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Team Canada Atlantic Ginkgo Ext


Team Canada Atlantic Ginkgo Ext

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									CanadExport                         r
                                                    Affairs an

                                                                                  Canadian trade mission huge success in Atlanta

                           tment of F


                                                                                  Team Canada Atlantic



                                          IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                                         TLANTA, GEORGIA — May 13–             Minister Pierre Pettigrew, Industry
                              2 International business                                   16, 2001 — In its largest-ever        Minister Brian Tobin, Minister of State
                                opportunities                                            trade mission to the southeast-       for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities
                              3 Team Canada success                               ern United States and first-ever to          Agency (ACOA) Robert Thibault, and
                                story:HydroNov Inc.                               Atlanta, Team Canada Atlantic (www.          the Premiers and trade ministers of
                                                                         exceeded             the Atlantic provinces.
                              4 The nutraceuticals                                its objective.                                   The visit was organized by DFAIT,
                                market in Italy                                                                                Industry Canada, Canadian Manufac-
                              7 CCC:Soheil Mosun                                  The mission was led by Prime Minister        turers and Exporters (CME), ACOA and
                                Limited                                           Jean Chrétien and included 37 busi-          the four Atlantic provinces, together
                                                                                  nesses and 30 investment companies           with the Canadian Consulate General
                              8 EDC forecast:Exports                              from Atlantic Canada. Accompanying           in Atlanta (
                                in environment                                    the mission were International Trade         Also contributing to the success of
                              9 China:Focus on                                                                                                 the event were the
                                Hong Kong’s                                                                                                    Georgia Department
                                environment                                                                                                    of Industry,Trade and

                                                                                                                                           Team Canada Atlantic/Brian Simpson
                                                                                                                                               Tourism, and the Metro
                           10 Environmental mission                                                                                            Atlanta Chamber of
                              to Scandinavia                                                                                                   Commerce.
                           12 STEP in Japan                                                                                                                                     Introducing Atlantic
                           13 The Japan Bank for                                                                                                                                Canada
                              International                                                                                                                                     “The purpose was to
                              Co-operation                                                                                                                                      introduce Atlantic
                                                                                  From left to right: Sanjay V. Saggere, Business Development                                   Canada to Georgians,”
                           14 Backing up Canada’s                                                                                                                               said Astrid Pregel,
                                                                                  Manager, Blueshift; Valmiki P. Raghunathan, President,
                              high-tech sector                                                                                                                                  Canada’s Consul
                                                                                  Blueshift; Alain Bélanger, President, RégeNord; and André
                           15 Trade fairs and missions                            Leblanc, Vice-President, Innovanet (a subsidiary of                                               Continued on page 6 –
                                                                                  RégeNord.)                                                                                             Team Canada
     Vol.19,No.12 –
       July 3,2001
                                                                                  IFI Opportunity Alert Program
                         EVIE                                                     Canadians are falling behind in the          regional recipient of lending,Canadian
                  DE R01
             TRA R 20                                                             race to win contracts funded by inter-       companies traditionally win a mere 5%
        IAN       E
  CA FIR                                                                          national financial institutions (IFIs) in    to 10% of IFI contracts, and of those,
                     r t.)
          (S ee                                                                   South Asia.                                  most are in services rather than in goods.
                                                                                                                                   DFAIT’s South Asia Division is con-
                                                                                  While this region (which encompasses         stantly searching for business oppor-
                                                                                  India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka       tunities for Canadian companies. In
                                                                                  and Nepal) is the second-largest                               Continued on page 16 – IFI

                      Department of Foreign Affairs                               Ministère des Affaires étrangères
                      and International Trade                                     et du Commerce international
                                                                     BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

                          International Business                                                                    quoting case no. 010516-02468.
                                                                                                                    ALGERIA — Field Development Pro-

                          Opportunities Centre
                                                                                                                    jects (Oil and Gas) — The Ministry
                                                                                                                    of Energy & Mines and Sonatrach
                                                                                                                    invite bids for the following projects:
                                                                                                                    Zarzaitine oil development projects;
                                                                                                                    El-Adeb-Larache oil development
                                                                                                                    project; Rhourde Nouss “Hamra
                                                                                                                    Quartzite” hydrocarbons development

                                   he International Business Opportunities Centre (IBOC) provides a matching        project;Tinrhert gas development
                                   service — connecting foreign buyers with Canadian companies.The Centre           project; South East Illizi Basin oil and
                                   provides timely, relevant and targeted business leads from the desks of for-     gas development and exploration
                          eign buyers to the doorsteps of Canadian companies.                                       project. Bidding will be separated
                               The following lists some of the Centre’s current trade opportunities — for a         into two phases: technical proposal,
                          wider selection, visit the Web site at               followed by economic proposal.
                               Canadian exporters needing assistance in preparing international bid                 Closing date: October 8, 2001.
                          documents may want to use the international contracts expertise and services              Contact IBOC, fax: (613) 996-2635,
                          offered by the Canadian Commercial Corporation. This Crown Corporation                    e-mail:
                          is located at 50 O’Connor Street, Suite 1100, Ottawa, ON K1A 0S6,                         quoting case no. 010411-01330.
                          tel.: (613) 996-0034, fax: (613) 995-2121.                                                For details:
                          GUYANA — Solid Waste Public Aware-          date: July 31, 2001. Contact IBOC,
                          ness Program — The Government               fax: (613) 996-2635, e-mail: eleads@          IBOC trade opportunities — find out more
                          of Guyana invites bids for a Public quoting case no.            at
                          Awareness and Education program             010522-02525.

                          to improve sanitary conditions in                                                            Editor-in-Chief: Bertrand Desjardins
                          Georgetown and its environs through         CHINA — National Railway Project —               Managing Editor: Louis Kovacs
                          safer disposal of solid waste at the        The Ministry of Railways invites sealed          Editor: Julia Gualtieri

                          Mandela Avenue landfill site. Closing       bids for the supply, installation and            Layout: Yen Le
                                                                                                                       Circulation: 70,000
                                                                      servicing (training, inspection, instal-         Telephone: (613) 996-2225
                                                                      lation, pre-commissioning, commis-               Fax: (613) 992-5791
                                                                      sioning,guarantee testing,operational            E-mail:
                                                                      acceptance) of the following equip-    
                                                                      ment, divided into 11 packages:                  Extracts from this publication may be
                                                                      1. On-track full-section undercutting            reproduced for individual use without
                                                                                                                       permission, provided the source is fully
                                                                      ballast cleaning machines (2 sets);              acknowledged. However, reproduction
                                                                      2. Rail grinding machine (1 set);                of this publication in whole or in part
                                                                      3. Continuous-action track lifting,              for purposes of resale or redistribution
                                                                                                                       requires written permission from
                                                                      lining,leveling and tamping machines             CanadExport.
                                                                      (3 sets); 4.Track lifting, lining, leveling      CanadExport is published twice

                             International Business                   and tamping machines (2 sets);                   monthly, in English and French, by the
                                                                                                                       Department of Foreign Affairs and
                                                                      5. Heavy-duty switch lifting, lining,
                              Opportunities Centre                    leveling and tamping machines (2 sets);
                                                                                                                       International Trade (DFAIT),
                                                                                                                       Communications Services Division (BCS).
                                As Team Canada Inc’s Sourcing         6. Dynamic track stabilizers (2 sets);           CanadExport is available in Canada to
                                Centre, the International Business    7. Ballast regulating machines (2 sets);         interested exporters and business-
                                Opportunities Centre (IBOC)                                                            oriented people. For a print subscription,
                                matches business opportunities        8.Track inspection car, maximum                  call (613) 996-2225. For an e-mail
                                from around the world with the        measuring speed 160 km/h, (1 set);               subscription, check the CanadExport
                                business interests of Canadian        9. Rail welding machine (1 set);                 Internet site above.
                                exporters, particularly small and
CanadExport July 3,2001

                                                                                                                       For address changes and cancellations,
                                medium-sized enterprises. IBOC        10. Rail flaw detection vehicle (1 set);         simply send your mailing label. Allow
                                offers a value-added service to       11.Equipment for the hard facing cross-          four to six weeks.
                                trade commissioners by directly
                                contacting Canadian companies
                                                                      ing (10 sets). Cost of bid documents             Mail to:
                                about foreign trade leads.            for each set (non-refundable):Y2,000.            CanadExport (BCS)
                                                                                                                       Department of Foreign Affairs
                                To pursue our international trade     Bid security: minimum 2% of total bid            and International Trade,
                                leads, check out our Web site at      price. Closing date: August 16, 2001.            125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa K1A 0G2.
                                our E-Leads® and Web-Leads®).
                                                                      Contact IBOC, fax: (613) 996-2635,               ISSN 0823-3330

