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									   Spring 2008

   Issue 10
                        Carers’ Newsletter
Inside this issue:      Are you a family carer? It may be that the person you care
                        for lives somewhere else for all, or most of the time. You
∗ Carers’               are STILL a carer, and your views matter.
                        Welcome to the tenth edition of the Carers’ Newsletter from
∗ Letter from           the Bedfordshire Carers’ Forum for carers of adults with a
  Chairman of the       learning disability
  Carers’ Forum
                        Bedfordshire Carers’ Forum is a        This edition contains a survey
                        platform for carers to share their     about the newsletter. The
∗ Safeguarding
  Vulnerable Adults
                        perspective with other family carers   newsletter is intended to be a
  in Bedfordshire       and with representatives from          useful information resource for
                        Bedfordshire County Council.           carers, and any views you may
                        The Carers’ Forum feeds back to        have about the newsletter will be
∗ Support Groups        Bedfordshire County Council’s          very gratefully received.
                        Learning Disability Partnership
∗ Coffee Shop           Board.                                 You will find the survey inside the
  Projects                                                     newsletter, with a freepost
                        At April’s Forum, Yvonne Clark         envelope. Please return any
                        from Carers in Bedfordshire gave a     responses in the freepost envelope
∗ Conference            presentation about the range of        by Friday 20th June 2008. If you
                        services this organisation provides    enter the prize draw you could win
∗ Bedfordshire          to carers. For contact details for     a £30, £20 or £10 gift voucher!
  Games                 Carers in Bedfordshire, see page 7.
                                                               The next Carers’ Forum will be held
                        Dinah Berry (Carers’ Forum             on Tuesday 8th July 2008 at the
∗ Local Carers’ Week
                        Chairman) updated the Forum on         Rufus Centre, Flitwick. All family
                        how the People in Partnership          carers are welcome. For further
                        project supports people with           details, please contact Marie Cleary
∗ Local Carers          learning disabilities to recognise     on 01234 276108.
  Support               and report hate crime. For further
                        information, see Dinah’s update on
∗ Learning Disability
                        page 2.
  Liaison Nurses                                Carers Assessments

∗ Carers into
                        Do you care for an adult with a learning disability? If the person you care
  Education             for is eligible for help from Adult Services, and if you provide a
                        substantial amount of care on a regular basis, then you are entitled to a
                        Carers’ Assessment.
∗ Mental Capacity
  Act Workshop          A Carers’ Assessment is a way of working out what help you may need
                        with caring, to maintain your own health, and to balance caring with
∗ Paying for Care       other aspects of your life, for example work and leisure.

                        To request a Carers’ Assessment, or to find out more, please contact
∗ Carers’ Forum         the Adult Learning Disability Duty Teams on 01234 276762.
                                                         Page 2                  Carers’ Forum Newsletter

PIP, PIP, Hurray!
PIP stands for People in Partnership. The PIP Pack was originally created by a group of people
with learning difficulties in Hertfordshire as a teaching aid to assist people with learning difficulties
to recognise crime and hate crime, to know what to do as a victim or witness of such crime, how
to report it and who to report it to. This involved dealing with the 3 emergency services and
talking to the police.

It has long been recognised that people with learning difficulties in Bedfordshire suffer hate crime,
bullying and abuse and so it was agreed that we would borrow the Herts PIP Pack, create our
own version and call it PIP Bedfordshire. As a result, we have run a series of workshops in
Bedford and in Shefford since January to train PIP to a group of 12-15 people with learning
difficulties and their supporters. It is envisaged that these students can themselves become
trainers and so cascade the information they have learned to their peers.

This pilot has been an overwhelming success. Not only have the students exceeded all
expectations and pushed boundaries previously considered impossible, but networking and
friendships have been developed which one hopes will be long-lasting, allowing peer support for
the future. By education the students have been empowered and now feel much more in control
should a situation occur.

