Hunks and Chunks

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					                                       Hunks and Chunks
                                        (Phonics Dance)

Sh - Say, "s-h, sh,sh,sh,. S-h, sh, sh, sh." (Put your finger to your lips and make the sh
sound as you say the sh sound three times.)

Ch - (It's time to do the chicken cha cha dance!) Say, "c-h,ch,ch,ch. C-h, ch,ch,ch." Flap
your arms like chicken wings.

Th - Say, "t-h, th,th, th. T-h, th,th, th. This is a thorn and that is a thistle.

Ow - Make the letters o and w with your fingers. Hit them together and say, "o-w, ow.
Going down, going down, d-o-w-n down." (Pretend to slide your arms down the slide as
you say d-o-w-n.)

Ou - Make the letters o and u with your fingers. Hit them together and say, "o-u, ou. O-u-
t, o-u-t get out of here you bumble bee."

Oo (book) - say "O-O ooo" like you are picking up something heavy. (These are the
bully brothers.)

Oo (boot) - Say, "O-O, ooooooooo." Make the letter o on each hand. Pull your hands
apart as you chant the oo sound. (These are the nice twins.)

Ing - Say, "i-n-g, ing, ing,ing. I-n-g, ing, ing, ing." (Jump up and down three times as you
chant "ing, ing, ing".

All - Say, "a-l-l, a-l-l, all, all, all. March three times as you say, "a-l-l, a-l-l.

Ar - Say, "car,car,c-a-r, you stick your hand in a jar of stars. A-r, ar,ar,ar."

Or - (Pretend you are a seal.) Say, "o-r, or,or,or. O-r, or, or, or. I want more fish!" (Put
your hands in the air and clap three times as you say, "or,or,or". Then point to yourself
and chant, "I want more fish!)

Oa - Say, "o said to a, Oh, I love you (grab your heart) and a said absolutely nothing."
Say, "So when you see o and a you say O-O! (Make the long strong sound and show your
muscles because this is a long strong vowel.)

Igh - Say, "i-g-h, igh,igh, I-I-I. (Gently pull your eyes out of the sides of your face three

Ea - Say, you take a scaredy cat e and a scaredy cat a. You put them together and what do
they say? EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" (Pretend like you are so scared when you say, "EEEEE!"
Ee - Say, "when you see the double e you say ee,ee. It's a bumblebee party! When you
see the double e you say ee, ee. It's a bumblebee party!"

Oa - Say, "O said to a, ' Oh I love you' and a said absolutely nothing. So
when you see oa, you say OOOO"

igh - While pulling your eyes out to the side, say "igh i-i, igh i-i." Don’t forget the “t,”
ight, ight, ight

Ay - Say, "Some letters ay- a-a-a...hey do you want to play? Swish, score, hooray! But
that’s at the end of a word and don't you forget it."

Ai - Say, "A said to i 'Get out of my way. I'm saying a today." So when you see ai you
say a, a!

Eigh - Say, "eigh a-a. eigh a-a."

Ir, ur and er - Say,"I-r r-r-r-r (rev your motorcycle) and u-r r-r-r-r (rev your motorcycle)
in the middle of the word, but it's e-r r-r-r-r er r-r-r- at the end of a word."

Tion - Say, "T-i-o-n shun, shun, shun t-i-o-n shun, shun, shun." Clap above your head
each time you say shun, shun, shun.

Sion - Say, "S-i-o-n shun, shun, shun s-i-o-n shun, shun, shun." Clap down by your
ankles each time you say shun, shun, shun.

Ph - Say, "When you see p-h, you don't say p h you say f-f-f."

Kn - Say, "When you see k-n, you don't say the k you say n-n-n.” Pretend that you’re
talking on a phone.

ed - Say, "When you see ed at the end of a root word, you say d, t, you also say ed."

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