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					Ann Bartholomew
PROFESSION          Economist
POSITION            Principal Consultant, Mokoro Ltd.
NATIONALITY         British

       Ann Bartholomew is a macroeconomist who specialises in public expenditure
       management, aid management and international trade. She also has extensive experience
       undertaking training and workshops and has more than ten years’ experience covering
       consultancy and development work in the Pacific, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

       Public Expenditure Management
       • Development of medium term expenditure frameworks in Moldova and Jordan
       • Public expenditure reviews in Kosovo and Albania.
       • Development of sector expenditure strategies (MTEFs) in health in Bangladesh and the
       • Supporting policy reform and planning in the education sector in Cambodia and a
          review of education financing in Namibia.
       • Evaluations of public expenditure management reforms in Vietnam and Cambodia
       • Development of macro-fiscal frameworks in Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Tanzania.
       Donor Harmonisation and Aid Management
       • Team leader of the Joint Evaluation of Budget Support Study in Vietnam.
       • Deputy team leader of evaluation of Danish aid to Mozambique 1992-2005.
       • Country case study of the potential for harmonisation of donor aid practices in
          Vietnam as part of a wider OECD-DAC study.
       • Review of the PRSC 1-5 process in Vietnam and recommendations for the design of
          the next PRSC 6-10 phase.
       • Developed and delivered a training course in Vietnam on Sector Wide Approaches for
          the Forestry sector.
       International Trade and Regional Integration
       • Analytical studies of trade integration in Mercosur, focusing on trade, industrial and
           investment impacts.
       • Assessment of the revenue effects of regional integration under the EAC in Uganda
           and advice on the EAC revenue sharing formula. In Tanzania advised on tariff policy
           for EAC and WTO negotiations and fiscal implications of the proposed SACU-US free
           trade area in Swaziland
       • Study of the nominal and effective rates of protection and industrial competitiveness in
           key sectors in Bangladesh.
       • Carried out an institutional review of the trade sector for the Kenyan Ministry of Trade
       • Assessment of the impact of a European Union Partnership Agreement (EPA) on

       Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo,
       Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Moldova, Mozambique, Namibia, Solomon Islands, South Africa,
       Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, Vietnam.

                                        Mokoro Ltd.
                         87 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AA, UK.
                 Tel: +44 1865 741241, Fax: +44 1865 764223
                                     Ann Bartholomew, Mokoro Ltd.

           PhD Economics, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London, 2000
           MSc. Agricultural Economics, University of East Anglia, 1989
           BA (Hons.) Economics, Leicester University, 1987.

           English    Mother tongue
           Spanish    Intermediate (speaking), Intermediate (reading), Intermediate (writing)
           Portuguese Basic (speaking), Basic (reading), Basic (writing)

2009       Vietnam, Evaluation of the EC’s Country Strategy
           Member of an evaluation team undertaking an evaluation of the EC country strategy from
           1996-2008 to identify key lessons learned for future strategies and cooperation with
2008/9     Sector Budget Support in Practice Study – Phase 2 for SPA (DFID-ongoing)
           Team member involved in the development of a case study of lessons learned from sector
           budget support in the health sector the Zambia.
2008       Review of Effectiveness of PBAs
           Review of the effectiveness of programs delivered through government systems using the
           program based approach and the appropriateness of risk management strategies under the
           Ausaid bilateral program in Vietnam.
2008       European Parliament Study of ‘The Use and Monitoring of Budget Support’ (EU
           Comparative analysis of the use and monitoring of budget support by five selected
           donors/agencies and their corresponding Parliaments, covering decision-making
           procedures, risk assessment and monitoring and evaluation. Development of guidelines and
           recommendations to improve effective parliamentary oversight of budget support.
2008       Sierra Leone, Consultant, Support to the PRSP II Process (DFID)
           Support to the government in drafting and costing the PRSP II. Improving governance and
           reducing corruption was a major theme of the PRSP.
2008       Vietnam, Consultant, Design of Impact Evaluation for Targeted Budget Support
           Finalising a framework for targeted/sector budget support.
2007/08    Mozambique, Deputy team leader, Evaluation of Danish Aid 1992-2006 (Danida)
           Specific responsibility for Perception Study, data management and overview of total donor
           contribution, and support on private sector development, public finance management and
           reform, donor strategies and gender issues.
2007       Lesotho, Team member, Aid Effectiveness Study (Irish Aid)
           Report examining how development partners can improve the effectiveness of their aid to
           Lesotho, with particular reference to Irish Aid and DFID.
2007       Maldives, Consultant, Development of an MTEF for the Health Sector (Government
           of the Maldives)
           Assistance to the Ministry of Health to develop a Medium Term Expenditure Strategy for
           the Health Sector.
2007       Vietnam, Consultant, Scoping Study to Design an Evaluation Framework for
           Targeted Budget Support (DFID)
           Design of an evaluation framework to assess targeted budget support to National Targeted
           Poverty programs for education and program 135-2.

