Dear Fellow Aspiring Copywriter_ by tyndale



Dear Fellow Aspiring Copywriter,

The Small Business Administration will tell you that a one-person service
business, such as a freelance copywriter, can plan on billing around 1,000 hours a
year. Realistically, the rest of your time, just over half of it, will be eaten up by
marketing, administration, and etc.

Obviously this isn’t written in stone, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

 So to produce the $100,000 a year we’ve been told by AWAI is a good base
income for a copywriter, your productive time has to produce $100 an hour.

 Many copywriters make much more than that and some also do consulting for
as much as $300-$400 an hour or more. Definitely more than many of us make
before becoming copywriters.

Is the time you spend writing actually producing $100 an hour< even if you’re
not writing for 1,000 hours a year?

 Michael Masterson tells us at Early To Rise that it takes about 1,000 hours to
become proficient at a new discipline. Between the time you first discovered
copywriting as a potentially lucrative career, and the time you’re a success at it,
you’re going to spend about that much time learning how to do it well enough to
be successful.

Wouldn’t You Profit More By Shortening The Learning

 It stands to reason that since your lifespan, and consequently your copywriting
career, are finite, every working hour that ticks away while you aren’t writing
paying work is another $100 lost.
When you made the decision to get the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure
Copywriting, did you think about how long it would take to learn to write
Direct-Response copy at a level where your abilities are in demand?

Where your copy is consistently pulling in high response rates?....

Where you’re knocking over controls?....

 How long will it take you to get to the level of writing that has potential clients
crawling out of the woodwork and calling you because they know your copy will
improve their sales< And are falling all over themselves to pay you like an A-

Are you tired of writing spec assignment after spec assignment only to have
none accepted?

In early part of the course, does it take forever to write a headline and lead that
you like, but then it gets trounced when you post it for critique?

      Learning Copywriting IS Simple…But It Isn’t Easy!

 The headline of Paul Hollingshead’s incredible sales letter that convinced me,
along with many of you, to sign up for the Accelerated Program says that you
can “retire” this year. You can learn in less than 12 months how to write direct
response copy well enough to at least quit your day job and write copy freelance
full time.

 While that has come to pass for some (go to the AWAI website and read their
profiles on The Wall of Fame) it didn’t work out that way for me. And I suspect
there are plenty of AWAI members struggling as I did.

 The LAST thing the fine folks at AWAI want is for any of their students to
struggle. What they DO want is to have you master the secrets of Direct-
Response as quickly as possible so that you can help satisfy the massive demand
for high-producing, AWAI-trained copywriters.

 What can YOU do to get your writing to the level where you’re not only
producing copy clients want to buy, but is enormously more successful than any
copy they have used in the past?
   Finding Direct Response Jewels In A Sea Of Wannabe’s

 It’s said from the beginning of the Accelerated Program that one of the best (and
fastest) ways to learn how to write effective DR copy is to read, reread, and copy,
copy, copy highly successful controls. But of the mountain of DR mail you
should by now be receiving, how do you know which are doing well and which

Of course there are some DR pieces that you get again and again, but how do
you detect a test that’s beating a long running control?

 You need to know what has worked well over a long period, and just as
important, what’s working well in the market TODAY.

   Learning The Most From Dissecting Monster Controls

The Accelerated Program provides a great set of tools for dismantling any DR
piece to discover what makes it effective or not.

But wouldn’t it be nice to hear from the authors of some of these blockbusters?

    To gain some insight into the thought process that led to their creation?

    To get the impressions of an industry insider about what made it resonate
     so well with its audience?

    To maximize the use of your precious time when working to learn the
     secrets these DR jewels contain?

    To internalize those secrets and apply them for better results in your own

 This kind of study helps you shorten the bridge of time we all must cross, where
you are consistently producing enough effective copy to earn a decent living at

 That’s the goal you set and the commitment you made to yourself when you
signed up for the Accelerated Program isn’t it?
 That’s where all of us AWAI’ers are trying to get to, isn’t it? To train ourselves to
write at the level where we can live “The Writers’ Life”. Increase our clients’
profits and bringing value to their customers. While earning a very nice income
from writing copy for ourselves.

 I’m sharing a tool with you that I found. It’s helped me increase my pace across
the time bridge to “The Writers’ Life” from a stroll to a sprint. If it’s worked for
me, it will quicken your pace to your goals to a streak.

      Clocking The Speed Of The “Typical” Copywriter.

 Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dave Darrow, and I may not be the “typical”
of the average AWAI’er, but you may face some of the same challenges and have
to overcome some of the same obstacles I have on my journey to “The Writers’

 I attended a prestigious east-coast prep school but was a rotten student and got
thrown out. But I did pretty well with English and learned to write well and
enjoy writing. People I respected said my work was quite good and I should
consider a career as a writer.

While I did graduate from High School, I wasn’t what you’d call college
material. It’s impossible to get any kind of “normal” writing job without a

 So I became a printer instead. After 22 years, my back and eyes deteriorated to
the point I couldn’t do a good job any more. Not being trained for much else, I
became a courier. It’s a hot, dirty, dangerous, and stressful occupation. But on
the plus side, I’m self-employed.

 Imagine my excitement when I got an invitation to read Paul Hollinghead’s
“Retire This Year” letter. The invitation came from Bill Bonner, who I then knew
only as a “Literary Economist” and financial publisher through his Daily
Reckoning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading him, but I didn’t realize he was a DR
Copywriting legend.

Figuring out how to make a living writing had always been in the back of my
mind. I was the perfect prospect to have that invitation fall into my inbox.
I didn’t get much past Bill’s introduction and Paul’s headline and lead before I
had my credit card out.

 I worked diligently on the materials when I got them, doing all the exercises. I
devoted many evenings and weekends to successfully completing the course.
Still, with all of the other demands on my time, it took about a year and a half to
complete my first draft of the Men’s Nutritional Supplement assignment.

 Though I had nailed the restaurant letter on the first try, my second attempt
bombed. I did about 90% of the re-write on the weekend after I got back the bad
review< And then put it on the shelf for 6 months while I dealt with other
distractions of my so-called life.

 When I returned to it and produced a finished final package, it got
a favorable review from the copy critic at AWAI, though not
without suggestions as to how to make it stronger.                      [This] is a must-read.
                                                                        If you limit yourself to
I figured, great, I’m ready to write for dollars. I wrote for several   reading what you get
of the spec assignments available from AWAI, as well as writing         in your mailbox, in
                                                                        many cases you may
on spec for a few local prospects, but no takers.                       be reading material
                                                                        written by ‘B- or C-
This is where the element of time really came into stark relief for     level' copywriters.
                                                                        That's why an aspiring
me.                                                                     copywriter must read
                                                                        material written by an
I was keeping my bills paid, and to do so I was spending                ‘A-Level' writer."
10 – 12 hours a day on the road.
                                                                        – Gary Hennerberg
 This left precious little time to fit writing for free into the
remaining several hours a day. Just performing the mundane tasks
of shopping, cooking, dining, cleaning and personal hygiene ate up a significant
chunk of that time.

Weekends have other demands on your time as well, family and social
obligations, plus administrative tasks that get put off during the week. For me,
driving that much, auto maintenance was almost a weekly event.

Not to mention the biggest motivation killer of all, feeling so exhausted and
overwhelmed that I didn’t have enough energy to do much of anything and
wound up staring blankly at the T.V.
It’s difficult to find blocks of time and the inclination to concentrate on writing,
when you have been demoralized by life as I had at that point.

 I knew deep down that I needed to get more education, more than mastering the
fundamentals so brilliantly taught in the Accelerated Program, if I wanted to
break into the high-stakes business of direct response copywriting.

       So Many Copywriting Courses, So Few Resources!

 As you know, there are a multitude of programs and courses offered in addition
to AWAI’s many fine products. All of them are put together by guess who<?

 I don’t doubt that ALL of the products available cleave to the principal practiced
in the better quarters of the industry, namely, under promise and over deliver.
But I don’t think the process of deciding on one should be about which one of the
superstar copywriters can write a more effective promotion for their own service.
The decision about what’s going to work best for YOU is too important. How
effectively is the product going to help YOU get the benefits that YOU seek?

 For me, it was a confusing and frustrating process, hampered by limited money
and time.

 I came across a piece written by AWAI Alumni John Wood. He had written for
AWAI about an aid that they had created that’s being used by some of the top
copywriters working today.

 John had attended AWAI’s Fastrack to Success Bootcamp, and got some sound
advise from a Copywriting Legend.

The legend was Bob Bly. I don’t know if you know who Mr. Bly is, but he’s an
AWAI Board Member, and arguably the highest paid copywriter ever.

