PARKER GAS PIPING
                                                                      STAINLESS STEEL TUBING)
                                                  Straight Adapter -
                                                  Tube to Male Brass Connector
                                                   Part Number           Description
  Flexible Gas Piping System                       SFM-8-6B          3/8" straight fitting
  The innovative Parflex (CSST) System is          SFM-8-8B          1/2" straight fitting
  simple, reliable and fast...                     SFM-12-12B        3/4" straight fitting
  Simple - Just push in the tubing and             SFM-16-16B        1" straight fitting
  tighten the nut, no clumsy disassembly and
  reassembly required.
                                                  Straight Coupling
                                                  Tube to Tube Brass
  Reliable - Seals the first time, so you don’t
                                                  Part Number          Description
  waste time chasing leaks and retesting.         UFM-6B         3/8" straight coupling
  Fast - Installs 40% faster than old             UFM-8B         1/2" straight coupling
  fashioned split-ring and split ferrule          UFM-12B        3/4" straight coupling
  designs and up to 70% faster than black         UFM-16B        1" straight coupling
  iron pipe.
                                                  Straight Transition Coupling                                       UFM-8B
  CSST fittings are NOT interchangeable           Tube to Tube
  between brands of tubing. The Parflex           Part Number          Description
  fittings should only be used on Parflex         UFM-8-12B 1/2" X 3/4" transition coupling
  brand corrugated stainless steel tubing.        UFM-8 -16B 1/2" x 1" transition coupling
                                                  UFM-12-16B 3/4" x 1" transition coupling

                                                  Tee Adapter
                                                  Tube to Tube Brass Connection
                                                   Part Number          Description
                                                   TFM-6B           3/8" tee fitting
                                                   TFM-8B           1/2" tee fitting
                                                   TFM-12B          3/4" tee fitting
                                                   TFM-16B          1" tee fitting
                                                  Transition Tee Adapter
                                                  Tube to Tube Brass Tee
                                                    Part Number                Description
Parflex CSST...Corrugated                          TFM-16-16-8B         1" x 1" x 1/2" tee
Stainless Steel Tubing                             TFM-16-12-8B         1" x 3/4" x 1/2" tee
 Part Number              Description              TFM-16-8-8B          1" x 1/2" x 1/2" tee
 PGP-6           250' coil, 3/8" I.D., CSST        TFM-12-8-8B          3/4" x 1/2" x 1/2" tee
 PGP-8           250' coil, 1/2" I.D., CSST        TFM-12-12-8B         3/4" x 3/4" x 1/2" tee               TFM-12-8-8B
 PGP-8-100       100' coil, 1/2" I.D., CSST        TFM-16-12-12B        1' x 3/4" x 3/4" tee
 PGP-8-50        50' coil, 1/2" I.D., CSST
 PGP-12          250' coil, 3/4" I.D., CSST
 PGP-12-100      100' coil, 3/4" I.D., CSST
 PGP-12-50       50' coil, 3/4" I.D., CSST                                                                     NFSFM-8B
 PGP-16          150' coil, 1" I.D., CSST
                                                  Flange Adapters
                                                  Tube to Flange Connector
                                                  without Flange
                                                   Tube to Flange
                                                   Connector            Description
                                                                                                             Part Number
                                                   Part Number
                                                   NFSFM-6B             3/8” Tubing Fitting without Flange   6-CFL
                                                   NFSFM-8B             1/2” Tubing Fitting without Flange   8-CFL
                                                   NFSFN-12B            3/4” Tubing Fitting without Flange   12-16-CFL
                                                   NFSFM-16B            1” Tubing Fitting without Flange     12-16-CFL

                                                                (Flange adaptor with
                                                                flange, order seperately).

