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									Back Issues of the TTEd SIG (formerly TT SIG) Newsletter.

This is a list of all the contents of issues as far back as 1995. We will update
this periodically. The Committee is looking at ways of making back articles
available to TTEd SIG members, both through the Webpage and possibly in
other formats.
Copies of some back issues are available at £2 each (plus postage and
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Back issues available at December 2001:
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1999     November         3/1999
1999     February         23
1998     September        22
1998     Spring           21
1997     Summer           20
1997     Spring           19

Issue 2/2001 – July 2001


Letter from the Co-ordinator
Focus on the SIG
Report on the Brighton TTSIG open forum – Nicky Hockly

Right to reply – Benita Cruikshank

e.listings – Nicky Hockly

TT SIG Challenge!! – Cathy Ellis

Horses for Courses – Clare O‟Donaghue

Session: plans and a perusal – Briony Beaven

Disparity – Jo Cooke

A TOPIC-driven strategy for lesson design – Derrin Kent

How to train teachers to use ICT for ELT – Clive Newton

C‟mon you guys, this is fun!: A review – Scott Thornbury

A good read – Jenny Pugsley
Profile on … The ideas behind TESOL‟s new professional development in
language education series – Tim Murphey

Issue 1/2001 – April 2001

Training the Trainers


Letter from the Co-ordinator
Focus on the SIG
TT SIG Challenge!!
e.listings – Nicky Hockly

A Good Read – Jenny Pugsley

Learner Lib: A review – Scott Thornbury

Summaries of talks given at the Leeds event ‘Developng Trainers in ELT’
Rethinking the tools of the trade – Donald Freeman
Directions for mentoring – Angi Malderez
Two models for training new trainers – Deniz Kurtoglu Eken
Enhancing the language teacher educator‟s competence – Tunku Mohtar
Refractions – Susan Öniz
A thousand miles from teacher to trainer – Caroline Linse
Developing teacher trainer strategies for business English teachers – Michael
R. Sneyd
Exploring trainer dialogue – Jennifer Jarvis
Trainer development through learning about exploratory discussions – Margit
Getting real – Tessa Woodward
Training training room skills – Alan Waters & Marlu Vilches
Taking stock – Caroline Bodoczky & Katalin Balassa
Wearing someone else‟s shoes – Anne Kennedy
Integrated tasks for trainer development – Diana Lubelska & Liz Robbins
Are ELT teacher trainers any different from other teacher trainers? – Ingrida
Development through dissemination – Helen Silvester
Kenyan teacher development groups – Jayne Moon & Wanjohi Gichema
Appropriate trainers? – Zsuzsa Kuti & Terence Bradley
Challenging a recipe approach in TEFL – Edit H. Kontra
Move on up? – Judith Wilson
Not cloning but training – Monica Poulter
“Hat” issues in becoming a mentor trainer – Adriana Vuscan
Issue 3/2000 – December 2000

The ‘Affect’ issue


Focus on the SIG
Letter from the Co-ordinator
Write up – TT & TEA SIGs‟ Joint Pre-Conference Event
Write up – British Council/IATEFL SIGs‟ Symposium – Madrid

TT SIG Challenge!!

Right to Reply: - John Norrish

Profile on … The Access Certificate – Susan Davies

The „Affect‟ issue articles:
Consideration of affect = humanism – Philip Kerr
Affectivate or not? - Anthony Bruton
The defect of affect: the patient‟s not sick – David Kellog
Meanderings of an EFL so-called applied linguist on the role of anxiety in „the
good the bad and the loony‟ debate – Peter Grundy
Outside the circle dance – towards a more principled humanism - Simon
The Jackendoff Skeptic on humanistic language teaching – Jane Arnold

A good read – Jenny Pugsley

Taking care of the sense: A review – Scott Thornbury

Issue 2/2000 – July 2000


Letter from the Co-ordinator
Focus on the SIG
Write up – TTSIG Open Forum Debate
TT SIG Challenge!!