      2                                                               e-mail:
                                        TEAM CANADA SUCCESS STORY

     t’s not every day that a Canadian          formed two joint ventures — the                Government, brought the company
     exporter receives a visit from the         Shenzhen Evergreen Vegetable Co.               extra-special exposure. “Our Chinese
     Prime Minister and seven provincial        Ltd., (1998) and the China-Beijing             partners appreciated the opportunity
premiers at its overseas facilities. But that   Evergreen Vegetable Co. Ltd. (1999).           to talk with Canadian officials, and to
was precisely the honour Montreal-based            During the Team Canada mission,             have Chinese officials witness such a
HydroNov Inc. enjoyed during the Team           two new joint ventures — with                  high-profile visit,” says Desrochers.
Canada mission to Beijing,Shanghai and
Hong Kong this February. Gaining expo-
sure from this high-profile tour of its
                                                Team Canada fertile ground

Beijing greenhouse operations,the fast-
growing company of fast-growing
hydroponics technology also used the
prestigious mission forum to finalize two
more contracts, worth US$3.5 million
each.That makes for a total of four
HydroNov joint-venture operations in this
lucrative market ... with more to come.

HydroNov Inc., incorporated in 1995,
is a subsidiary of Montreal-based
                                                HydroNov Inc.
                                                Canadian partner Asia Greenhouses                  HydroNov also gained exposure
HydroSerre Mirabel Inc.,a world leader          Ltd. — were signed: the Shanghai               from other mission events, including
in greenhouse lettuce production                Evergreen Vegetable Co. Ltd. and the           two networking sessions organized
using its unique Floating Rafts                 Dalian Hualu Vegetable Co. Ltd. Both           by the Quebec government under the
Growing Technology. This hydropon-              projects involve the delivery and              Team Canada umbrella. “These events
ics system (hydroponics means grow-             construction of a modern green-                have given us increased credibility
ing without soil) is among the most                                                            with our existing Chinese customers
water-conserving of such systems                                                               and partners and aroused interest
and produces lettuce and other leafy                                                           from new potential customers, ”ex-
vegetables at four times the capacity                                                          plains Desrochers, now in negotia-
of traditional soil-based technologies.                                                        tions with two of the more than 20
    “We realized the technology itself                                                         prospective partners who contacted
held excellent market potential,”                                                              him during the mission.
explains company president Luc                                                                     The successful Montreal business-
Desrochers,“so we created HydroNov              Luc Desrochers presents Prime Minister         man has three important pieces of
to supply and manage it in countries            Jean Chrétien with a head of hydroponic        advice for companies contemplating
around the world.”                              lettuce during his tour of the China-Beijing   the Chinese market: “Make sure you
    HydroSerre itself was formed in             Evergreen Vegetable Co. greenhouse, while      have an affinity for the culture —
                                                Canadian Ambassador Howard Balloch
1987 by Desrochers, who adapted for                                                            otherwise the very different business
                                                (centre) looks on.
commercial production the Floating                                                             and cultural practices will seem
Rafts hydroponics system, the con-              house production complex for the               complicated and negative; find com-
cept for which was developed at the             production of Butterhead lettuce               petent local people to bridge the
University of Arizona in the late 1970s.        and a selection of Asian vegetables.           cultural gap; and be ready to adapt
    HydroNov, with $7 million in                    “We had been in negotiations with          your ways to the local reality.”
annual sales, currently exports to the          these two clients for several years.               It is advice well worth taking,
United States (Florida) and China and           The Chinese place a very high value            from a man whose hydroponics
is actively working on potential pro-           on the backing of government, and              technology company is giving the
jects in Japan, the Philippines, Mexico,        so the mission provided the perfect            Chinese vegetable harvests like
France and the Middle East.                     forum for formalizing and signing              they’ve never seen before.
                                                                                                                                           CanadExport July 3,2001

A growing business                              the contracts,” explains Desrochers,               For more information,contact Luc
                                                whose Dalian client joined him at              Desrochers,President,HydroNov Inc.,
It’s no surprise that China, with its more
                                                the Prime Minister’s Banquet at the            tel.: (450) 475-7924, fax: (450) 475-
than 1.3 billion people and shortage
                                                Great Hall of the People in Beijing.           6173, e-mail: hydronov@hydronov.
of arable land, would be attracted to
                                                Exposure beneficial                            com Web site:
a system with such a high output.
                                                                                                   (For the unabridged version, see www.
Introduced to the market by Canadian            The Prime Ministerial tour of the China-
                                                                                      and click on
high-technology company, Delta                  Beijing Evergreen Vegetable Co. Ltd.,
                                                                                               “Team Canada Success Story”    .)                3
Management Inc., in 1997, HydroNov              with officials from the Shunyi District
                          I TA LY                                                           The Nutrac
                          With a team of 500 business
                          professionals in more than 130 cities
                          around the world, the Trade
                                                                                                                 Growing demand for vitamins
                                                                                                                 and herbal extracts is keeping
                          Service has the market                                                                      Italy’s nutraceuticals market
                          knowledge you need to                                                                         healthy, wealthy and wise.
                          succeed in your target                                                                          Worth an estimated
                                                                                                                           $359 million in 1999,
                          market. Our Market                                                                                this market is expected
                          Research Centre and                                                                                to top $630 million by
                          our offices abroad                                                                                 2007.
                          have prepared over
                          600 market studies                                                                                Key Factors
                          available for free on our                                                                         Shaping Growth
                          Web site. These studies                                                                         A shifting demographic
                          will help you identify                                                                         profile and greater health
                                                                                                                        consciousness among
                          foreign business oppor-                                                                     Italians are contributing to
                          tunities and learn more                                                                   the increased demand for
                          about your target market.                                                               natural over-the-counter
                                                                                                                preparations. Italy’s aging
                          This is an overview of the market.                                                population is fuelling demand for
                          For a more in-depth study of this                                            products — such as arthritis treatments
                          market and for other studies, visit our Web                           and mental enhancers — that cater to the specific
                          site. When you are prepared to do business                       needs of elderly residents. At the same time, a need
                                                                                           to reduce costs in the public sector is expanding the
                          abroad, you can use our Web site to get in                       market for products that contribute to an overall
                          touch with our offices around the world and                      reduction in healthcare costs. Among these products
                          request personalized services electronically.                    are herbal and natural preparations that have proven
                                                             preventive health properties.

                               HELPING YOU LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE. OURS.
                                                                        THE CANADIAN TRADE COMMISSIONER SERVICE
CanadExport July 3,2001

                                          ES F
                                                                                       • Market Prospect           • Key Contacts Search
                                                                          SS C
                                                                                       • Local Company Information • Visit Information
                                                                                       • Face-to-face Briefing     • Troubleshooting
                                          T          D
                                       SER RADE IAN
                                          VIC       C
                                             E Ser OMM
                                                  ving         ISSI
                                                          adia     ON
                                                             usin    ER
                                                                 ess A

                                                                                                      See insert for your Health Industries contacts in Europe.
euticals Market                                                                              Over 600 market reports
                                                                                             in 25 sectors available at:

 Best Product Potentials                 $153.6 million by 2002. Leading               Competitive Environment
 Besides herbal extracts, products       products are essential minerals               Canada does not currently hold
 with the greatest commercial            and proteins.                                 a significant share of the Italian
 potential in Italy include vitamin E                                                  nutraceuticals market. Firms
 and C, the B-group vitamins,            Opportunities                                 interested in exporting to Italy
 antioxidants, probiotics, and           Growing popularity for “lifestyle”            are urged to take an aggressive
 calcium. Preparations aimed at          products, including vitamins and              approach to marketing their
 alleviating high cholesterol, stress,   mineral supplements, is creating              products in the region — including
 memory loss and obesity are also        opportunities for suppliers with              committing resources to product
 expected to increase in demand.         novel manufacturing and                       promotion to familiarize Italians
                                         packaging concepts. Remedies                  with Canada’s capabilities.
 Herbal Extracts                         that have undergone sufficient
 Demand for herbal extracts in           investigation, such as gingko,                See Potential?
 Italy reached an estimated              kava and St. John’s Wort are well             To learn more about these market
 $151.5 million in 1999, and is          received. Italian consumers are               opportunities, the competitive
 expected to grow to $196.8 million      also receptive to products that               environment, and market entry
 by 2002. Gingko biloba, alone,          include aloe and valerian, and                strategies, please read The
 accounts for approximately 14%          products that promote pain                    Nutraceuticals Market in Italy.
 of this segment. Other leading          management, disease prevention                This report and hundreds of others,
 products in this category are           and skin care.                                prepared by the Market Research
 caloric agents, garlic, functional                                                    Centre of the Trade Commissioner
 food additives, St. John’s Wort         Fortified drinks, candies, gum                Service, are available on-line at
 and ginseng.                            and snack bars are increasingly
                                         being used to
 Vitamins                                deliver medicinal
                                         ingredients such   
 The Italian vitamin market was
 worth an estimated                      as chitosan
 $76.8 million in 1999,                  (a cholesterol            Could this be your market?
                                         reducer), echinacea
 and will likely grow to
 approximately                           (an immune system            Complete report at
 $120.9 million by 2007.                 booster), and ginko
                                         biloba (a memory
 Demand is greatest for
 Vitamin E, followed by vitamin C,       aid). Opportunities
 the B-group vitamins, and vitamin       exist for Canadian
 A. These vitamins represent more        companies that can
 than 60% of the total vitamin           develop innovative
                                                                                                                                      CanadExport July 3,2001

 market in Italy.                        ways of making                The Nutraceuticals Market
                                         herbal remedies,
 Minerals and Nutrients                  vitamins and
 Demand for products in this             nutrients more
                                                                           Access our market studies
 segment was valued at an                accessible to
 estimated $131.2 million in             consumers.
 1999, and is projected to reach
                                                               Published by the Trade Commissioner Service Marketing Division (TCW)
                                                      The U.S.Connection
                                he U.S.Connection is produced in co-operation with DFAIT’s U.S.Business Development Division (URT).For information
                                about articles on this page, contact URT by fax at (613) 944-9119 or e-mail at
                                For all other export enquiries, call the Team Canada Inc Export Info Service toll-free at 1-888-811-1119.

                                                                                                             Scotia, signed a strategic alliance

                          Team Canada Atlantic
                          — Continued from page 1
                                                                                                             agreement with IBM North America
                                                                                                             K12 Ltd. to develop, implement and
                                                                                                             support technology-enhanced edu-
                                                                                                             cational programs for IBM’s Business
                                                                                                             Innovation Services in Atlanta.
                          General in Atlanta. “Mission accom-        centre providing customer service       Founded in December 2000, ALIN
                          plished!” She felt that an important       solutions to over 400 domestic and      offers products and services in the
                          step had been taken towards facili-        international clients.                  areas of e-learning, e-business,
                          tating new business partnerships,              Rodrigues Wines of Eastport,        e-content and e-networking.
                          increasing trade and investment,           Newfoundland, signed an agreement           Plastics manufacturer
                          and building strategic alliances           giving Empire Distributors Inc. of      Thermopak Ltd. of Shippagan, New
                          between businesses in Atlantic             Atlanta exclusive rights to introduce   Brunswick, signed a three-year
                          Canada and the southeastern                to Georgia Rodrigues’ exotic wines      agreement authorizing H&H Sales
                          United States.                             created from hand-picked, freshly       and Marketing Inc. of Atlanta to
                              Atlanta was the chosen destina-        harvested wild berries and farm-        act as its exclusive sales representa-
                          tion because it is a dynamic market-       grown fruit. Founded in                         tive in eight states in the U.S.
                          place situated in the southeastern         1993, Rodrigues now ships                       Southeast and six states in
                          U.S.A., the region that has led eco-       to four Canadian provinces,                     New England. The deal is
                          nomic growth in the United States          Japan and the United                            valued at an estimated
                          for the past six years.                    States.                                         $3.35 million. Established in
                              Mission participants were partic-          Software manufacturer                       1987, Thermopak manufac-
                          ularly interested in opportunities         Diaphonics Inc. of Halifax,                     tures custom-made thermo-
                          in information technology, value-          Nova Scotia, signed an agreement        formed trays for the food and
                          added food products, light manufac-        authorizing Telecom and Computer        greenhouse industries.
                          turing, value-added wood products          Marketing (TCM) of Atlanta to dis-          Under an agreement with
                          and life sciences.                         tribute Diaphonics’ voice recogni-      RégeNord of Kedgwick, New
                                                                     tion software in the United States.     Brunswick, Blueshift Inc. of Norcross,
                          Results beyond expectations                                                        Georgia, will design forestry engineer-
                                                                     Founded in 2000, Diaphonics devel-
                          Because of the relatively short dura-                                              ing software.This will help evaluate
                                                                     ops software and systems that help
                          tion of the visit, there was no expec-                                             the best moment to proceed to a cut,
                                                                     companies improve the way they
                          tation that participants would do                                                  thereby streamlining the harvesting
                                                                     interact with customers over the
                          more than get to know the market                                                   process in forestry management.
                                                                     telephone. Its products feature nat-
                          and make themselves known.                                                             Future Learning Inc.of Charlotte-
                                                                     ural-language speech recognition,
                          Instead, at least six agreements                                                   town, Prince Edward Island, devel-
                                                                     plus unique security features that
                          were concluded:                                                                    oped an alliance with Axcess
                                                                     enable organizations to conduct
                              Telelink,The Call Centre Inc. of St.                                           Knowledge of Atlanta. Future
                                                                     valid and secure automated voice
                          John’s, Newfoundland, signed a cus-
CanadExport July 3,2001

                                                                     transactions. The company targets       Learning is an e-learning company
                          tomer service support contract for                                                 that specializes in helping organiza-
                                                                     the financial services and telecom
                          the Web site of Atlanta-based ProAct                                               tions use educational technologies
                          Technologies Corp. Established in                                                  effectively.
                                                                         Atlantic Learning Innovations
                          1965,Telelink has evolved into a fully
                                                                     Network (ALIN) of Halifax, Nova              Continued on page 15 – Team Canada
                          automated, multimedia contact

                          Check the Business Section of the Canada-U.S. Relations Web site at ... for valuable
      6                   information on doing business in and with the United States.
                                      EXPORT SALES AND CONTRACTING

        oheil Mosun Limited (SML) knows            Included in its impressive project
        about the cutting edge.The cus-         portfolio are the ironwork fence sur-
        tom fabricator’s products are lit-      rounding the Shrine of Muhammad                  SHAPING TRADE
erally cut and shaped using advanced
technologies such as abrasive water-jet
                                                in Medina,Saudi Arabia; windows for
                                                the Grand Mosque in Mecca and for
                                                                                                 SOLUTIONS FOR
                                                                                                 OUR EXPORTERS                      Canadian

With CCC help                                                                                                                       Corporation

                                                                                                 The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Custom fabricator brings
                                                                                                 is an export sales agency of the Government
                                                                                                 of Canada providing special access to the
                                                                                                 U.S. defence and aerospace markets and spe-
                                                                                                 cializing in sales to foreign governments.

