Shun Desires And Attain Divine Proximity by tyndale


									  Shun Desires And Attain Divine Proximity
                        (Divine Discourse delivered on the occasion of
                        International Seva Conference – July 22, 2002)
                                Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Embodiments of Love!                                 individual interest above his social
The one who realizes that it is the same             responsibilities and gives last priority to
Atma that dwells in him, tha t is and in all         spirituality. Consequently, he is distancing
other living beings, will experience and             himself from God. In this manner, he is
enjoy Divine proximity always. He may be             wasting his time. Time is precious. In fact,
a renunciant or a householder or a celibate          Time is God.
or one who is attached to the world; one
who realizes the Atmic principle leads his           In the first instance, man should take to
life with the firm conviction that Daiva             the path of spirituality and then serve
Sannidhi (divine proximity) is his Pennidhi          society, understanding the principle of
(greatest wealth). What is the primary duty          unity. Only then will there be progress at
of man? He should make efforts to                    the individual level. On the other hand, if
understand the teaching of the Gita,                 you concentrate on the individual level in
Sarvatah Panipadam Tat Sarvathokshi                  the first instance, you will never be able to
Siromukham, Sarvatah Sruthimalloke Sarva-            understand       the     spiritual    aspect.
mavruthya Thishthati (with hands, feet, eyes,        Personages like Hiranyaksha, Hiranya-
heads, mouth and ears pervading                      kasipu and Kamsa were centered on their
everything, He permeates the entire                  individual interests ignoring wholly the
universe). You should realize the truth              spiritual aspect. Physically and intellec-
that the principle of Atma that is present           tually they were mighty. Hiranyakasipu
in all beings is one and the same. As man            was a great scientist. But what is the use
is unable to understand his true nature, he          of scientific knowledge which cannot give
is facing all kinds of problems in life. He          you everlasting bliss? Hiranyaksha and
is deluded by the thinking that he is the            Hiranyakasipu filled their hearts with
body. Consequently, he is forgetting his             negative feelings. They entertained
true Self and is wasting his time and                worldly desires which are ephemeral and
energy.                                              negative in nature. The modern scientists
                                                     have       reached     the     moon,      but
Today man gives topmost priority to his              Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha could
individual progress. Then he turns his               even reach the Sun. In spite of their
attention towards society. Lastly, he enters         mighty powers and scientific knowledge,
the path of spirituality. This is a grave            they met their doom because of their
mistake. It is because of this that he is            materialistic attitude. They could not
unable to realize the truth and faces                experience divinity. Likewise, man is also
hardships. What is the message of SAI? ‘S’           putting his powers and knowledge to
stands for Spirituality, ‘A ’ for Association        misuse. He is not focusing his attention to
and ‘I’ for Individual. It means that you            his real goal. Maanava (human being) is
must give first priority to Spirituality, next       endowed with immense power. That is
to society (association) and only lastly to          why the Upanishads exhort man thus:
individual interest. But today man follows           Uthistatha, Jagratha, Prapya Varanibodhata
the reverse order, i.e., he holds his                (arise, awake, stop not till you obtain full

understanding). “O Simpleton, wake up                   can”, pat came the answer. Such was his
from this slumber of ignorance. Turn your               faith and devotion. Hiranyakasipu at once
vision towards the effulgence of Prajnana.              hit the pillar with a mace, and lo! God
Get rid of Thamasic quality. Give up                    emerged from it. What is the inner
worldly desires. Understand the ephemeral               meaning of this incident? Man can have
nature of the world.” Hiranyakasipu and                 the vision of God only when he breaks
Hiranyaksha had all powers at their                     the shackles of body attachment. Today
command, yet they could not attain                      man is immersed in ignorance in spite of
Divine proximity. They investigated into                his learning.
the mysteries of creation and could even
alter the planetary positions. But they                 You can make God appear before you
could not understand even a small                       when you have unwavering faith and
fraction of the principle of divinity. But              devotion coupled with a steady and pure
Hiranyakasipu’s son, young Prahlada had                 heart. Here is an example. You curdle the
realized the divine principle. Once                     milk and extract butter out of it, and then
Hiranyakasipu asked Prahlada what he                    heat it to get ghee. If there is water
had learnt from his preceptors. Prahlada                content in the butter, it will emit some
replied, “The teachers have taught me                   foul smell as you heat it. The smell will
many things. I have learnt about the four               gradually diminish as you continue to heat
objectives of life, Dharma, Artha, Kama                 it. So long as there is water in the butter,
and Moksha. In fact, Oh father! I have                  you cannot escape from the foul smell.
learnt the very essence of education.”                  The water has to completely evaporate.