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                                     Ann Bartholomew, Mokoro Ltd.

2007       Georgia, Consultant, Civil Society Policy Reform (DFID)
           Support to civil society organizations to better understand and engage in the budget
2007       Jordan, Consultant, Medium Term Expenditure Framework (World Bank)
           Support to the General Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance to develop an
2006       Vietnam, Review of the PRSC Process (World Bank)
           Team Leader of study to provide a review of the PRSC 1–5, to inform the design and
           operation of the PRSC 6–10 cycle.
2006       South Africa, Team Member, Evaluation of Irish Aid South Africa Programme 2004-
           2006 (Irish Aid)
           Evaluation of the Irish Aid country programme focusing on the education, and health
           sectors and cross-cutting issues.
2006       Namibia, Consultant, Mid-term Review of SIDA/EC Support to the Education Sector
           Review of budget support operations to the education sector and assessment of financing
           modalities to determine if funding was supporting sector objectives and priorities.
2006       Kosovo, Consultant, Development Strategy and Plan (DFID)
           Preparation of a macroeconomic framework for the strategic planning process through
           supporting a local economist network.
2006       Cambodia, External Reviewer, External           Advisory    Panel,   Public    Financial
           Management Reform (World Bank)
           Member of the External Advisory Panel undertaking a review of the performance of the
           Public Financial Management Reform Programme.
2006       Afghanistan, Consultant, Support to the Counter Narcotics Trust Fund, Ministry of
           Counter Narcotics (DFID)
           Assistance with capacity development within the Ministry of Counter Narcotics to manage
           the Counter Narcotics Trust Fund, to design projects and programmes and undertake
           monitoring and evaluation.
2005       Mozambique, Speaker, Presentation on General Budget Support (CABRI)
           Presentation to the CABRI seminar on the Evaluation of Joint Budget Support Study
2005       Vietnam, Speaker, PRSC Stocktaking Exercise (World Bank)
           Presentation on General Budget Support and key findings from the Joint Evaluation of
           Budget Support Study to feed into the PRSC Stocktaking exercise
2005       Albania, Team Member, Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (World Bank,
           funded by DFID)
           Member of a team carrying out the PEIR, with specific responsibility for reviewing the
           medium-term macro and expenditure frameworks
2005       Suriname, Consultant, Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) (EC)
           Undertook a study of the trade policy of Suriname and the likely impacts on the economy,
           both sectoral and fiscal, of reciprocal tariff reductions through an EPA with the EU.
2005       Kosovo, Team Member, Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (DFID)
           Member of a team carrying out the PEIR, with specific responsibility for reviewing the
           medium-term macro and expenditure frameworks.
2004       Cambodia, Consultant, Deconcentration of Provincial Budgets (World Bank)
           Review of provincial budget operations including revenues and expenditures, budget
           programming, implementation and formal and informal practices. Identification of
           strengths and weaknesses of financial management practices and recommendations for
           system reforms.