cutting edge to U.S.
                                                                                                 Canadian exporters can gain greater access
                                                                                                 to government and other markets, as well as
                                                                                                 a competitive advantage, through CCC’s con-
                                                                                                 tracting expertise and unique government-
                                                                                                 backed guarantee of contract performance.
cutting and chemical photo-etching.             Ottawa’s renovated Peace Tower; and              CCC can facilitate export sales that often
The evolving Toronto-based manufac-             elegant elevator interiors for London’s          result in the waiving of performance bonds,
                                                                                                 advanced payment arrangements and gen-
turer also knows that the key to being          Canary Wharf,Toronto’s First Canadian            erally better project terms.
“cutting edge” in the 21st century lies in      Place, and the Baha’i World Adminis-
                                                                                                 When requested, CCC acts as prime contrac-
knowledge, expertise and partnerships.          trative Offices in Haifa, Israel.                tor for government-to-government transac-
A new partnership with the Canadian                                                              tions and provides access to preshipment
Commercial Corporation (CCC), in                                                                 export financing from commercial sources.
fact, has helped land the company two                                                            For more information,contact CCC, tel.:(613)
contracts totalling US$8 million in the                                                          996-0034,toll-free in Canada: (800) 748-8191,
                                                                                                 fax: (613) 947-3903, e-mail:
United States – presaging exploding                                                              Web
growth for the export-oriented business.
                                                                                                found its way to CCC through a refer-
Founded in 1973 by its current presi-                                                           ral from local MP for Etobicoke North,
dent, Iranian-born Soheil Mosun and             From left to right: Darius Mosun,Cyrus Mosun,   Roy Cullen.“Without Mr. Cullen, we
his German wife Brigitta, with opera-           Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Soheil Mosun,     wouldn’t have known CCC even
tions run by sons Darius (Vice-President,       Roy Cullen,MP (Etobicoke North),Parliamen-      existed, and we probably wouldn’t
Business Development) and Cyrus                 tary Secretary to the Minister of Finance.      have been able to take on the con-
(Vice-President,Sales),SML has evolved          Company shows stripes                           tract,”says Mosun.“We feel strongly
into a world-renowned company whose                                                             about the support we’ve received
                                                The lucrative U.S. contract — part of a
stunning products — made from                                                                   from CCC — they afford companies
                                                US$500-million renovation of Detroit,
metals, glass, and other materials —                                                            such as ours access to otherwise
                                                Michigan’s Renaissance Center into
adorn some of the world’s most pres-                                                            impenetrable markets and contracts.”
                                                General Motors’ new world head-
tigious commercial addresses.                                                                        Acting as prime contractor, CCC
                                                quarters — began with a larger-than-
                                                life 1950’s automotive radiator grille.         provided the necessary guarantees
   DOING BUSINESS WITH THE                      “We showed our stripes by designing,            for the contract, signed in September
  U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?                      manufacturing and installing the                1999. “We were very impressed with
                                                grille in about three and a half weeks,”        SML’s quality of workmanship, atten-
 Find out more from the Canadian Embassy
 in Washington, D.C. (www.canadian              explains Darius Mosun.                          tion to detail, personal integrity and under “Business Opportunities:         Impressed, the customer, U.S. con-         commercial practices,”explains CCC
 U.S. Government Procurement.”                  struction giant Turner Bailey Brinker,          Account Executive Tim O’Farrell, not-
      Log onto opportunities via the General    wanted SML for other aspects of the             ing that CCC and SML are now pursu-
 Services Administration (www.gsa. gov),        renovation — namely US$5.7 million              ing several other leads in the U. S.
 which facilitates purchases by the U.S. gov-
                                                worth of custom architectural products:         Gears running smoothly
                                                                                                                                                  CanadExport July 3,2001

 ernment — the world’s largest consumer —
 and the Electronic Posting System site         glass door and wall panels and stainless        CCC also took part in negotiating with
 (                                 steel column covers.But Turner also             Turner.“CCC does an excellent job in
      When you’re ready to pursue these         wanted SML to post a performance                presenting themselves to the foreign
 opportunities, the Canadian Commercial         bond that the company couldn’t afford.          buyer and in defining their plan,”says
 Corporation ( can assist you
                                                CCC affords access                              Mosun.“And for us,Tim O’Farrell has
 with the interpretation of the U.S. procure-
 ment system or ensure that as a Canadian       Having no success with banks or                 been the oil in the gears.”
                                                bonding companies, SML eventually                    Continued on page 8 – Soheil Mosun
 company, you are eligible to participate.                                                                                                            7
                                                          EXPORT FINANCING AND INSURANCE

                                  lower world economic growth         treatment equipment, and waste/slag          leaders have discovered that many
                                  has already hit many Canadian       refinement technologies.                     so-called anti-globalizationists are
                                  exporting companies.The out-            Structural changes in the world          ready to accept the argument that
                          look is for modest growth of 2–3% in        point to even stronger growth for this       free trade conveys economic benefits.
                          export sales in 2001, a sharp decelera-     sector on the horizon. Environmental         Rather, their primary concern often is
                          tion from 2000.That growth forecast         awareness is rising very rapidly, in         that free trade will not necessarily be
                          assumes a U-shaped trajectory for the       developed and developing countries           fair, in the sense of not guaranteeing
                          U.S. economy in the second half of the      alike. Historically driven by regulation,    due regard for democratic principles,
                          year, and a solid growth year for the       today the demand for environmental           labour practices and environmental
                          world in 2002.                              goods and services is motivated more         standards.The leaders of the Americas
                                                                                                                   in Quebec City basically embraced
                          The conditions are ripe                                                                  these views.What this means is that
                                                                                                                   future trade negotiations are very

                          Environmental exports
                                                                                                                   likely to adopt a broader negotiation
                                                                                                                   agenda, including the environment,
                                                                                                                   labour practices and democratic princi-
                                                                                                                   ples, rather than focusing exclusively
                                                                                                                   on the nuts and bolts of free trade.
                          by Stephen S. Poloz,Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Corporation        As a result of these trends, foreign
                          One part of the Canadian economy               by the acknowledgement that being         direct investment proposals increas-
                          that seems well positioned to weather          environmentally responsible                         ingly are including environ-
                          the slowdown is the environmental              is good for business and likely                     mental impact assessments.
                          goods and services sector. Canada              to be lauded by shareholders.                       And, the mitigants and solu-
                          has emerged as a world leader in the           Even if no environmental                            tions that are proposed are
                          environmental business, with more              equipment is purchased in                           frequently Canadian in origin,
                          than 6,000 companies participating             the end, many companies are                         as Canadian companies have
                          in one way or another. Although the            making use of environmental Stephen S. Poloz emerged as market leaders
                          data are a little sketchy given the            consultant services to assess the envi- in this sector.Virtually every form of
                          relatively small size of the industry,         ronmental risks they face.                human economic activity produces
                          exports of environmental goods and                  Environmental standards are even side-effects on the environment, from
                          services exceeded $1 billion in 1998,          making it onto the trade liberalization the production of waste water, to the
                          and by all accounts growth has been            bargaining table, as indicated by the     slag heaps beside mines, to air pollu-
                          solid since then. The key areas are in         outcome of the recent Summit of the       tion. As efficient technologies are
                          air pollution control equipment, water Americas in Quebec City. Government developed to deal with these side
                                                                                                                   effects, the global market for them
                                                                                                                   will expand enormously.
                          Soheil Mosun Limited                             — Continued from page 7                      On top of this, the countries with
                                                                                                                   the most catching up to do on the en-
                              If the recently signed US$2.3-mil-          and developing databases of its vast     vironmental front are also those which
                          lion follow-on contract with Turner is          technical information, enabling it to    historically have been least able to
                          any indication, the gears have been             share its expertise with subcontrac-     afford it. Environmental technologies,
                          running smoothly indeed.                        tors and track jobs for customers,       such as waste water treatment, are
                              For the follow-on contract, SML is          among other things.“Our ingenuity        often regarded as a luxury that is the
                          subcontracting some of the work.                and experience, coupled with CCC’s       first to be cut when times are difficult.
                          That new role dovetails neatly with             backing, are putting us in a position to However, the global energy market
                          the company’s planned evolution                 secure lucrative new export projects.” has strengthened considerably in the
                          from traditional fabricator to a com-               It’s a cutting-edge combination      past two years, and many developing
                          pany sharing its manufacturing exper- that’s beginning to cause many heads countries are flush with cash as a con-
CanadExport July 3,2001

                          tise through strategic alliances and            to turn south of the border.             sequence, and ready to buy.
                          project management.“It’s information                For more information, contact             The bottom line? The global envi-
                          that will become increasingly valu-             Darius Mosun,Vice-President, SML,        ronmental goods and services sector
                          able, not necessarily having the manu- tel.: (416) 243-1600, ext. 225, toll-free: is entering a sweet spot of historic
                          facturing equipment and facilities all          (888) 446-6786, fax: (416) 243-7132,     proportions. Canadian companies
                          in-house,”explains Mosun.                       e-mail:           appear to be well placed to take ad-
                              To that end, SML has invested in            Web site:            vantage of this positive combination
      8                   software for managing its business                                                       of forces.
                              ROADMAP TO CHINA AND HONG KONG

     n Hong Kong,economic development      firms thus have an advantage in the       in buildings. Called “Developing
     and population growth have caused     Hong Kong market.                         Hong Kong: Better Planned City;
     serious environmental degradation.        For more information, contact:        Greener Buildings,” the initiative
In the past two years this has become a    Fatima Lai, Commercial Officer, Con-      encourages better building design,
major issue as the government strives to   sulate General of Canada in Hong          enhanced indoor environments and
make Hong Kong the “World City of Asia.”   Kong, fax: (011-852) 2847-7441,           ventilation, the use of environmen-