Hiranyakasipu was overjoyed to hear all                 Butter represents the individual nature.
these. He said, “Oh son! Let me have the                The evil tendencies in you can be
pleasure of listening to what you have                  compared to foul smell. When you make
learnt from your teachers.” Prahlada said,              efforts to melt ‘butter’ completely, the
“I have realized the truth that God is all-             ‘foul smell’ will gradually subside. When
pervasive. Wherever I look, I find Him                  man performs Sadhana the foul smell of
there.” Hiranyakasipu became furious on                 evil propensities emanate from him during
hearing this. He pushed him from his lap                the process. He should continue with his
and roared, “You said that your teachers                Sadhana and overcome those evil
have taught you many things. Is this what               tendencies. As he performs Sadhana more
you have learnt? There are many things to                                                    im
                                                        and more, all evil tendencies in h will
be learnt regarding Artha and Kama                      evaporate like water. Ultimately, his
(wealth and desire) which are very                      Sadhana will yield the desired result just
important for us. But you have ignored                  like pure ghee is obtained on heating
them and are talking about God. Where is                butter.
God?” Prahlada very calmly replied,
                                                        Every man is endowed with body, mind,
“ Father, never doubt that God is here and is not       intellect and Chittha (inner instrument).
there. In fact, He is present wherever you search       On being questioned by Hiranyakasipu,
for Him.”                                               Prahlada replied,“Father, I am neither the
                                                        body nor the mind nor the intellect nor
Hiranyakasipu’s ego was pricked. “How                   the inner instrument. I am the
dare this young fellow tries to teach me a              embodiment of Atma.” One will remain
lesson?”, he thought to himself. “If God                like pure butter if one gets rid of ego, does
is all-pervasive, can you show Him in this              not develop attachment to the body and
pillar?”, he challenged Prahlada. “Yes, I               does not get deluded by the vagaries of

the mind. If the butter is not free from the        faith. This is the sign of true devotion.
water of worldly desires, it will start             Devotion does not constitute merely
emitting foul smell. So long as there are           singing of Bhajans, performing rituals and
worldly desires in the mind, one cannot             chanting the Divine Name. You should
escape from the foul smell. This was the            firmly install divinity in your heart. You
fate of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu.              should take care that worldly desires find
                                                    no place in your mind. Burn to ashes all
Even today there are many who do                    desires completely in the fire of wisdom.
Bhajans and give lectures on spiritual              Even if a trace of worldliness is left in
matters, but they are unable to get rid of          you, it will multiply manifold and lead you
the foul smell of worldly desires. Until and        astray. In order to free yourself from bad
unless they give up the worldly desires,            deeds and bad habits, make sure that you
they cannot attain the state of purity. They        do not have even a shred of desire in you.
are accustomed to a materialistic life. They        But due to the impact of Kali Age, even
do Bhajans, meditation, etc., with a view to        devotees are filling their hearts with
fulfill their worldly aspirations. They can         desires. Desires can be compared to foul-
be compared to butter mixed up with                 smelling pigs. One cannot stand the stink
water. In the spiritual path, one should            of a pig even when it is at a distance. Such
not give scope for the foul smell of                being the case, how is it that man is giving
worldly desires. Some people call                   room to so many ‘pigs’ in his heart?
themselves devotees but are turning
wicked because of their desires. Can such           Embodiments of Love!
people be called devotees? No. No. If               Truly speaking, man is very fortunate, but
they are really devotees, how is it that they       he is haunted by the misfortune of worldly
emit bad odor? Their body, mind, intellect          desires. He is unable to earn the
and also their actions are tainted with             deservedness to get closer to God. He
impurity.                                           goes through many books and gives
                                                    lectures, but what is the use? His actions
Devotees!                                           do not match his words. He tries to
Firstly, you should enquire into the reason         deceive others with his speeches. In fact,
for the foul smell that is emanating from           he is deceiving himself. It is enough if he
you. Your mind should remain steady and             practices at least a fraction of what he
unwavering through the vicissitudes of              preaches. His heart is filled with untruth.