By involving many different agencies who have laid on visits or made presentations to the group,
the course has raised mutual awareness between statutory services and people with learning
difficulties. Among many successful outcomes are one or two unexpected ones: the police are
now going to work with the fire service on partnership practices, and PIP has featured on the
Community TV Channel. We plan to involve Beds County Council Direct Services and their
‘red-card’ anti-bullying scheme, and we have made links with Luton, and also the ambulance

To mark the successful completion of the pilot course, we held a celebration event on 14th April at
the Park Inn, Bedford when the students and all the visitors to the workshops received their
certificates and told an invited audience about the course and their experiences.

It is in the light of this success story that I will be seeking to raise further funds to enable us to roll
this project out countywide. We greatly appreciate the funds that have already been sanctioned –
without them we would not have been able to do as much as we have. But in order to bring this
project to all people with learning difficulties in Bedfordshire and Luton we will need to continue
funding the project for probably the next 3 years. We have just heard that funding for 3 years has
been approved by the Luton LD Partnership Board, so we await news from Bedford!

Dinah Berry
Chairman Carers’ Forum
Chairman PIP Bedfordshire
                                                     Page 3                 Carers’ Forum Newsletter
                                                                            Carers’ Forum Newsletter

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in                They can talk to a member of the team in
Bedfordshire                                     confidence. There is also a twenty-four hour
                                                 emergency help line. Advice will be given on
Bedfordshire County Council is currently work- what is likely to happen next and if it is felt
ing with partner agencies and the public across someone is in immediate danger, that person
the county, to promote the safety and protection will be visited immediately and steps taken to
of vulnerable adults who live in Bedfordshire.   ensure their safety.

                                                   Abuse can take many forms, physical, sexual,
The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults scheme
                                                   financial, emotional or even neglect. It can also
is based at the County Council and has a
                                                   happen anywhere, in a residential or care
team dedicated to preventing the abuse of
                                                   home, in a hospital, in the workplace or even at
the most vulnerable in our society and acting
                                                   an educational establishment.
quickly when abuse is suspected. Those at
risk may include people with a learning or
                                                   For more information on Safeguarding
physical disability, older people or people with
                                                   Vulnerable Adults call 01582 818085 or email
mental health problems.
                                                   adult.protection@bedscc.gov.uk .
The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults team are
based at Houghton Lodge in Ampthill. They          If any family carers are interested in receiving
offer a drop-in, telephone and email service       training in this area, please contact Marie
available to anyone who is being abused or         Cleary on 01234 276108 or email
who believes someone else is a victim of           marie.cleary@bedscc.gov.uk

               Information and Support Groups for Carers of an Adult
                             with a Learning Disability
                         South Beds Older Family Carers Group
                         The Methodist Church, The Square, Dunstable
                               Every third Friday in the month
                                     10.30am – 12.30pm

                         North Beds Older Family Carers Group
                           Project 229, 229 Bedford Road, Kempston
                             Every second Thursday in the month
                                      10.45am – 12.45pm

                                   Refreshments are provided

    If you would like further details, or are in need of support to attend, please contact
            Marie Cleary on 01234 276108 or email marie.cleary@bedscc.gov.uk
                                                     Page 4                Carers’ orum Newsletter
                                                                          Carers’ FForumNewsletter

Coffee Shop Projects Across Bedfordshire

There are a number of community cafes across the County that are being run by people with
learning disabilities. The cafes offer training and work experience, as well as being valued and
popular venues for members of the community.

The Community cafes can be found in:

Dunstable - For further information please contact 01582 699246

Silsoe - For further information please contact 01525 860999

Henlow, Shefford, Langford, Meppershall, Biggleswade, Cople and
Stotfold - For further information please contact 01234 276850

      Free conference for family carers of adults with learning disabilities
                              “What about us?”
                                   30th June 2008, 11am – 3pm,
                                   Church House, Westminister

Debate: How services for adults with learning disabilities need to change over the next five years
                    Decide: How family carers can influence the agenda

                   For further information/ booking please contact: Di Denham
                             Tel 01993 866380 Fax 01993 700258
                              Email diane.denham@advanceuk.org

Bedfordshire Games
                                                   The annual event has many good friends who
This year is the 25th anniversary of the Bed-      have been loyal supporters. Students from a
fordshire Games, the annual                        local Upper School and Police Cadets assist
athletics meeting for teenagers and adults with    with track result recording and field
learning difficulties.                             marshalling.

