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                ACM/Local Activities
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Fall 2008
2    Invite a Distinguished Speaker to Your University!

3    ACM Student Research Competitions

4    Student Chapter Excellence Awards

11   The 32nd ACM International Collegiate Programming
     Contest World Finals

12   Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) Seeks Scholarship Applicants

12   ACM Crossroads Call For Articles

13   Services Available to Chapters

14   Welcome New Student Chapters

15   Online Books and Courses

16   Student Chapters Needed to Help Teach High School CS Teachers!

17   The International ACM

18   Highlights from the 2008 ACM Membership Satisfaction Survey



The Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) is ACM’s
primary outreach effort for students and profes-
sionals, offering chapters a group of committed
speakers who travel to meetings to talk on a variety
of computing topics. This year was a busy one for
the Program, with forty speaking engagements
taking place, including an unprecedented number
of international tours. In addition to a new website
and automated request process, the program
added 34 new speakers, for a total of 66 quality
speakers who are willing to travel to chapters to
deliver talks and workshops.
   The speaker roster and offerings are reviewed on
a yearly basis to reflect the latest developments in
the computing and Information Technology fields.
We are actively recruiting speakers in these high-
priority topic areas:
  N Bioengineering                                         port the development of quality chapter programs.
  N Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques              If you would like to see additional topics covered
  N Computer Systems                                       by speakers, or if you have names of outstanding
  N Databases & Information                                speakers who have addressed your chapter or who
  N E-Commerce                                             you have seen speak at another venue, please
  N Game Development                                       email us at We appreciate your
  N Information Retrieval                                  feedback and suggestions.
  N Knowledge Discovery in Data

  N Mobile Computing                                       How to Request a Speaker
  N Open Source

  N Social computing/Peer computing                        First, visit to browse the names of
                                                           our speakers, or search by subject area to find a
   The program is offered to all ACM chapters in           matching speaker. Use the online request form
good standing. ACM funds the speakers’ travel to           found at the bottom of each talk abstract. Requests
chapter events; chapters are responsible only for          are reviewed at ACM headquarters, and then for-
local expenses, like hotel and meals. Speakers are         warded to the speaker, who responds directly on
volunteers, so no honoraria are required. ACM              the request form. Once a date has been agreed
hopes that by helping to defray some of the costs          upon by the speaker and the chapter, ACM grants
associated with hosting great speakers, it will sup-       tentative approval, and waits for the anticipated

travel expenses before granting final approval. ACM           ACM STUDENT RESEARCH
reimburses the speaker directly. Chapters will need           COMPETITIONS
to arrange lodging and meals and on-site logistics.           Website:
Because of the cost associated with flying overseas,          Calls for Submissions:
ACM asks that there be an anticipated audience of     
at least 100 for such speaking engagements. Tours,
in which neighboring chapters share local costs, are          This June, the ACM Student Research Competition
highly encouraged.                                            Program (SRCs) finished yet another successful pro-
                                                              gram year. The winners of the SRC Grand Finals trav-
                           Distinguished                      eled to San Francisco for a night of celebration at the
                           Speaker Mateo Valero               ACM Awards Banquet, where they were honored
                           Visits ACM Chapters                along with other luminaries from the computing
                           in India                           community, like this year’s Turing Award winners.
                            In March ACM                         The winners, who hail from universities in the US,
                            Distinguished Speaker             Canada, and India, presented original research on a
                            Mateo Valero, Director of         range of computing topics. Below are their names,
                            the Barcelona                     universities and the ACM conferences where they
                            Supercomputing Center,            made their award-winning presentations. The six
                            visited the ACM Student           winning entries, along with the submissions of all
                            chapters at BITS Pilani and       participants in the Grand Finals, are available at:
the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This was 
one of the first international tours undertaken as
part of ACM's Distinguished Speakers Program. The             UNDERGRADUATE CATEGORY
two Indian ACM Student chapters invited Valero to
speak at APOGEE 2008, the annual technical festival           First Place, Neha Singh
held BITS Pilani, which was attended by students              IIT Bombay
from more than 30 universities throughout India. The          Efficiently Handling Wildcard Queries in XML
actual attendance far exceeded the capacity of the            Grace Hopper 2007
300-seat auditorium. Valero delivered two lectures on
High Performance Computing. He addressed various              Second Place, Jerry Backer
aspects of supercomputing, multi-core architectures,          The City College of the City University of New York
the new super scalar processor, and the research being        Towards A Bandwidth Friendly Memory System
done in this field at the Barcelona Supercomputing            Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
Center (BSC). In particular, he talked about                  2007
Marenostrum, the fastest supercomputing machine
in Europe, which has been developed and hosted                Third Place, Matei Zaharia
at the BSC. Mateo is the director of the Barcelona            University of Waterloo
Supercomputing Center, the National Centre of                 Fast and Optimal Scheduling over Multiple Network
Supercomputing in Spain, and is an ACM Fellow                 Interfaces
and the recipient of ACM's Eckert-Mauchley Award.             STOC 2007

