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									   "Our primary goal is to improve security and safety for all our customers, consumers and businesses, regardless of size, through a balance of technology innovation, guidance and industry leadership. We're
                      committed to continued innovation that addresses the threats of today and anticipates those that will undoubtedly emerge in the future." - Bill Gates, February 15, 2005

Security Quick Reference -

Guidance                                                                                                      Communications
The Security Guidance Centers provide the most prescriptive security guidance Microsoft has to                Stay on top of the latest security issues quickly and easily by signing up for free Microsoft security
offer as well as security tools, security response information, such as security bulletins and virus          communications. You can find all of these newsgroups, newsletters, notification services and more
alerts, to assist in securing your environment. Choose the Security Guidance Center that is right for         on the TechNet Security Center.
you at
Worldwide:                                                   Security Newsletter for IT Professionals -

IT Professionals                                                                                              Security Notifications Services -
Get overviews and general information as well as product-specific security guidance on the TechNet
                                                                                                              Security Bulletin Webcast –
Security Center and the TechNet IT Solutions Center.
                                                                                                              Security Newsletter for home users -
IT Pro Security Community –
                                                                                                              Security Update Alerts for home users -
Medium-sized Businesses
The Medium Business IT Solution Series is designed for growing businesses that are progressively              How to Tell If a Microsoft Security-Related Message is Genuine -
increasing the use of IT to empower employees and connect with customers.                           

Small Businesses                                                                                              Free Tools
Specifically for small businesses to help prevent costly business interruptions, and help promote
continued employee productivity. Find information on the Security Guidance Center for Small                   Download free tools and updates that help you assess vulnerabilities and strengthen the security of
Business.                                                                                                     your environment. You can find all of these tools, technologies and more on the TechNet Security                                                 Center.
Small Business Security Guide
Download this 62-page guide that helps explain why security is important to your business and
provides steps to help protect your small business IT environment.                                            Software Updates
                                                                                                              Managing software updates (patches) is an issue of critical importance to system administrators and
Consumers                                                                                                     IT managers. Microsoft offers a number of tools to help you manage and simplify the task of keeping
                                                                                                              systems up-to-date.
Use the resources available on the Security at Home site to help protect your computer, yourself and          Guidance -
your family from viruses, hackers, and other threats.                                                                             Recent Security Incidents -

Developers                                                                                                    Security Updates -
The MSDN Security Developer Center pulls together content and resources around specific products
and technologies. It provides code samples, community sites, technical articles, documentation,               Software Update Services -
upcoming events, and much more.                                 

Free Training                                                                                                 Microsoft Security Products
Register for free security management training, including security briefings, hands-on labs, security         Learn how you can use Microsoft products and technologies to help your company enhance the
webcasts, and in-depth e-learning for both IT professionals and developers.                                   security of its systems. Check out the TechNet Security Center for product- and technology-specific                                                                             guidance that will help you protect your platforms, networks, desktops, and data. For a complete
                                                                                                              listing of Microsoft security products and technologies, visit the Product and Technology Security
Security Webcasts -                                           Center.

Security360 with Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Security Business and
Technology Unit –                                                               Microsoft Security Partners
E-Learning Security Training -                                           Find partners with proven Security expertise.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Updated May 16, 2005

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