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2004/05    Vietnam, Team Leader, Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support (DFID)
           Team Leader of evaluation assessing the effectiveness of general budget support on
           poverty reduction in Vietnam, as part of a large (seven-country) study. Undertook the
           partnership analysis focusing on issues of donor harmonisation and alignment.
2004/05    Vietnam, Consultant, Social Obligations Specialist (Government of Vietnam)
           Assisting State Owned Enterprises to transfer social obligations as part of a restructuring
2004       Cambodia, Consultant, Education Sector Development Program (ADB)
           Support to policy reform and planning in the education sector. Review of macro-financing
           and sector fiscal framework, analysis of the broader macroeconomic context and
           development of policy and financing options.
2004       Swaziland, Consultant, Fiscal Restructuring Project (EC)
           Assessment of the revenue implications of the proposed SACU-US free trade area and the
           corresponding fiscal and macroeconomic implications and sectoral impacts. Particularly
           the impacts on the labour market and the industrial sector. Preparation of negotiating briefs
           and offensive and defensive lists of products.
2003       Bangladesh, Consultant, Assistance to the MTEF/PIP Process in Health (DFID)
           Assistance to the Ministry of Health Family and Welfare to strengthen the financial and
           economic aspects of the PIP and MTEF process. Development of the resource framework
           and evaluation of policy and strategy in the health sector.
2002-04    Moldova, Consultant, Support to Medium Term Budget Planning (DFID)
           Long-term assistance through repeat visits to the Ministry of Finance to implement the
           MTEF process in key ministries. Strengthening capacity for fiscal and revenue analysis and
           macro-fiscal forecasting. Development of strategy in pilot ministries (education and health)
           and linkage of the MTEF process to the PRSP.
2003       Tanzania, Training Leader, Training on Tax Modelling and Revenue Forecasting
           (World Bank)
           Preparation and delivery of a training course for the Tanzanian Revenue Authority on
           methods of tax modelling and tax revenue forecasting.
2003       Tanzania, Consultant, Revenue Modelling and Forecasting (World Bank)
           Development of tax revenue models for the Tanzanian Revenue Authority to strengthen
           forecasting of VAT, income tax, trade revenues and to provide a macro-fiscal framework.
2003       Uganda, Consultant, Study of the EAC Common External Tariff and Revenue Sharing
           Mechanism (Norad)
           Evaluation of the revenue impacts of the introduction of the EAC common external tariff
           and implementation of free trade between EAC member countries. Advised on an
           appropriate tariff revenue sharing mechanism for the EAC.
2003       Tanzania, Consultant, Tariff Policy Study for EAC and WTO Negotiations (DFID)
           Analysis of the tariff structure of Tanzania comparing nominal and effective rates of
           protection. Assessment of international competitiveness of key industrial sectors and
           simulations of the impact of the EAC common external tariff on effective rates of
2003       Bangladesh, Consultant, Study of Trade Protection and Industrial Competitiveness
           An assessment of the trends in competitiveness for the industrial, services and processing
           sectors in Bangladesh to identify actual and potential competitive sectors and sub-sectors
           within the Bangladesh economy and determine levels of trade protection and trade bias
           across sectors.