life. You should have strong faith. Only            His deeds are unrighteous. Hence, he is
then can you lead a peaceful life. Prahlada         unable to experience peace. Distance
was subjected to various kinds of                   yourself from untruth and unrighteous-
punishments but his faith remained as               ness. The Vedas exhort man, Sathyam
steady as a rock. His love for God never            Vada, Dharmam Chara (speak the Truth,
diminished a bit. He considered Love for            practice Righteousness). Truth is God. If
God as his very life-breath. But the                you forget truth, who can protect you?
devotees today stand in stark contrast to
Prahlada. Their faith is so shaky that their        Embodiments of Love!
mind is disturbed by the slightest trouble.         You may be performing a number of
They start entertaining doubts and lose             spiritual practices, but do not feel proud
their faith altogether. Losing Viswasa              of them. Firstly, purify your heart. Do not
(faith) amounts to losing Swasa (life-              give scope for the foul smell of worldly
breath) itself. Come what may, one should           desires. Fill your heart with the fragrance
continue his Sadhana with unflinching               of virtues. Do not pay heed to the words

of wicked people whose only job is to              going to different parts of the country and
poison the minds of others. You do not             also abroad to make money in the Name
get much benefit by merely reading books           of Sai. It is a big crime. I do not ask for
or listening to discourses. First of all,          even a single paisa from others. I never
develop Sraddha (steadfastness) and Bhakti         approve of such business. Whoever it may
(devotion) in you. Sraddhavan Labhate              be, if somebody approaches you with such
Jnanam (with faith, wisdom is won).                a crass motive, tell him to get out at once.
                                                   Do not allow business to enter the field of
Embodiments of Love!                               spirituality. One may do what one likes for
What is the Sadhana that you are supposed          the maintenance of one’s family, but
to undertake? Make your hearts pure.               nobody should do business using Sai’s
Thiruthonda Alwar once said, “If one               name. But unfortunately, such activity is
lacks purity of heart, one does not even           on the increase. In many villages, we find
deserve to chant the Divine Name of                people misusing the name of Sai for their
Rama.” What is the use of chanting the             selfish gains. This is happening even in
Divine Name with polluted mind? Today              many other countries like America,
the world is afflicted with all types of           England, Japan, Germany, Singapore,
pollution. Man’s thoughts, words and               Malaysia, etc. Do not associate yourself
deeds are also polluted. How can such a            with such wicked people. Keep your
person develop Bhakti? Today people are            hearts pure and sacred. Otherwise, you are
wearing the mask of Bhakti and trying to           equal to a living corpse. Such people
cheat others. Do not deceive others. Help          should not be respected. Better you
ever, hurt never. This is the essence of the       perform their obituary rites!
eighteen Puranas. Deceiving others
amounts to deceiving yourself.                     You should pray to God with sacred
                                                   feelings. When you entertain worldly
In the world, the so-called devotees have          desires, you will be moving away from
increased in number. Now I feel the time           divinity.
is ripe to tell you a few important things.
The feelings that spring in your heart must        Embodiments of Love!
be as pure as the waters of the Ganga              You are coming here with all devotion
where it springs. Words do not suffice,            and sincerity. Do not get deceived by
what is needed is action. There should be          people who do business in the name of
unity of thought, word and deed. He is a           devotion. In many places, we find people
wicked person whose thoughts, words and            indulging in such mean practices. Maintain
deeds are at variance. The proper study of         safe distance from them. Tyaja Durjana
mankind is man. Today we find unity of             Samsargam; Bhaja Sadhu Samagamam; Kuru
thought, word and deed only in acts of             Punyam Ahorathram (run away from bad
untruth, unrighteousness and violence.             company; join good company and
Man who is supposed to have noble                  perform meritorious deeds day and night).
thoughts and perform meritorious deeds             You may even live in the company of
is doing just the opposite.                        snakes, but should not tolerate the
                                                   company of such evil-minded people. We
There are some people who are doing                are undertaking so many social welfare
business in the Name of Sai. They are              activities, but I have never asked anybody
cheating others, pretending to be devotees         even for a paisa. You are all aware of this.
of Sai. I do not approve of such behavior.         I do not involve Myself in money matters.
They are not devotees at all. They are             But people toda y consider money as God.

How can such people be called devotees?             good deeds. Those who want to undertake
I told you earlier about this. I have started       such sacred tasks should take up the
a service program to look after children            responsibility and discharge it diligently.
who do not have parents. One lakh rupees            Only then will the old students would
would be deposited in their name, which             have sanctified their lives. In Chennai and
will take care of their needs. I have not           Hyderabad, there are many of our old
asked anybody for any help in this regard.          students who are eager to serve Swami.
