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NOKIA – The Range of Leading Cell Phones

Nokia's roots go back to 1865, when the Nokia wood-pulp mill was founded. In 1967, upon the merger of
three separate companies, Nokia took its current form as a corporation under the laws of the Republic of
Finland. The company is named after the Nokia River in southern Finland, next to which the original Nokia
pulp mill was located.

Nokia’s Market Share in India (2006)
                            NOKIA                 Nokia is having 35 percent market share and is almost
                                                  twice as big as No.2 Motorola with 17.8 percent global
                                                  market share. Nokia's highest ever market share was in
                            SONY                  2005 when it achieved 35.8 percent for the year. Its highest
                            ERICSSON              market share in a single quarter was 36.9 percent in the
                            SAMSUNG               fourth quarter of 2001. According to research agency ORG
                                                  Gfk, Nokia's market share, as of February 2006, is a
                            LG                    staggering 78.8 per cent. Relatively, Samsung's is 6.4
                                                  percent, Motorola 4.6 per cent, Sony Ericsson is at 5.1
                            OTHERS                percent and LG's share is 2.5 per cent.

Its unique selling proposition is providing new mobile services packaged differently for both corporate
users and consumers. The Nokia Local Marketing Solution is a unique solution providing significant
benefits for the service operator. It offers an interesting and competitive alternative to marketing both
owned and partnered cellular and non-cellular services. With the solution, the mobile operator can boost
usage of existing service and create new business by providing advertising space for local business owners.


 FACTORY             RETAILER               CUSTOMER

Its competitors include LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung all of which are heading towards to
become the world class manufacturers.

Advertising media used by Nokia are all sorts of Electronic and Mass Media such as Television, Radio,
Hoardings, Internet and Newspapers

Knowing the market demand of customers for different types of value added services, the mobile phones
developed by Nokia can be classified into different sections such as –
i) Games                       :        For Teenagers
ii) Media & Music Developers :          For Common Customers
iii) Enterprise Developers     :        For Corporate


Nokia and Siemens have agreed to combine the bulk of their telecom equipment businesses to create one of
the biggest players in the industry, sending shares in both firms higher.