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									Request for Qualifications

Downtown Revitalization Master Plan
                                                               Wichita, Kansas

                                                   The City of Wichita, in partnership with the Wichita
                                                  Downtown Development Corporation and the private
                                                  sector, is seeking an innovative design team to develop
     a twenty-year vision for its thriving downtown. The Request for Qualifications is being issued to
     select finalists who will participate in a subsequent Request for Proposals.

     The City of Wichita is located on the scenic Arkansas River that offers tremendous opportuni-
     ties. In the previous decade, Downtown Wichita has seen over $800 million invested by the
     public and private sectors. Such investments have yielded assets such as: the Old Town District,
     Wichita WaterWalk, riverfront improvements such as the Keeper of Plains, an adjoining world-
     class Museum District, expansion of the city’s convention center, streetscape improvements,
     public art, residential lofts and a new city skyline icon- the INTRUST Bank Arena scheduled to
     open in January 2010.

     A MOMENTUM is building in the community to see the City of Wichita become the next Great
     American River City. Mayor Carl Brewer, since the summer of 2008, has been leading a com-
     munity discussion about downtown’s future. His presentation “Everybody’s Neighborhood” has
     developed a community synergy that is contagious and is resulting in community-wide support
     for casting a grand vision to realize our potential. Daniel Burnham’s quote, “make no little plans
     they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized” captures
     the bold vision the community is seeking for Downtown Wichita.

     Mayor Brewer envisions a pedestrian friendly downtown where families, young people, business-
     es and visitors can walk from one destination to the next. Downtown will be a place for people
     of all ages. It will feature park and open spaces, retailers, residences, restaurants, office buildings
     and multiple venues for arts and entertainment. It will build upon our strengths and challenge
     us to excel to realize our potential.

     To make this possible, a partnership comprised of local government, the pri-
     vate sector, business leaders, philanthropists and citizens has formed. This is
     an historic public endeavor. The process is designed to engage the multiple
     stakeholder groups. It is imperative that the design team have innovative ideas
     and a clear understanding of what is important, what initiatives will achieve the
     desired goals, and what is feasible.

                             RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
The intensity of this MOMEMTUM is best captured by recent comments by Mayor Brewer following the City Council’s
unanimous vote to support this initiative:

          I want to thank City Council members for approving funding for a downtown master plan and for again
          showing their support for a vibrant downtown. Thank you also to the Wichita Downtown Development Cor-
          poration for taking the lead on funding for a cohesive and comprehensive plan for downtown,
          with its announcement last week it would contribute substantial funds toward a master plan.
          That initial contribution has already attracted private support.

          I also want to thank the many Wichitans – residents, businesses, civic groups and other stake-
          holders – who have been eagerly engaging and attending public meetings on the important
          issue of a community vision for downtown. The feedback from these public meetings - as well
          as the related conversations, phone calls and emails I’ve received – have revealed that many of
          our residents are interested and engaged in the future of downtown, reinforcing the saying that
          downtown is everybody’s neighborhood. Wichitans want a vibrant, dynamic downtown. They
          want us to grow on the successes of Old Town and River Corridor Improvements.

          The community feedback has also revealed strong support for a master plan that will serve as a
          guiding document for future development in downtown and the Core Area. We need a plan that
          will move downtown revitalization forward in a cohesive way, in a way that connects existing
          assets such as Old Town, INTRUST Bank Arena and River Corridor Improvements, in a way
          that creates pathways and a pedestrian-friendly environment that makes visiting downtown                Mayor Carl Brewer
          Wichita a unique experience, a memorable experience.

          We’ve been moving in that direction. That’s why the American Planning Association named Old Town a
          Great Neighborhood in America. That’s why, just last week, Newsmax Magazine named Wichita the No.1
          Most Unique American City, citing largely downtown Wichita.

          Still, we know downtown Wichita can be better. An updated master plan will help us get there.

          Now is the time to make new investments in downtown Wichita. A vibrant downtown that attracts resi-
          dents, businesses and visitors is critical given the competition from surrounding cities, mounting job losses and
          a global economic downturn. Investing in downtown is important to the future of our city. It will help retain
          young people, families and jobs. It will attract new businesses - retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues
          – and visitors. It will grow the tax base.

          Now is the time to invest in a comprehensive master plan for downtown that will help us get where we want
          and need to go.

