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					MDM4U: Assignment #5                           Name: _______________________________
Due Date: Friday May 8, 2009

Marking Scheme
               Content (TIPS)                                    Communication

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that is used by people from a wide variety of disciplines.
With regards to your future field of study, write a 4 (four) page double-spaced paper touching
on the following points:

   i. data collection methodology in your field of study
   ii. how statistics are used in your field of study
   iii. give at least two concrete examples of the use of statistics in your field of study

You should include at least 2 (two) citations with at least one being from an electronic source
and at least one being from a non-electronic source. Citations should be formatted to the
American Psychological Association (APA) 5th Edition style.

While there are numerous links on the Internet as well as the APA 5th Edition style guide
available, these two sites should contain enough information about APA citation style for you
to manage.

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