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                                                                                                         January 2008
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      F a x 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 4 6 E m a i l o r d e r s @ e c o t r e n d . c a w w w. e c o t r e n d . c a
                                                                                                              January 2008

Naturally Grown and Aged Garlic Tincture

GH Extra Garlic Tincture is made            • Fight & protection against cancer          oils, chemical preservatives have to be
according to an original Tibetan recipe     • Reduction of high blood pressure           added. Another disadvantage is that
dating back to the 13th century when it     • Reduction of cholesterol levels            some manufacturers, in an effort to
was hand-made and produced 100%             • Increase of virility                       suppress the aroma, use just subliminal
free of chemicals.                          • Can fight some allergies and eczema        doses of the garlic essential oils in the
                                            • Improves immune system                     capsules.
GH Extra Garlic Tincture contains
only pure garlic and 38% alcohol, no        GH Extra garlic tincture is odour free The biggest asset of GH Extra Garlic
preservatives, additives, stabilizers or    if taken before main meals with milk or Tincture is the fact that it is in liquid
colours. Alcohol helps to get the best      juice. Potential allicin is 1473 mg/L.     form and almost fully utilizable. The
out of the approximately 400 curative                                                  body absorbs the effective substances
substances that are normally contained      How does GH Garlic Tincture dissolved in the alcohol tincture very
in one clove of garlic. The body is not     compare to garlic tablets or quickly. The substances start to get into
able to absorb all of these substances                                                 the blood even in the mouth and gullet,
                                            gelatin capsules?
when garlic is eaten raw, the maximum                                                  and digesting them does not cause the
                                            The most common medicinal forms of
absorption is 25-30%. The rest is unfor-                                               body unnecessary burden. The garlic
                                            garlic preparations are tablets or gelatin
tunately wasted. From GH Extra Garlic                                                  aroma can be eliminated by dissolving
                                            capsules. Dried garlic tablets are coat-
tincture the human body can absorb                                                     the preparation in a glass of mineral
                                            ed with a solid suspension. In capsules,
more than 50-65%. Plus – it is odour                                                   water or (even better) in a glass of low
                                            the garlic essential oils are bound in
free after the admission and non-                                                      fat milk.
                                            soya oil and coated with gelatin. These
                                            methods of preparation considerably
                                            eliminate the typical garlic odour as the
This unique natural product is hand
                                            coating does not decompose before it
made. No machines are used. Only
                                            reaches the digestive tract. These
plastic knives are used to take the skins
                                            advantages are, on the other hand,
off. This is an important fact because
                                            connected with some disadvantages.
iron or metal instruments can harm
some of garlic’s important substances.
                                            Some of the desirable substances are
GH Extra tincture – if used regularly
                                            often degraded when making the
– has a positive influence on your bodi-
                                            tablets and capsules especially the
ly functions, especially in the following
                                            tablets during the drying process. The
                                            oil capsules usually contain sulphure-
                                            ous essential oils only, often of synthet-
• Detoxification
                                            ic origin. Because of high instability of
• Reduction of stress level

                          C a l l 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 7 6 To l l F r e e 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 5 . 7 0 6 5
           F a x 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 4 6 E m a i l o r d e r s @ e c o t r e n d . c a w w w. e c o t r e n d . c a
                                                                                                                January 2008
Oligo-Flex™ is the only effective anti-inflammatory
molecule that is fast-acting!
Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis, occurring in mainly in peo-   that Oligo-Flex™ is more potent than glucosamine for the
ple 40 years and older, that is characterized by chronic             reduction of inflammation in long term preventive use.
degeneration of the cartilage of the joints. It is also called
degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis commonly affects          The people who use Oligo-Flex™ report that the product
the hands, feet, spine, and large weight-bearing joints, such        relieves joint pains in the back, knees, hands, elbows and
as the hips and knees. Joint pain and stiffness are the most         shoulders in particular and help them maintain an active
common symptoms of this disease. The progression is slow             lifestyle. They effect of the product is very fast, most people
but constant.                                                        feel the benefit of the product within 1 week!

Oligo-Flex™, a new natural product manufactured using a              From the results obtained in the preclinical trial, it can be
biological process, is a poly-glucosamine. Oligo-Flex™               concluded that:
product is designed for people who suffer from arthrosis,
osteoarthritis or inflammatory diseases of the joints. The           1. Daily administrations of Oligo-Flex™ can help reduce
experiments done in laboratory provided strong indications              inflammation symptoms.
that this new product could become a potent alternative in           2. With Oligo-Flex™, reduction in inflammation is visible
relieving joint pain caused by these diseases.                          after only 1 week of use.
                                                                     3. Results suggest that Oligo-Flexx™ exhibits stronger
The effect of the Oligo-Flex™ product on the progression of             effectiveness at reducing symptoms severity after injury
chronic inflammation reactions have been demonstrated in                and can be used as a long term preventive measure
a preclinical trial. The results had shown the effectiveness            again joint injury.
on the swelling reduction; the inflammation decreased for            4. The results suggest a dosage of 1500 mg per day.
subjects even for a smaller dose of Oligo-Flex™ compared             5. Oligo-Flex™ provides attenuation of asteoarthritic
to the control group. The degree of the inflammation reduc-             symptoms.
tion is faster when Oligo-Flex™ is used. The active ingredi-
ent in Oligo-Flex™ product relieves joint pain much more
rapidly than products based on ordinary glucosamine.