Building upon Past Success

In 1988, a coalition of community leaders, business owners, and public officials commissioned a master plan for down-
town Wichita. The resulting Development Plan for Downtown Wichita was completed in 1989, and the community imme-
diately began to implement the plan with hugely successful results. The projects recommended by the plan have mostly
been completed. In fact, most of the projects completed as a result of the plan were grander and more successful than
envisioned by the plan. The map on page 3 illustrates the projects completed in downtown since the 1989 Development
Plan for Downtown Wichita.

                                RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                   Major Projects Completed in Downtown Since the 1989 Plan

                                                                  1. Exploration Place
                                                                  2. McLean Boulevard
                                                                  3. Douglas Avenue Bridge
                                                                  4. Maple/Lewis Bridge
                                                                  5. Lawrence-Dumont Stadium Reno-
                                                                  6. Wichita Ice Center
                                                                  7. Hyatt Regency Wichita                                                                                                                                    Central
                                                                  8. Bob Brown Expo Hall
                                                                  9. Riverbank Improvements
                                                                  10. Main Street Gateway
                                                                  11. Two-Way Main Street
                                                                  12. Downtown Wayfinding System
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2nd Street
                                                                  13. Transit Center
                                                                  14. Downtown Trolley System
                                                                  15. Public Parking Garage                            2                                                                                                     1st Street

                                                                  16. State Office Building
                                                                  17. William Street Streetscaping
                                                                  18. Eaton Hotel Block Renovation                                                                                                                           Douglas
                                                                  19. Old Town                                                                                         12
                                                                                                                                                  3                                              15   18
                                                                  20. Keeper of the Plains                                                                                       16
                                                                                                                                                                            17                   13


RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                                                                                          5                9


                                                                                                                                      6                                 10                                 14




In 1999, the City of Wichita commissioned the design of the Wichita River Corridor Improvement Project. The project
included conceptual designs for the banks of the Arkansas River through downtown, including the Keeper of the Plains,
an amphitheater, and several segments of river walk improvements to continue upon the success of the East Bank Scenic
River Walk project.

                                                     Rededicated on May 18, 2007, the Keeper of the Plains Project
                                                     has been one of the most successful projects in the revitalization
                                                     of downtown Wichita. The Keeper of the Plains proudly stands
                                                     at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers with
                                                     hands raised high. Pedestrians can directly access the area from
                                                     two new, bow-and-arrow-inspired cable-stay bridges that span
                                                     both the Little and Big Arkansas rivers. Fire drums located on
                                                     boulders at the foot of the Keeper dramatically light the night.

                                                     The next phase of the River Corridor Improvement Project is the
                                                     Broadview Segment. This project will be undertaken in 2009 in
                                                     coordination with a total renovation of the historic Broadview
                                                     Hotel, and will improve the east bank of the Arkansas River be-
                                                     tween Douglas and First Street with landscaping and river prom-
                             Keeper of the Plains
                                                     enade enhancements.

                                                     In 2005, the City of Wichita commissioned the development of a
                                                     plan for the neighborhood surrounding the new downtown arena
                                                     that the voters of Sedgwick County had recently approved a one-
                                                     cent, 30-month sales tax to fund. The resulting Arena Neighbor-
                                                     hood Redevelopment Plan was completed in November 2007, and it
                                                     provides a detailed guide for the redevelopment of the neighbor-
                                                     hood surrounding the INTRUST Bank Arena.

                                                     Implementation of the Arena Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan is
                                                     a work in progress. While much remains to be done, many tasks
                                                     have been initiated towards accomplishing the plan’s goals:
                             INTRUST Bank Arena

     • The Center City South Tax Increment Financing District has been expanded to include much of the
       Arena Neighborhood with the purpose of funding approximately $15 million in street improvements
       and streetscape enhancements and $10 million in parking improvements.
     • A Parking and Mobility Master Plan for Downtown Wichita has been completed, and the plan has been
       used to develop an agreement between the City and County for cooperative actions towards providing
       parking for arena events. Discussions are ongoing regarding establishing an overall coordination func-
       tion for downtown parking and mobility and for establishing transit service enhancements in down-
     • Work is underway to develop an urban design plan for downtown that will provide more detailed design
       guidelines for private development in downtown.
     • Streetscape design guidelines and wayfinding improvements to help create strong identifiable linkages
       and paths in the Arena Neighborhood are under development.
     • The City Manager’s Office has reorganized and created an Office of Urban Development that will
       oversee many of the City’s redevelopment efforts in the Arena Neighborhood in coordination with the
       Metropolitan Area Planning Department and the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation.

