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									                                                                 Mr. Leon H. Langhauser has over 40 years of experience in Operations and Project
                                                                 Management starting with the Miles Laboratories Inc. (Miles Labs) branch of Union
                                                                 Starch Refining Co., and progressing on to join the team of Archer Daniels Midland
                                                                 Company (ADM), from where he retired. At the start of his career, Mr. Langhauser
                                                                 graduated with a B.S. degree in Dairy Processing from the University of Illinois,
                                                                 Urbana, working his way through college as a part-time dairy farmer gaining first-hand
                                                                 experience in farming and the farmer mind-set. Following his degree program, Mr.
                                                                 Langhauser joined the Miles Labs branch of Union Starch Refining Co. as a Chemical
                                                                 Lab Technician. Mr. Langhauser worked his way up through Refinery Foreman,
                                                                 Process Engineer, and Superintendent while simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army
                                                                 Reserves; achieving the rank of E-5 before accepting an honorable discharge.
                                                                 Eventually, Mr. Langhauser was promoted to Superintendent for a Carmel Refinery,
                                                                 followed by a position as an Area Superintendent. During his time at Miles Labs, Mr.
                                                                 Langhauser was involved with numerous novel processes & products including
                                                                 Continuous Caramel Coloring Production, Caramel Coloring Liquid Catalyst,
                                                                 Continuous Corn Syrup Saccharification, Centrifuge Muds Separation, Acid Enzyme
                                                                 Corn Syrup, Granular Carbon Pulse Bed Systems, and Granular Carbon Regeneration.

                                                                 Following his work at Miles Labs, Mr. Langhauser joined the ADM team and began
                                                                 quickly climbing the ranks through Area Superintendent to become a Construction and
                                                                 Maintenance Engineer for a Corn Oil Refinery in Decatur, IL. Soon after, Mr. Langhauser
         LEON H. LANGHAUSER                                      joined the staff of the largest ADM Corn Processing facility, located in Cedar Rapids, IA,
      Engineering / Operations / Project Management              and worked his way up from Project Engineer to Plant Manager. Throughout his time in
                                                                 Cedar Rapids, Mr. Langhauser was involved with a portfolio of novel products and
EDUCATION                                                        processes requiring a variety of technical innovations focused on 42 Fructose
                                                                 Corn Syrup, Continuous Corn Starch Modification, and 90/55 Fructose Corn Syrup.
B.S. Dairy Processing
   Dept. Food Technology, College of Agriculture                 Mr. Langhauser left Cedar Rapids to become a Plant Manager at ADM Headquarters in
   University of Illinois, Urbana                                Decatur, IL. During this time, he was involved with a the ‘Grass-Roots’ Start-up of a
                                                                 Vital Wheat Gluten Plant and managing the operations of several facilities including an
PATENTS                                                          Industrial, Beverage & Fuel Ethanol Plant, a CO2 Plant, a Gas/Fuel Oil Steam
US PATENT 7,452,425 “Corn Refining Process” (Issued 11/18/08)    Generation Plant and a 280,000 bushel Corn Wet Milling and Fructose Plant. These
US PATENT 7,488,390 “Corn & Fibre Refining”                      projects gained Mr. Langhauser experience in specialized production processes
                                                                 including Aerobic WWTP, 42/55/90 Fructose, Continuous I/X, Fixed Bed
EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE                                             Saccharification, and Waste Heat Greenhouse. His accomplishments led to
                                                                 developments of novel products and processes in Continuous Corn Steeping, and
Chairman, President, Senior Consultant (2001-Present)            Continuous Fuel Alcohol Production.
  Langhauser Associates, Inc.
   A Processing Consultant Company (Incorporated in 2001)        Mr. Langhauser eventually achieved the position of General Manager, ADM, Technical,
       ~Entire process or system; Start-to-Finish                where he gained valuable experience in production upgrades. During this time, he
                                                                 managed the expansion of the grind capacity of a Corn Plant from 110,000 to 350,000
       ~Value-Added products from Corn & Other Grains
                                                                 bushels, raising the finishing capacity to 500,000 bushels. He also managed the
OPERATIONS & ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE                              upgrade process of a facility changing ownership from Nabisco™ to ADM; increasing
Vice President, Technical, Food & Processing Division            the enzyme capacity 800 percent and adding fuel & industrial ethanol processing
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   capabilities. While holding this position, Mr. Langhauser managed projects focused on
                                                                 Unmixed and Common Dry Starch, Wet Corn Gluten, Mechanical Recompression
General Manager, Technical, Food & Processing Division           Evaporation, Drop-Add Alpha-Amalase Enzymes, Gluco-Amalase Enzymes and Single
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   Cell Anaerobic Waste Water Treatment. Novel projects and processes included Fuel
General Manager, Technical, Corn Division                        Alcohol Dewatering, Corn Dry Mill Wet Germ Separation, and a Grass Roots
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   Construction project.
General Manager, Technical                                       Mr. Langhauser worked his way up the ranks to become the Vice President of the ADM
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   Food and Processing Division and then retired from the company. Along the way he
Plant Manager, Decatur, IL                                       managed novel projects focused on Corn Starch Degradable Plastics, Soluble Fibre
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   from Corn Starch, Continuous Drop-Add Yeast Propagation, Continuous Crystalline
Plant Manager, Cedar Rapids, IA                                  Fructose Crystallation, Ultra & Nano Filtration, Fluid Bed Dryers, Custom Carbon
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   Regeneration, Environmental Air Control Scrubbers, Continuous Citric Acid
                                                                 Production, Agglomerated Dextrose, and many others. He also managed operations for
Project Engineer, Cedar Rapids, IA                               a Southport, N.C. Citric Acid/MSG Plant, a Ringaskiddy, Ireland Citric/GDL Plant, an
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   ADM Construction in Clinton, IA, and a Montezuma, NY Corn Plant. On the
Maint/Const Engineer, Oil Refinery, Decatur, IL                  operations side he also worked with Used Equipment Purchasing, Capital Project
   Archer Daniels Midland, Co.                                   Reviews and Operator & Foreman Training. Since retiring from ADM, Mr. Langhauser
                                                                 has formed & led Langhauser Associates, Inc. as the Chairman, and Senior Consultant.
Foreman / Superintendent / Technician / Engineer
                                                                 He is known to be an innovator with a drive to accomplish measurable results.
   Union Starch & Refining / Miles Laboratories
                                                                CONFIDENTIAL                                                        December 2008

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