Right to Reply: Why rant when you can have so much to say of value? – Mario

The reviewer lashes back – Scott Thornbury
The “jizz” rainbow: a new challenge in teacher training – Deniz Kurtoglu Eken

Integrating the Internet into pre-service training – Nik Peachey

Implementing a TBL paradigm on pre-service TT courses – Karl Kaliski & Derrin

Learning strategy awareness in teacher education – Edit Kontra

A good read – Jenny Pugsley

On not being dangerous: A review – Scott Thornbury

Issue 1/2000 - March 2000


Letter from the Co-ordinator
Focus on the SIG

TT SIG Challenge!!

Right to Reply: working while chewing the blinding truth – R. A. Burrows

Professional development and the need for theory – Guy Cook

Sustaining development beyond pre-service training – Ivor Timmis

Short-term course: holiday romance or a long-term relationship? – Rosemary

Crossing bridges in teacher training – Anne Wiseman

Contextual variation in school contexts and how this effects the design of TE
programmes – John Clegg

Teachers talking about their classrooms : the use of metaphor to process
knowledge – Glen Stephen

Profile on … Poland – Simon Smith

A good read – Jenny Pugsley

The good, the bad and the loony: A review – Scott Thornbury
Issue 3/99 – November 1999


Letter from the past Co-ordinator
Letter from the new Co-ordinator
Focus on the SIG

Moving from Teaching to Training – Diana Lubelska & Liz Robbins

The Pre-Course Task – Philip Kerr

Into the Unknown – David Hyatt & Anne Beigy

The Blinding Truth – Frances Eaves Walton

Profile on … Poland – Elzbieta Jarosz & Ewa Krysakowska-Budny

IATEFL Joint TTSIG/YLSIG Pre-conference event:
Balancing Language with Topic & Task in the Teaching of Young Learners –
John Clegg
Developing a Teacher Persona for Young Learners – Margaret Lo
Process Options for Training Teachers of Young Learners – Melanie Williams

Walking while Chewing Gum – A Review – Scott Thornbury

A Good Read – Jenny Pugsley

Scholarship Information

Special Joint TD / TT SIG Issue – May 1999

Changing Teacher Behaviour


Letter from the Co-ordinators

Abide with Me: change or decay in teacher behaviour? – Jeremy Harmer

(W)Ringing the Changes: ways of getting on-going feedback – Sheelagh Dellar

Teachers change themselves via supervision – Mario Rinvolucri

A softly-softly approach to teacher growth – Briony Beaven
Intercultural competence for teachers and trainers: acquired or taught? –
Valerie Ainscough

Exploring attitude to change through focus groups – Desmond Thomas

Learning to manage change in ELT – Carole Simpson

Teacher empowerment: What do you really, really want? – Rosemary Wilson

From the will to the skill: can teacher education lead to change in teacher
practice? – Elizabeth Ibsen

A role for guided exploration in in-service teacher education – Clyde Fowle &
Karen Anyathana

Managing low Wednesday – Peter Simmons & Graham Carter

Changing trainer behaviour? – Diane Phillips

Issue no. 23 – February 1999


Letter from the Co-ordinator
News and Views
Focus on the SIG

IATEFL Joint TTSIG/Lit SIG Pre-conference event:
Approaching Sonnet 18 – Alan Maley
Approaching Sonnet 18 – Gillian Lazar

The Development of Practice in Pre-Secondary School – Dr Leyla Tercanlioglu

Training ESP Trainerrs in Bulgaria – Janet Chadwick

Teacher Development Project in Chongqing University – Li Hong

The Power of Trainer Language in Training and Development – Deniz Kurtoglu

What‟s the Matter with Grammar? A Review – Scott Thornbury

Issue no. 22 – September 1998

Teacher training in Brazil

Letter from the Co-ordinator
News and Views
Focus on the SIG

Editorial from Brazil - Colin Paton and Cristina Nogueira

Interview with Carmen Lucas - Colin Paton and Cristina Nogueira

The TEFL Project of the Culturas Inglesas in Brazil – William Redmond and Juiz
de Fora

Teacher education, Understanding and Explanatory Practice – Ines Kayon de
Miller and Ralph Bannell

