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									  Survey for “2008 - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry”

Training Industry, Inc. continually reviews and evaluates companies that provide training business
process outsourcing (T-BPO) services and conducts assessments to determine suppliers' capabilities,
experience, and expertise. As part of our commitment to create a more efficient marketplace for learning
and as a service to our members, Training Industry, Inc. prepares an annual list of the "TOP 20
Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry" to help buy-side organizations searching for the right
training partner.

                                                  The Top 20 List is seen annually by more than 2.5
                                                  million people in trade journals, research reports,
                                                  industry web sites, press releases, magazines, and
                                                  other media and shows up first on a Google search
                                                  for “top training companies”.

The list recognizes the leading T-BPO companies for their high quality of services and comprehensive
capabilities. Companies selected must demonstrate expertise and experience in managing major BPO
engagements as well as having created a significant impact on the industry.

In many instances, the list is the first and only place that major buyers consult to identify the leading
companies to outsource training services. In addition to prime exposure on the
portal, those selected receive a placard identifying the company as an award recipient. The placard can be
displayed on web sites, news releases, or printed materials and has proven to be extremely beneficial in
communicating the high level of achievement of the organization and its commitment to leadership and
world class quality service. The Top 20 Lists for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 can be viewed on at

Selection to our fifth annual “TOP 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry” will be
based on the following criteria:

       Experience in managing multi-year training BPO engagements
       Recognition as a leading outsourcing service provider (OSP) in the training industry
       Capability to deliver multiple BPO training services
       Revenue generated from training BPO services
       Potential for growth in training BPO services
       Analytics and evaluation methods applied to training BPO services
       Strength of clients
       Demonstrated strategic alignment of training BPO services with client business goals
       Geographic reach
       Impact on the training BPO industry
       Talent of corporate leadership and professional staff
       Breadth of resources
       Commitment to the training BPO industry

  Because of the diversity of services included in training outsourcing engagements, no attempt will be
                                         made to rank the Top 20.

           2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
As part of the Top 20 selection process, Training Industry, Inc. also recognizes leading training
                                           companies in two other important and significant categories:

                                           Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing - includes
                                           recognized industry leaders that have demonstrated innovation
                                           and excellence in providing learning outsourcing services in
                                           selected business process categories and are poised to increase
                                           their level of services to clients.

                                           Top Specialized Learning Process Providers (LPP) - includes
                                           those companies that are recognized as leaders or 'best in class'
                                           in supplying specific learning process services in support of
                                           comprehensive training outsourcing service providers or
directly to corporate and government clients.

Identifying these additional categories of leading learning
companies further helps buy-side organizations to make              The Selection Committees for the
informed decisions and improve the costs and quality of             “Emerging Leaders in Training
procured learning services.                                         Outsourcing” and “Specialized
                                                                    LPP” lists rely heavily on data
Please be diligent in completing the questionnaire and return       submitted in this survey.
it no later 5:00 p.m. EDT on May 30, 2008 to Jim Hanlin,
Chief Marketing Officer of Training Industry, Inc.

Complete and accurate responses help to ensure that your company is properly considered. Late or
incomplete information will inhibit the selection committee’s ability to evaluate and may prohibit your
organization from being considered for these prestigious lists of outstanding T-BPO companies.

The "TOP 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry" list is scheduled to be announced the
week of June 23, 2008.

The other two lists, “Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing” & “Top Specialized Learning
Process Providers (LPP)” will be announced later.

Please be assured that all information submitted in this survey is completely confidential and will not be
displayed, communicated, or distributed in any way. Information in the surveys is only used for the
evaluation of companies and is only reviewed by internal staff at Training Industry, Inc. We guarantee
complete privacy of all data.

            2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
     Please complete the survey by typing your responses in the gray fields. If you have any
      questions, please call Jim Hanlin, CMO of Training Industry, Inc., at 919.653.4996.

 To be considered for the 2008 Top 20, your company’s completed survey must be returned by 5:00 pm
                         EDT, May 30, 2008 to


Company name:

Your name:


Phone number:

Email address:

Primary company location (City, State, Country):

1.   How many of your company’s employees are dedicated to providing training services?

     Note: please provide a full-time equivalent (FTE) number or estimate of the number of employees dedicated to
     training activities - e.g. 746

2.   What are your company’s total 2007 annual revenues from all training products and services (in
     millions) including training BPO services and other training products and services and how much did
     this revenue grow over 2006?

        $ Total 2007 revenue
        % Growth from 2006

     Note: Total 2007 annual revenues from training includes all training BPO services, consulting, project-based
     services, and products related to training. If necessary, estimate revenues or provide a range of revenues. e.g.
     $150M or range: $120M-150M.

3.   What are your company’s total 2007 annual revenues from training BPO services only (in millions)?


     Note: Please include only revenues from comprehensive and selective outsourcing engagements. Training
     BPO revenues are defined as those generated from multi-year engagements to provide training business
     process services (e.g. administrative, content development, delivery, etc.) If necessary, estimate training BPO
     revenues or provide a range of revenues. e.g. $75M or range: $60M-$80M

             2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
4.   Please estimate the percentage of contribution to your company’s total 2007 annual training revenues
     from each of the following service categories – include training BPO and other training products and
     services - (the sum must total 100%):

           Consulting Services                             %

           Administration Services                         %

           Content Development Services                    %

           Training Delivery Services                      %

           Other Training Products and Services            %

 Consulting Services include strategic integration, diagnostics, reporting and analysis, etc.
 Administrative Services include registration, scheduling, project management, technology integration, program
    and technical support, LMS services, vendor management etc.
 Content Development Services include instructional design, program and materials development, portfolio
    management, content re-purposing, etc.
 Training Delivery Services include classroom and on-line delivery of learning programs.
 Other includes any % of revenues outside of the scope of standard training operations activities including
    related products and services.