GRADUATE CATEGORY                                         ferences, each focusing on different areas of com-
                                                          puting. Entries are judged on the quality and signif-
First Place, Himabindu Pucha                              icance of the work, as well as the quality and clarity
Purdue University                                         of the oral and visual presentations of results. SRC
Exploiting Similarity for Multi-Source Downloads          winners from each of the SIG competitions are then
Using File Handprints                                     eligible to compete in the Grand Finals, where their
Grace Hopper 2007                                         research is evaluated over the web.
                                                             The top three undergraduate and graduate win-
Second Place, Lakshminarayanan Renganarayana              ners at each SRC receive $500, $300, and $200,
Colorado State University                                 respectively. All receive complimentary ACM mem-
A Unified Framework for Optimal Tile Size Selection       bership and a subscription to the Digital Library.
PLDI 2007                                                 Winners of the Grand Finals receive an additional
                                                          $500, $300, and $200 and Grand Finalist plaques.
Third Place, Junqing Sun                                     During the academic year 2008-2009, the follow-
University of Tennessee at Knoxville                      ing conferences are hosts to SRCs: SIGGRAPH,
Obtaining High Performance via Lower-Precision            OOPSLA, ASSETS, Grace Hopper Celebration of
FPGA Floating Point Units                                 Women in Computing, and SuperComputing, and
Supercomputing 2007                                       CHI. Additional conferences will be announced.
                                                          Continue to check
   Sponsored by Microsoft Research, the ACM               for updated information on deadlines for submissions.
Student Research Competition Program is an inter-
nationally recognized venue for undergraduates            STUDENT CHAPTER
and graduates to prepare and present their work in        EXCELLENCE AWARDS
real-world conference settings, where they can net-       2007-2008
work and exchange ideas with the research com-
munity. Its goal is to encourage students to pursue       Every year, ACM recognizes five outstanding chap-
careers in computer science research.                     ters for their activities and presence in their respec-
   Previously conducted as a single event at the          tive communities and online. The following chap-
ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science            ters were each awarded $500 for their exceptional
Education (SIGCSE) conference, SRCs now take              work during the academic year. Here are their win-
place throughout the year at various ACM SIG con-         ning essays:

Outstanding Activities                                         two consecutive sessions the students shared
The American University in Bulgaria                            experience from their activities outside AUBG.                                                People who attended international IT conferences
                                                               shared their insight too. In a week time the Erasmus
The American University in Bulgaria ACM Student                Student Exchange Program participants talked
Chapter is a student organization of the Computer              about universities they had explored, different
Science Department founded on Jan 25, 2006. Our                courses and style of education, new opportunities
mission is to foster a sense of community and belong-          for development and interesting sightseeing. These
ing among students of computer science, to allow               two sessions were used as a tool to get the first-
them to build up their skills, and reach out to the com-       year students involved in the Computer Science
puter science community outside of the university.             major and to encourage them to pursue their
   The chapter’s members are university students -             degree in the field.
currently 103 - and most of them study Computer                    Our most attended presentation this year was
Science as their first major. We have a lot of mem-            titled “Look beyond the future of technology” and
bers that do a second major in Business
Administration, Mathematics or Economics too. This
year there were about 180 students in total that
pursue a degree in Computer Science at AUBG.
   The 2007/2008 academic year was very success-
ful for CSSU. We had a great variety of high quality
events every week. The Wednesday CSSU seminars
have turned into a tradition in our University and
every Computer Science student knows that
Wednesday, 7PM is CSSU time. During the spring
semester we hardly had weeks with less than two
presentations or workshops.
   The most significant of the chapter’s activities is
the one with the student presentations. Throughout
the academic year there were 11 topics presented               was delivered by our guests from SAP Labs
by members of the chapter. The topics varied from              Bulgaria. More than 130 people gathered in the
Game Development and Database Modeling to                      AUBG auditorium to hear the talk of the well-
Cryptography and User Experience. There were                   known software company. Our guests focused on
introductory presentations to Python, Ruby on Rails,           the latest and hottest topics in IT - from develop-
High Level Shared Language and AJAX. Those were                ment and use of ERP to legal issues in the software
accompanied by easy to grasp examples of code.                 industry and customer support. The AUBG Student
These events were in coherence with the idea of                Government sponsored us for the advertising cam-
promoting further research on different Computer               paign and Telerik Corp. provided us with funding to
Science topics by the chapter members.                         arrange a cocktail after the presentation, which
   There were also Computer Science University                 gave a chance to the participants to meet SAP rep-
Exchanges and Internships Discussions Seminars. In             resentatives. There were several other presentations

