Laboratory Assignment 5 Body Composition by ezm24188


									                     Laboratory Assignment 5: Body Composition

Interpretation of the Data:

   1. Describe the pattern of growth in the sum of skinfolds in both your subjects; is

       this pattern of growth expected?

       Subject’s 103 sum of skinfolds values increase for each year from age 7 until age

12. After age 12, his sum of skinfolds values decrease compared to the values at age 12.

       Subjects 200’s sum of skinfold’s values fluctuate from age 7 until age14,

increasing one year and decreasing the next. The sum of skinfolds values peaks at age 14.

The sum of skinfolds value then decrease after age 14.

       The pattern of growth is expected for subject 103, boy’s sum of skinfolds

increases linearly from age 7 to 13, than decreases to age 15. Subject 103’s growth is not

completely linear from are 7 to 13 but is relatively close to the average skinfolds

measurement’s for boys.

       The pattern of growth is not expected for subject 200. Subject 200’s sum of

skinfolds values are not linear and decreases at age 15, this is contradictory of the growth

principles. Average skinfolds measurements for girl’s increases linearly from age 7

through adolescence. Subject 200 has slightly less fat than subject 103, this is vise versa

of the growth principles. According to the growth principles, girls have slightly more fat

then boys.
2. Does the growth of individual or various sums of skinfolds follow Scammon’s

   general curve of growth? Why or why not?

   Yes, the growth of individual and various sums of skinfolds follows Scammon’s

curve of general growth. For all the skinfold values, they show a steady increase from

age 7 to 12 and rapid growth at the age of 12. The rate of growth decreases after age

12 but the values are still increases at a slow and steady pace.

           These characteristics are constant with the principles of Scammon’s curve

of general growth. The principles state that there is constant growth during middle

childhood, rapid growth during adolescence and slow increase after adolescence.

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