5.   Please list at least five (5) but no more than ten (10) of your top training BPO clients and the type(s) of
     services provided for each (types of services may include activities such as: consulting, administration,
     content development, training delivery, technology-based learning services, etc.).


     e.g.: ACME Corporation – Training Administration, Content Development

6.   What is your company’s projected growth in revenues from training BPO services from 2007 to 2008?


                2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
7.   In what percentage of your training BPO programs do you use the following types of evaluation metrics
     to assess the participant success or business impact of the program?

        Student or participant program evaluations          %
        Pre and post testing of students or other methods to assess if learning has occurred     %
        Transfer of acquired learning to intended behaviors in the work environment          %
        Business results metrics such as ROI, increased production, enhanced quality, reduced costs, increased
         sales, reduced accidents, or other relevant and effected indicators        %
        Measures of customer satisfaction and retention          %

8.   Please describe other types of customized learning analytics that your company uses to measure the
     impact of your training BPO programs on students and on business performance results of your clients?

9.   What percentage of your training BPO instructional staff and program development staff are full-time
     employees vs. part-time or contract personnel?

        Instructional staff: Full-time   % -- Part-time or contractors      %
        Program development personnel: Full-time      % -- Part-time or contractors            %

10. What unique training BPO capabilities, strategies, programs, and services does your company provide
    that differentiates it from other training BPO companies? (<100 words)

11. Which of the following training BPO services does your company provide to clients? (Check all that are

     ADMINISTRATION                                                   Content Refreshment
       Strategic Planning
       Registration Services                                       DELIVERY
       Scheduling                                                    Instruction
       Financials and Billings                                       Classroom Support
       Assessment and Testing                                        Instructor Recruitment
       Client Relationship Management (CRM)                          Instructor Development
       Vendor Management                                             Real Estate/Facilities
       Tuition Reimbursement                                         Course Feedback
     CONTENT                                                         LMS/LCMS Management
       Instructional Design                                          Delivery Platform Management
       Content Development                                           Authoring Systems
       Graphics Design                                               Technology Integration
       Materials Fulfillment
       Portfolio Management

 Note: In addition to naming the Top 20 Companies for 2008, also plans to recognize
the “best in class” training providers in several of the T-BPO service areas listed above so be conscientious about
                                       completing the requested information.

            2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
12. Which (ONE) of the training BPO services listed in Question 11 would you consider to be your
    company’s most recognized and important learning service (note: may be used for selection to the list of
    “Top Specialized Learning Process Providers (LPP)”:

13. To how many students did your company provide training services in 2007:

    Note: please provide the total estimated number students (full and part-time, e-learning and instructor-led) who
    were enrolled in programs provided by your company. e.g.150,000.

14. How many student-days of training did your company provide in 2007:

    Note: a student-day of training is typically defined as the equivalent of one student taking eight (8) contact
    hours of training. e.g. 50,000 student-days.

15. What percent of your company’s training BPO programs are developed and/or delivered in each of the
    following geographic areas or countries?

       North America            %
       Europe                   %
       Asia                     %
       India                    %
       Australia                %
       South America            %
       Rest of world            %

16. Over the past three years, what significant industry awards has your company received for its training
    programs and/or services? (Please list all that are noteworthy)

17. Other than your own web site, catalog, press releases, and electronic announcements, list the types of
    advertising media and events that you use to promote your training BPO services (enter the number of
    different promotions for each type of media or event – e.g.: Print media ads: 3 – means that you
    advertised in 3 different print media publications)

       Print media ads (trade journals, magazines, etc.)
       Online banner ads and industry-related portal sponsorships
       Conference sponsorships
       Direct mail promotions
       Sponsorships of industry research studies
       Conference presentations

            2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
             Exhibits at trade shows
             Webinars
             Podcasts and other mobile device marketing
             Sponsorships of e-mail promotions
             Other (describe)

18.       Which of the following categories of leading companies do you think your company is most qualified?
          (select only one!)

              Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
              Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing
              Top Specialized Learning Process Providers (LPP)

19.       Please feel free to add any comments below describing your company’s capabilities, experience, and
          expertise related to training BPO and/or any other information that you feel would support your
          company’s candidacy for:

             TOP 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry
             Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing
             Top Specialized Learning Process Providers (LPP)

                       is grateful for your support in helping to grow the training
                                industry. Our objective for this prestigious award is to recognize those companies that
                                truly are the best of the best in the world of Training BPO. Your assistance in
                                participating in this survey helps us to help you.

                                Thank you for your contribution.

                                Please send to Jim Hanlin at no later than 5:00 p.m. on
                                May 30, 2008.

      Note: Any company that does not submit a completed survey by June 16th cannot be included in the “2008 Top
      20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry”




      Email the completed survey form to no later than 5:00 p.m. on
      Friday, May 30, 2008

                  2008 Survey - Top 20 Companies in the Training Outsourcing Industry

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