             Flange Mount Bracket
             with Fasteners
              Part Number            Description
              FMB-1       Bracket with screws, fits all sizes

             Step Down Brass Tee
             Tube to Female Pipe
               Part Number             Description
              TFM-8T-8FB       step tee, 1/2" x 1/2" FNPT
              TFM-12T-8FB      step tee, 3/4" x 1/2" FNPT
              TFM-16T-8FB      step tee, 1" x 1/2" FNPT
              TFM-16T-12FB     step tee, 1" x 3/4" FNPT

             Cutting Tools
               Part Number       Description
               PGPCT-LG          Large Cutter Complete for 3/4” & 1” CSST
               PGPCT-SM          Small Cutter Complete for 3/8” & 1/2” CSST
               PGPSCR            Replacement Small Rollers with Blade & Spacer for 3/8 & 1/2
               PGPLCR            Replacement Large Rollers with Blade & Spacer for 3/4 & 1”

             Distribution Manifolds
              Part Number         Description
              BM4P-8      Malleable 4-port
              4PM-8       Iron manifold 4-port coated
              WMB-1       Manifold wall mount bracket

                                                                       PARKER GAS PIPING
                                                                FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES

According to the National Fuel Gas Code NFPA
54/ANSI Z223, “each above ground portion of a gas
piping system which is likely to become energized              Stubouts and Stubout
shall be electrically continuous and bonded to a               Mounting Brackets
designed, permanent, low-impedance effective ground             Part Number                    Description
fault current path.” Parker requires that every                 STB             Stubout mounting bracket
above ground portion of the Parflex CSST System is              SSO3/4X6        Straight stubout 3/4"
electrically bonded and grounded in accordance with             SO1X10          Elbow meter stubout, 1" CSST
NFPA 70 (NEC®                                                   ASO1/2          Elbow appliance stubout, 1/2" CSST
Section 250).                                                   ASO1/2X8        Straight appliance stubout, 1/2" CSST
A permanent electrical connection to the earth must
be made by bonding the CSST to the grounding
system through the use of a bonding clamp and
wire in accordance with the National Electric Code,
Section 250 (NFPA 70). This bonding point must                                                                                 HSP
be in as close proximity to the electrical panel as
possible; close proximity of the bonding point to the
gas meter is also desirable if possible. The wire gauge
for bonding must be sized, at a minimum, for the full
                                                               Tubing Protection Components
                                                                Part Number                    Description
amperage available through the electrical service
                                                                FSP             Full striker plate, 11 3/8" x 3 7/16"
(per NEC®) and no smaller than a 6 AWG copper
                                                                HSP             Half striker plate, 6 7/16" x 3 7/16"
wire. Bonding clamps used on the the Parflex System             PSP             Panel striker plate, 17" x 7"
must be attached to a Parflex brass fitting, a steel            QSP             Quarter striker plate, 1 1/2" x 3 7/16"
manifold or to a rigid pipe component connected to              PGPSC-6         Metallic conduit, 50' x 3/4"
a Parflex fitting. The CSST portion of the gas piping           PGPSC-8         Metallic conduit, 50' x 1"
system must not be used for the bonding attachment.             PGPSC-12        Metallic conduit, 25' x 1 1/4"
CSST also must not be used as a grounding electrode             PGPSC-16        Metallic conduit, 25' x 1 1/2"
or as the grounding path for appliance or electrical
systems. The latest edition of the National Electric           Warning Tags
Code (NEC®) should be consulted for additional                    Part Number             Description
requirements and specific techniques for equipotential            PGPWARNINGTAG           Warning tag
bonding and grounding.                                            PROPANETAG              Roll of ‘Propane Gas’ tag (75 per roll)
                                                                  NATGASTAG               Roll of ‘Natural Gas’ tag (75 per roll)
                                                                  METWARNTAG              Metal warning tag
                                                                  2 PSITAG                Roll of ‘2 psi Natural Gas’ (75 per roll)

                  Bonding Clamps
                    Part No                  Description
                    PGP-SBCLAMP              Small bonding clamp, size 3/8, 1/2 or 3/4 Parflex CSST
                    PGP-LBCLAMP              Large bonding clamp, sizes 3/4, 1, 1 1/4 Parflex CSST
                    PGP-BW6                  6 AWG solid bonding wire for Parflex CSST

                                                                                                        PGPSB CLAMP

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