Focus on Hong Kong
$29 billion earmarked e-mail:
                                      Web site:
                                                                                     tally sound materials or facilities,
                                                                                     and reduced construction waste.
to restore the                                                                           Hong Kong is one of the world’s
                                                                                     most densely populated cities and
environment                           Biodiesel                                      has one of the most dynamic con-

In 1999, the Chief Executive’s Policy
                                      opportunities                                  struction industries. It is particularly
                                                                                     famous for its skyscrapers and rapid
Address announced an ambitious                                                       construction of high-rise concrete
                                           Diesel vehicle emissions are the pri-
10-year program to restore Hong                                                      buildings.The industry completes one
                                           mary source of air pollution in Hong
Kong’s environment, at a cost                                                        public-sector residential unit every
                                                 Kong. Now the government has
of $29 billion. This includes                                                        10 minutes, or about 50,000 units per
                                                    made clean air a priority. The
$9 billion for addressing                                                            year, each averaging 400 square feet.
                                                     Hong Kong Environmental
air, water, sewage and                                                               It generates 32,000 tonnes of waste
                                                      Protection Department will
solid waste problems,                                                                every day.
                                                     soon launch a six-month
plus $20 billion for                                                                     Property prices here are among
                                                     Biodiesel Trial Program
improving the transporta-                                                            the highest in the world; open space,
                                                   involving 10 categories of
tion system.                                                                         greenery and balconies are luxury
                                               motor vehicles, including franchise
     Major government initiatives and                                                items. In addition, there is increasing
                                           buses, light goods vehicles and heavy
upcoming plans include:                                                              concern about air quality. As a global
                                           goods vehicles. The program will
• a 10-year Waste Reduction                                                          metropolis, Hong Kong needs to
                                           examine how biodiesel rates against
   Framework Plan (1998-2007)                                                        improve the standard of its residential
                                           ultra-low-sulphur diesel in lowering
• a new action plan for cleaner air                                                  environment. Under the initiative, the
                                           emissions.The Department is inter-
• the $5-billion Strategic Sewage                                                    government will provide better urban
                                           ested in testing additional biodiesel
   Disposal Scheme                                                                   planning for new towns, will restore
                                           samples if they meet Hong Kong
• establishment of a Sustainable                                                     older urban areas and will build
                                           needs. This is an opportunity for
   Development Council                                                               greener buildings.
                                           companies that have commercialized
• the Greener Building Strategy                                                          Hong Kong has much to learn
                                           biodiesel fuel or low-cost industrial-
     The greening of Hong Kong pre-                                                  about green buildings from foreign
                                           grade canola oil/additives.
sents opportunities for Canadian                                                     countries. Not only consumers but the
                                               For more information, contact:
companies in technology transfer,                                                    construction and real estate indus-
                                           Fatima Lai, Commercial Officer, Con-
investment, consultancy services,                                                    tries are interested in learning more,
                                           sulate General of Canada, Hong Kong,
engineering products, trade and                                                      and the government is promoting
                                           fax: (011-852) 2847-7441, e-mail:
joint venture operations.                                                            this interest. The result is a strong
     In 1992, Canada and Hong Kong                                                   demand for environmentally sound
signed a Memorandum of Under-                                                        building materials, equipment and
                                                                                                                                CanadExport July 3,2001

standing for Environmental Colla-                                                    services.
boration. Hong Kong increasingly           “Greening”the urban                           For more information, contact
                                                                                     Eunice Wong, Commercial Officer,
recognizes Canada’s capabilities in
the environmental sector, and its          environment                               Consulate General of Canada, Hong
solid reputation as an environmen-                                                   Kong, tel.: (011-852) 2847-7414,
tally healthy country and a supplier       In October 2000, the Hong Kong            fax: (011-852) 2847-7441, e-mail:
of high-quality products. Canadian         government announced an initiative
                                           for raising environmental standards       Web site:                   9
                                                                 THE EUROPEAN ADVANTAGE

                                   anadian firms specializing in     mainly to an early push by the gov-      technology, into the Baltic Sea
                                   leading-edge environmental        ernment to implement progressive         region — which includes the Baltics,
                                   technologies are invited to the   and extensive environmental pro-         Poland, the St. Petersburg region and
                          environmental mission to the Copen-        grams. This gave local industries a      the Kaliningrad region. As well, the
                          hagen – Malmö/Lund – Göteborg              competitive edge, allowing them to       Eastern Europe Investment Fund
                          regions, from September 3 to 7, 2001.      develop expertise and technology         provides financial assistance for

                          Environmental mission

                          On the road to Scandinavia
                          The Canadian Trade Commissioner            before other countries. As a result,     joint-venture projects between
                          Service (TCS) in Sweden and                those Danish companies opting to         Danish and Eastern European manu-
                          Denmark has timed the mission to           focus on environmental opportuni-        facturing and service firms, not nec-
                          coincide with EcoTech and Process          ties are already oriented towards        essarily related to the environment.
                          Technology, two trade fairs that will      international markets.                       The top growth sectors are solid
                          be taking place in Göteborg that           Opportunities for innovation             waste management and “clean tech-
                          week.                                                                                       ,
                                                                                                              nology” followed by air quality im-
                                                                     There are two excellent reasons for
                              Some of the services the TCS will                                               provement and water treatment.
                                                                     Canadian environmental companies
                          be offering in connection with the                                                      “Waste 21” — With solid waste
                                                                     to come to Denmark. First, the Danish
                          mission include setting up individual-                                              policies now an EU priority, this
                                                                     emphasis on “cleaner technology”
                          ized programs in the three locations,                                               Danish solid waste management
                                                                     products and processes clearly sug-
                          with a focus on private meetings to                                                 program for the period 2000 – 2004
                                                                     gests a strong market for innovative,
                          help participants explore partner-                                                  will create continued growth oppor-
                          ships and opportunities. As an added                                                tunities for waste handling, recycling
                          bonus,“networking”parties will be                                                   technology and distribution sys-
                          held on both the Danish and Swedish                                                 tems. Waste 21 goals include the
                          legs of the trip. The TCS is also                                                   recycling of 65% of industrial waste
                                                                     sophisticated, cutting-edge environ-
                          encouraging prospective participants                                                and 30% of domestic waste by 2004.
                                                                     mental solutions, as opposed to older,
                          to contact them for an assessment of                                                    “Cleaner Technology” — Within
                                                                     more traditional technologies.
                          the potential market for their environ-                                             the next decade, Denmark will be
                                                                         Second, funding programs in
                          mental solutions in Denmark and                                                     stepping up the use of cleaner
                                                                     Denmark have helped make Danish
                          Sweden.                                                                             technology in as many industrial
                                                                     industry the gateway to a broad
                          Öresund Region                                                                      processes as possible, backed by
                                                                     industrial contact base in Central
                                                                                                              ongoing government funding incen-
                          The Öresund bridge links the Danish        and Eastern Europe. Danish indus-
                                                                                                              tives to phase out “end of line” solu-
                          capital of Copenhagen (population          try, in particular manufacturing and
                                                                                                              tions. Denmark will continue to be
                          approx. 2 million), to the Swedish         consulting, is generally receptive to
                                                                                                              receptive to environmental and
                          Malmö/Lund region. The Öresund             joint ventures, with an emphasis on
                                                                                                              resource friendly technologies and
                          region, which includes Greater             providing such services as turn key
                                                                                                              industrial processes.
                          Copenhagen and the southern                solutions, project management and
                          part of Sweden, comprises some             consulting engineering rather than       Constraints
                          14,000 square kilometres and is            simply hardware. Key areas include       Canadian exporters of environmen-
                          home to 2.9 million inhabitants.           waste treatment, water treatment,        tal technologies should be aware
                          DENMARK                                    air improvement, cleaner production      that Danes regard Denmark as a
                                                                     technologies and recycling. Funding      world-class supplier of environmen-
CanadExport July 3,2001

