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									the volcano!

  Developed by Yayasan IDEP with funds provided by USAID
     for The Community Based Crisis Response Kit (CBCR)
        This comic book is part of a series of booklets about
                      Community Based Crisis Response :
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               Also available from Yayasan IDEP :
         The Community Based Crisis Response Manual

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        what you and your community can do to :
                     Avoid disasters
             Reduce the impacts of disasters
         Help yourself & others during disasters
                 Recover from disasters

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This is a fictional story about a farmer named Pak Dani, and what he and his community did when
a volcano erupted. This story was developed to help us understand some of the challenges that
can be faced by communities who find themselves in similar circumstances.

In our story we learn about how Pak Dani & other members of his community worked hand in hand with
their local government officials, the media and NGOs to solve problems & increase understanding,
communication and support in this community’s greatest time of need.
Disasters like these can happen very quickly, with very little, if any, prior notice. The more informed
and prepared communities can be beforehand, the more able they will be to reduce the negative
impacts of a crisis, such as loss of lives, loss of property and the grief that is experienced by those
that have been wounded or lost loved ones.

Please read this story, and consider some of the issues that are raised within it. What do you think
your community would do if it found itself in similar circumstances?

The following lists institutions related with disaster preparedness and management:
SATLAK PBP (Satuan Pelaksanaan Penanggulangan Becana) is an institution working with disaster
management and IDP’s (Internal Displaced Peoples) on the district level. SATLAK PBP conducts
activities concerning mitigation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in district level areas. How to
contact SATLAK PBP: contact the local government office in your district area/city.

SATKORLAK PBP (Satuan Koordinasi Pelaksanaan Penanggulangan Becana dan Pengungsi) is
an institution working in specific with disaster management and IDP’s on the provincial level.
SATKORLAK PBP conducts many activities concerning mitigation, rehabilitation and reconstruction
in provincial areas. How to contact SATKORLAK PBP: contact the local government office for every
provincial area.

SAR (Search And Rescue) is a special institution working with search, assisting in aid, and rescuing
of victims and/or material, which are alleged missing. SAR can assist with natural
disasters as well as other types of disaster or crisis. How to contact SAR:
call 115
PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia/Indonesian Red Cross) is an institution that
can assist in collecting donations or resources to distribute to victims
of crisis. PMI also offers medical aid and can help with evacuating
victims and setting up temporary facilities. How to contact PMI:
through the SATLAK PBP or PMI office on the district level.

Badan Metereologi dan Geofisika (BMG) is the Indonesian
bureau of meteorology and geophysical activities. BMG provides
information about indications of tropical storms, EL NINO, LA
NINA and also monitoring earthquake activities. How to contact
located in your area.

Role of the media (printed or electronic) is to distribute
information regarding disaster issues, and can also assist in
collecting resources and aid for victims of crisis. How to contact
the media: call the local media stations in your area or SATLAK/

Role of the Village Head is to organize the community in areas concerning
mitigation, management and recovery from crisis or natural disasters.
       One day Pak Dani, a farmer, was working in his fields
              which were not far from a volcano...


The volcano started to smoke,
 rumble and become active...

       Pak Dani ran back to his village to warn everyone
 Pak Dani ran straight to
   the Meeting Place...                                 and he rang the alarm ! ! !


                                                                       I think
                                                                   the volcano is
                              Bapak Kades arrived     happening?      erupting!
                               & asked Pak Dani...

                                ?!?                                     I know a safe
                                                       you              place uphill...
                                                  help organs to
                                                 the familie
                         what’s                               !
                                                   move now
                        going on?

                                                                                    we a
                                                                                    on ou e
                            while Pak Dani explained the plan,                      way r
    we need                    Pak Kades called SATLAK...
to get everyone
to this safe area
 higher uphill ...

                                                                     come quickly, our
                                                                    village needs help !
SATLAK arrived with trucks & start-                                      we must get
  ed explaining the procedures...                                        everyone out

                                                                           the village !


      SATLAK explained...                                            The villagers all left
                                                that                 for the safe place...
    we are                               leave g things    lets go
going to move                          only b eally need     now!
  all of you up     gather your         you  r
 the hillside... families & valuable

                                                                             my brother
Uphill they made a camp...               they set up a community            is still in the
                                         kitchen & start to check               village!
                                          that everyone is safe...
     make sure
   that everyone                                        anyone
   gathers here                                        want some
        ok?                                             water?

                                                                      NO ! come back Budi !
As the volcano is erupting, Budi is searching for his brother...

                                                               Where   u
                                                               are yo?
                                                                A li ?

 the SAR            Search and
 is here !          Rescue team
                                  don’t let anyone else      They wait anxiously for the
                                  go back down there !       SAR rescue party to return
                                  - we are going to try
                                     and find them ...

                                                                                 are they
what can                                                                          okay?
SAR do?
             Budi & Ali
             are still in
              village !!!
                                                                                 they are

                                      oh dear, he has                               SAR
                                  inhaled volcanic ash, we       do you know
   your brother will               will try to help him...                         does a
                                                                anyone who is
  be ok but he needs                                            still missing?     count
  to sees the doctor
Kades                    .....there has been                   Look....a
called                   an eruption in our              neighboring village is
 the                      village please tell              coming to help us
media                    people to help us !

          we will come right
           away, how many
           people are hurt
            and missing...?

