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					                             www.viha.ca/about_viha/news/publications/peopleplan.htm                   November/December 2008

 Barb Severyn Champions VIHA’s Caregivers
 VIHA’s new human resources expert, Barb                                                            OUR PEOPLE
 Severyn, welcomes people dropping by
 her first floor Begbie office.                                                                        OUR
 “I absolutely believe in the open door
 policy,” says Severyn, Executive Director of
 People and Organizational Development,
 responsible for the People Plan. “It takes                                                       The People Plan is now moving
 teamwork, creative thinking and problem
                                                                                                     forward with initiatives
 solving but, most importantly, relationships
 to build success in any organization.”                                                               focusing on six main
                                                                                                  strategies as shown in the org
 Severyn joined VIHA in September from a                                                                 chart on page 2.
 roller-coaster career managing various
 human resources portfolios in the
 provincial government in which she                                                                These were honed from the
 experienced “all kinds of changes and                                                             previous slate of initiatives
 reorganization challenges…You name it,                                                              after a thorough review,
 I’ve been through it,” she says, laughing.
 “Oh yes, a sense of humour is definitely
                                                                                                    including input from the
 one of my survival tools!”                     Barb and her stress-buster Hayley                  internal People Plan focus
 Right now Severyn finds it “challenging and    tremendous challenges and stress in their
 exhilarating” as she come to grips with her    working lives every day.”
                                                                                                  A general consensus urged the
 new role in health care. “I’m humbled by
 people’s dedication, passion and               Severyn balances work by spending time with          Steering Committee to go
 commitment to their jobs, doing the            friends and family, hiking and biking. But her        “back to the basics” of
 utmost for the people in their care.”          biggest stress buster is “Hayley,” her spirited
                                                and playful golden retriever.
                                                                                                    supporting staff to provide
 In return Severyn believes strongly that
 her role – and a fundamental tenet of the                                                          quality patient care in the
 People Plan – is to care for the caregivers:   “Honestly, as a puppy, she picked me,” says        context of a changing health
 “We have to do a better job of looking         Severyn. “You know how some dogs resemble
                                                their owners? – Well, I must admit, she’s a lot
                                                                                                            care world.
 after our own staff, many of them face
                                                like me!”

Inside this issue:

Who’s who of the People Plan’s six main strategies?                                                2
Project Updates : People Plan introduces a tip top forecaster and some new “STARS”                 3
You asked us “Do I have to retire when I’m 65 years old?” and more...                              4

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  Page 2                                                                                                         People Plan

     Who’s Who of the People Plan

   This org chart shows the six main strategies and the manager for each one. Within these strategies, there are fifteen
   various projects and activities. Some of these reflect the suggestions put forward by participants in the People Plan
   focus groups. Clearly we can’t do them all – especially not at once. All the input was carefully considered – some of the
   ideas are better served elsewhere or in a future phase of the People Plan.
   Look forward to future editions of this newsletter where we will be highlighting current strategies and activities.

                                                      STAR — Scheduling
                                                   Transformation & Redesign
                                                        Cindy Shelest

                                                                                           Care Delivery Model
              Recruitment & Retention                                                           Redesign
                 Rod O’Connell                                                              Glenda Mannix

                                                      Project Director
                                                      Rita den Otter

                  Workforce Planning
                                                                                         Work Life Support
                  Shawn Robinson
                                                                                          Chuck Rowe

N e t Steps

                                                    Continuous Learning
                                                      Mary Jackson
                                                                                                                              Page 3

Project Updates

Workforce Planners Peer Into the Future
Shawn Robinson doesn’t claim to be clairvoyant – but
predicting the future for VIHA just got a whole lot easier
thanks to a workforce planning tool that he’s developing in
tandem with knowledgeable staff throughout the authority.

“We’re combining hard data, technology and staff wisdom to
predict staffing needs,” says Robinson, manager of the People
Plan’s workforce planning project. “This information is crucial
for Human Resources. It also ties in with other aspects of the
People Plan such as rescheduling and patient care delivery

Instead of a crystal ball, Robinson has enormous charts of the
1100 VIHA employment categories taped to the wall of his
office at the Gorge Road Hospital. His computer screen,
similar to TV weather forecasts, flashes graphics showing           Robinson hopes his predictions will prove closer to reality than
where, and in what capacities, new staff will be needed over        weather forecasts can be. ”... it will definitely beat a crystal ball,”
the next few years.                                                 he says.