In 1983 the event was organized by a small         The Town Mayors of Bedfordshire attend the
band of people who realized that there were        event as well other local dignitaries and assist
no opportunities for young people and adults       with awarding the medals.
to take part in a such meetings - participating
with competitors from across the county. In        But, of course, the real reason for this event is
1983 it was not anticipated that the event         the competitors themselves, all of whom are
would become so successful and popular.            given a reason to celebrate their sporting
                                                   prowess and achievements on the first
In 2008 we will celebrate the 25 years with        Tuesday in July each year.
approximately 300 competitors from different
establishments from all over Bedfordshire,         Further details of this event can be obtained
meeting on Tuesday 1st July at The                 from Elaine Russell on 01234 841574.
International Athletics Stadium, Barkers Lane,
Bedford for a variety of track and field events.
                                                 Page 5                Carers’ Forum Newsletter
                                                                       Carers’ Forum Newsletter

                                     Carers Week 2008
                             Events from Carers in Bedfordshire
                                Please join us if you can for:
                  Demonstration of microwave cookery and computer tuition
       Individual tasters of pampering including mini facials, manicures and pedicures

                            Monday 9th June 1.30pm - 4.pm
                        Sea Cadet Hut, Station Road, Biggleswade
                            (Cream teas served all afternoon)

                           Thursday 12th June 1.30pm - 4pm
              Methodist Church, The Square, (opposite Wilkinsons), Dunstable
                            (Cream teas served all afternoon)

                           Saturday 14th June 1.30pm - 3.30pm
                      The Goldington Centre, 10 Barkers Lane, Bedford
(Tastes from all around the world—samples of foods from many cultures served all afternoon)

           For further details please call Carers in Bedfordshire: 01234 214914
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                                                                          Carers’ Forum Newsletter

Local Carer Support, Information and Events…
BEDSNET Carer Support
Bedfordshire Care Support Network for People with Learning Disabilities (BEDSNET) is a
registered charity that supports adults with learning disabilities and their families across
Bedfordshire. BEDSNET provide information, advice and support for family carers who wish to
raise concerns with care agencies or purchasers of care. BEDSNET also provide one to one
support for family carers.

For further information please contact:
Miss P. Todd on 01234 826604
Mr I. Michaels on 020 8445 3888

Signpost Volunteers
The Signpost Volunteers (organised and funded by Bedford Mencap) provide information and
support to people with learning disabilities of all ages and their families, who live in North

Signpost Volunteers host monthly information/coffee mornings at Bedford Central Library
between 10.30am and 12.00pm. The next coffee mornings will be held on Friday 13th June
and Friday 13th July.

For further information please contact:
Veronica Scargill on 01234 740361

Disability Resource Centre
The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) is a registered charity that enables people with a disability
and their family carers to have easy access to information and equipment.

Services on offer include a direct payments service, equipment service, information service and
‘transport matters’ service.

For further information please contact:
Disability Resource Centre on 01582 470900

Carers Support Bureau
The Carers Support Bureau (CSB) offer a free information help line, guidance and support to
family carers. They also administer the Carers Short Breaks Vouchers on behalf of Bedfordshire
County Council.

For further information please contact:
Carers Support Bureau on 0800 039 1234
                                                     Page 7                 arers’ orum Newsletter

Carers in Bedfordshire
Carers in Bedfordshire offer home visits to carers, free training programmes, hold support groups
throughout the county and offer free pampering at the Goldington Centre in Bedford. Carers in
Bedfordshire have a 24 hour telephone support line which links to the Social Services Emergency
Duty Team.