throughout the year by guest companies.                         tion was organized with the help of the Computer
    The flagship activity of the AUBG ACM Student               Science Faculty who provided the participants with
Chapter so far has been its weekly presentation                 the problems and ran the tests for the solutions.
seminars. However, recently our activities have                 About 20 students participated in the competition,
expanded to include development and manage-                     as the first three in the ranking were invited for the
ment of programming projects. Those are devel-                  National University Student Olympiad in Bulgaria.
oped by our members for educa-                                                           Computer Science is not only
tional purposes or sometimes just                                                     about coding. The chapter often
for the sake of programming.                                                          organizes non-academic events
Participating in a CSSU project                                                       where the members could meet
provides experience, resources                                                        in an informal setting to get to
and help from other members                                                           know each other. Those events
and officers.                                                                         are great opportunity to find
    In addition to the projects ini-                                                  people with similar interests,
tiative, workshops are increasingly                                                   meet partners to do projects
in demand. These are practical ses-                                                   with, get feedback about your
sions that aim to build specific                                                      latest ideas or just have fun with
skills in fields not covered by the                                                   your mates. The social events
AUBG Computer Science curricu-                                                        organized by the chapter this
lum with the help of more experi-                                                     year included a picnic at a great
enced students. The recent work-                                                      outdoor spot not too far away
shops included technologies like                                                      from the campus and several
WPF and Silverlight. We also had                                                      movie nights where we
workshops on hardware and graphic design and the                watched movies about computer programmers.
first ones were focused on algorithms. At the hard-             We also had dinners with our Computer Science
ware event participants were assembling and disas-              faculty. Those were great opportunity to find out
sembling computers. They also saw an authentic                  more about the exciting personalities of those bril-
“Pravets-82/IMKO” computer which is the first ever              liant people.
made in Bulgaria, manufactured in the town of                      Our second anniversary took place shortly
Pravets. It was really exciting to see the Apple II clone       before the Union became an ACM Student Chapter.
that operates with the remarkable 48 Kb of RAM                  All officers, most of the members, the University
memory and a processor with 1 MHz frequency.                    administration and faculty gathered together to
    Among all those activities we should not omit               commemorate the second birthday of the organi-
the Annual AUBG Computer Science Competition.                   zation. We had a formal cocktail, a few speeches,
Originally started by AUBG professors and since the             balloons, party decorations all over the event
inception of CSSU continued by us, the competi-                 venue. Funny pranks such as transforming the main
tion was held in the spring for twelfth time. The               university building’s stairs into a keyboard
students received three algorithmic problems to                 announced the event a few days before. You could
solve. For a first time there were two groups - one             read posters with computer science humor every-
for beginners and one for advanced. The competi-                where on campus. There were spots where you can

watch CSSU movies and get a glimpse of how fun                show their talent. The activity of finding the right
being a member is.                                            people, creating the poster on a technical topic
   One of the newest activities of the chapter is             and then distributing the product on time is very
organizing field trips. Those are visits to the offices       challenging and the people involved in it get valu-
of software companies for a day to see firsthand              able skills and experience.
how the business works. During the spring semes-                 The organization of all those activities has been
ter we visited Telerik. The trip was a jointly-organ-         a significant effort, but extremely rewarding one.
ized by CSSU, Telerik and AUBG Career Center                  The officers gained valuable organizing skills

which sponsored the chapter with the travel                   backed by the countless officer meetings and dis-
expenses. The students toured different depart-               cussions, meetings with AUBG administration and
ments of the firm, talked with some of the employ-            representatives of the business outside the univer-
ees regarding what a typical day in the office is like,       sity. Along with the other members they acquired
and attended a presentation about how to make a               knowledge and experience that at the same time
profitable business in a small country like Bulgaria          satisfies and agitates the thirst for advancement
by the CEO of the company.                                    and also had lots of fun.
    Being a member of the AUBG ACM Student
Chapter is a very exciting experience. Students on            Outstanding Chapter Website
campus are often seen wearing one of our several              Northeastern University
custom-designed T-shirts or hats. We make new         
ones several times a year with the help of our
sponsors: Telerik Corp. and Microsoft Bulgaria. Most          Last August, a meeting was held amongst highly
of those gears are distinctive and the members                dedicated and talented members of our chapter of
wear them with pride. Some of the members par-                ACM. The focus of this meeting was to enhance our
ticipate in the design too.                                   outdated website, and provide a better Internet
    Another distinctive mark of the chapter is the            experience for officers and members alike. The mem-
way we advertise our events. Every week we find               bers devoted their summer to working on the web-
talented designers to create posters resembling the           site, and as a result, have turned our previous site
topics of the seminars, giving them opportunity to            into what is, by far, the best revision of our site yet.