But today some people are collecting                But in some circumstances, they have to
money saying that they would donate the             obey the commands of elders. If the
amount to Swami for this purpose. Some              elders pursue the wrong path, the
others are proclaiming that they have               youngsters will also do the same. What to
taken up the responsibility of looking after        speak of the fate of our Organizations at
the children. Can there be a worse sin              Chennai and Hyderabad! I told them to
than this? All such people are betrayers of         select a suitable piece of land and that I
God. Better they beg in the streets, than           would construct the building. But they
use My name to collect money.                       lack such devotion and sincerity. They
                                                    only pretend to have devotion and
This morning a few old students came to             sincerity. Such insincere behavior is not
Me with a request. You all know C.                  good for them. Many devotees there are
Srinivas from Bangalore. He completed               put to inconvenience. The youngsters
his education in our Institution and served         want to do many things. But what can
as Warden of our Hostel for some time.              they do without the support of elders?
He did not want to take up any job                  The elders neither take the initiative nor
outside because he wanted to serve                  do they allow the youngsters to act on
Swami. He always involves himself with              their own. Bhagawan does not require any
such activities which will please Swami.            shrines. Bhagawan is not interested in real
He is looking after our Hospital at                 estate. All that Bhagawan wants is you
Bangalore. He said, “Nowhere else,                  should serve the society with bliss and
education and medical care of such high             without selfishness. If the elders do not
standards are provided free of cost to all.         want to accept your suggestion, disregard
You have given us free education and                it. That is their fate. You, the youth make
taken care of us with so much love and              a sincere effort. Help the helpless. Feed
care. We want to express our gratitude to           the hungry. Do not go about seeking
Swami by serving Him in our own humble              other people’s help. If any help is needed,
way.” He brought a plan with him. He                come to Me. Bhagawan shall provide
wants to establish schools in villages              without hesitation. Do not collect a single
where there are no schools. He wanted               paisa as donation. There are those who
Swami to commence the project today                 donate a hundred rupees and make a
itself. I told him not to hurry. Youngsters         thousand rupees worth of self-
today want to do things fast. That is not           glorification out of it. Bhagawan is not
the right attitude. Start early, drive slowly       interested in such activities. When
and reach safely. Hence, I told him to go           Bhagawan is standing by your side like a
slow. But he said, “Swami, many of our              mountain, why should you seek any
old students are here. Is it not our duty to        assistance from anybody? Do not
express gratitude to You for all that you           subserve anybody. They will merely
have done to us?” He prayed that Swami              preach high philosophy, which is
should make an announcement in this                 vainglorious. It is not only in India that
regard. I agreed. I will never say “no” to          such a situation prevails. All over the

world, it is the same. Whether you go to           temples is highly distressing to Me. The
England, Japan or Germany, it is the same          amount of anguish that I undergo because
sort of business that is going on. From            of these is beyond your imagination. Do
everywhere, it is the same kind of news of         not do bad acts in the name of God. If
such transactions; Bhagawan receives a lot         you are unable to do good, at least keep
of such information. I feel all this as            quiet and stay out. There is no need for
nuisance. This is not the kind of informa-         you to make all kinds of wild promises.
