Animal Behavior Exhibit Design Post-visit Activity by ltq19768


									                                                Animal Behavior
                                                 Exhibit Design
                                                Post-visit Activity

MN Graduation
Standards supported:             Introduction:
                                 This activity will help assess the knowledge that the students gained
Grades 9-12 Strand I.A           while at the zoo in regards to animal behavior.
The student will
understand the nature
of scientific ways of
thinking and that                Objectives:
scientific knowledge             At the end of this lesson, the students will:
changes and                          1. Create an exhibit for an animal based on its size, habits,
accumulates over time.                  social structure, etc.

Grades 9-12 Strand I.B
The student will design
and conduct a                    Procedure:
scientific investigation.           1. As you walked through the zoo, you observed an animal that
                                       interested you. Find the following information about your
Vocabulary:                            animal. The more detail you give the better an exhibit you
                                       can design for it.
Animal Enrichment
Habitat                                       Common Name
Range                                         Scientific Name (Genus species)
Scientific Name                               Habitat
Common Name                                   Range
Species Survival Plan                         Diet
                                              Size of the animal
Links:                                        Social Structure
Information on Minnesota
                                              Status (Threatened, Endangered, Critically Endangered,
Zoo new bear exhibit                  SSP etc.)
Events/rgc.asp                                Notes
                                    2. Make an outline, drawing, diorama, or model of the animal’s
National Geographic                    enclosure/exhibit. Indicate special features you have included
Cyber Tiger
                                       in the exhibit for enrichment.

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