to George Diaz of Alloy                 listed below: The staff at LynMor motors will be available
Wheel Repair Specialists for stop-                                     for any Q & A.
ping by and speaking about repair-
ing damaged wheels.
 As usual NYC chapter gave away                 If there are any members that are unable to make the
a wide variety of door prizes thanks            session, an appointment can be made during the follow-
to BMW N.A. and Jim Rowe. We look
forward to seeing you all at the                ing weeks leading up to the event at the same cost. Once
Beach Party next year with your                 you have been confirmed for the drivers school, please
suntan lotion and beach chairs.                 bring your tech form, helmet, car and as usual a chair.
                                                Event sponsored and hosted by www.lynmor.com
                   Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
                                                                  Start Your Engines, But Check
                                                                  Your Antifreeze
                                                                  By Bruce Headlam - NY Times
                                                                  Reprinted with permission

                                                                      look out of place at a 4-H      your brain has time to pro-
                                                                      meeting. ''But that wears       cess what you have to do,''
                                                                      kind of thin after you          Mr. Bernstein said.
                                                                      graduate from college.''
                                                                                                      To test just how slowly the
                                                                      In France and some parts        human brain can receive
                                                                      of Quebec, ice racing is a      signals, I decided to try my
                                                                      blood sport. Cars and           own luck at ice racing, be-
HERE is the chief differ-        above zero was Steven                even motorcycles race           ginning on the practice
ence between auto racing         Bernstein, a business ana-           bumper to bumper                course just south of the
and auto racing on ice. If       lyst from Queens, who has            around courses built like       main track. For my first run,
you spin a car 360 degrees       been a regular at the New            luge runs, and the last         I borrowed a BMW from one
on a dry track, your life will   Hampshire ice races for              one to crash is usually de-     of the racers, one with stud-
flash before your eyes. Do       years.                               clared the winner. By con-      ded tires.
a 360 on a large frozen
                                                                      trast, the New Hampshire
lake, and you just count         ''Let's put it this way: I           event is a civilized one.       Slowly, I made my way
the ice-fishing huts whiz-       drove five hours to get              (After all, this is one race    through the first gate and
zing by until you slide to a     here, and I'll probably              in which the cars drive         toward the far turn, leaning
stop.                            spend four and a half min-           faster to get there than        with what I imagined was
                                 utes on the actual track,''          they do on the actual
Last weekend, 62 drivers                                                                              the weight shift of the car,
                                 he said. His car, a 1988             track.) Most of the driv-
from the Boston chapter of                                                                            skidding into the turn. ''Not
                                 BMW 528, was probably                ers take their everyday
the BMW Club of America                                                                               bad,'' I was told. Even if my
                                 the oldest in the race, and,         cars onto the ice, and
converged on southern                                                                                 speed was grandmotherly,
                                 he said, ''the most ma-              there was only one entry
New Hampshire to test                                                                                 my technique was sound.
                                 ligned.''                            that looked remotely like
their mettle on the surface
                                                                      a racecar.                      Feeling better, I went back
of the frozen Newfound           ''My feeling is this: Rust
Lake, north of Concord,                                                                               out to the practice track in
                                 makes the car lighter,'' he          One by one, the cars --
and the wipeouts were                                                                                 the car I drove to New
                                 said while he tried to get a         mostly BMW's, some
plenty. The club meets                                                                                Hampshire -- a brand-new,
                                 few drops from the frozen            Subarus, a handful of
here a dozen times a year,                                                                            electric blue PT Cruiser (not
                                 ball of dark liquid that had         Audis, a Jetta and at least
weather permitting, and                                                                               my own, of course: a
                                 formed in his bottle of Diet         one station wagon -- lined
while no one feared going                                                                             rental). This was a mistake.
                                 Coke as he waited his turn           up at the starting blocks
through the ice, which was                                                                            I started more quickly on
                                 at the starting gate. ''Ice is       and raced against the
fully two feet thick, the                                                                             the all-weather radials but
                                 the great equalizer,'' he            clock through a milelong
surface itself had them                                                                               instead of leaning into the
                                 said. ''Tires matter, but            course featuring several
talking.                                                                                              first course, I spun once,
                                 horsepower doesn't mean              narrow      gates,     two      twice, three times, trying to
                                 a thing here.''                      straightaways, a twisting
A subzero wind the night                                                                              regain my footing like a deer
                                                                      slalom and several tight,       in hockey skates.
before had blown most of         Ice racing, in common with           potentially disastrous cor-
the snow off the lake, leav-     any basement game in-                ners.                         I righted myself in time to
ing a sheet of sheer ice         vented by bored 8-year-
smooth enough for the Ice                                                                           approach the second gate
                                 olds, would seem to be               Most of these drivers are
Capades but seemingly                                                                               but slipped again, this time
                                 driven by supply rather              used to pushing their cars
impossible for drivers who                                                                          shattering a frozen orange
                                 than demand. You have a              at twice the speed on dry
wanted to steer their cars                                                                          pylon while trying to steer
                                 frozen lake, dozens of high-         tracks, but that's pre-
through an intricate course                                                                         in the direction of the skid,
                                 performance cars and, this           cisely the point: to learn
at speeds over 60 miles                                                                             which is difficult, I discov-
                                 being New Hampshire in               to control a car on a near-
per hour.                                                                                           ered, when the car is going
                                 February, long stretches of          frictionless      surface.    backward. By the time I
                                 time with nothing else to            People who love racing
Race? By 10:30 in the                                                                               crawled back to the parking
                                 do.                                  appreciate ice racing in
morning, the ice was so                                                                             area, I was told that the
                                                                      the way that people who       sight of an electric blue PT
slippery it was difficult        ''Everybody does dough-              love baseball show up         Cruiser destroying the prac-
even to stand.                   nuts in the parking lot              early for batting practice.   tice course ''had been
                                 when you're a kid,'' said                                     May-June 1999• Volume 25 Issue No. 3
Among those who had                                                                                 noted.''
                                 Adam Wales, a ski instruc-           ''You can practice exactly
gathered on a day when           tor from Vermont, who by             the same skills you need
the temperature fell to just     virtue of his bushy goatee                                                cont'd page 11
                                                                      in racing slowly so that
                                 is the only driver who might
                                                                  Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
                We Bid Farewell to the M5
                                                                    Thanks mainly to the integration of the current M5
                                                                    model into series production of the 5 Series at the
                                                                    Dingolfing plant, it was possible for the very first time
                                                                    to produce more than 20,000 units of this fascinating