The Cultura Inglesa – Sao Paulo Reflective Learning Project Part 1 – Lizika

Reflecting on Reflection – Marcos Soares

The Induction Pack – Mariza Leira Diaz

Is Communicative Language Teaching Feasible, or even Desirable in a
Brazilian State School Environment? – Stephen Fitzpatrick

Insights into Motivation – Sara Walker

Issue no. 21 – spring 1998


Focus on the SIG

The Development of Professional Discourse and Language Awareness in EFL
Teacher Training - Heather Murray

Less Pain, More Gain: Reflections on a Collaborative Approach to Clinical
Supervision in Teacher Education - Susan Norris

Evaluation of Pre-service Teacher Education Programmes: a conceptual and
procedural framework - Marietta Nedkova

Default Settings – what models do for trainees - Jeremy Harmer

PPP, CLT, NA, TBI, ARC, ESA, CFPU: For what? - Anthony Bruton

Approaches to Theory in Developing Good Classroom Practice - Fran Beaton
My training, your education: building a teacher - Jenny Pugsley

Jenny Johnson on Conference Planning

Difficult Courses: engage or ignore? - Nicky Hockly

Scott Thornbury on TT Videos
       Looking at Language Classrooms, including the Trainer‟s Guide

Issue no. 20 – Summer 1997


A letter from the Co-ordinator

Milan May Conference: Introduction – Amanda Bourdillon

Ways of sharing Information – Tessa Woodward

Teacher thinking – Susan Barduhn

Peer Monitoring: an experiment in teacher Education – Jane Henry

Dealing with “difficult” trainees - Martin Parrott

Classroom research in Teacher Training and Development – Martin Parrott

News and Views: Using Dialogue Journals in Teacher Training – Orly Sela

Book review by Scott Thornbury:
      Teacher Learning in Language Teaching
      Voices from the Language Classroom: Qualitative Research in Second
      Language Education

Issue no. 19 – spring 1997


A Letter from the Co-ordinator

Interview with Jack Richards

Book review by Scott Thornbury:
      Understanding Communication in Second Language Classrooms
      Communication in the Language Classroom
      Interaction in the Language Curriculum: Awareness, Autonomy and

“Hands on” training of teachers – Lin Dawson and Radka Chwistkova

A Hegelian View of the Developing EFL Teacher

For Would-be and Have-been Teacher Trainers – Maria Dessaux-Barberio

Focus on the SIG

Issue no. 18 – summer 1996


Are Grids Enough? – Sandra S. Cantrell

Cinderellas, George Bernard Shaw and Teacher Development – Tim Phillips

The Use of Modal-imbedded Directives in Teacher Trainer Oral Feedback to
Trainees on Classroom Observations – Deniz Kurtoglu Eken

Towards Exam Practice and Teacher Development Through CEELT – Marion
Engin and Jane Harvey

Issue no. 16/17 – winter 1995/6


Mentor Role in Long-term Teaching Practice – Dorottya Nemeth

A Mentoring Programme for Teacher Educators: The Czech Experience –
Barbara Thornton

I‟m an Overbearing, Easy-going, Know-all Mystic – Tom Hales

Can‟t you just talk us through it? – Clare O‟Donoghue and Tom Hales

The Link between Theory and Practice in Teacher Training – Eva Tandichova

Integrating Language Awareness and Methodology in CTEFLA Input – and
across the whole timetable? – Paul Cane
Issue no. 14/15 – spring/summer 1995


Giving Criticism: Some DOs and DONTs – Diane Phillips

A Recipe for Giving Teaching Practice Feedback on a Pre-service Training
Course – Paul Bress

Qualitative Trainee Feedback – Simon Borg

A Profile of English Language Teacher Education: The Case of Malawi

A Profile of a Pre-service Teacher Education Programme: The Case of North
Cyprus – Dilek Behcetogullari

A Profile of Pre-service English Language Teacher Education: The Case of
Legnica, Poland – Beata Staszkow

A Profile of Pre-service Teacher Training: The Case of Kecskemet, Hungary –
Jozsef Vida

A Self-access Revision Activity – Marion Engin

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