   The site is written on top of a                                                impressive accomplishment: a
content management system,                                                        fully functional, student written,
with key applications implement-                                                  web app that deals with search-
ed with Django, a Python frame-                                                   ing for books, requests, check-
work. Our resident designer                                                       outs, and bi-weekly reminders.
worked hard on keeping the                                                        Now students can browse books
design simple, yet pleasing to the                                                from their own computers, put
eye. He also redesigned our chap-                                                 in requests, and pick up the
ter logo, working it into the rest of                                             book later that day.
the website. This latest revision                                                    These key improvements,
brings Northeastern's ACM chap-                                                   along with other website adjust-
ter into the world of web 2.0 with                                                ments, have allowed us to effec-
many features commonly found                                                      tively interact with the members
on other professional websites.                                                   of our chapter, and give them,
   One of the problems with man-                                                  along with prospective mem-
aging an organization is getting                                                  bers, incentive to be a part of
information out to members. We have a wide range            ACM. This new website has facilitated many services
of events for everyone, and getting the word out is a       that were unavailable before. Now, you can be a part
challenge. Our site has implemented features that           of our organization from anywhere. One could regis-
use existing technologies to address this problem.          ter for a course, check out a book, look when our
We now have an RSS feed that can be updated with            next BBQ is being held, and watch the latest speaker
the touch of a button. We also re-designed our cal-         series lecture all from one's own location. We hope
endar, supporting both iCal and Google Calendar             you enjoy our website as much as we did building it!
integration. No matter what our members prefer,
they can have a direct feed to nuACM's events, and          Outstanding Recruitment Program
so far, it has been very successful.                        University of Texas at Austin
   The framework our site uses makes it easy for    
members or officers to write internet applications
to add to our available features. One member                At the University of Texas at Austin ACM Student
wrote an election app that allows ACM members to            Chapter, we continually deliver an excellent organi-
vote electronically in officer elections. This solved       zation to our members for them to keep coming
the problem that we had when certain officers               back and to encourage their friends to join. We
were on co-op during elections, or perhaps some             equate "retention" with recruitment. Once we
students were abroad when the actual elections              recruit students, it is equally as difficult to retain
were taking place.                                          them as members!
   Another web application (and probably the most              The recruitment process begins during the sum-
impressive) is the library app. Last year our library       mer for incoming freshmen, kicks off with a series
was a static html page that showed our users the            of events in the beginning of the semester, and
1000+ book selection they could borrow as a mem-            continues throughout the semester with our
ber of our ACM chapter. Now, we have our most               Officer Program. Our events are roughly catego-

rized in the corporate, academic, social, and officer-
related flavors.
   Recruitment begins via summer tabling. We
speak to incoming students during the University's
six summer orientation sessions open a channel of
communication via our website. Once the school
term begins we heavily advertise: we flyer all over,
send mail outs to multiple groups, and organize a
volunteer task force to make class announcements
for our semester's events.
   This is the easy part. Students know about our
chapter of the ACM at this point because of our efforts,
along with the department's endorsement. The chal-              kicking off each semester. Our Junior Officer
lenge is to get them jazzed up about participating.             Orientation allows new members to become famil-
   Our first major event is our General Meeting,                iar with the program, and our off-campus Officer
which is the first information session for our organi-          Party allows us to socialize in a casual, informal
zation. We make it fun and exciting by providing                environment. The Officer Retreat follows.
free prizes, free food, and free t-shirts. Amazon                   The most crucial factors to our success are pre-
sponsored our event this year.                                  senting an organized, professional, and well-led
   Most important to the program is our semesterly              community. It is important to provide students
Officer Retreat. Approximately thirty-five officers             with a constant supply of interaction for the com-
attend this off-campus camping trip, giving them                munity to grow and evolve. Thorough planning
the opportunity to become acquainted in a com-                  allows us to provide quality events, but does not
puter-free environment. We introduce students to                provide retention. By having interactive events, stu-
their teams and have various team-building activi-              dents will get to know each other on a personal
ties and icebreakers, along with the essential                  basis and return later. With persistent events
s'mores and grilling.                                           throughout the semester, they will continue to be
   Central to our recruitment process is our officer            involved. With three to four events each week,
program. Our officer program is extensive and is                including both weekly events, such as tutoring or
one of the UT ACM's unique features. This program               company information sessions, to unique, once-a-
consists of four titles: junior officers, operating offi-       semester events, the UT ACM always provides stu-
cers, senior officers, and executive officers. Students         dents with something to suit their needs.
proceed through the program in that order, with
the common officer titles—President, Vice-                      Outstanding School Service
President, and so on—being at the senior officer                NUST-SEEC
level. Our organization has approximately fifty offi-   
cers at any time in the semester which have
enough member points to be considered "active."                 The ACM Student Chapter at SEECS (formerly NIIT)
   Our officer program initiates new and existing               has always strived very hard for the welfare and
students to the organization by a series of events              benefit of its students. It always tries to arrange