                          The Danish environmental sector,
                                                                     is available to implement and/or         tal solutions, and hence perceive
                          most of which is centred in or
                                                                     develop cleaner technology.              their own technologies as superior
                          around Copenhagen, employs
                                                                     Activities in Eastern Europe             until convinced otherwise. But Danish
                          15,000 people and generates rev-
                                                                                                              decision-makers have a healthy
                          enues worth approximately $5 bil-          The Danish government channels
                                                                                                              respect for innovative and sophisti-
                          lion. Denmark’s importance as a net        considerable environmental funding,
                                                                                                              cated solutions to environmental
                          exporter of environmental technol-         in the form of consultancy services                         Continued on page 11
 10                       ogy and services is on the rise, due       and environmental equipment and
                                      THE EUROPEAN ADVANTAGE

problems. “Low tech” solutions may        with industry to tackle such problems      • Environmental companies in
also find niche applications, but         as air pollution. Last December,               Göteborg:
these are the exception.                  Dr. Geoffrey Ballard was awarded the 
SWEDEN                                    newly instituted Göteborg Environmen-      •   City of Göteborg (in English):
                                          tal Prize for his innovative fuel cell.
Sweden is a net importer of environ-
                                              Since 1989, Göteborg has hosted        •   Environmental network in Malmö
mental technologies but a world
                                          EcoTech, a biennial trade fair, held in        and Öresund region:
leader in life cycle analysis. The
                                          conjunction with the conference      
Swedes have expertise in water treat-
                                          Ecology. This year’s EcoTech will have     •   City of Malmö (in English):
ment and flue gas cleaning, as well as
                                          a new addition: Process Technology,  
bio-fuelled power heating plants
                                          the first trade fair of its kind in        •   Swedish Environmental Protection
used in district heating. Swedish envi-
                                          Scandinavia to embrace all industries          Agency:
ronmental exports are slightly higher
                                          that use processes. Process technolo-
to the Nordic and East European
countries than Swedish exports as a
                                          gies are closely connected to environ-     •   Swedish Enviro Net:
                                          mental solutions and the show should 
whole. Sweden also invests consider-
                                          be a very popular event.                       english/index.htm
ably in Baltic region projects.
    First introduced in 1969, Swedish     Market access issues                       •   Swedish Trade Council – Swedish
environmental legislation was further     While English is widely spoken,having          Environmental Exporters:
strengthened in 1999 with the Envi-       a Swedish partner makes it easier to 
ronmental Code that puts increased        understand bid documents, certifica-            For more information, contact:
pressure on polluters. Canadian envi-     tions,legislation and regulation issues.   •   David Horup, Canadian Embassy,
ronmental technologies may find           As well, since most environmental              Denmark,tel.: (011-45-3) 348-3258,
niche markets in:                         decisions are made at the local level, a       fax: (011-45-3) 348-3221, e-mail:
• Air: advanced industrial emission       partner can help navigate the com-   
   reduction technologies; measuring      plex system of 23 county councils and      •   Inga-Lill Olsson, Canadian Embassy,
   instruments; traffic emission          288 municipalities.                            Sweden, tel.: (011-46-8) 453-3019,
   prevention; indoor air quality                                                        fax: (011-46-8) 453-3016 , e-mail:
                                          Useful Web sites                     
                                          Trade Commissioner Service (including
• Soil: remediation.                      market reports)
• Water: upgraded waste water
   treatment facilities; leachate water   DENMARK
   treatment; groundwater protec-         • Danish Environmental Protection
   tion; measuring instruments.             Agency Homepage (in English,
• Energy: renewable energy sources          including reports):
   and energy efficiency.         
• Waste: waste reduction/recycling;       • Green City Homepage (a showcase
   treatment of hazardous waste.            of Danish environmental technol-
   A landfill tax was introduced in         ogy and capabilities):
   January 2000 and there is now  
   a ban on the landfilling of com-       • The Danish Industrial Symbiosis                  Showcase your
   bustible and compostable waste           Project (ways to reapply waste in a
   from 2002 and 2005, respectively.        local community):                                business abroad!
• Clean products and technologies:                            Over 30,000 companies are
   substitution of environmentally        • The Danish Ministry of Environment           registered members of WIN. Are you?
                                                                                         WIN is a commercially confidential
   damaging substances with safer           and Energy homepage (English                 database of Canadian exporters and
   alternatives.                            versions of Danish Environmental             their capabilities. WIN is used by
                                                                                         trade commissioners in Canada and
                                            Policies):                                   abroad to help members to succeed
Eco-Tech trade fair in Göteborg
                                                         in international markets. To become
                                                                                                                               CanadExport July 3,2001

Environmental issues were high on                                                        a registered member of WIN,
the agenda at the EU Summit in            SWEDEN                                         call 1-888-811-1119. Or go to
Göteborg as the Swedish Presidency        • EcoTech environmental trade fair,   and
                                                                                         register on line.
of the EU came to a close in June.          Sept 4-7, 2001:
Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest 
city and home to industry leaders         • Process Technology trade fair,
such as Volvo, SKF and ESAB, is com-        Sept 4-7, 2001:
mitted to the environment, and works
                                                                          A YEN FOR JAPAN

                          OBSERVATION LEAVENS
                          By Brenda Hawryluk, STEP

                                  ometimes an opportunity is         the visit had ended, suggesting very
                                  made obvious by its very           good potential for long-term business     Chef Syed Shah of CSP Foods from
                                  absence. Twenty or thirty years    relationships.                            Saskatchewan demonstrates the use of
                                                                                                               whole grain products in baked goods.
                          ago, when you sat down to dinner in            How did we get there? With good
                                                                                                               Inset: an appreciative young customer.
                          Japan, chances are you never saw           timing and Saskatchewan expertise.
                          bread. Somebody noticed, and the bak-      STEP’s visit to the Canadian Consulate    General, the Canadian Consulates in
                          ery industry in Japan began. Today, if     General in Osaka last December led to     Fukuoka and Nagoya, the Canadian
                          you sit down to dinner in Japan, you                                                 Embassy in Tokyo and the Canadian
                          might see bread, but if you do it will                                               Wheat Board.
                          almost certainly be white bread.                                                         The whole experience proved
                          Somebody noticed, and that is why we                                                 that when the right ingredients are
                          went to Japan to promote whole wheat                                                 combined for a common goal, the
                          baking products to the Japanese bak-                                                 end product is more business.
                          ery industry.                                                                            For more information, contact
                                                                     an invitation for Saskatchewan com-       Brenda Hawryluk,Trade Specialist,
                          In March, the Saskatchewan Trade           panies to participate in the Canadian     Asia Pacific, Saskatchewan Trade and
                          and Export Partnership — STEP —            Embassy’s Think Canada program            Export Partnership, tel.: (306) 787-
                          organized a series of presentations in     held throughout Japan. This got the       9335, fax: (306) 787-6666, e-mail:
                          Japan on whole grain baked goods           ball rolling and resulted in co-opera- Web
                          and found a Saskatchewan bakery            tion between STEP, the Consulate          site:
                          chef to demonstrate the products.
                          Bakery ingredients and products from
                          InfraReady Products, Randolph and
                          James Flax Mills Ltd., Farmgro
                                                                     3rd Japan International Seafood and
                          Organics and CSP Foods were pre-
                          sented at five events — a week-long
                                                                     Technology Expo
                          bakery fair in the Kansai area, demon-
                          strations in Nagoya and Fukuoka and        TOKYO, JAPAN — July 17–19, 2001—          • Those in the domestic fishing
                          two demonstrations in Tokyo. The           Tokyo Big Sight (         business: municipal governments,
                          audience for these events included         The Department of Foreign Affairs            fishing co-operative associations,
                          some 200 bake shop owners and              and International Trade (DFAIT) has          fishers, fish farming business,
                          chefs, millers, reporters and photogra-    reserved space for a Canada Informa-         fisheries and experimental stations.
                          phers from bakery industry maga-           tion Booth at this trade event, to be         Canadian companies are invited
                          zines, as well as representatives from     held at the Tokyo International           to contact DFAIT if they are interested
                          bakery associations from across the        Exhibition Centre.                        in attending the Expo or having
                          country.                                       Expected visitors include:            their product/company information
                              While the Japanese bakery indus-       • Seafood buyers: large and small         available in the Canada Information
CanadExport July 3,2001