tion that Bhagawan wants to hear. What             Enjoy the bliss of divinity in silence and
Bhagawan desires most is to hear that all          love. As people from all over the globe are
are well and are enjoying happiness and            assembled here, I have had to say these
bliss. Marketing with Bhagawan’s name is           harsh words. Do not have any dealings
highly disgusting and distressful. There           with people who are doing commercial
can be no commerce in matters of                   transactions in the name of Sai. Send
devotion. Even the salty ocean may yield           them packing with a Namaskar. If you
drinkable water, but this kind of devotion         need anything, ask Me. I have never
is worthless. It is already late. Bhagawan         deceived or let down anybody nor will I
never solicits donations from anybody nor          ever do so. Untruth will not be uttered by
He has agents for propagating His                  Me. My wish is that no such undesirable
Message. I do not have any association             act should be perpetrated on any of the
whatsoever with these deceitful persons.           genuine devotees. Earlier, when I visited
Bhagawan needs no material wealth. The             Mumbai, I used to find people doing
only need of Bhagawan is genuine love.             Bhajans and Nagar Sankirtan all over,
Give love and take back love. That is the          unmindful of place or time even including
only exchange. With that love, fulfill your        the Airport. Today, you can hardly see
life. There is no devotion greater than            anyone even chanting the Name in public
love. Any little service performed with            anywhere. Of course, there are quite a few
love is enough. If you give a glass of water       devotees. But they are shy of engaging in
to a thirsty person with genuine love, it is       Namasmarana. Earlier on, I have been
more than enough. Almost 90 percent of             traveling around various cities like
the so-called devotees are, in fact,               Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. But
deceitful. Earlier, it was quite different;        these days, I have no inclination to go
the devotees were few, but they were               anywhere. All these places have become
genuine devotees. Nowadays, there are              overcrowded with such wicked people. It
too many self-seeking cheats masquerad-            is of foremost importance for us to get rid
ing as devotees. First thing in the                of them and encourage the godly-minded
morning, they adorn their forehead with            people. God never abandons anybody. All
Vibhuti, wrap a scarf round their neck and         are His. God does not make any unfair
roam about freely in the guise of devotees.        discrimination. It is only people who have
Even the stray dogs scrounging around              feeling of hatred; God has no hatred in
for something to eat are better than such          Him. God is pure embodiment of Divine
fake devotees!                                     love only. All of you try to acquire such
                                                   love in your hearts. Tomorrow, in the
Embodiments of Love!                               Valedictory function, I shall tell you more
Develop love in you. Bhagawan needs no             about the dos and don’ts that you have to
temples or rest houses. The temple of              adopt in your activities. I am not
your heart is more than enough.                    interested in seeing this Hall packed to its
Bhagawan shall stay happily therein. The           capacity. I want only quality, not quantity.
news that I get from those so-called               One teaspoonful of cow’s milk is better

than barrels of donkey’s milk. It is enough         and sincere manner. Do not spoil your
if we have a handful of people with noble           lives by resorting to untruthful ways.
hearts. The State Presidents and Trust              Sathyam Bruyath (speak the truth). Truth is
Conveners should take necessary steps in            God. Hence, lead a truthful life and
the right direction or it is better that they       ultimately merge in truth.
resign. We will ourselves take up the
responsibility. The All India President of          Tomorrow, bring to Me all your doubts
Sai Organizations should deal firmly with           and I shall clarify them. First of all, keep
such people. He should relieve them of              away from bad company. I am not asking
their responsibilities immediately. I am            you to work for My sake. I do not want
deeply anguished over the current state of          anything for Myself from you. I do all My
affairs in our Organization. Though this            work Myself. I do not seek others’ help. If
feeling has been there in Me for quite              only I Will it, the whole world will help
some time, I have been waiting for a                Me. So, you help yourself, serve the
suitable opportunity to express it. Since so        society and mould your lives into ideal
many of you from various parts of the               ones.
world have gathered here today, I felt this
is the most opportune time to express My            Here Swami sang the Bhajan, “Hari
feelings.                                           Bhajan Bina …” and continued His
Embodiments of Love!
Help ever, hurt never. Eschew evil                  Embodiments of Love!
tendencies. Being members of Sathya Sai             For the last four days, many devotees are
Organizations, you should follow the path           very much worried that Swami is suffering
of truth which is eternal. Some people              because of the pain He has taken upon
pretend to be humble devotees so long as            Himself. Understand that Swami has no
they are within the portals of Prasanthi            pain at all because He has taken it upon
Nilayam. Once they go out of its                    Himself out of His love. How can I have
precincts, they get back to their old ways.         pain when I have alleviated the suffering
Such evil traits should be burnt to ashes.          of My devotee? However, there are certain
Develop godly feelings in you. God is ever          rules and regulations to be observed in
ready to fulfill your prayer. Never                 this regard. I have taken it from
entertain doubts in this regard. God is             somebody. Hence, I have to put up with
always in you, with you, around you,                this for as many days as the person would
above you and below you. God will never             suffer in the normal course. I have no
be away from you. So, develop faith in              difficulty whatsoever. If I were really
God.                                                suffering due to pain, would it be possible
                                                    for Me to speak to you at this length? I
Embodiments of Love!                                have no suffering, it has dissolved in My
I have spoken to you in this manner only            love. All should be happy, blissful and
out of My immense love for you.                     comfortable. This is what I desire. Do not
Understand what has been conveyed to                be worried over this matter. I have no
you and explain to your fellow devotees.            suffering. In fact, I am ready to accept all
Devotion has to be cultivated in a silent           your sufferings. Be happy always.


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