seminars, workshops and help sessions from which                   The ACM Student Chapter organizes help ses-
the students can learn and benefit the most. Apart              sions and tutorials for approximately 200 students
from its role as a vital forum for the exchange of              on monthly basis. The main purpose of these activi-
information, ideas, and discoveries, ACM Student                ties is to help students who are lagging behind in
Chapter NUST-SEECS has a great concern for fellow               studies and also to help those students who wish to
students. It feels its responsibility to provide every          learn new technologies. The ACM Student Chapter
possible help required by the deserving students.               serves the students by organizing three main
   The most important contribution that our chapter             events: Multimedia Week: These series of workshops
gives to our school is the establishment of ASWAN               were organized to familiarize students with latest
(ACM Student Welfare Association NUST). This associ-            multimedia tools such Adobe Photoshop, Pinnacle
ation is a subsidiary of ACM Student Chapter at                 Video Editing and MX Flash 2004; Help Session on
SEECS and has been established to support the bril-             basics of C/C++; and Help Sessions on PHP/MySQL
liant and bright students who cannot pursue their                  In extension of its school services Program, the
studies due to reasons such as financial constraints            ACM Student Chapter at SEECS organizes series of
etc. Apart from its role as a vital forum for the               informative seminars for its fellow students. The aim
exchange of information, ideas, and discoveries,                of these seminars is to enlighten students with new
ACM Student Chapter NUST-SEECS has a great con-                 ideas, technologies and people. Some of the semi-
cern for fellow students. It feels its responsibility to        nars conducted under this scheme are: Microsoft
provide every possible help required by the deserv-             Imagine Cup 2008; formal talk with Ms. Arfa
ing students. That is the reason ASWAN was formed               Kareem, youngest MCP in the world; and the life
under the umbrella of ACM NUST-SEECS Student                    and achievements of Bill Gates.
Chapter. ASWAN is purely based on pro-bono-public.
With the objective of student welfare, we have
braced ourselves in order to play the role of sheet-
anchor to provide assistance to the students who do
not have the resources to realize their academic
ambitions. The Student Chapter organized a festival
and concert in order to raise funds for ASWAN.
   The Chapter also serves the school by arranging
different seminars on regular basis. For this pur-
pose, it has established STUDENT DISCUSSION
FORUM. The main aim of this forum is to discuss
the problems that students are facing in their pro-             Outstanding Community Service
fessional world. The sessions of this forum are free            Northwestern University ACM-W Student Chapter
of cost and are open to all the students of SEECS.      
The topic for the first session was How to improve
communication in a multi-lingual society?” Details              This year, our chapter had two major community
about the forum and its session can be found the                service activities: Take Our Daughters to Work Day
following address:                                              and Communiversity Day. Both events were over-                        seen by other offices on campus, but our chapter

was involved in creat-                                                                      is that it is solitary,
ing exciting computing                                                                      boring and hard. As a
activities for both                                                                         chapter we are com-
events.                                                                                     mitted to changing
    For Take Our                                                                            this idea and to
Daughters to Work Day,                                                                      encouraging more of
our chapter organized                                                                       the community to get
and ran a workshop for                                                                      involved in comput-
approximately 20 girls                                                                      ing at all levels. And,
(mostly elementary                                                                          we think it is working!
and middle school                                                                           The girls that leave
aged). We taught basic                                                                      our Take Our
computer modeling                                                                           Daughters to Work
and programming using NetLogo (available online               workshop are always full of excitement and eager
at Even                 to show their parents their new programs. After
though the workshop was only an hour and fifteen              Communiversity Day, our group got rave reviews
minutes long, the girls were able to learn the basic          from the participants, many of whom were previ-
logo commands and to make several simple pro-                 ously unaware of the full range topics and applica-
grams before they left. Every girl was given a work-          tions that computer scientists work on.
sheet with the commands and the url of NetLogo
(free to download) to encourage them to continue              THE 32nd ACM INTERNATIONAL
programming when they got home.                               COLLEGIATE PROGRAMMING
    Communiversity Day is a new effort at                     CONTEST WORLD FINALS
Northwestern where the entire community is invit-             Hosted by the University of Alberta
ed to campus to see what goes on at a University.               April 6-10 2008
Our chapter organized the only effort from the
EECS department. We had several hands-on demos                Students from Russia’s St. Petersburg University of
of computing research including: virtual peers for            Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics took
children with autism, optics experiments, social              first place honors at this year’s ACM International
network analysis, and computer modeling. As fami-             Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, held
lies from the community came to our events we                 at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. One hundred teams
always first asked them what they thought com-                from around the world participated as finalists, out
puter scientists did, and then we invited them to             of 6,700 teams from 83 countries that competed in
see our demos and participate in hands-on activi-             regional contests in 2007. The 2008 World Finals was
ties. By the end of the demos most people realized            the largest contest to date.
that their conception of computing careers was                    The ICPC World Finals event challenges students
way off (and that computing is actually a lot of fun!)        to solve a semester’s worth of real world computer
    In all of our community service events, we aim            programming problems under a grueling five-hour
to reach out and make computing not just accessi-             deadline. This year’s other gold medal teams, from
ble but exciting. Many peoples’ view of computing             second to fifth place, were: Massachusetts Institute

of Technology, Izhevsk State Technical University              students who are ACM members as well as mem-
(Russia), Lviv National University (Ukraine), and              bers of the ACM student chapter at their institution.
Moscow State University (Russia). Also among the               They are expected to carry a GPA above 3.5, or rank
top ten finishers were teams from Tsinghua                     in the top five percent of their contemporaries on a
University (China), Stanford University, University of         course leading to recognition in the IT profession.
Zagreb (Croatia), University of Waterloo (Canada),             Send applications to
and Petrozavodsk State University (Russia).
   The world champions and their coaches were                  ACM CROSSROADS CALL FOR
recognized at ACM's Annual Awards Banquet on                   ARTICLES
June 21 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.                  SUBMISSION ADDRESS:
Regional Contests for the 2009 year will begin on      
September 15, 2008 with the South Pacific Contest.
For more information on the ICPC World Finals
please refer to this page:        The Crossroads editorial staff invites authors to sub-
                                                               mit articles dealing with topics drawn from all areas
                                                               of computer science. The following partial list of
                                                               topics is provided to give prospective authors ideas
                                                               for articles and is by no means exhaustive; other
                                                               topics will be considered equally. Papers that draw
                                                               connections between two or more of these areas
                                                               are especially welcome.
                                                                 N Bioinformatics

