The Transformations in To Kill A Mockingbird by tbr13086


									                   The Transformations in To Kill A Mockingbird
                           Characterization and Theme

We see several changes take place in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, both character
and situational changes. Change can function as a minor theme as it is what allows our
main character to grow and mature. Her discoveries and her transformations are the
foundation of the entire story.

Character Change

The initial character…
   o Is impulsive
   o Projects self-concern
   o Displays superficial understandings of life
   o Criticizes and forms judgments quickly
   o Politely respects father

The final character…
   o Learns self-control
   o Becomes sensitive to others needs
   o Possesses deeper understanding of life
   o Reserves judgment and grows more broadminded
   o Exhibits deeper respect and admiration for father’s values

Forces of Change

   o   Daily life in Maycomb
   o   Exposure to prejudice and cruelty
   o   Atticus Finch’s influence
   o   Boo Radley’s kindnesses
   o   Trial of Tom Robinson
Dynamic Character: a character that goes through a change in a work of literature.

Static Character: a character that does not experience change in a work of literature.


   1. What is a major change the main character experiences in the novel?
      Describe the incident and the events surrounding it as well.
   2. Choose another character that experiences a major change. Explain this
      change and how it happens.
   3. Choose a character that remains static throughout the entire novel and
      explain how this character remains the same.
   4. How do the changes in Maycomb correlate with the changes in certain
      characters? Think about this in terms of the Tom Robinson trial.

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