And you can see why when you read his work. His ability to turn the reader into
emotional putty is breathtaking.

So I’m apt to hang on closely to anything Mr. Bly has to say.

 When John asked him ‚What do I need to do to become a great copywriter?‛ Mr. Bly
said there are two things.
The first, he said, is to take the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure


 The second ingredient, he said, is to go to a special website, and study its
contents closely.

 John’s letter told me that he and many others had gone to this website, and had
enjoyed phenomenal breakthroughs in their understanding of the intricacies of
truly effective DR copy, just by enjoying the monthly dispatch and reviewing the
vast archive.

So, thinking I’d do well to take the second half of Mr. Bly’s advice, I went to the
website. Boy, were those guys right!

                It’s A Super-Swipe File On Steroids!

 Here’s a collection of current controls that have pulled record response rates,
sometimes over long periods.

Not only will you use the tools you’ve learned in the Accelerated Program to
dissect and analyze each one of these stellar examples of the copywriters craft, to
discover and apply the tactics, strategies, and solutions found here to your own
<But you get with these DR gems the expert analysis of a veteran DR
marketing icon, Sandy Franks.

Every month, Sandy takes one of these blockbusters and dismantles it before
your eyes.

 She reduces it to its essential elements and examines how each one is engineered
to play its part in driving the reader to the desired result<

 … They get out their credit card!

She looks at every aspect of these sales generators to find out how they drive a
wedge through the reader’s emotional resistance, so that when they arrive at the
offer, they can’t wait to order.
 Sandy digs out every secret that the writer is using and shows you how to
develop them in your own writing to get your prospects excited about how good
your product or service will make them feel.

Peek Inside The Minds Of Some Of Today’s Hottest

 As if that isn’t enough content and ammunition to keep you busy
studying and applying to make your next promotion sizzle, each of        "[This service] gives
these monthly dispatches includes an interview with the author of        you an inside glimpse
                                                                         of the winning
the featured promotion.
                                                                         strategies behind a
 You’re going to hear, in the Authors own words, how they sorted         from the copywriter
all of the information from their research and prospect profiles to      who wrote it. It takes
                                                                         you beyond learning
arrive at the strategies and create the literary devices that make       these strategies to
these controls so effective.                                             actually seeing them
                                                                         applied in print. This
 This provides you with an even deeper insight into how and why          new level of
                                                                         understanding and
these letters work so well. An added benefit, that can be crucial to     insight will multiply your
the new copywriter’s career trajectory, is that you’ll be getting this   copywriting income
insight from across the broad spectrum of the industry. This can be      several times over.
                                                                         Even ‘veteran' copy
helpful to a new copywriter when trying to select a specialty. The       writers will learn new
old hands tell us that concentrating on a particular niche or            techniques and ideas."
segment of the industry tends to be the most lucrative and
rewarding approach. So you’ll be exposed to the view from                – Kim Krause Schwalm
authors in all of the major different corners of the market, helping
you decide which area is right for you.

 These talented copywriters paint for you a revealing portrait of the creative
thought processes that went into developing these power-packed promotions.

 This can help you learn to not only write top-producing copy, but think like a
top-producing copywriter.

When You THINK Like a Copywriter It Becomes A Part Of
Your Personality… You Develop the SOUL Of A Copywriter!

Once you’ve internalized the principals of persuasion being taught in these
missives, it’ll start to show up in your writing almost immediately, sometimes
without you even noticing. You get to banging away at some spec assignment
feeling your wasting your time on yet another failure, but then you go back and
read your work and say to yourself <It’s sort of a EUREKA moment<”Hey, this
is pretty good!”

 And probably sooner than later you’re going to send one of these pieces out, still
thinking it has a snowballs chance of landing the job< And the client gets back
to you and says<”WOW!”

 It may spill over into other areas of your life as well. It is part of the “Glicken”
that Michael Masterson talks about. You may start to see doors open for you that
were previously sealed shut, and find that people are more receptive to giving
you what you need or want from them because the techniques you’ve learned to
manipulate people’s emotions to get them to perceive great value in what you
are offering them. It becomes a part of who you are and how you interact with

     Can This Website Do For You What It Did For Me?

Everybody’s different, but here’s what happened to me:

 I spent several hours a day reading the archives for a few weeks. Then I went
back and re-worked one of my previously rejected pieces. It got mailed! Over the
next 3 months I completed 4 promotions. 3 got mailed as is and one was returned
for revision, but mailed after I made the changes. I haven’t beaten a control yet,
but all 4 came close. So I’ve made some money, I’ve got some work for my
portfolio to start hunting the more lucrative assignments, and I’ve got some work
to keep me busy for awhile.