                                                                    Same power unit, varying concepts. As well as having
                                                                    the same sporting characteristics, the M5 and the Z8
                                                                    have one other special thing in common - they both
                                                                    have the same power unit. Their identical 5-liter, high-
                                                                    revving V8 engine developed by BMW delivers an
                                                                    impressive 394 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. If
                                                                    you shift through the six-speed manual gearbox
  BMW Press Release:
  Rachel Corey                                                      quickly, the M5 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.8 sec-
  Two Successful BMW Cars Bid                                       onds. Being built almost entirely of aluminum,
  rachel@z3ers.com                                                  the slightly lighter Z8 does this classic sprint in a mere
  Farewell To The Sports Car World:
                                                                    4.7 seconds. Although both cars are equipped with
  Production Of Z8 and M5 Soon To Be                                the same power unit, they do differ greatly in terms
  Discontinued                                                      of body design and concept. The Z8 presents itself as
                                                                    a fascinating, open two-seater, which was recently
  Munich, April 16, 2003... The immensely successful
  career of two sophisticated and sporty BMW models
                                                                                           - Karen O'Brien
                                                                    awarded the title "Classic Car Of The Future" due to
                                                                    its intelligently reproduced classic ambience. To drive
  is gradually drawing to an end. The production of                 it is to experience that authentic roadster feeling con-
  both the classic Z8 Roadster and the high-perfor-                 stantly accompanied by the sonorous sound of the V8
  mance M5 Sedan is shortly to be discontinued. At                  engine. It goes without saying that the Z8, currently
  the end of June 2003 the very last batch of these                 priced at $132,195, including destination, is equipped
  fascinating cars will leave the manufacturing plants              as standard with everything needed to experience
  at Munich and Dingolfing.                                         immensepower and comfort.The M5 - "The
                                                                    Businessman's Express" is what a British car maga-
  During the three years in which it was produced, the              zine said of this car. This is a fitting description of this
  exclusive, unlimited short-run series of the BMW Z8               high-performance Sedan. The fast four-door car be-
  captivated around 5,700 customers worldwide, in-                  haves just as well on the motorway as it does when
  cluding the film hero James Bond, his action movie                tackling the Nürburgring's northern
  "The World Is Not Enough" bringing worldwide ac-                  circuit. For $71,095, including destination, customers
  claim to this beautiful car. The Z8 also became enor-             can purchase a superior sports car that, in addition,
  mously popular as a collector's car; it now adorns                offers convincing comfort.
  the garages of numerous classic car aficionados.At
  least three and a half times as many BMW M5s were                 BMW Group In America
  produced at the Dingolfing factory: By the time pro-              BMW of North America has been present in the United
  duction ceases, around 20,500 of these vehicles will              States since 1975. Since then, the BMW Group in the
  have been manufactured and sold worldwide, mak-                   United States has grown to include marketing, sales
  ing the M5, which was launched in the autumn of                   and financial service organizations for the BMW and
  1998, not only the first of its kind in the high-perfor-          MINI brands and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars;
  mance Sedan segment, but also the most success-                   DesignworksUSA, an industrial design firm in Califor-
  ful. It's no surprise that the M5 has won numerous                nia; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various
  awards. Most recently, Automobile Magazine pre-                   other operations throughout the country. BMW Manu-
  sented the M5 with Best Sport Sedan/Wagon in the                  facturing Corp. in South Carolina is part of BMW
  editor's poll, for the fourth consecutive year: "BMW's            Group's global manufacturing network and is the ex-
  soul-stirring M5 is...a 155 mph cruise missile drip-              clusive manufacturing plant for all Z4 Roadster
  ping in luxury. Turn off the radio, shut down the cell            and X5 Sports Activity Vehicles. The BMW Group sales
  phone, and pay attention. You're about to go for the              organization is represented in the U.S. through net-
  ride of a century."                                               works of 340 BMW car, 327 BMW Sports Activity Ve-
                                                                    hicle, 148 BMW Motorcycle retailers, and 70 MINI
  While 2,100 of the first generation M5s were hand-                dealers. BMW (US) Holding Corp., the BMW Group's
  built between 1984 and 1987, the second genera-                   sales headquarters for North, Central and South
  tion was able to continue the success story with                  America, is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.
  12,000 vehicles manufactured from 1988 to 1995.
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                  Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
Autocross Series Schedule
Sponsored by Habberstad BMW
Director of Motosports: Demetrios Mirissis (631) 418-3260
Autocross III: Saturday, May 10th, 2003
Autocross IV: Saturday, May 24th, 2003
Autocross V: Sunday, June 28th, 2003
Autocross VI: Saturday, July 19th, 2003 (Advanced School)**
Autocross VII: Sunday, July 20th, 2003
Autocross VIII: Saturday, Aug 9th, 2003
Autocross IX: Saturday, Oct 25th, 2003
 All events at the Nassau Coliseum parking lot #8