                             RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                                                      Downtown Wichita at night

Master Plan Area

For the purposes of developing a Downtown Revitalization Master Plan, the boundaries of
the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC) will be expanded to include
properties on the West Bank of the Arkansas River, the portion of the Government Center
located outside the WDDC, and the Renaissance Square project area.

While the overall plan area includes all of downtown, portions of downtown already have
more detailed plans in place and will not need the same level of detailed planning effort in the Master Plan. These areas
are: Renaissance Square, Old Town, Arena Neighborhood, and WaterWalk. Incorporation of the current plans for these
areas into the overall Master Plan for downtown will be the focus in these areas.

Similarly, neighborhoods surrounding downtown have plans in place with varying levels of detail. These neighbor-
hoods are: Historic Midtown, McAdams, Central Northeast, Douglas Design District, South Central, and Delano. The
Master Plan will need to recognize the uniqueness of each of the surrounding neighborhoods and their relationship to
downtown and develop linkages between these neighborhoods and the downtown area.

                                                            The development of linkages among the major development
                                                            nodes in downtown also will be an important element of
                                                            the comprehensive master plan for downtown. These major
                                                            development nodes are: Old Town, INTRUST Bank Arena,
                                                            WaterWalk, Century II, Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Explo-
                                                            ration Place, Keeper of the Plains, Museums on the River,
                                                            Riverside Park, and the Douglas Avenue Corridor.

                                                            The Downtown Revitalization Master Plan Area Map (page
                                                            6) illustrates the differing areas, neighborhoods, and nodes
                                                            described above.

                                                            Finally, the Master Plan will focus on those strategies that
                                                            will maximize private sector investment in redevelopment.
                                                            These strategies will need to build upon projects that are
                                                            currently underway or are in the planning stages. The map
                                                            on page 7 illustrates the current downtown projects.

                                         Arkansas River

                              RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                                     Downtown Revitalization Master Plan Area
                                                                                                                                              Historic Midtown

                                                                                               Riverside Park                                                        Renaissance
                                                                  Museums                                                                                            Square                                  McAdams
                                                                  on the
                                                                  River                                                                                                                                                 Central

                                                                                                 Keeper of
                                                                                                 the Plains
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd Street
                                                                                       Exploration                                                                                       Old Town
                                                                                       Place                                                                                                                          1st Street

                                                                                     Delano                                                                                                                      Douglas
                                                                                                                                          Douglas Avenue Corridor                        Douglas                 Design District

                                                                                                                                 Century II                                    Arena


RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                            Wichita Downtown              Dumont
                                                                                                          Stadium                                      Arena
                                                                            Development Corporation                                                    Neighborhood
                                                                            Master Plan Expansion Areas
                                                                                                                     West Bank
                                                                            Master Plan Areas with                                                                                                                      Kellogg
                                                                            Existing Plans
                                                                            Downtown Nodes and Areas
                                                                            of Significance                                                                          South
                                                                            Surrounding Neighborhoods                                                                Central
                                                                            with Existing Plans

                                                                                                                  Current Downtown Projects
                                                                    Private Sector
                                                                  A. Broadview Hotel
                                                                  B. Central Branch YMCA
                                                                  C. Exchange/Bitting Buildings
                                                                  D. Wichita Executive Centre
                                                                  E. Farmers and Bankers Building
                                                                  F. Landmark Square
                                                                  G. Orpheum Office Building                                                                                                                                   Central
                                                                  H. Sutton Place
                                                                  I. Petroleum Building
                                                                  J. Kelly Hotel and Conference Center                                                                                                     11
                                                                  K. Wichita High Apartments
                                                                  L. WaterWalk                                                                                                                                                2nd Street
                                                                  Public Sector
                                                                                                                                                                 F                                                            1st Street
                                                                  Projects                                                                                       E     G                             10

                                                                  1. Topeka Avenue                                15
                                                                                                                                  14 B
                                                                  2. Emporia Avenue                                                                          D
                                                                  3. William Street                                                        A                 C                                                                Douglas
                                                                                                                                                             J                               4
                                                                  4. St. Francis Avenue
                                                                  5. Washington and Waterman                                                                     H
                                                                     Intersection                                                                                    I 6
                                                                  6. State Office Building Parking Lot
                                                                     Expansion                                                                                                                                   5
                                                                  7. Transit Services Parking Lot

RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                                                                     Expansion                                                                      L   18                       1
                                                                  8. Emporia and Lewis New Parking Lot                                         17                                        8
                                                                  9. Kellogg Overpass New Parking Lot
                                                                  10. Elevated Rail Corridor
                                                                  11. 3rd Street                                                                                                                 9                             Kellogg
                                                                  12. Mead Avenue
                                                                  13. Washington Avenue
                                                                  14. Riverbank Improvements
                                                                  15. Central Library Relocation
                                                                  16. INTRUST Bank Arena





                                                                  17. Boathouse
                                                                  18. Public Plaza at WaterWalk
Expectations for the Master Plan

A multi-disciplinary design team is sought to develop a bold vision that celebrates the city’s rich history and reflects
the community’s progressive spirit. The Plan will provide ambitious development strategies drawing upon downtown’s
tremendous potential. It will strengthen the city’s economic vitality and identity. The Plan will build cohesiveness be-
tween current and planned assets; further develop an environment that retains young people, families and jobs; attracts
residential, new businesses-retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues; and grows the tax base. Key components of
the plan will be based on the following:

    • Grand Vision – The Master Plan will provide a twenty-year blueprint building upon past, current and pend-
    ing efforts. The past 20 years of downtown revitalization efforts have been hugely successful and resulted in
    projects that were grander and more successful than envisioned. Current plans and pending projects are in the
    process of being implemented that are continuing this success. The Master Plan will provide action-oriented
    strategies that build upon and continue these successes while providing the necessary connections that will
    move downtown revitalization forward in an innovative and cohesive way.
    • Market Driven – To date, many of the successful downtown revitalization efforts have focused on public
    sector projects, and these projects have laid the groundwork for significant private sector investment in the revi-
    talization of downtown. The Master Plan will provide development options for several new, large-scale anchor
    projects that are ambitious but based on economic research that establishes realistic market capture rates. The
    Master Plan also will develop action-oriented strategies for development incentives that encourage continued
    private sector investment in downtown revitalization while maximizing the return on public investment.

                                                         • Community Engagement – The need for a Master Plan
                                                         evolved from a participatory process from which over-
                                                         whelming community support was realized. This partici-
                                                         patory process will be continued through the development
                                                         of the Master Plan so that the resulting planning efforts
                                                         focus on a stakeholder- and community-defined vision for
                                                         downtown Wichita for the year 2030. The Wichita Down-
                                                         town Development Corporation will structure and manage
                                                         the public engagement process with input from the project
                                                         partners and participation from the selected design team.

                                                         • Clear and Concise Objectives and Strategies – The Mas-
                                                         ter Plan will identify the specific objectives and strategies
                                                         that will best accomplish the stakeholder- and community-
                                                         defined vision for downtown. The objectives and strategies
                                                         will be easily understood by all segments of the community
                                                         and will have a significant level of community “buy in” as
                                          Century II     to the action-oriented results they are designed to achieve.

    • Transit Plan – A key to the long-term sustainability of downtown revitalization efforts is improving transit ac-
    cess to and mobility within downtown. The Master Plan will develop a detailed transit services plan for down-
    town, and this portion of the Master Plan will be funded by Federal Transit Administration planning funds.

    • Implementation Plan – A major component of the Master Plan will be an implementation plan that can
    serve as a stand-alone “road map” to downtown revitalization. The implementation plan will provide priori-
    tized, action-oriented strategies that establish the roles and responsibilities of all participants in plan imple-
    mentation. The Implementation Plan will define the post plan development role for the design team in plan

    • Fiscal Responsibility – While the Master Plan will develop implementation strategies for a bold vision for
    downtown revitalization, it will be based on the economic realities of limited public resources and the strate-

                              RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
    gic investment of these limited resources. The Master Plan also will develop a funding strategy for the Plan’s
    objectives and strategies that is based on an analysis existing financing tools and development incentives and
    develops a business plan for downtown revitalization that recommends the type and structure of future financ-
    ing tools and development incentives.