For further information please contact:
Carers in Bedfordshire on 01234 214914

Mencap Planning for the Future Event
Mencap Wills and Trusts team provide parents, families and carers with free booklets about
writing wills and setting up trusts for the benefit of a loved one with a learning disability.
A free two hour seminar, offering specialist legal advice is being held on:

                         Thursday 22nd May 2008, 12.30pm – 2.30pm
                         High Town Community Sports & Arts Centre
                         Concorde Street
                         LU2 0JD

To book a place, please contact Gina Collins
on 0207 696 6925 or email willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk

Please note places at these seminars are always very popular so please book your place as
early as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you cannot make the event but would like information about providing for someone with
a learning disability in your will please contact:
Tel: 020 7696 6925
Visit: www.mencap.org.uk/willsandtrusts
Email: willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk

Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society
Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society is a local charity that offers a range of services to
support people with Cerebral Palsy and associated disabilities that live in North and Mid
Bedfordshire. Services include, information and support, advocacy for carers, Indulgence Carers
Support Group, quarterly news, activity schemes and clubs for disabled young people. There is
also a grants scheme for specialist holidays and equipment that is not a statutory requirement.
Membership is free.

For further information please contact Jane or Lillian on 01234 351759

For carers living in South Bedfordshire, please contact the SCOPE response helpline on
0808 800 3333.
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                                                                            Carers’ Forum Newsletter

Does the person you care for need to go to Hospital?
Find out more about the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses

Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership NHS Trust employ two
Learning Disability Liaison Nurses to support people with a learning disability when they are in a
general hospital environment.

Ilona Rose (Luton & Dunstable Hospital) and Susan Archer (Bedford Hospital) have provided
some information about their roles as Learning Disability Liaison Nurses:

The Learning Disability Liaison Nurse posts were created in response to the Government White
Paper Valuing People (2001).

People who have a learning disability can have specialised needs that are often not well met
under mainstream healthcare provision. There are many examples of research that show that
people with learning disabilities have more complex health needs than the general population,
and that they often have difficulty in gaining access to the help they need when using hospital
services. Hospital admission can be a very distressing time for both the patient and their family

Overall, the role of the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses is to support people with learning
disabilities and their family carers, and to improve the experience of individuals and their carers in
a general hospital environment.

The Learning Disability Liaison Nurse role involves:

•   offering advice and support to patients and carers to prepare them for admission to hospital
    or an out-patient appointment

•   supporting a person with a learning disability and their carers when they are in hospital

•   offering specialist advice to hospital staff when caring for patients who have a learning

•   acting as an information resource for patients, carers and hospital staff
    to offer training in learning disability awareness to hospital staff

For further information about getting support from the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses please

Bedford Hospital                                   Luton & Dunstable Hospital

Susan Archer                                       Ilona Rose
Tel 01234 355122 ext 4322                          Tel 01582 718271
or ask hospital staff to bleep 541                 ilona.rose@ldh.nhs.uk
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                                                                             Carers’ Forum Newsletter

Carers into Education - a chance to                    In addition the NEC will work closely with
learn                                                  your local Carers’ Centre to support
                                                       students. Don’t miss the opportunity to finish
                                                       that GCSE never completed, to learn that
Are you interested in studying?                        new language or to start on something new
                                                       and exciting just for you. The project is open
Carers can access National Extension                   to carers, aged 16 or over, in the East of
College (NEC) courses at reduced rates.                England and the Midlands.
The NEC offer a range of courses including
GCSEs, AS and A2s, vocational subjects                 For more details and information please visit
such as book-keeping or child-minding,
along with creative writing, counselling and           www.nec.ac.uk or contact:
study skills.
                                                       Sue Crowley
NEC courses are through distance learning,             Carers into Education Project Manager
with no requirement to attend classes, so              NEC, The Michael Young Centre, Purbeck
you can study where and when you choose.               Road, Cambridge CB2 2HN
Studies can be fitted around caring respon-            Tel: 01223 400387
sibilities and carers will have the support of         Email: Sue Crowley
a subject tutor and a personal mentor.                 Fax 01223 400325

                       Choice and Control – Mental Capacity Act
                               Free One Day Workshop

     Values Into Action are running a free one-day workshop on the Mental Capacity Act on

                                 6th June 2008, 10.00am-3.30pm
             for people with learning difficulties, their family carers and care workers.