                                                                 N Computer Graphics

                                                                 N Gaming and Entertainment

                                                                 N Vision and Speech

                                                                 N Human-Computer Interaction
                                                                 N Spam
                                                                 N Cognitive Science
New Deadline! JUNE 15, 2009!                                     N Cryptography

                                                                 N Computer Security

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), the Honor Society for                  N Interdisciplinary Computer Science

Computing Sciences and ACM wish to encourage aca-                N Ethics and Computer Science

demic excellence for students in the computing disci-            N Mobile and Wireless Networking

plines. UPE initiated this award with ACM to raise the           N E-Commerce

importance of academic achievement and profession-               N Tutorials

al commitment in our future computer professionals.              N Interdisciplinary Computer Science

    The UPE Scholarship Committee is seeking appli-              N Computer Science and Education

cants for its student chapter scholarship award,
which provides $1000 in cash for two winners each                 Articles should include a basic description of the
year. Applicants must be graduate or undergraduate             kinds of problems being worked on, the state of

the art of research, the state of the art of commer-           after and authors of accepted submissions will be
cial applications, open problems, or future                    notified within two to three weeks of the deadline.
research/commercial development trends.                        Prospective authors are invited to send email to the
Interviews with researchers; reviews of related                editors of Crossroads ( indicat-
books, software, videos, or conferences; and opin-             ing their intention to submit an article. In this way
ion columns on related issues are                                                   we can keep everyone informed
also welcome. We especially                                                         of any changes in deadlines or
encourage both undergraduate                                                        formats and to make sure we
and graduate students to submit                                                     have a good variety of articles.
articles. However, articles written
or coauthored by professionals                                                      SERVICES
will also be considered.                                                            AVAILABLE TO
    Crossroads articles should be                                                   CHAPTERS
written for a broad audience. They
should be easily understandable                                                     To support the ongoing devel-
by someone who has had only                                                         opment of chapters and local
the most basic computer science                                                     activities, ACM Headquarters
instruction, and yet still be inter-                                                offers the following services for
esting to the advanced computer                                                     all student chapters:
enthusiast. Articles longer than
6000 words will generally not be                                                    Chapter website hosting
considered for publication.                                                        Chapter officers may set up their
Feature articles should be between 1500 and 6000               chapter web site on ACM servers, with the URL:
words; reviews should be between 800 and 2000         Officers may load
words; and opinion columns should be between                   files through Secure FTP over SSH to maintain chap-
800 and 3000 words. Articles should be written in a            ter web pages. Tools available include PHP, MySQL,
magazine style rather than a research paper style. In          Tomcat, and Perl. ACM will consider loading open
consideration of our diverse readership, authors               source software that chapters may need to develop
should try to use language that is inclusive of peo-           and maintain their web pages.
ple regardless of their gender, race, religion, nation-            To take advantage of this service, chapter officers
ality, or field of study.                                      should contact ACM Local Activities at local_activities@
    Crossroads is published both online and in print. for authorization for a server account.
We have a print circulation of 20,000. All back issues         Requests for open source soft software should be
are available for free on our website. Authors that            sent, along with your server account information,
have an article printed in Crossroads can receive              to
complementary copies of the magazine.
    All submissions should be formatted in HTML or             Chapter WIKI and Blogs
plain text format and submitted via http://www.acm.            Chapter officers may use a chapter-specific wiki to
org/crossroads/submit/ We are constantly accepting             carry out activities that require collaborative writing,
submissions. They will be reviewed shortly there-              document sharing, and website management. Two

wiki engines are available: Mediawiki and MoinMoin.              News Alerts and Online Magazine
ACM also offers the Movabletype publishing platform              ACM news-alert services are available to chapter
for Chapter officers and members to use in setting up            members:
blogs relevant to their chapter activities and interests.         N TechNews: ACM’s tri-weekly technical news service,

   To request a chapter wiki or blog, please use this               one of our members’most highly valued benefit.
request form:                                                     N CareerNews: ACM’s newest email newsletter                    filled with helpful tips, trends, and insights.
blog_request.cfm                                                  N MemberNet: the ACM member newsletter that

                                                                    provides a window to the full breadth of ACM’s
Broadcast Mail                                                      activities and people.
To facilitate communication between Chapter
members and officers, ACM provides chapters with                   You can enroll your chapter members in these
broadcast mail capabilities using the LSoft mailing              news services lists by logging into your chapter’s
software. The forwarding aliases are pro-           administrative interface and adding the names and
tected against viruses and spam by the ACM enter-                email addresses of your chapter members:
prise-wide filtering solution offered through Postini.   

