Reflection for Assignment #5 by ezm24188


									                        Reflection on Instructional Technology

       As a current teacher, this assignment has helped me realize how the Internet and

technology influences instructional teaching strategies. The use of technology in

teaching and learning has positive effects on student’s achievement, motivation, and

attitudes towards learning in the classroom. It would be uncomplicated to integrate

technology in lessons because most students are already familiar with the use of

computers. In most school districts computers are provided in the classroom and in

computer labs. In the 21st century teachers and textbooks will not be the only resource

used to convey information to students.

       I’ve learned from the two articles that I have chosen that WebQuests can be a

reliable and a secure tool for students to present and gather information in all subjects. I

have learned a new way of using the Internet with students and I would use WebQuest as

an instructional method to teach students.

       The New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers that addresses this

assignment is Standard Four-Instructional Planning and Strategies: Knowledge-4.4 A

variety of instructional approaches and the use of various technologies, to promote

thinking and understanding. The second standard that addresses this assignment is

Standard Four-Instructional Planning and Strategies: Performances-4.10 Plan and

develop effective lessons by organizing instructional activities and materials,

incorporating a wide range of community and technology resources, to promote

achievement of lesson objectives. The assignment addresses these standards because as

teachers using an instructional strategy that promotes critical thinking, problem solving

and performance skills of all learners will enhance achievement in students.

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