 But the best thing I’ve gotten is confidence. Now I know that I have the chops to
become a top-flight copywriter. I see more of my copy “pop” the first time I put
it down. I’m agonizing over it less. I’m no longer apprehensive about every word
or phrase. It just sort of flows out of me more easily. Effective headlines no
longer take me hours to write. Prying the lead out of my research no longer feels
like pulling teeth.

 Why should you believe me? I’m just some loudmouth bragging about having
gotten lucky enough to sell some copy. How do you know that acquiring this
knowledge and insight is going to produce the same results for you that I’ve
                   Let’s Take A Quick Look Inside.

 These amazing copywriters aren’t really much different from you and me.
They’ve sweated blood producing these ground breaking controls. So they aren’t
likely to give away their secrets for free. But I can give you a preview of how
they do it.

    See how Don Mahoney makes the reader huge promises and then buries
     him in an avalanche of proof. By the time he gets to the offer, there’s no
     way the promise can’t come true!

    You’ll marvel at the way Porter Stansberry is able to push multiple
     emotional hot buttons in the reader< And it’s so subtle you don’t even
     know he’s doing it!

    It’s similar to the style you’ll find in the work of Joe Vitale, the creator of
     the wildly successful “Hypnotic Copywriting” technique.

    And then there’s Clayton Makepeace, with his totally in-your-face style of
     man-handling the readers’ emotions.

    See how Peter Betuel uses TONS of bullet points to drive home benefits.

Or learn how Matthew Lesko (Yeah, the free government money guy from T.V.)
uses a graphics-rich, copy light format to reach his prospects.

You’ll hear from people like Paul Hollingshead, Bob Bly, and some of the other
big names in the industry. You’ll also hear from some copywriters you haven’t
heard of, but are quietly getting rich from the powerful copy they write.

Top Copywriters Can’t Wait To Get Their Hands On Each
New Installment!

Comments from some of the best in the business<

    Joe Vitale…‛It’s insightful, educational, inspiring, and practical.‛

    Paul Hollingshead… ‚The insights you’ll get will make you a much stronger
     copywriter… And leapfrog you ahead of your peers faster than you ever thought
       possible. The research tips I learned from Master Copywriter Peter Beteul will
       save me 100 hours a year. Understanding what made Clayton Makepeace’s
       hugely successful magalog for Weiss Publishing work helped me with some
       trouble I was having with my last project. I don’t care how much experience you
       have – [this website] is must reading for any copywriter who is serious about their

    John Forde… ‚One of the best ways to stay ahead in direct mail is to study the
      secrets of your best and biggest competitors…
      …It’s like having ‘cheat sheet’ access to what all the best in the business are

 You’re probably saying to yourself “sure, these hotshots like it, they think it’s
helpful because they already know how to write killer copy. Has it done
anything for any of us humble newcomers?”

It certainly has! In addition to the advances enjoyed by John Wood and myself,
here are a few comments I found in the AWAI member forums:

 ‚I loved the first course, and now, because of the [this service], I'm thinking this one will
go a lot better for me.‛
-Cyndi W.

  ‚This is a great learning tool. Every month you get to sit at the feet of a great
copywriter, you meet them up close and personal as they tell you all about themselves and
their career, how they get business and what their approaches are to various copy related
issues. You also get a full reproduction of their winning controls with expert point by
point analysis by one or more AWAI experts.‛
-Gary R.

 ‚I have to say that I love [this site]. I think it is one of the best resources we can have as
beginning copywriters. I enjoy reading the interviews to hear where the copywriter came
up with the idea for the piece. I find it extremely insightful to have the piece broken down
and have specific spots highlighted and explained...
…‛ I have found as a student that [this service] is one of the most helpful products that
AWAI offers.‛
 It’s worth pointing out some advise here given by AWAI Wall of Famer Krista
Jones over at “Copy Protégé`”. She says that generally, hanging out in the
message boards can be counterproductive, and a major motivation killer.

 Sadly, the boards are often populated with serial complainers. She says that
students who are serious about becoming copywriters are too busy studying and
writing to waste precious hours reading and responding to posts about what’s
stopping them from reaching their goals.