                          try has been quick to turn out exquis-        supermarkets, chain stores, fish       Booth.
                          ite confectionery products, buns,             dealers and other retailers, as well       For further information, contact
                          croissants, and other specialty high-         as mail-order businesses;              Matt Fraser,Trade Commissioner,
                          end products, whole grain products         • Seafood users: hotels and restau-       Japan Division, DFAIT, tel.: (613) 996-
                          are harder to find. The concept is rela-      rants, marine products processing      2974, fax: (613) 944-2397, e-mail:
                          tively new to Japan but STEP’s visit          businesses, meal service busi- Web
                          definitely raised their interest. The         nesses, delicatessens and take-        site:
 12                       conversations continued weeks after           home meal businesses;
                                                       TRADE NEWS

     n October 1999, the Japan Bank           responsibilities with JBIC’s non-conces-    of a market economy including
     for International Co-operation           sional lending (i.e.some form of mixed      strengthening small and medium-sized
     (JBIC) ( was formed       credit financing). In addition, JBIC will   enterprises and encouraging private
through the amalgamation of the               provide assistance directly to human        sector investment from overseas.
Export-Import Bank of Japan (JEXIM)           resource development and poverty-               In terms of future trends for JBIC
and the Overseas Economic Co-operation        reduction programs. Assistance to           vis à vis Japan’s official development
Fund (OECF). Although there is now only       women will play an important factor         assistance, certain changes are
one official entity responsible for Japan’s   in all the programs.                        expected:
trade and development loans,JBIC still
maintains separate accounts for its two
distinct mandates. Japan’s official devel-
                                              Japanese official development assistance

opment assistance (ODA) loans are being
managed by the Overseas Economic Co-
operation Operations side of the organi-
zation,while the International Financial
Operations side manages the trade-
related financing.                            2. Action on global issues                  • There will be a slight reduction in
                                                                                            Japan’s ODA loans from year to year.
                                              JBIC will devote more of its ODA
In the past, JBIC devoted most of                                                           Approved ODA loans dropped by
                                              resources to environmental problems
its ODA loans to strengthening the                                                          5% from FY1998 (1,111 billion yens)
                                              such as global warming and other
economic infrastructure of the                                                              to FY1999 (1,052 billion yens), and
                                              global issues including energy con-
recipient countries. The new ODA                                                            further reductions are envisaged.
                                              servation, overpopulation, AIDS, food
policy of JBIC will now focus on
                                              shortage and drug abuse. Focus will
                                                                                          • Due to domestic pressure, JBIC will
three priority areas:                                                                       allow a higher percentage of “tied”
                                              be also given to capacity building in
1. Support for poverty reduction                                                            contracts to Japanese firms. It is
                                              recipient countries in these areas.
and economic and social                                                                     expected that 50% of consultancy
                                              3. Support for structural reform              contracts financed by JBIC’s ODA
                                              With the Asian economic crisis still          loans will now be open only to
JBIC will provide ODA loans to actively
                                              fresh, JBIC’s ODA loans will provide          Japanese firms, up from 30%. JBIC
support the development of both
                                              support to help recipient countries           will also collaborate more with the
social and economic infrastructure
                                              develop viable social safety nets,            Japan International Co-operation
and industries, emphasizing the co-
                                              institutional reform in both legal and        Agency (JICA), which finances
ordination and division of roles and
                                              financial sectors, and the promotion          technical assistance contracts via
                                                                                            grant aid and uses only Japanese
WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS                                                                       consultants upfront (foreign con-
                                                                                            sultants have to work through
DISCOVER A WORLD OF TRADE THROUGH WIN EXPORTS!                                              these Japanese counterparts).
                                                                                          • Due to Japan’s own financial diffi-
Women-owned businesses make up a              commissioners and private compa-              culties, JBIC will expect to be more
significant proportion of Canadian            nies with over 50 business deals              active in pursuing co-financing or
exporters but they are under-repre-           signed. I would encourage any busi-           parallel financing options for devel-
sented on the WIN Exports database            ness owner to join the WIN Exports            opmental projects, not only with
of DFAIT’s Trade Commissioner Service.        database.”                                    bilateral aid agencies, but also with
This is a confidential listing of Cana-       Robin Saunders, President, North              international financial institutions
dian exporters and their capabilities.        American Specialty Paper Inc.,                such as the World Bank and the
Help us expand your export opportu-           Hemmingford, Quebec.                          Asian Development Bank.
                                                                                                         Continued on page 15 – JBIC
nities by registering now on-line at              For more information, check out                   the Business Women in Trade Web
                                                                                                                                       CanadExport July 3,2001

    Here is what one women business           site (
owner had to say about WIN:                   women) or contact Andrea Kucey,
    “It is a wonderful way to get inter-      Trade Commissioner for Business
national exposure for any Canadian            Women in Trade, Export Services —
company. It is very simple to use and         Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
easy for people to find you. In the last      Division, DFAIT, tel.: (613) 996- 4785,           1-888-811-1119
year and a half, our company has had          fax: (613) 996-9265, e-mail: andrea.    
at least a hundred leads from trade                                                                    13
                                                                                TRADE NEWS

                                      round the globe,” says Keith      more specialized events such as the
                                      Chang,“people who know            upcoming photonics conference.
                                      technology realize that               Chang notes that Canada is doing
                          Canada is a country with a great deal         very well in exporting telecommuni-
                          of strength in its technology industry.”      cations products and services, as well
                          Chang is one of the Canadians working         as wireless technologies and mobile
                                                                                                                           PROGRAM FOR
                          Backing up the players in                                                                          EXPORT MARKET

                          Canada’s high-tech                                                                        S
                                                                                                                            ince 1971, the Program
                                                                                                                            for Export Market
                                                                                                                            Development (PEMD)*
                                                                                                                    has helped over 30,000 Cana-

                          hard to foster that reputation. At            communications. It’s also actively pro-
                                                                                                                    dian businesses to market their
                                                                                                                    products and services abroad.
                                                                                                                    PEMD assists small Canadian
                                                                                                                    firms to export and diversify
                                                                                                                    into new markets by sharing
                                                                                                                    the costs of various market
                          Industry Canada, he is director of the        moting Internet-based sectors, such
                          International Business Development            as e-commerce, security and on-line         development activities that
                          Division within the Information and           government. Where Canada could do           they would hesitate to under-
                          Communications Technologies Branch.           more internationally is in new media        take alone, thereby reducing
                          He and his team promote Canadian              and software. Other areas with great        the financial risks. To date,
                          high-tech to foreign countries, and           potential are telemedicine and on-line      sales stemming from PEMD-
                          provide assistance to firms looking to        education. Says Chang,“We could be          supported activities have
                          expand into the global marketplace.           building on our strength in those areas     exceeded $14 billion.
                          Among their partners are DFAIT, CIDA,         by looking for markets overseas.”               For more information,con-
                          other federal/provincial agencies and             Right now, 85% of information and       tact the ITC in your area or visit
                          industry associations.                        communications technology exports
                                                                                                                    our Web site:www.infoexport.
                                                                        go to the United States. Other leading
                          One key task of Chang’s team is to            export destinations are Europe, Asia
                          organize Canadian participation in            Pacific and Latin America. Chang’s
                                                                                                                    *PEMD is jointly administered by
                          trade shows abroad. For example,              team is focusing on those regions
                                                                                                                    DFAIT and Industry Canada.
                          every four years the International            because they offer plenty of scope for
                          Telecommunications Union (a UN                expansion. Another market not to be
                          agency) holds the world’s most                ignored is China, though Chang cau-        and a welcome correction: “The bub-
                          important telecommunications show.            tions that it is very competitive and      ble had to burst. It may be a good les-
                          All the big names in telecommunica-           hard to break into. Despite that,          son for people that you shouldn’t get
                          tions attend, and every country has a         Nortel Networks and other firms            caught up in unrealistic expectations.”
                          national presence. The International          achieved major successes on the 2001          For the longer term he remains
                          Business Development Division repre-          Team Canada trade mission to China.        hopeful. When it comes to high-tech,
                          sents Canada at the show and gives                Trade barriers are not the only dif-   he says,“In the last 10 years or so,
                          extensive support to businesses               ficulties to be overcome by exporters.     Canada has developed a lot of lead-
                          wanting to participate. If companies          “You also have to adopt different          ing players.”Chang and his team will
                          express interest, it does the same at         approaches and practices for different     keep working to give them the
                                                                        cultures,”says Chang. Canadians find       backup support they need to win.
CanadExport July 3,2001

