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Men’s Fitness is the Middle East’s leading health and fitness title,
dedicated to providing the reader with the most exciting and innovative
ways of staying in shape. More than just a fitness magazine, it
incorporates lifestyle, celebrity, fashion and grooming, providing a
punchy and authoritative mix that encourages the reader to fulfill his
potential across the board. The magazine reflects the lifestyle of Dubai’s
urban male population in both content and design, carrying detailed
workout plans, vital nutritional information, the latest fashion must-
haves and interviews with top athletes and celebrities. Put simply, Men’s
Fitness is a must-read publication, tailor-made to those in the region
determined to achieve their personal best.

                                                                                               Men’s Fitness isn’t just
                                                                                               about getting in shape, and
                                                                                               whether it’s an interview
                                                                                               with a Hollywood A-lister,
                                                                                               advice on how to make it
                                                                                               down from K2 in one piece,
                                                                                               or a peek at the world’s
                                                                                               hottest female tennis
                                                                                               players, it’s all here.

                                                             FIT FOR LIFE
                                                             Our dedicated gym section offers workout options across the
                                                             board. From full-body plans to bulk up, to 30 minute circuits
                                                             you can do in your living room to stay in shape. Add to this
                                                             advice on fat loss and month-long eating plans and your
                                                             exercise regime is covered.

                                                            PERFECT FIT
                                                            Check out what to wear post-gym in a section that covers
                                                            design classics, the latest must-have clothing, advice on how to
                                                            achieve the look of the moment and the last word on grooming
                                                            options. A round-up of the latest gadgets for men completes the

                     FIT LIST                                                    EXPERT
                     Because lists needn’t always be                             Our experts section trawls the globe in
                     dull, lead a healthier, fitter and                          search of answers and information to
                     more exciting life by numbers in                            the questions men are asking today. Not
                     our bite-sized opening section to                           simply about fitness, our experts tackle
                     the magazine.                                               adventure, office life and a multitude of
                                                                                 other areas head-on.

                For further information please contact our team -
              Telephone: +971 4210 8000 or email:
THE READER                                                          DISTRIBUTION
MF’s readers recognise that health is not just                      Published monthly Men’s Fitness Middle East
about physical & nutritional concerns but                           in the UAE, with a huge subscription drive
lifestyle in its own right. MF’s readers see the                    from launch. The magazine is on sale with a
enormous gains that can be made by making                           cover price of AED 15 at all major purchasing
small adjustments to their everyday life. MF is                     outlets, including book shops, gyms and all
an intelligent magazine for active men of all                       supermarkets across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain
ages and nationalities who believe that you can                     and Qatar.
have a positive influence on your own mental
and physical well being which in turn enhances
your professional life.

CIRCULATION                                                                                   LIST OF
BPA APPliED FOr                                  CirCUlATiON
Frequency                  12 p/a                News-stand sales 63%
Coverprice                 15 AED                Controlled Frees 27%                                 Asics
UAE 84%           Qatar 4.8% Oman 5.6% Bahrain 5.6%
MONTHly PriNTrUN 8,000

THE RATES                                                                                        Land Rover
Outside back cover                                     50,000 AED
Inside back Cover                                      47,000 AED                               Pocari Sweat
Inside front cover DPS                                 55,000 AED
Double page spread                                     42,000 AED                                     Puma
A4 < 21                                                32,000 AED
A4 ROP                                                 27,000 AED
Bookmark                                               On request                              Raymond Weil
FIVE cm STRIP                                          On request
SPECIFICATION                                                                                  Sun and Sand
          Bleed 220mm x 307mm Trim 210mm x 297mm
          Please supply two pages to the full page spec.
                                                           Type 200mm x287mm
FILE REqUIREMENTS: quark Xpress, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS. All files should be packaged
with required elements. Fonts should be supplied or outlined. All images must be CMYK, high
                                                                                                 Valais (H20)
resolution (300dpi) format.
PDF FORMAT: PDF version 1.3 or higher. All files must be high resolution, CMYK with              Volkswagen
embedded fonts. The document must be set at the bleed size with no crop marks.
For information visit

EDITORIAL                         ADVERTISING                       ADVERTISING               PRODUCTION
Editor Andrew Nagy                Sales Manager                     Sales Manager             Production Matthew Grant
Tel +971 4 210 8433               Dustin Robertson                  Erick Maalouli            Tel +971 4 210 8290               Tel +971 4 210 8278               Tel +971 4 210 8616
Deputy Editor Damian Brandy

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