                                                                it’s ok Susi,
                                                         don’t be sad your father
                                                           is with the doctor -
                                                             she will help him
          Finally the volcano
            calmed down...

                                                The TV interview Pak Dani...
      it’s that
  guy we
 TV - wil see on
  on TV e be

                                                    ...please help us,
                                                  we need donations of
                                                    building supplies
                                                        as well as...
   ...please help us...                                            Mmm...
                                                       Back at that soup smells
                                                      the safe     good!
         ...send donations                             camp...
              to SATLAK...                                              a nice lady
                                                                       donated it !

                                 how can
                                 we help
                                 Mama ?

                               Let’s contact
                                SATLAK &
                                ask them...

                        how is
                       my son?
                                                                everyone stayed at
                                                                the camp until the
                                                                village was rebuilt

                    he is much better,
                    he is resting in the
                       medical tent

                                                 Local Government & volunteers helped
   Over the next few months the community         the community rebuild their village.
used public announcement boards to keep track
  of all the donations recieved via SATLAK...          thank you so
                                                    muchfor helping us
                                                        to rebuild...
     ... looks like
those TV interviews          it’s so wonderful
really helped create         that people are
  a lot of support!             helping us!
    Later...    I have some          anyone have ideas?           how will we know
 The Kades       thoughts...                                       if it’s going to
   called a                                                        happen again ?
  to discuss
  ways they
   could be
if a natural
again, many
 ideas were

                   ent              Let’s make                         I heard we can
   ...the governm                                                      get training for
  gave us this   special        a special disaster                          that...
                   t the        management team
  radio to contac
   volcanolog  y office,
       that’s great !

                                                                            I would
                                                                       like to get some
                                                                       medical training...
                                                                          that’s really

     i made this map to
       show the safest
    evacuation routes out                               ... I want
      of our new village                             search & rescue

The community decided that if they worked together, there were many ways that
they could avoid, prepare themselves for & recover from, all kinds of disasters...
  Some Important Facts About Volcanos...
A volcano is a vent (channel point) from the Earth’s belly to the surface. Volcanoes are
made of material (dust, mud and lava flows) stacked from previous eruptions, when high
pressure from gas followed by pressure from lava resulted in a volcanic explosion. During an
eruption, ash, debris and small rocks quickly spurt out, bringing about damage up to 18 km or
even further. Lava flow can flood valleys more than 90 km along river basins.

Lava flows are one type of disaster from volcanic eruptions that are extremely dangerous.
Cold lava is built by volcanic material from craters. These lava flows, built from mud, rock
and water can flow down hills and river courses with speeds of 45 to 70 km/hour and can
reach as far as an area 100 kilometres away.

Hazards Resulting From Volcanic Eruptions:
Toxic gas, Lava and pyroclastic flows, Landslides, Earthquakes, Explosive eruption, Volcanic ash

Volcanic ash is not particularly dangerous, but broken rock and ash can have an effect
hundreds of kilometres away from the site of the eruption.
Hot Volcanic Ash Can Result In: Difficulty in breathing, Diminished visibility, Contaminated
water supplies, Electrical storms, Disruption of machines / vehicles, Collapsing or damaged roofs.

Things You Can Do to Be Prepared For a Volcanic Eruption:
• Understand whether your area is an area at risk for volcanic eruptions.
• Creating and preparing a disaster handling plan.
• Designating and making sure of a safe area to which you can evacuate.
• Preparing an evacuation plan in the event of danger.
• Preparing tools to help you to face disaster, such as protective goggles and other things.

What You Should Do in the Event of a Volcanic Eruption :
• Follow and carry out directions and input from the parties handling the volcanic eruption
disaster. It is better to not leave while waiting for instructions from the authorities.
• Avoid areas that are vulnerable to danger such as mountain bases, valleys and lava flow areas.
• If you are in an open area, protect yourself from exploding ash. Exploding ash can result
  in difficulty breathing, eye irritation and damage to open wounds.
• Prepare yourself for the possibility of repeated disasters.

What You Should do After a Volcanic Eruption :
• Stay far from areas that have experienced ash fall, as this can result in health difficulties
  for you, especially children who can possibly experience an increase in being bothered by
  breathing diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and difficulty breathing.
• Clean roofs of volcanic ash piles, as volcanic ash is a type of heavy substance and can
  damage or collapse the roof of a house.
• Avoid driving a car in areas that are subject to thick ash fall, because volcanic ash can
  damage the motor, brakes, gears, and battery of your car.
• If you suffer from a breathing disease, avoid contact with volcanic ash & stay at home.

In the companion book : Community Based Crisis Response Manual you will find
instructions and forms which can assist you in prevention for volcano eruptions
and other types of disasters.

             Developed by Yayasan IDEP for
    The Community Based Crisis Response Kit (CBCR)

                Illustrations : Rappy & Ade

                   Colorization : Zion Lee

 Concept & Development : Lakota Moira & Petra Schneider

                         Research :
       Putu Widiantara Sri Bangun, Nyoman Iswara,
    Latifa Silver, Graeme Stevens, & the CBCR Team !

Prepared with funds provided by Development Alternatives, Inc.,
with financing from the US Agency for International Development

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