Submittal Requirements
All responses to the Request for Qualifications shall include the following informa-
      • Profile of the design team, including identification of the lead firm, the role
        of each firm on the team, and an organizational chart
      • For each firm on the team, provide the name of the firm, the year the firm was
        established, and a brief resume for the principals of the firm
      • A description of the team’s qualifications for the development of a Downtown
        Revitalization Master Plan including a description of relevant experience on
        similar projects for each firm on the team
      • The names and contact information for the specific staff members from each
        firm who will be assigned to the project, their role in the project, and a de-
        tailed resume listing their individual work experience in this role on similar
      • Three (3) professional references for whom a similar project has been com-
        pleted within the last three (3) years
      • A general description of the recommended strategies and processes for devel-
        oping a Master Plan based on the premises described above, including a rec-
        ommended timeline for the completion of the design team’s recommended
                                                                                             Douglas Avenue Sculpture
All information submitted becomes the property of
the City of Wichita. The City reserves the right to is-
sue supplemental information or guidelines relating
to the RFQ during the proposal preparation period,
or to make modifications to the RFQ. Once submit-
ted, the design team (including the specific staff as-
signed to the project) may not be changed without
written consent of the City. All costs incurred in the
preparation of the submittal and participation in the
selection process is the sole responsibility of the de-
sign team.

Respondents should submit one (1) original and
fifteen (15) printed copies of the submittal by 5:00
P.M., Monday, July 6, 2009 to:

Melinda A. Walker
Purchasing Manager
                                                           Old Town
12th Floor, City Hall
455 N. Main Street
Wichita, Kansas 67202
(316) 268-4636
Submittals should be sealed and labeled “FP930044-Downtown Revitalization Master Plan.”
                               RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
Evaluation and Selection Process

Respondents to the Request for Qualifications will be evaluated based upon:

        • The design team’s qualifications and experience with similar projects, including experience with
          both plan development and plan implementation
        • The qualifications and experience of the specific staff assigned to the project
        • Demonstrated capacity to communicate, be creative and innovative, and use strategic and effective
        • Demonstrated understanding of the project
        • The design team’s recommended strategies and processes for Master Plan development and

The most qualified design teams will be selected for further participation in the selection process and will be invited to
submit a detailed proposal for completion of an itemized scope of work with specified deliverables. The design teams
selected for further participation in the selection process are tentatively scheduled to be notified on July 17, 2009. Re-
sponses to the Request for Proposals are tentatively scheduled to be due by August 28, 2009.

Respondents to the Request for Proposals will be invited to Wichita for interviews. The interviews are tentatively sched-
uled for the week of September 14, 2009. The interviews will be conducted by a selection team comprised of representa-
tives from the project partners. The interviews of consultant teams will include a session that is open to the public.

Following the interviews, one design team will be selected to negotiate a final contract for services. The final scope of
work with specified deliverables may be modified through negotiation of the final contract. Final contract approval by
the Wichita City Council is tentatively scheduled for October 13, 2009.

Information Available

Questions or requests for additional information regard-
ing the Request for Qualifications should be directed to:

Scott Knebel, AICP
Principal Planner – Advanced Plans Division
Wichita-Sedgwick County
Metropolitan Area Planning Department
10th Floor, City Hall, 455 N. Main St.
Wichita, KS 67202
T (316) 268-4456 F (316) 268-4390

Information regarding project partners, downtown
Wichita, destinations within downtown, and neighbor-
hoods surrounding downtown can be found at the fol-
lowing web links:                                                WaterWalk

City of Wichita, Kansas

Wichita Downtown Development Corporation

                              RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas

Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

Old Town

INTRUST Bank Arena

WaterWalk                                                                             Old Town at night

Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center

Go Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce

Visioneering Wichita

Conditions for Submittal
Respondents are responsible for reviewing and certifying com-
pliance with all of the City of Wichita’s conditions of submittal
for the Request for Qualifications for the Downtown Revitaliza-
tion Master Plan. The conditions of submittal can be found for
                                                                                                        Government Center
FP930044 at the following web link: Any
supplemental informatioin or guidelines relating to the RFQ will be posted to this web link, and respondents are re-
sponsible for checking this web link for updates.

    An Award-Winning Community

    •   2009 Finalist National Civic League All-America City Award (past winner 1961, 1993, and 1999)
    •   2009 Newsmax Magazine No. 1 Most Unique American City
    •   2008 American Planning Association Great Neighborhood in America – Old Town
    •   2008 MSN Most Livable Bargain Markets List – Most Livable City of 100 Largest Cities
    •   2007 Preserve America Community
    •   2007 American Planning Association- Kansas Chapter Pioneer Award for Central Northeast Area Plan Update
    •   2006 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Award for Smart Growth Achievement – Old Town
    •   2001 Kansas Preservation Alliance Award for Excellence - Eaton Place Project

                              RFQ - Downtown Revitalization Master Plan - Wichita, Kansas
                  w w w. w i c h i t a . g o v

Request for Qualifications

Downtown Revitalization Master Plan
                                                 Wichita, Kansas

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