Those precious hours that COST $100 each<

 Like you, they could be studying THIS compendium, and applying the concepts
learned from it to EARN $100 an hour<or more<

             Add $20K To Your First Years’ Income!
             Latch Onto The Concepts Examined Here!

You’ve probably noticed how AWAI is committed to pumping as much value as
possible into every one of the copywriting educational tools they offer.

 This one is no exception. In 2006 Sandy got with the powers-that-be and talked
them into allowing her to develop an additional powerful tool to give her
subscribers an even clearer, deeper understanding of the secret that makes that
month’s featured promotion resonate with its prospect.

 Every month Sandy produces a “$20,000 Secret” Report that gives you an
expanded look at the secret of the month. She breaks each secret down to its
fundamental elements, looks at how it’s been used successfully in different ways
in different promotions, and offers suggestions about how YOU can incorporate
it to make your next promotion perform better than you ever thought possible.

     Tantalizing Topics Will Transform Your Copy From
               Troublesome To Terrific…Today!

Here’s a preview of just a few of the titles so far:

    The Power Of The Offer: Copywriter David Foley says, ‚Virtually every
     direct response offer is created from three inter-dependent elements… Price,
     Incentives and Guarantee…‛
    11 Ways To Demolish Sales Resistance: How Master Copywriters Make
       People believe You’ll learn how to build rock-solid credibility into your
       next promotion with juicy morsels like this from John Carlton, “The most
       ripped-off writer on the web”: “Ah ... but when you intersect testimonials
       with the benefits of your USP ... then you’re really cooking

    Boost Your Response Rates With Great Salesmanship Sandy explores the
     fundamental paradigm articulated by early advertizing legend John E.
     Kennedy; “Advertizing is salesmanship in print”. As legendary super-
     star salesman Zig Ziglar observes inside: ‚You can have everything in life
     that you want… if you will just help enough other people get what they want.‛

    How To Write Headlines Readers Can’t Resist... Even If You’ve Never
     Written One Before Together For The First Time – Top Secrets Of
     Copywriting’s Legends & Masters Inside: “It is a basic law of advertising
     that no advertisement is better than its headline.” Claude Hopkins;
     Tested Advertising Methods

 These concepts seem simple, straight-forward, and practical. But as
Sandy digs deeper into them you’ll discover how complex and            "Anyone serious about
                                                                       making money as a
nuanced they actually                                                  copywriter needs to
are. She gives you practical tactics to approach these concepts and    subscribe to this terrific
simple solutions to nail the profit-making potential into your         service."
                                                                          – Dr. Joe Vitale
                                                                           ("Mr. Fire")

 How much is the information in these special “$20K Secret”
reports worth? That depends on how you value it.

 In my perception, the value of the Accelerated Program was the equivalent of a
college education. Maybe even an Ivy League education. Mastering just that
information gives me the ammunition and tools to make more money than the
average college graduate. And more than many with a 4-year degree from one of
the Ivy League schools my mother was so crushed I didn’t attend.

How much does Harvard or Yale cost? $40,000 - $60,000 a year?

 Sure, you don’t get a fancy diploma or get to rub elbows with the super-rich. But
it could ad that much or more to your first year’s income as a copywriter.
And then you can go to Boot Camp and mingle with the merely filthy-rich!

 What about the deeper, more complex and detailed examination and
understanding of the principles that drive the most successful direct response
campaigns? It’s the kind of understanding you’ll have and be able to apply when
you’ve studied this compilation.

 It will have an effect on your income on the scale that a college graduate might
enjoy after achieving a MBA or a Law degree. How much would that cost?

 I’ve seen reports of similar interest and exhaustive detail that sell for as much as
$69.95. But let’s say realistically you can find reports like these for around $50.

 Maybe that seems like a lot, but consider the amount of work that goes into
producing one of these detailed passages. Sandy researches it, digs through
promotions to find ones to illustrate her points, track down and talk to the
writers of her examples, compile it all into an understandable presentation,
writes it< She does it 12 times a year<On top of the work that she does with
each month’s promotion, analysis, and interview!

 But let’s say you could get a special deal and get 12 of these special reports for
$29.95 apiece. That’d run you $359.40. And that doesn’t even include the 18 or so
topics in the archive. Nor does it speak to the primary reason for subscribing, the
controls, the analysis, and the interviews. Not to mention the swipe file archive
of over 50 profit-packed controls.

