Eliminating Credit Card Debt Without Filing Bankruptcy

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					 p e n n s y lv a n i a c r e d i t u n i o n a s s o c i at i o n

Collections &
                                    May 20–21, 2008 • state college, pa

            Make your credit union’s
             collections efforts
                 more productive.
       p e n n s y lv a n i a c r e d i t u n i o n a s s o c i at i o n

Collections & Bankruptcy
                                                    May 20–21, 2008 • state college, pa
Don’t look now, but the direct and indirect impact of today’s subprime lending meltdown,
combined with a shaky economy, could bring significant challenges for your collections
department. Get informed about important collections and bankruptcy issues – and what
they mean in practical terms for your organization. This conference will help you use effective
collection tactics, guard against fraud, and know the ins and outs of the debt sales industry.
You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas with your peers and get updates on the
Bankruptcy Reform Act.

 Day 1: Collections                               Day 2: Bankruptcy
 collections updates                              Bankruptcy aBcs
 • Evaluate and update your current credit        • Identify the early warning signs of bankruptcy
   and collections policies                       • Strengthen your credit union’s position if a
 • Recognize the most common causes                 bankruptcy is unavoidable
   of delinquency                                 • Understand the difference between
 • Discuss the steps for success in a               Chapters 7 and 13
   collections call
                                                  Bankruptcy update: trends, surprises,
 Fraud and How it relates                         and opportunities
 to collections                                   • Learn about recent filing trends and
 • Recognize current schemes and scams              predictions for the year
   perpetrated on credit unions                   • Review the unexpected consequences of
 • Discover why credit unions are soft              the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and
   targets for fraud                                Consumer Protection Act
 • Establish policies and procedures to           • Discuss how today’s real estate market will
   prevent fraud losses                             affect bankruptcies
                                                  • Know how real estate loans are treated
 Best practices roundtable                          in bankruptcy
 • Review the collections tools and               • Discuss new legislative activities designed to
   techniques used by your peers                    assist delinquent homeowners
 • Discuss your current challenges                • Learn how credit reporting after a
   in collections                                   bankruptcy is affected by the Fair Credit
 debt purchase programs                             Reporting Act
 • Understand the evolution of the debt           • Discuss recent decisions on the automatic stay
   sale industry                                  update on the Bankruptcy reform act
 • Know the pros and cons of selling              • Understand the new elements of
   your charged-off accounts                        Chapter 7: abuse, means testing, and
 • Discuss drafting and understanding               state median income levels
   the contractual requirements                   • Examine the reaffirmation requirements,
                                                    required disclosures, court approvals, and
                                                    the credit union exception
                                                  • Learn about the elimination of the
                                                    debtor’s option to retain collateral without
                                                    redeeming or reaffirming
                                                  • Review new developments in credit card
                                                    debt, student loans, and exempt property
                                                  • Understand the new rules eliminating the
                                                    “strip-down” of many secured claims
Registration Form
attendee information                                                                            collections &
Legal name _____________________________________________                                        Bankruptcy conference
Name preferred on badge __________________________________                                      q May 20–21, 2008
Title __________________________________________________                                          State College, PA
                                                                                                  (PAC5208) $379
CU name ______________________________________________
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                                                                                                day 1: collections
City _______________________ State _______ Zip ____________
                                                                                                q May 20, 2008
Daytime phone number (_____)______________________________
                                                                                                  State College, PA
Fax number (_____) _______________________________________                                        (PA05208) $229
E-mail address (required) __________________________________
(Important confirmation and program information will be sent via e-mail)
                                                                                                day 2: Bankruptcy
q Check here if you have any disability that requires special services
                                                                                                q May 21, 2008
In case of emergency, please contact (required):
                                                                                                  State College, PA
Day contact name ________________________________________                                         (PA05218) $229
Phone (_____)___________________________________________
Night contact name _______________________________________

Phone (_____)___________________________________________
Completion of this form shall signify authorization to assist the registrant in emergency
situations and to use the information on the form, or otherwise provided by registrant,
in such situations.

payment Method (Payment must accompany registration)
q Check/share draft (Payable to Credit Union National Association)
q Credit card (Fax to 608-231-4327)
Charge $ ________________ to my                    q Visa®        q MasterCard®
Card account number ________ /_________ /________ /_________
Expiration date __________________________________________

Print name as it appears on card ______________________________
Signature ______________________________________________
If you do not receive confirmation within two weeks of registration,
please call 800-356-9655, ext. 4387.                                                              today!
When you register online and pay with ACH or credit card, you will receive your
registration confirmation via e-mail within three business days. Please allow up                 Visit
to 10 days if you pay by check.                                                                 and choose Event Calendar.
Cancellations received in writing (via fax 608-231-4327) seven or more days before the
start of the program are eligible for a refund of the amount paid minus a $50 administrative     For registration assistance,
fee. No refunds will be granted if cancellation is received six days or less before a program   e-mail or
begins. Substitutions are accepted anytime prior to the start of the program.
                                                                                                call 800-356-9655, ext. 4387.
Kathryn R. Baxter has more than
twenty years of experience in consumer
debt collections, regulatory compliance,
and operations management. She currently
serves as a faculty member for the
University of Maryland’s Graduate School of
Management and Technology. Kathryn has
authored articles for Credit Union Magazine
on compliance and debt collection. As
the external trainer for NCUA’s Office of
Small Credit Union Initiatives, she traveled
throughout the U.S. facilitating workshops
for credit unions with assets less than
$50 million.

Who should attend?
You’ll find this training beneficial if you’re
responsible for collections, working with
delinquent accounts, or setting policies and
procedures. The program will also expand
your knowledge of the legal and regulatory
issues in collections and bankruptcy.

8:30–9:00 a.m.     Registration
9:00 a.m.–Noon     Sessions
Noon–1:00 p.m.     Networking lunch
1:00–4:00 p.m.     Sessions

$379 for both days or $229 for one day.
(Credit unions under $20 million in assets
receive a 25% discount.)

Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center
One Country Club Lane
State College, PA 16803
Phone: 800-252-3551 or 814-234-8000
Fax: 814-238-4404
Rate: $109
Reserve lodging by April 18, 2008
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p e n n s y lv a n i a c r e d i t u n i o n a s s o c i a t i o n

Collections &
                         May 20–21 • state college, pa
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