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									Aloe Butter™
INCI = Cocos Nucifera {Coconut} Oil / Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

Item Code: AB01

Aloe Butter™ is a proprietary cosmetic "butter" developed exclusively by BioChemica International for
cosmetic use. Aloe Butter is actually an extract of Aloe Barbadensis (aka Aloe Vera) using a coconut fatty
fraction which produces a soft-solid “butter” at room temperature which melts on contact at skin tempera-
tures. Aloe Butter may be used for cutaneous dryness to assist in moisturization after exposure to sun
and other harsh elements. It is completely oil miscible and contains no preservatives or coloring agents.
Completely natural!
Suggested uses: Creams, lotions, body and lip balms, bar soaps. Use from 3% to 100%

                 PHYSICAL TEST                                                        SPECIFICATIONS

                 Appearance (@ 25o C):                                                Soft, off white semi-solid (revised10/07)
                 Odor                                                                 Faint vegetable odor
                 Iodine Value (Wijs)                                                  < 3.0
                 Saponification Value:                                                 220 - 260
                 Peroxide Value (meq/kg):                                             5.0 maximum (Revised 8/06)
                 Color (lovibond 5 1/4")                                              1.5 R maximum
                 Unsaponifiables:                                                      1.5 % maximum
                 % Free Fatty Acid:                                                   0.05% maximum
                 Melting Point:                                                       33 - 36o C

       Standard packaging is 16 kg (35.3 lb) pails - 55 gallon drums also available upon special request

     Keep in cool (preferably below 25oC) storage away from light and moisture in unopened container.
    Product becomes liquid above 36o C, but will re-solidify upon cooling without affecting functionality.

The above specifications are offered in good faith, and are accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, no guarantee or warranties are offered
or implied. It is recommended that your laboratories perform their own analysis to ensure that the product specifications and results meet your
specific requirements, and those of your local and national governmental standards.

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