                                                                        it easy to do business in the United          For more information, visit the
                                                                        States because the language and            Trade Team Canada — Information
                                                                        culture are so much like Canada’s. In      and Communications Technologies
                                                                        Europe the differences are greater,        Web site:
                           Providing valuable step-by-step procedures   and in the Asia-Pacific region they           This article is based on an inter-
                           by experienced trade experts on how to do    are vast.                                  view that appeared in the May-June
                                   business around the world.               Chang views the slowdown in the        2001 issue of htc — Canada’s HiTech
 14                          Call 1-800-561-3488 or visit   U.S.economy as a short-term problem        Career Journal (
                                           TRADE FAIRS AND MISSIONS

Construction boom in the Gulf                                                                 For more information, contact
                                                                                          Sanam Shahani, Commercial Officer,
                                                                                          Canadian Consulate, Dubai, United
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES —                    All of the above sectors will be         Arab Emirates, tel.: (011-971) 4-352-
October 27-31, 2001 — Dubai has              featured at the Big 5 Show, which last       1717, fax: (011-971) 4-351-7722,
just announced the development               year attracted over 20,000 professional      e-mail:
of a palm tree shaped island that will       visitors and 1,500 companies from            Web site: or
meet the needs of its booming tourist        50 countries. There will be a Canadian       Cosmos Pacific Investment & Con-
industry. The resort will include 2,000      pavilion on site to facilitate Canadian      sulting Inc., Vancouver, B.C., tel.:
theme villas, 40 luxury hotels, shop-        company participation in this event.         (604) 731-9663, fax: (604) 263-1652,
ping complexes, cinemas, a marine                Information on the Big 5 Show is         e-mail: Web
park and 120 km of sandy beaches.            available at               site:
The largest development in the world         big5_home.html
of this kind, the project will be com-
pleted in five years.
    This and many other projects like        Salon Maison Bois                                The French home building market
the Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival                                                          is estimated to be $17 billion and is on
City, and the Dubai International            ANGERS, FRANCE — September 28 -              the rise as the growing interest in wood
Airport expansion, which will be             October 1, 2001 — The Groupe Target          housing in France has resulted in a steady
completed in various phases, have            International invites Canadian busi-         increase in this type of construction.
created huge opportunities for               nesses to participate in the third annual        For further information about
exporters of products and services           Salon Maison Bois.                           the Salon, visit
in the following sectors: building               Dedicated exclusively to wooden
and construction, water technology           house construction and wood interi-              For information and reservations,
and environment, air conditioning            ors, the Salon Maison Bois is aimed at       contact Nadine Gaillardet, tel.: (514)
and refrigeration, cleaning and              both professionals in the wood indus-        683-8108, e-mail: targetinternational
maintenance, bathrooms and                   try and the general public. Since 1999,
ceramics.                                    this event has attracted thousands of            For more information on France’s
                                             visitors from all over France as well as     construction materials industry, con-
                                             neighbouring European countries.             tact Cécile Bourdages, Commercial
Team Canada                                      The majority of the exhibitors at last
                                             year’s show said that they were particu-
                                                                                          Officer, Canadian Embassy, Paris, tel.:
                                                                                          (011-33-1) 44 43 23 74,fax:(011-33-1)

Atlantic                                     larly satisfied with the contacts they
                                             made, and many expect to increase
                                                                                          44 43 29 98, e-mail: cecile.bourdages
                                                                                 Web site: www.
                                             their current production by 10 to 30%.
— Continued from page 6
Only the start
Consul General Pregel was delighted
by these early indications of success.
                                             JBIC     — Continued from page 13
                                                                                          petitive and better connected in
                                                                                          projects financed by JBIC. Despite
“There are many similarities between                                                      this, there are still many good
Atlantic Canada and Georgia that             • While Asia will remain the largest         opportunities for Canadian firms
should yield new opportunities for              recipient of ODA loans (91% in            willing to persevere in developing a
trade in virtually every sector. . .”she        1998 and 89% in 1999), JBIC is            good relationship with JBIC and in
remarked.“We have more than suc-                expected to take into account more        establishing partnerships with their
ceeded and we now expect Cana-                  Japan’s strategic interest in future      Japanese counterparts, in particular
dian companies to build on the                  loan approvals.This could mean            for engineering and consulting
relationships begun here.”                      fewer loans to recipient countries        contracts in Asia, Latin America and
    For more information, visit the             like China and more to countries in       Africa, financed by official Japanese
                                                                                                                                       CanadExport July 3,2001

Team Canada Atlantic Web site                   Latin America.                            development assistance through or                     Canadian companies have not             JBIC and JICA.
contact Denis Langlois, Consul, or           had a great deal of success in the               For more information, contact
Mary Jane King, Communications               past with JBIC-financed projects.            Edward Wang,Trade Commissioner
Officer, Canadian Consulate General,         This is partially due to cultural and        and Asia Team Leader, Export
Atlanta, tel.: (404) 532-2000, fax:          language barriers, but, more impor-          Financing Division, DFAIT, tel.: (613)
(404) 532-2050,Web site: www.                tantly, to the perception that Japanese      996-6188, fax: (613) 943-1100, e-mail:                         firms are much bigger, more com-                   15
                          IFI Opportunity Alert Program                                                     — Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                           996-0917, fax: (613) 996-5897, e-mail:
                                                                                                                                               For valuable information on under-
                          our effort to raise the level of partici-                     opportunities in the South Asia                    standing the procurement business,
                          pation of Canadian companies in IFI                           region. This will be used as a                     planning your strategy, identifying
                          projects, we have developed an IFI                            notification list for the dissemination            and pursuing leads, business guides,
                          Opportunity Alert Program, which                              of project information and related                 assistance in Canada and abroad,
                          includes the following components:                            procurement notices.                               useful links, upcoming events and
                                                                                                                                           success stories, visit IFInet at www.
                                                                        IFI Lending Commitments                                  
                                                                                South Asia Region - 2000                                       “The World” under www.dfait-
                                                                                                                                  has specific
                                                                                                                                           information on the South Asian coun-
                                                                                                                                           tries and their priority market sectors.
                          US $ Million

                                                                                                                                           Under “Trade”on this site, you can
                                                                                                                                           find contact details for our sectoral
                                                                                                                                 707       officers in South Asia.
                                           500                                  279.7       228.3
                                                                                                          41.6          18
                                                     India    Bangladesh    Sri Lanka   Nepal          Bhutan      Maldives    Pakistan

                                                                                  WB            AsDB            Total

                          • All active pipeline projects funded       For more information, including
                             by the World Bank and the Asian      instructions on getting your company   IFInet is your Internet gateway to procurement
                             Development Bank in the region       included in this database, contact the business funded by international financial
                             are tracked, focusing on the power, South Asia Division, DFAIT, tel.: (613) institutions (IFIs) and UN agencies.
                             oil and gas, information technol-                                 
                             ogy, transportation, agriculture,
                             mining, housing, infrastructure and                        365 days a year!
                             environment sectors.
                          • A daily search is conducted for                             Canadexport on-line: “connected”to
                             procurement notices.
                          • IFI project information is sent to                          global markets
                             companies with related export
                             experience and/or product lines.     For more articles, see
                             These companies are sourced
                             through Industry Canada’s Web          Canadexport on-line sponsors
                             site and the WinExport database.
                              As a next step, we are developing a
                          database of Canadian companies                         Canadian
                          interested in pursuing IFI business                    Corporation                 (DFAIT Geographic Bureaus)

                                         Enquiries Service                            DFAIT’s Enquiries Service provides counselling, publications, and referral sevices to Canadian
                                                                                      exporters.Trade-related information can be obtained by calling 1-800-267-8376 (Ottawa region:
                                         944-4000) or by fax at (613) 996-9709; by calling the Enquiries Service FaxLink (from a fax machine) at (613) 944-4500; or by accessing the
                                         DFAIT Internet site at
CanadExport July 3,2001

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                                                                                                                              if undeliverable:
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                                                                                                                              2750 Sheffield Road, Bay 1         Canada Post
                                                                                                                              Ottawa, ON K1B 3V9           Agreement Number 1453025


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