   Novice School: Apply if you have been to two events or less or if you recently got a driver’s
   School focuses on proper driving techniques, car control and handling emergency situations.
       • We only have 20 openings for the school.
       • School runs from 8am to 4pm on Saturday, April 26th 2002
       • Cost is $40 and lunch is included.
       • Please apply via e-mail to Charles Karnati at CKARNATI@NYBMWCCA.ORG
       • Hurry the school fills up very quickly.
       • Highly recommended for new drivers – if you have a teenage driver in your family, sign
           them up for this school.
** Advanced School: Will be open to experienced autocrosses who want to fine tune their skills.

                                                                              May-June 1999• Volume 25 Issue No. 3

                                               Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
                                                                      Watkins Glen Drivers
                                                                      School Applications
                                                                     Slots are still available
                                                                       June 23-24, 2003

                                                                      You can download the
                                                                     application from the NY
                                                                        Chapter website

 BMW CCA NY Chapter New York                                             driver_schools.shtml
   State Plates w/chapter logo
 Will be available in summer of 2003 to all                      Don't wait till the last minute to
                 members                                         sign up or you will miss out on
 PLEASE GO TO www.nybmwcca.org/                                         this opportunity
E-MAIL: nysplates@nybmwcca.org TO

 We’re About Serious Car Care

                                                                                                         •V W
  Experience the difference that our NO-COMPROMISE
  policy provides. We specialize in customized services
  from routine maintenance to all types
  of engine, brake, transmission
                                                         s • oun
                                                  edethat c
  and suspension work

                                               erc e fix
  for your German car.                                                                                    As always,
                                                                                                            we offer a

                                             •M                                                         FREE 75-point

                he le things w                                                                             safety and

        orsche litt
                                                                                                     track inspection

  BMW• P It’s t
  10% OFF all services                                      27 W. Forest Avenue, Englewood, N.J. 07631
  to Club Members                          Fax: 201-816-7337 Email: autosportperf@inetmail.att.net   201- 816- 0911

             Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
Start Your Engines, But Check Your Antifreeze (cont'd)
                                                                                       stuck in his front wheel well. His time:
By 11:30, Mr. Bernstein was ready
                                          The Jacksons' favorite story about           a dismal 1:57, and after the race, he
for his first run of the day. As he
                                          their father is the one about his sec-       had to dash back out on the course to
was counted down, he lowered his
                                          ond date with their mother: he took          replace the pylon before the next racer
windows slightly to hear the engine
                                          her along in an ice race, and when he        came through.
and wheels better, then took off
                                          got stuck in a snowbank, she had to
through the first gate. Unlike some
                                          get out and push.                            The result left him tied with Steve
of the newer cars, his car has a vin-
                                                                                       Jackson, the youngest of the Icemen,
tage braking system and no com-
                                          ''The most important thing is learning       going into the deciding match in the
puterized traction control, so Mr.
                                          how to handle your car during the win-       late afternoon. (Because there were
Bernstein has to do the math him-
                                          ter,'' said Stan Sr., who was idling in      so many wipeouts, there was only
self, pumping the pedals while mak-
                                          his wife's Subaru (license plate:            enough time for three heats in each
ing hundreds of tiny steering adjust-
                                                      NHLOV). He taught his chil-      division.) Lining up, he said he would
                                                      dren to drive (at age 12)        need a clean race well under 1:40 to
                                                      by putting them on a patch       win. The first three-quarters of the
                                                      of ice in the driveway.          course obliged until he came around