                         WELCOME NEW STUDENT CHAPTERS
                                          Chartered since July 1 2007

American University in Bulgaria          Lebanese American University-                 VNIT-Nagpur
Amrita School of                           Byblos                                      Washington State University
  Engineering/Coimbatore                 Morehead State University
                                                                                       SIG Student Chapters
Anuradha Engineering College             Muffakham Jah College of
                                                                                       Clarkson University ACM Student
Bilkent University                         Engineering and Tech
                                                                                         SIGGRAPH Chapter
BITS Pilani-Goa Campus                   National University of Singapore
                                                                                       Piedmont Community College
BITS Pilani-Rajasthan                    Santa Clara University
                                                                                         ACM Student SIGGRAPH
British University/Egypt                 SGGSIE&T India
Coimbatore Institute of                  SUNY Brockport
                                                                                       Universidad Central de
  Technology                             Tennessee State University
                                                                                         Venezuela ACM Student SIG-
Coleman College                          The American University of Kuwait
                                                                                         GRAPH Chapter
East Carolina University                 University of Alabama/Huntsville
Fatima Jinnah Women University           University of Massachusetts                   ACM-W Student Chapters
Fordham University                         Amherst                                     Stony Brook University ACM-W
Georgetown University                    University of                                   Chapter
Golden Gate University                     Technology/Jamaica                          University of Georgia ACM-W
Government College University            University of Virginia's College at             Chapter
Instituto Tecnologico Tapachula            Wise                                        University of Illinois at Urbana-
Ivy Tech Lafayette                       Vidya Jyothi Institute of                       Champaign ACM-W Student
Knoxville ITT Tech Inst                    Technology                                    Chapter

The ACM Local Activities Calendar                              N Core JavaServer™ Faces, Second Edition             N EffectiveC++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your
index.cfm                                                        Programs and Designs, Third Edition
We encourage you to continue populating the                    N JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition

Local Activities calendar with your events. The                N Head First Servlets and JSP

Calendar lists professional and student chapter                N Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

events, as well as non-ACM events relevant to the              N Head First PMP

IT community.                                                  N Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML

                                                               N Head First Java, 2nd Edition

Chapter Administrative Interface                               N Head First Design Patterns

ACM has also improved the Chapter Administrative
Interface, accessible by a chapter web account. The          The most popular 24x7 books are:
interface allows you to update your chapter officer            N How   Not to Program in C++
and member lists, submit events for the local activi-          N How   to Become a Highly Paid Corporate
ty calendar, and complete your annual report.                    Programmer
                                                               N UML Bible

                                                               N Software Requirements, Second Edition
                                                               N The Art of Software Architecture: Design Methods

ACM offers its members over 3000 courses through                 and Techniques
Skillsoft. Beside courses on Microsoft Certification,          N Perl Weekend Crash Course

Internet and Network Technology and Project                    N Beginning Java 2, SDK 1.4 Edition

Management, there are new offerings, including                 N SQL Tips and Techniques

courses on Exchange Server 2007, enhancing lis-                N A Complete Guide to Programming in C++

tening skills, Windows Vista Users and Groups, cus-            N Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and

tomer service strategy and CISCO architecture. In                Algorithms
addition, you can set up reminders that will be
emailed to you until you complete the course.                   Through your ACM membership, you can get a
   ACM also offers 1,100 online books from Safari®           discount on expanded libraries from Safari and
and Books24x7®. The most accessed books from                 Books24x7. Visit the Professional Development
Safari include:                                              Centre for for more information
  N Beautiful Code                                           on ACM’s online books and courses.

The Computer Science Teachers Association needs
YOUR ACM Student Chapter to help teach the
country’s high school computer science teachers
how to teach even better, with more relevant
material, using the most up to date technology!
   JETT and TECS are one and two day-long com-
puter science workshops for high school teachers,
hosted by college and university faculty in their CS
departments. Is your chapter active and looking for
a worthwhile activity? Why not enlist a favorite fac-
ulty member to work with your chapter to organize
and host a workshop for the high school teachers
in your area! You can work with your professor or TA
to help organize and run the event; and even tutor
high school teachers during lab sessions!                       The MSDN AA Program includes some of the fol-
   JETT workshops are Java specific, and cater to            lowing software packages:
the AP CS teaching community. JETT is a partner-               N Visual Studio 2005 Professional

ship between ACM and the College Board. Learn                  N Visual Studio 2005 Team System

more at                                    N Windows XP Professional

   TECS workshops are for teachers of introductory             N SQL Server 2005

CS courses, and are a project of the CSTA                      N Exchange Server

(Computer Science Teachers Association.) Find out              N Office Project Professional 2007

the rest at                                N Access 2007

   Don’t worry about the details -- there is a JETT            N Sharepoint Designer 2007

and TECS workshop coordinator at ACM headquar-                 N Virtual PC 2007

ters waiting to help you with every aspect of putting          N Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.2

a workshop together. Drop a quick email to Gail, the           N Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

workshop coordinator, at             N Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

                                                               N Visual J# .NET

ACM/MSDN AA Partnership = ACM Student                          N And much, much more!

