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09.01                                                                                               10 February 2009

                               FOCUS: Meet The Teachers – Seniors Thurs 12.2.09
                                      Meet The Teachers – Juniors Wed 18.2.09
                                      PTFA Meeting Tonight 10.2.09
                                      Looking After Our Environment
Dear Parents / Caregivers

Welcome to the start of the new school year. We especially welcome the new students Christopher Light, Antonius and
Leuasa Ensink, Reece Gow, Milad Mohebbi, Kryxen Reyes, Nasya Chin, Ella Mudgway, Roanne Apalosik, Zach Reveneza,
Emily Hewitt, Angela John, Roshane Mendis-Samarasekara and their families. Welcome also to Mrs Madeleine Powell who
has joined our staff in 2009 as a Year 1 teacher in Room 2.

BABY CONGRATULATIONS: We congratulate the following families who have new babies born over the Christmas
holidays: Gabriel Banks (a new sister), Crisha Cruz (a new brother), Jack and Emily Hewitt (a new sister), Rachel and
Christine Marchant (a new brother) and Mrs Rivers (a new grandson).

PRAYER/REFLECTION: May you recognize your life as presence, Power and light of your soul. May you realize that you
are never alone, that your soul in its brightness and belonging connects you intimately to the rhythm of the Universe. May you
have respect for your individuality and difference. May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique, that you have a
special destiny here, that behind the façade of your life there is something beautiful and eternal happening. May you learn to
see yourself with the same delight, pride and expectation with which God sees you in every moment. (John O’Donoghue,)

BEGINNING SCHOOL MASS/FAMILY PICNIC: We encourage parents/grandparents to attend our beginning School Mass
which has been traditionally followed by a family picnic in the school grounds. This year, Mass is at 11.30 -12.30, 20 February
followed by a picnic and sports afternoon at 12.30 pm. Children enjoy their parents and extended families attending this

IDEAS TO HELP US LOOK AFTER OUR ENVIRONMENT: St Mark’s students and teachers are encouraging our parents
and community to help reduce rubbish in and around the school. Children are going to take all lunch rubbish home. Here are
some easy ways we can all help:
           Shop with the environment in mind
           Less is always best and this means less packaging to dispose of and spending less money
           Use paper bags or lunch wrap for school lunches instead of plastic
           Compost your food scraps or feed them to the worms
           Get things fixed rather than replacing them
           For more information about recycling in our area, visit www.reducerubbish.govt.nz/regionalplaces

ST MARK’S MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY MASSES: With the blessings of our Parish Priest & Parish Council, St Mark’s
Catholic Church is planning to start monthly Wedding Anniversary Masses for the renewal of marriage vows in the church.
They invite all couples to by emailing either Y Mesquita messitup@woosh.co.nz or H De Rozario hazeldr@lycos.com.

St Mark’s Parish are currently taking enrolments for students in Year 4 or in a higher year, that may be ready to receive the
three sacraments of Penance, Confirmation and Eucharist. You are invited to enrol your child now. Forms are in the foyer of
the Church (Sacrament of Confirmation ONLY will enrol at a later date). Enrolments close on Tuesday 3 March 2009 and the
first preparation programme for the Sacrament of Penance begins with the first of three sessions for parents on Sunday 15
March at St Mark’s Parish Centre at 4.00 pm. First Reconciliation will be celebrated in the Parish on Sun 29 March at 4.00pm.

MEET THE TEACHER EVENINGS: Senior School (Year 4-6) Thursday 12 th February starting at 7.00 pm followed by a
Camp meeting for all Year 5 & 6 parents. Junior School (Year 1-3) Wednesday 18th February starting at 7.00 pm. . We ask
that one adult from each family attend these meetings.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING: The 1st meeting for 2009 will be Tues 24 Feb at 7.00 pm in the staff room. All welcome.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Manukau City Council have asked us to remind parents the stopping/parking restrictions
around schools are designed primarily for the safety of children by ensuring that the children are able to see and be seen by
moving traffic. Stopping even momentarily can compromise their safety, this being the reason a zero tolerance practice is
applied, and this is also inline with the NZ Police enforcement approach to zero tolerance around schools. Parking Officers
will no longer be asking parents/guardians to move vehicles from illegal parking areas, but will instead be issuing infringement
notices in respect of the offence and will then post tickets out to the registered owner of the vehicle. Please drive through and
around the car park carefully and with courtesy to prevent accidents. A reminder not to drop off or park in the teachers car
CROSSING: Thank you to Mrs McElwee for being available to supervise morning crossing. We still urgently require parent
helpers to supervise Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs mornings from 8.30 – 8.50 am. Please let the office know if you are able to
help. Jenny McKenzie

PTFA NEWS: Congratulations to L Tuineau who won first prize in the Christmas Raffle, A Lister second prize and
D Frazer third prize. The first PTFA Meeting for 2009 is Tuesday 10 February at 7.30 pm in the staffroom. All welcome.