In the study, the reduction or prevention of symptoms in
acute osteoarthritis (injury) had also been studied. They
have been verifying the ability of Oligo-Flex™ to help pre-
vent or reduce acute osteoarthritis symptoms. The results
have shown that the inflammation decreased in the groups
using Oligo-Flex™ while inflammation continued to
increase in the group receiving glucosamine. After 5 days,
Oligo-Flex™ continues its anti-inflammation action.
Comparative results in the reduction of joint swelling show

                          C a l l 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 7 6 To l l F r e e 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 5 . 7 0 6 5
           F a x 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 4 6 E m a i l o r d e r s @ e c o t r e n d . c a w w w. e c o t r e n d . c a
                                                                                                             January 2008

Landmark Decision: Canadian Health Authorities Approve Aloe's
Effectiveness & Permit Label Claims
Hard science behind Danish aloe product shines through during inspection process

COPENHAGEN, DEN – The Danish company, Aloe Vera                     and grateful for having strong collaborative partnerships in
Group, made incredible strides into international distribution      the industry. “We’re a small company, but we’re a leader
when the Canadian Health Authorities recognized their aloe          because we have a leader behind us,” he said commenting
gel as effective for treating sunburn, minor burns, cuts and to     on Aloecorp, his raw material supplier. “No one else could
assist wound healing. Known worldwide for their superior            have met the standards that Canada required.”
quality standards and scientific requirements, the Canadian         Aloe Vera Group is also known for its aloe juice drink and a
Health Authorities grant a Natural Products Number (NPN)            cosmetic line that includes facial creams, lotion, soap and
and the permission to make label claims only to products that       shampoo. All their products utilize 50 – 99,5 % of Aloecorp’s
meet the strictest requirements.                                    ACTIValoe8GEL, which is guaranteed to contain at least
“We strive to make the best, the cleanest line— only organic        10% polysaccharides, the vital active component of the aloe
Aloe Vera, no parabens, no perfumes, no petrolatum,” said           plant.
Jesper Hummeluhr, Owner of Aloe Vera Group. “It’s not just          “There are many aloe drinks on the market today, but we
offering an aloe product, it’s having a product that’s truly        have a very pure product,” Hummeluhr said. He commented
safe, effective and doesn’t harm the environment.” The com-         on how aloe’s effectiveness is often compromised by expo-
pany is excited to add the Canadian NPN to the approvals            sure to oxygen during manufacturing. “Both Aloecorp’s and
they’ve earned in European markets as well, including the           our manufacturing processes ensure there is no air contact
Nordic Swan Mark- the Scandinavian eco-label- and GMP               until the consumer opens the bottle.”
certification by the Danish Health Authorities, a medical           Aloe Vera Groups products are sold in Health Stores in most
grade GMP approval.                                                 of Canada.
It took incredible effort and scientific foundation for Aloe Vera   All of Aloecorp’s products are IASC-certified. The Company’s
Group to get this far. Hummeluhr began the company short-           corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas; their growing,
ly after discovering aloe’s benefits while traveling in the         processing and R&D centers are located in Lyford, Texas,
1980’s. It began with applying aloe gel to his traveling com-       Mexico and China. With a solid foundation in scientific
panion’s sunburn. “I thought, ‘This would be very helpful           methodology, Aloecorp’s products are supported by pub-
back home.’ After long winters, we often head outside as            lished, peer-reviewed studies. All the company’s products are
soon as the sun returns and tend to get sunburned.” He pur-         subject to superior quality standards to guarantee purity,
chased a few plants in Thailand and brought them home,              potency and biological activity. Aloecorp is part of the
sharing them with friends. Since then, his company has been         ECONET global family of health and natural product compa-
a key player in the aloe industry as the plant has rapidly          nies. Visit Aloecorp online at: www.aloecorp.com.
become one of the most sought-after natural remedies in the
world.                                                              To learn more about Aloe Vera Group, please visit
Now on the eve of the company’s 20th anniversary,                   www.aloeveragroup.ca To contact Aloecorp please email
Hummeluhr is impressed with the progress they’ve made               info@aloecorp.com or call (512) 327-0050, ext. 101.

                          C a l l 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 7 6 To l l F r e e 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 5 . 7 0 6 5
           F a x 1 . 6 0 4 . 8 7 6 . 9 8 4 6 E m a i l o r d e r s @ e c o t r e n d . c a w w w. e c o t r e n d . c a

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