                                                                                       the same gate he crashed before.
                                                     Under Stan Sr.'s light foot,
                                                     driving on ice seems to be        ''Ugh,'' he grunted as his wheels gave
                                                     governed less by rules than       out again, and although he didn't take
                                                     by shared values, in this         a pylon home this time, he was dis-
                                                     case the values of the en-        appointed with a 1:37. ''I lost a few
                                                     gineer, not the speed de-         seconds there,'' he said.
                                                     mon. On ice, control
                                                     trumps power, which               After his run, Mr. Bernstein parked his
                                                     means that for one day the        car and made his way to the time-
                                                     rust bucket can catch up          keepers' hut to watch Steve Jackson's
                                                     with the Camaro, and most         last race. ''He's got a good run go-
                                          of the casual talk on the lake is about      ing,'' he said a little dejectedly, as Mr.
                                          adhesion limits and threshold braking.       Jackson raced toward the final gate.
For traction, most drivers try to                                                      Then, a small swerve, and the car hit
catch their back wheels on the few
                                          Some drivers -- Stan Sr. calls them          a pylon: a two-second penalty.
drifts of snow, but Mr. Bernstein,
                                          ''hot shoes'' -- just want to fly out of
who has studs on all four tires, just
                                          the gate and wipe out. ''Sure, it's fun,''   ''Not even close, dude,'' Mr. Jackson
aimed for the gates. On the first
                                          he said. ''It's spectacular.'' But even-     said to Mr. Bernstein, who then knew
straightaway, he got the needle over
                                          tually ''they get tired of coming in         that he had won. But since he was
60 before sliding -- nearly sideways
                                          last.''                                      staying with the Icemen for the week-
-- within two feet of the first pylon.                                                 end, he wasn't in a position to gloat.
                                          For Steve Bernstein, who lived in Bel-       He did put his palm upward in a min-
After three rounds, winners in each
                                          gium for several years and raced on          iature ''raise the roof'' gesture. That's
division (broken down by a combi-
                                          tracks in Europe, ice racing throws into     as close anyone got to trash talking:
nation of car and tire) were deter-
                                          relief the two schools of driving: Ger-      on the ice, you never want to be com-
mined by the two best times, mi-
                                          man (control) and American (chaos).          pletely out of control.
nus two-second penalties for each
                                          It's not that Americans drive too fast,      Chris Maynard for The New York Times
orange pylon hit along the way. Mr.
                                          he said, it's that they are too individu-    Copyright New York Times
Bernstein's time in the first heat:
                                          alistic, too antisocial in their cars
1:36, good enough for first in his
                                          (think Camaro), while Germans, even
                                          at high speed, are conscious of ev-
                                          eryone else on the road. Here, driv-
The ice races were started 20 years
                                          ing is freedom; there, it's an indus-
ago by Stan Jackson Sr., a former
                                          trial strategy.
engineer from Massachusetts who
now spends part of his retirement
                                          ''I've driven 145 on a German
as an instructor for the BMW club,
                                          autobahn and felt completely safe, but
and his three children, Stan Jr., Sa-
                                          at 50 m.p.h. on the Long Island Ex-
rah and Steve, all of whom were rac-
                                          pressway, I feel out of control,'' he
ing last weekend. But even at the
age of 71, Stan Sr. can beat them
                                          But in Mr. Bernstein's second race, his
                                          inner American seeped out. Going                   May-June 1999• Volume 25 Issue No. 3
''People call our family the Icemen,''
                                          around the final curve a little too ea-
Stan Jr. said (needlessly, since that's
                                          gerly, he slammed into a gate and fin-
the name on the vanity license
                                          ished the race with the orange pylon
plate), ''but my dad is the Iceman.''
                                                              Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
AAA Recap
By Sherwin DeShong