                                                     STAFFING 2009:
        Mrs Catherine Rivers          Principal
        Mrs Jenny McKenzie            Associate Principal              Year 5/6                 Room   1
        Mrs Rosemary Grant            Teacher/DRS                      Year 6                   Room   8
        Mrs Pauline Hibbert           Teacher                          Year 4/5                 Room   12
        Mrs Tracee McKenzie           Teacher                          Year 4/5                 Room   11
        Mrs Sue Topping               Teacher                          Year 4                   Room   10
        Mrs Trish Hodgson             Associate Principal              Year 3                   Room   7
        Miss Rosemary Hsu             Teacher                          Year 2/3                 Room   6
        Mrs Heather Kape              Teacher                          Year 2                   Room   9
        Miss Tanya Keswell            Teacher                          Year 1/2                 Room   3
        Mrs Madeleine Powell          Teacher                          Year 1                   Room   2
        Mrs Lorraine Ross &           New Entrant/Reading Recovery     New Entrants             Room   4
        Mrs Kim Wagstaff              New Entrant Teacher              New Entrants             Room   4
        Mrs Arminda Wood              Part time – DRS/Spanish/AP Release
        Mrs Cheryl Beattie            Part time – AP Release
        Mrs Marianne Stacey           Part time – ESOL                                          Room 6a
        Mrs Caroline Zeeman           Part time – Music Specialist
        Mrs Imelda Owen               Part time – Teacher Aide
        Mrs Shireen Monteiro          Part time – Teacher Aide
        Mrs Kathy Thomas              Accounts/Reception
        Mrs Cara Greengrass           Secretary/Reception
        Mr Steve Waters               Caretaker
        Mrs Tricia Mataitini          Part time – Cleaner

Term One:   Mon 4 February to Thurs 9 April             Term Two:       Mon 27 April to Friday 3 July.
Term Three: Mon 20 July to Fri 25 September             Term Four:      Mon 12 October to Thurs 17 December

SCHOOL LUNCHROOM. The school lunchroom will be operating from Wed 11 February and lunches can be ordered on
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday each week.

SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP: is open on Tuesdays from 8.30 am – 9.30 am. We urgently need another parent to help in the
uniform shop. Please see Catherine Rivers or Cara Greengrass if you are able to help out once a week for one hour. Thank
you to Suzanne Carville who has been doing such a great job. We wish her well in her studies this year. The girls summer
dresses are now in stock. A reminder that the summer uniform for boys is the monogrammed short sleeve shirt, grey shorts
and for girls either culottes and the monogrammed short sleeve blouse or the summer dress. Both boys and girls are to wear
black roman sandals (surf sandals and Velcro sandals are not permitted). The school sunhat is compulsory during the
summer. Please ensure uniforms are named, including P.E. gear and sandals. If any families have second hand
uniforms or chair bags they wish to donate to the uniform shop this would be greatly appreciated.

SCHOOL BANKING: School Banking will commence tomorrow Wednesday 11 th February in the Lyon’s Den.

Thurs 12 Feb    7.00 pm Meet the Teacher Evening – Senior School (Y4–Y6) followed by Year 5/6 Camp meeting
Wed    18 Feb   7.00 pm Meet the Teacher Evening – Junior School (Y0 – Y3)
Fri    20 Feb   Beginning School Mass – Followed by a family picnic in the school grounds
Mon    23 Feb   Jnr School Howick Colonial Village Trip (Group 1)
Tues 24 Feb     Board of Trustee Meeting – 7.00 pm in the Staff Room
Wed    25 Feb   Ash Wednesday
                Softball Field Day (Saving Day Thurs 26 Feb)
Mon    2 Mar    Jnr School Howick Colonial Village Trip (Group 2)
Sun    8 Mar    Tip Top Fun Day at Edgewater College
Mon    9 Mar    School Swimming Sports at Sacred Heart College
Tues 17 Mar     Interschool Swimming Sports (Saving Day Thurs 19 Mar)
Tues 6 April
to Fri 9 April  Year 5 & 6 Camp at Carey Park, Henderson
Fri    9 April  End of Term 1

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