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2003       Kenya, Consultant, Institutional Review of the Trade Sector and Pro-Poor Trade
           Policy (DFID)
           A review of Kenya’s capacity to formulate, negotiate and implement pro-poor trade policy.
           This included an audit of trade policy capacity within government, the private sector and
           civil society and recommendations to strengthen the capacity of relevant organisations to
           formulate, implement and monitor pro-poor trade policy measures.
2002       Vietnam, Consultant, Ho Chi Minh City Block Grant Pilot Study (World Bank)
           Evaluation of public expenditure management reforms and associated administrative
           reforms being piloted by the Government of Vietnam. This comprised the decentralisation
           of budgets to HCMC districts and and assessment of budget reallocations changes in
           expenditure and the impact on employment and service delivery.
2002       Kyrgyzstan, Consultant, Medium Term Budget Framework (DFID)
           Assistance to the Macro Department of the Ministry of Finance in implementing an MTEF
           in key ministries, macroeconomic forecasting and the development of the resource
           framework and macroeconomic indicators for the Medium Term Budget Framework 2003-
2002       Vietnam, Team Member, OECD Best Practice Study (IDD)
           Member of a team undertaking a country case study of donor practices and donor
           harmonization as part of a wider OECD study.
2002       Vietnam, Training Leader, Sector Wide Approaches Training (Finnish Ministry of
           Foreign Affairs)
           Preparation and delivery of a training course on SWAps in the foresty sector for the
           Ministry of Agriculture in Hanoi. This included course design, preparation of materials and
           course organisation.
2001-02    UK, Research Fellow in Economics, Centre for Brazilian Studies (University of
           Research project examining the impact of macroeconomic reform, stabilisation and trade
           liberalisation on the Brazilian economy. Assessment of the employment impacts and
           effects on the industrial sector.
2001       Kosovo, Consultant, Training Needs Assessment (DFID)
           Scoping study of in-service support needed for staff in the Department of Reconstruction
           and Central Fiscal Authority involved in core planning and budgeting functions.
2001       Vietnam, Training Leader, Sector Wide Approaches Training (Finnish Ministry of
           Foreign Affairs)
           Delivery of a training course on SWAps in the forestry sector for the Five million Hectare
           Reforestation Partnership for middle and top management in the ministry of Agriculture
           and Ministry of Finance and Investment in Hanoi.
2001       Vietnam, Development Advisor, Technical Working Group on Gender, Ministry of
           Agriculture, Hanoi (SNV)
           Technical advice on gender mainstreaming to the Technical Working Group on Gender.
           Assisted in the development of proposals for research, policy advice, capacity building and
           training with respect to mainstreaming gender in MARD programmes and departments.
2000       Kosovo: Comprehensive Development Framework
           Public expenditure management training and assistance in compilation of comprehensive
           development frameworks to support the preparation of annual budget and investment
           programming. Assistance in the policy formulation process for the departments of trade
           and industry, education and labour.
2000       Vietnam: Visiting Lecturer and Research Fellow, Dutch-Vietnamese project at the
           National Economics University of Vietnam
           Undertook research on poverty, gender and trade liberalisation and carried out a variety of
           academic duties.

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1999       Vietnam: Dutch-Vietnamese project at the National Economics University of Vietnam
           Responsible for the establishment of a postgraduate course on International Trade and
           Development involving course and materials design, delivery, assessment and training of
           counterpart staff.
1999       UK: Study of Regional Integration in Latin America
           Member of a team undertaking a study of the economic impacts of regionalism in Latin
           America and the Caribbean. Carried out a case study of Mercosur and its external macro-
           economic relations assessing levels of trade creation and trade diversion, intra-industry
           trade and foreign investment flows.
1998       UK/Latin America: EU-Latin America Trade and Investment Relations
           Study of trade and investment relations between the European Union and Latin America.
           Case study of Mercosur-EU trade and investment relations.
1995-00    UK: Senior Lecturer, Economics Division, Business School, South Bank University
           Teaching and research in International Trade Policy, Regional integration and
           Development Economics. Course management and administration experience.
1993-95    Senior Evaluation Officer,         Evaluation    Department,      Overseas     Development
           Administration, London
           Review and evaluation of projects funded by the British aid programme in Asia, Africa and
           Eastern Europe.
1990-92    Solomon Islands: Manager, Research Department, Development Bank
           Analysis of bank lending policies, evaluation of overall bank strategy, including
           compilation of bank policy reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors.
           Financial, economic and social appraisal of projects, including industrial, infrastructure and
           small-scale rural development projects.
1989-90    Loans Officer, Gibraltar and Iberian Bank, Gibraltar
1987-88    Marketing Officer, International Banking Division, National Westminster Bank

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                                     Ann Bartholomew, Mokoro Ltd.

Bartholomew, A. ‘Copying Brussels in Buenos Aires', European Brief, Oct 1995.

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