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					Happy Earth Day At The Library

“Life isn’t just about what we get; it’s about what we do for others, what we leave behind.” This quote
is from a book in the library, Eco Kids: Raising Children Who Care For The Earth, by Dan Chiras. It
contains advice on raising children who care for the earth and includes stories of kids making a
difference with easy to apply models of sustainability.

Earth Day 2007 falls on Sunday, April 22. It’s a special day that draws attention to the conservation of
our planet. It was founded by the American, Gaylord Nelson in 1970. The idea for earth day began as
early as 1962, when this individual realized the environment was not on the national political agenda. It
took many years of speaking across the United States on conservation, until finally, at a conference in
Seattle in September of 1969, an announcement was made. There would be a nationwide grassroots
demonstration in the spring of 1970. Twenty million demonstrators and thousands of schools and local
communities participated. It was out of this grassroots concern for the state of the environment that
Earth Day evolved.

Our Library has books for all ages that have stories and information about our environment. We also
have books with activities and projects that every child can participate in, as they contribute to creating
a healthier planet.

Picture And Chapter Books

Water and The Earth And I, written and illustrated by Frank Asch (Ages 2-5 years)
Told for the very young child, these beautifully illustrated books are about friendship with the earth.

The Earth From A To Z, by Bobbie Kalman & John Crossingham (Ages 5-8 years)
From atmosphere to earth zones. Includes information about the earth in alphabet format.

Making The World, by Douglas Wood; illustrated by Yoshi and Hibiki Miyazaki (Ages 5-8 years)
Takes young readers on a trip around the world to show how everything in nature work together to re-
create the world everyday.

Grandad’s Prayers Of The Earth, by Douglas Wood; illustrated by P. J. Lynch (Ages 6 years and up).
A Grandad and his grandson take walks together. This picture book, like a pray may change you forever.

The Gardner, by Sarah Stewart; pictures by David Small (Ages 7-10 years)
A garden of abundance can be created, even in a big gray city.

The Utterly Otterleys, written and illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick (Ages 6-10 years)
This family lives perfectly, in a cozy burrow near the river. Then Pa decides its time to find a new home.

The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss (Ages 6 years and up)
By caring for the environment even the Lorax and his friends come back.

My Friend Whale, by James Simon (Reading Level--Grades 3-5), (Interest Level--Ages 8-10 years)
An informative tale about a boy who befriends an endangered blue whale.
Judy Moody Saves The World, by Megan McDonald (Reading Level--Grades 3-5)
Full of zip and wit, Judy and her Friends start small but think up ways they can save the earth.

The Fire Bug Connection and The Case Of The Missing Cutthroats: Ecomysteries, by Jean Craighouse
George (Reading Level--Grades 4-6)
Both of books by this well known are fascinating reads for budding naturalists and mystery fans.


Biomes (Series) (Reading Level—Grades 1-3), (Interest Level—Ages 3-8 years)
Titles: Tropical Rain Forest; The Prairie; The Antarctic; The Arctic; Woodlands; Wetlands
        In this series, questions about our earth are answered simply and clearly. Great photographs,
        a glossary and an index make the text very accessible.

Rain Forests (Series) (Reading Level—Grades 1-3), (Interest Level --3-8 years)
Titles: Animals of the Rain forests; Plants of the Rain Forest; Vanishing Rain Forests; Amazing Rain
        Forest; People Of the Rain forest
        Take a journey deep into the rain forest in this series. Discover rare and beautiful plants and learn
        about the exotic creatures that live there. Excellent photographs, glossary and index.

Arty Facts (Series) (Reading Level—Grades 3-6), (Interest Level—Ages 7-12 years)
Titles: Animals; Insect And Bugs; Plants; Light, Color And Activities; Space; Oceans; Our Bodies; Machines
        And Transportation; Structures And Materials
       This informative series covers various topics that form the foundation for a variety of craft

You Can Save The Planet (Series) (Reading Level—Grades 4-6), (Interest Level—Ages 9 and up).
Titles: Down The Drain: Conserving Water; Something Old: Something New: Recycling; A Bright Idea:
        Conserving Energy; Rocks: A Resource Our World Depends On; The Great Outdoors: Saving
        Habitats; Clean Planet: Stopping Litter And Pollution; Fossil Fuels: A Resource Our World Depends
        On; Plants: A Resource Our World Depends On.
        Each book in this series examines a valuable natural resource, explaining how it is found,
        extracted and processed, what is used to make it, and how the resource can be used sustainably.

Animals Like Us: The World’s Endangered Creatures Speak, written and edited by Andrea Mills (Reading
Level—Grades 4-6), (Interest Level—Ages 8 and up).
Find out about all the amazing animals in the world, includes fun facts and websites.

ECO-FUN: Great projects, Experiments and games For A Greener Earth, by David Suzuki and Kathy
Vanderlinden (Reading Level—Grades 3-4), (Interest Level—Ages 8 to 12 years)
Read fascinating facts about yourself and the earth, while finding ways to help the environment.

 Our qualified staff will be happy to help you and your children find books that are of the greatest
interest to them. Remember not to limit Earth Day to April and let us help you look after our planet all
year round.