New VIHA Staffing STARS
The Scheduling Transformation and Redesign (STAR) project is developing its
team with the recruitment of three “workforce analysts”.

Workforce analysts – new positions in VIHA - will act as the connecting point
between staffing services and operations, supporting managers and directors to
establish and staff effective health care teams in their specific units or departments.

New workforce Analysts appointed so far are Diana Gardner at Campbell River
Staffing Service; Carolyn Knox-Carlson and Debbie Ewart at Nanaimo Staffing Service Centre.

Also joining the STAR team, Alice Forsyth, a registered nurse who has been with VIHA since October 2000, is
now Manager, Staffing Services at the Campbell River Service Area.

“I’m excited to have these people on board as part of the STAR team,” says Cindy Shelest, Director of Staffing
Services. “They’ll play a pivotal role in implementing our improved scheduling processes throughout VIHA.”

VIHA is also currently posting “relief team leaders” positions in each Staffing Service Centre to create and
coordinate mobile and shared relief teams able to respond quickly wherever there are staffing needs.

Further appointments will be announced over the next few weeks.
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                                                  You Asked Us
                                                  The People Plan email box is back in                   We believe…
                                                  business after a short hiatus during staff
                                                  transition. Our apologies to members of          that our people are our strength and
                                                  staff who waited several weeks for replies       that it takes a whole team to provide
Manu Ronse, Manger, MultiMedia Services, VIHA     to their emails. Please note, all comments               excellent patient care.
                                                  and suggestions sent to the People Plan
                                                  email were part of the recent review (see
                                                  Our People Our Strength, page 1).                   It is a fast-changing health care
                                                                                                   environment, where attracting people
                                                  Please keep those emails coming. We
                                                  welcome your comments and feedback as            is an ongoing challenge. Our goal is
                                                  an ongoing dialogue in steadily improving        to have an appealing workplace where
                                                  your working environment for the benefit          people are able to fulfill their chosen
                                                  of staff and patients.
                                                                                                            roles and want to stay.
                                                  QUESTION: With an aging population in
Laureen Saggs, Lab Tech, Outpt. Laboratory, RJH   which people are staying healthy and active          The People Plan is a range of
                                                  longer, many would like to stay in the work          initiatives that support staff
                                                  force. Can employees wishing to work
                                                                                                    throughout VIHA in their ongoing
                                                  beyond age 65 do so?
                                                                                                       commitment to quality care.
                                                  ANSWER: Absolutely. If you want to stay
                                                  on, we want you! Age is no barrier. In fact
                                                  VIHA hugely values the accumulated
                                                  knowledge and wisdom of its longtime
                                                  employees. In BC there is no longer a
                                                  mandatory retirement policy. That’s great                        ASK.
                                                  for VIHA staff, many of whom are heading
                                                  to traditional retirement age. Under the
                                                  People Plan we are looking at developing
                                                  more flexibility in terms of hours and
Brian de Leeuw, Physiotherapist, NRGH
                                                  duties. If people wish to continue fulltime,
                                                  that’s fine but we want to also look at
                                                  opportunities for those employees who            The People Plan is for our staff and our
                                                  may prefer to scale back their hours or            future. Work is already underway in
           For more                               transition to a different role.                   many areas, but we still want to hear
      information on the                          QUESTION: In today’s world of health              from you. Please share your thoughts
      People Plan and to                          care professional shortages, individuals can     and ideas on retention and recruitment
          access past                             choose to work where they feel most                or any of the articles outlined in this
       newsletters visit:                         welcome and valued. I have applied for                          newsletter.
                                                  VIHA positions and felt like my application
                                                  went into a void. What are you doing to
       www.viha.ca/                               improve that?                                             Email the People Plan
     about_viha/news/                                                                                mailbox at peopleplan@VIHA.ca
                                                  ANSWER: We have heard this before and
       publications/                              are happy to report that VIHA is doing
      peopleplan.htm                              something about it. Now, through an
                                                  initiative of the People Plan, Human
                                                  Resources has invested in an applicant           “To succeed, we must
                                                  tracking system that will enable a faster
                                                  response, and will direct qualified applicants    first believe that we
                                                  to appropriate managers in a matter of
                                                  days. Watch for more information on this
                                                  in the next People Plan newsletter.
                                                                                                    can.” ~ Michael Korda