 This represents a pretty huge bang for the bucks you’ll invest in your
copywriting toolbox. And I say that because you get to keep this powerful
arsenal with you forever, and can take it with you wherever you go. They are all
available as .PDF files. Save them to your computer or put them on a removable

 For me this means having them with me while I earn $100 an hour, or more,
tapping away at my laptop while sitting on Curtis Canyon Overlook, surveying
the starkly beautiful panorama of Jackson Hole and The Tetons. Before I learned
about DR Copywriting, this is where I did some of my best writing<For free.

For you it might be a beach in the Bahamas< Yosemite< or on a boat in Puget
Sound< You’ll have them with you where ever YOU do YOUR best writing so
that if you get stuck, if you need to go back and re-evaluate a concept you’re
using on the project at hand, you’ll have the answers at your fingertips.

 Viewed as a comprehensive professional reference library rather than just
another advise column that lands in your inbox once a month to be briefly
scanned and then deleted or wind up in an obscure seldom look-at folder, you
can multiply its value over the course of your copywriting career. If each one
gives you the advertized “$20K” this year, what about over a lifetime!

   This Just In- 98% Of Your Decisions Are Involuntary!

 I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to find out what this ongoing collection of
copywriting secrets is called and how you can get it. Before I get to that I need to
tell you about something that I just came across that is GREAT NEWS for

I was listening to NPR the other day and they had an interview with George
Lakeoff, Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at University of
California at Berkley.

 According to the Prof., everything we used to think we knew about thought,
reason, and decision-making is wrong! He says that when we make even the
simplest decision, only 2% of what’s really going on is conscious thought. The
other 98% is purely emotional!

 When you make a decision, synapses in the part of your brain that controls
emotion are firing at over 100 times a second, and they are testing the question
against a “frame of reference” in your subconscious. He says that this “frame of
reference” is a physical thing. It consists of every experience that you ever had.
And they are all “burned” into your memory. You may only be able to recall
some small fraction of them, or none at all of the ones that come into play during
any given decision, but they are all there, they never change, and they never go

 This mean you can’t decide to use the toilet without an emotional process.

And why does this help us copywriters? Well, for starters, it codifies what we
understand about how and why our prospects make a buying decision. It also
gives us an even better view of “The Core Buying Emotion”. That’s what that
“frame of reference” is.

 When we look at the similar experiences had by members of a particular group
it can help us better predict the emotional response to any given question. And if
we predict correctly, we’ll know what tactic is going to evoke the desired
emotional response. And they won’t even know we’re doing it!

 Part of the reason I bring this up is because I’m about to ask you to make a
decision. When I do, I sincerely hope you choose wisely. Because, the decision
I’m going to ask you to make WILL have a massive impact on every aspect of
your life and future.

Here are your options<

 You can forget about copywriting. You CAN be like 9 out of 10 people who get
The Accelerated Program and either never finish it, or never make the effort to
get copywriting work. You can stick it up on the shelf and let it start gathering
dust. You can go plant your butt back on the couch, flip on the boob-tube, and
try to forget about the commitment you made to yourself, and maybe your
family, to become a great copywriter. You can sit there and bitch about your boss
and how unfulfilling your job is< while watching the price of everything
skyrocket while YOUR earnings stay the same or fall<

 You can crawl back into the rat race where most of your waking hours belong to
someone else< Where no matter how hard you try to do a great job, it never
seems to be good enough< where you spend most of your time trying to please
some ill-tempered fool! <Or<

 You can dig back into your Accelerated Program and brush up on the
fundamental principles of copywriting. And< To strengthen your
understanding of those principles, and to elaborate on them and gain a deeper
understanding of what makes them work, as well as learn how to apply them
practically< You can subscribe to MONTHLY COPYWRITING GENIUS

               3 More Reasons To Subscribe Today!!!

 I’ve already shown you how Monthly Copywriting Genius will bring your
copywriting from the state of just using the basics to write so-so copy that won’t
sell a free hotdog, and more importantly, won’t do anything to improve your
income, to where you are writing compelling, sizzling, control-crushing copy. It
worked for John Wood, it worked for me, and it will work for you, IF you give it
a chance.

 Remember how I was talking about time, and the reality that, since you decided
to be a copywriter, every working hour you’re NOT writing something that
you’re being paid for is costing you $100 or more?

 Wasting time and money like that should be criminal! And the fine folks at
AWAI don’t want you wasting your time behaving like a criminal. NO< they
want everybody reading this to behave like the working copywriters they’ve
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