Membership Benefit
                                                                ACM Student Members also have access to the
Through ACM’s partnership with the Microsoft                 MSDN AA Public Forum, a place where MSDN AA
Developer Network Academic Alliance Program                  users can ask questions about a range of topics
(MSDN AA), ACM Student Members receive free and              including software availability, installation, available
unlimited access to over 100 software packages.              resources, and more.

THE INTERNATIONAL ACM                                          In addition, ACM is sponsoring an increasing
                                                             number of conferences outside the U.S., including:
This year has been a remarkable one for ACM inter-
nationally. In the fall 2007 we opened the ACM                 N ICER’08:  International Computing Education
China Office at Tsinghua University in Beijing                   Research Workshop
( We will be opening a sepa-              Sept. 6th – 7th, Sydney, Australia
rate office in India in fiscal year 2009.                      N WikiSym’08: International Symposium on Wikis

   Nothing reflects ACM’s international presence                 Sept. 8th – 10th, Porto, Portugal
better than our local chapters. Of ACM’s 122                   N RecSys’08: ACM Conference on Recommender

professional chapters, sixty-nine, or 57%, are locat-            Systems,
ed outside the United States. There are general                  Oct. 23-25th, Lausanne, Switzerland
interest chapters in the following countries:                  N VRST’08: The ACM Symposium on Virtual

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary,                      Reality Software and Technology
Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Hong                    Oct. 27-29th, Bordeaux, France
Kong, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand,            N SIGGRAPH Asia

and New Zealand. Special Interest Group chapters                 Dec. 10 – 13th, Singapore
thrive all over the world, with SIGGRAPH leading               N ICUIMC’09: The 3rd International Conference

(20 international chapters and an international                  on Ubiquitous Information Management and
conference, SIGGRAPH Asia), followed by SIGCHI                   Communication
(18) and three SIGMOD chapters (China, Japan,                    Jan. 15 – 16th, Suwon, South Korea
Moscow). For a full listing of ACM’s international             N WSDM’09’09: Second ACM International

chapters, please see our listing at:                             Conference on Web Search and Web Data                             Mining,
                                                                 Feb. 9 – 11th, Barcelona, Spain
                                                               N WISEC’09: Second ACM Conference on Wireless

                                                                 Network Security
                                                                 Marc 16 – 19th, Zurich, Switzerland
                                                               N EuroSys’09: Fourth EuroSys Conference

                                                                 April 1 – 3rd, Nuremberg, Germany

                                                                 Finally, since its re-launch in October 2007, the
                                                             Distinguished Speakers Program has sent more
                                                             speakers overseas than ever before. In years past
                                                             participation in the program was limited to domes-
                                                             tic chapters. Of the 40 talks that took place during
                                                             the fiscal year, 12 were hosted by international
                                                             chapters operating in Hong Kong, Thailand,
                                                             Indonesia, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Greece,
                                                             India, and Chile. See for more

                                     HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2008
                                ACM MEMBERSHIP SATISFACTION SURVEY
                                                                                N N N N N

Types of Organizations Employed by                                                                Satisfaction with ACM Membership
Professionals:                                                                                    Components – the Top 5:
 Corporation/for-profit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59%                        For Students who are Extremely/Very Satisfied
 Education/not-for-profit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27%                             with Membership:
 Government . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5%                 Most Important SIG Conference attended
                                                                                                     in past year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82%
Students                                                                                           Digital Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72%
 Extremely/Very Satisfied with Membership: . . 56%                                                 Online Books offered to Members
   significantly increased from ‘07                                                                  (from Books24x7). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71%
 Somewhat Satisfied/Neutral: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39%                                 ACM SIG most involved with . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62%
                                                                                                   Online Courses offered to Members
 Members who rate value of Membership as                                                             (from SkillSoft) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60%
  Excellent/Very Good/Good: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77%
                                                                                                  ACM Membership Relevance to Job/Overall
Employment Status:                                                                                Career/Education:
 Full-time:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32%           Extremely/Very Relevant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55%
 Part-time: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27%            Somewhat/slightly relevant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38%
 Do consulting: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18%
 Self-employed: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11%                 Membership in a Local Chapter:
                                                                                                   Yes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23%
Highest Degree of Education Completed:                                                             No . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77%
 BA/BS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29%
 MA/MS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31%           Overall Satisfaction with Local ACM
 PhD/DSc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4%           Chapter:
                                                                                                   Extremely/Very Satisfied. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45%
 Professor encourages students to join ACM: . . 54%                                                Somewhat Satisfied/Neutral. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49%
   Length of Membership:
                                                                                                  Relevance of Local Chapters’ Activities for
Top 5 Reasons for Joining ACM:                                                                    Members:
 Digital Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37%               Extremely/Very Relevant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60%
 Practical information to help me . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24%                                    Somewhat/Slightly Relevant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29%
   In my education
 Access to Online Books for member. . . . . . . . . . 20%                                         Likelihood of Continuing Membership in
 Joined as participant in ICPC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18%                              Local Chapter:
 Prestigious credential on my resume . . . . . . . . . 16%                                         Definitely/Probably Will Continue . . . . . . . . . . . . 77%
                                                                                                   Might/Might Not Continue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15%


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