But officer, when I came to the stop
sign, I slowed down and there was
no oncoming traffic from any di-
rection. Yes you did slow down,
but did you come to a complete
stop. But officer, the driver in front
of me was going so slow and I only
accelerated so that I could pass
them and get out of the way of on
coming traffic. Yes you did, but you
accelerated up to 45mph in a
30mph zone to execute your pass.

If you think that these two sce-
narios are not clear cut and open
to debate, it may be time to re-
fresh your driving knowledge of
New York state law and review
some safe driving practices. On
saturday, March 22, I attended the
AAA Point and Insurance Reduc-
tion Program. This course, which
runs at least six hours(required by
state law) is an ideal way for a
seasoned driver to discover how
much they may have forgotten
since they first took the written test
and then became licensed drivers.
The class was mostly videos with
our instructor, retired police officer
Luthy bringing his years of law en-
forcement experience to the class
to drive home certain points as well
as keeping the class involved.
While this may not be the best way
to spend the better part of a
saturday, the cost( subsidized by
the nybmwcca) was nominal, the
class was full, ( we had to turn
away quite a few members who
wanted to register at the last
minute) and when class was over,
up to four points(moving viola-
tions) would be forgiven from your
license,in addition to qualifing for
a 10% discount to the base rate
of your automobile insurance for
the next three years. Not bad for
one saturday afternoon.And in
case you were wondering , in case
1 that was 3 points and case 2
was 4 points. So don't be an easy                                       May-June 1999• Volume 25 Issue No. 3
victim get, a refresher and be in-
                                         Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
      Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds

Ultimate 540i For sale                   garaged, no rust, many
vin# WBADE5329VBV91273                   upgrades, 87,000 orig. miles.   All classifieds can be placed on
1997 540i 6 speed with B                 New York. ph. 914 804 3401      our website (free to members)
AND B FABRICATION                        Contact Frank Rizzo             or mailed to:
exhaust,Bilstein sport shocks            (Frankriz@msn.com).             NY BMW CCA Classifieds:
H and R LOWERING                         Posted on 4/22/2003             PO Box 607 Westbury, NY 11590
SPRINGS fully decked out
stereo system,xenon clear                • E36 M3 LTW
corners,tinted tail lights, M5           front seats
mirrors,front spoiler with               Front seats from
splitter Ac schneiter roof and           LTW available at
trunk spoiler.Car must be                this Ebay auction.
seen to appreciate.I can be              Rear seat avail-
reach at (917)807-8029 Pat               able from LTW
Contact patrick tulloch                  owner Contact
(p2000m3t@aol.com).                      Brook Harmon
Posted on 4/26/2003                      bo k am n c at r t.
                                         ( r o h r o @ h re. e)
                                         Posted on 4/
'97 M3 Coupe For Sale                    20/2003
'97 M3 Coupe Luxury Pkg
Silver/Black 5-Spd 71,000                • 1995 E36
miles, sunroof, full On Board            325i -$4500.00
Computer, 6 disk CD                      - Needs Work
changer, cruise control,                 Car need a
heated seats, folding rear               head gasket
seats, M3 floor mats plus                job 107,000
rubber winter mats, Luxury               miles Green
Package w/wood trim, power               with beige
seats, & M Contour wheels.               interior, automatic
4 alloys with winter tires               transmission,
included. Dinan cold air                 cassette player (no
intake & stage 2 software.               cd player), power
Extremely clean and well                 windows, front
kept. Dealer maint., no track,           seats and locks,
never been in an accident.               moon roof My
Priced to sell @ $21,900                 pager number is
Robert Ingber Babylon, NY                (516) 824-6025 or
bobi@optonline.net H(631)                e mail
661-7182 W(631) 563-6000                 aedennis@msn.com
Contact Robert Ingber                    Posted on 4/17/
(bobi@optonline.net).                    2003
Posted on 4/24/2003

• 1973 - 2002
1973 model 2002 - Blue w/
black int, 4 speed, a/c,
              Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
 BMW NY Chapter Gear
                              NY Chapter caps have arrived !!
                        Quality adjustable blue cotton cap w/the chapter logo in white/
                                cyan stitching - BMW CCA on the back in cyan
                                        $18.00 - Sale Price
                         Selling out quickly only 10 left !

                                                                             Poncho - $10
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 send to: merchandise@nybmwcca.org                                             Special Ordering
 Voice: 516-792-2002                                                          Please contact us!
                                                                             Special Orders taken
 Free NY Chapter window decal with all purchases
Mail To: NY BMW CCA PO Box 607 Westbury, NY 11590

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                                       Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3
NY Chapter - Calendar Of Events
• May 10th - Autocross at the Nassau Coliseum
• May 18th - Tech Session, Open Board Meeting at Recondition USA
• May 24th - Autocross at the Nassau Coliseum
• June 7th Tech Inspection Opportunity for Watkins Glen Drivers School
 Participants at Lynmor Motors
• June 23-24 NY Chapter and Patroon at Watkins Glen
• June 28th - Autocross at the Nassau Coliseum
• June 29th - SummerFest at Habberstad BMW Huntington
• July 19th - Advanced Autocross School at the Nassau Coliseum
• July 20th - Autocross at the Nassau Coliseum
• August 9th - Autocross at the Nassau Coliseum
• September 7th - 8th Annual Great Marques at Old Westbury
                         Yahoo is outta here !
      The New York Chapter Member Message Boards have returned !

    BMW CCA NY Chapter                                             First Class
    PO Box 920576                                                 U.S. Postage
    Arverne, NY 11692                                              Westbury,
                                                                    New York
                                                                  Permit No. 10

          Die Zugspitze May • June 2003 • Volume 29 Issue No. 3