 The workshop will cover the Mental Capacity Act, people’s rights to make their own decisions,
                           when and how other people get involved,
                   what happens if people disagree and other tricky issues.

                             Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The workshop is being held at Red Lodge Millennium Centre, Lavender Close, Red Lodge,
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 8TT Tel 01638 750760 www.rlmcsuffolk.co.uk

               To book a place please contact Laura Potter on 01449 16187 or
                                                      Page 10               Carers’ Forum Newsletter
                                                                            Carers’ Forum Newsletter

Paying for Care Services Provided by
Bedfordshire County Council

The following information looks at the              How will the person receiving care be
process of financial assessments for                financially assessed?
individuals receiving care, and how
contributions towards non-residential care          When an individual receives care, they will be
services are worked out.                            contacted by a Community Finance Adviser to
                                                    visit them at home, at a convenient time. The
When an individual receives care from               Community Finance Adviser will advise and
Bedfordshire County Council, the Council are        assist the person to complete the financial
required to financially assess whether the          assessment form. If the individual is in
individual should pay any contribution towards      agreement, carers, relatives and friends can
the cost of that care. This is the case for         also be present.
residential care services and also
non-residential care services. Examples of       The person will be written to in advance, to let
non-residential care services include home       them know that certain information will be
care, day centres, direct payments and           needed for the financial assessment. This
Supported Living.                                includes details of any social security benefits,
                                                 savings, bank statements, details of rent or
The “financial assessment” takes into account    mortgage and council tax payments.
the individual’s income, savings, and outgoings. Information is also needed about any property
The amount of contribution will depend on the    that is owned.
person’s financial circumstances and ability to
pay.                                             If the person has been assessed as needing
                                                 care, and they have more than £22,250 in
The amount the person needing care               savings (not including the value of the property
contributes depends on:                          they live in), they will be expected to pay the full
                                                 cost of their care.
•   Their income and savings
                                                    If they have less that £22,250 in savings, the
•   The number of hours of care received
                                                    amount they will be assessed to pay will take
•   Whether or not they have a disability
                                                    into account their weekly income. There will
•   Their outgoings                                 also be a “tariff charge” on any capital they may
•   Whether they are single, or part of a couple    have above £13,500.
Bedfordshire County Council provides welfare        The financial assessment also takes into
rights advice to ensure that the person who is      account property-related household expenses
being financially assessed is claiming all the      and “disability related expenses”. Disability
benefits they are entitled to. There are a team     related expenses are extra expenses an
of Community Finance Advisers who will advise       individual might have because they have a
and assist individuals to claim extra benefits if   disability or are elderly.
applicable, and complete the financial
assessment form.
                                                        Page 11               Carers’ Forum Newsletter
                                                                              Carers’ Forum Newsletter

If the person needing care is part of a couple,       How is the assessed contribution paid?
and savings are in joint names, the person
needing care would normally be assessed as            Invoices will be sent out on a four weekly basis
having a 50% share in those savings. The              from County Hall in Bedford. Payments can be
savings/ capital of the person who is not             made by post, at a bank, by using online
receiving care are not taken into account.            banking or by credit card.

How will the amount of assessed weekly                Information leaflets about ‘Paying for Care’ are
contribution be worked out?                           available on request, including an accessible
The assessment will look at weekly income in
terms of pensions and state benefits. Please
contact the Welfare Rights Team for a full list of
benefits and income taken into account (please For further information please contact:
see contact numbers below).
                                                   Customer Finance Team
This is added to a weekly “tariff income” charge Tel 01582 818181
on capital and savings over £13,500 but below
£22,250 (at a rate of £1.00 a week for every
£250.00 (or part of)).                             Welfare Rights Service
                                                   Tel 01234 408030
Allowances for the following are then taken        Email wrs@bedscc.gov.uk

•    Basic living allowance. (This is the basic
     amount of either Pension Credit or Income Elaine Quantick (Customer Finance Team,
     Support plus 25%).                         Bedfordshire County Council) will be
                                                coming to the Carers’ Forum on Tuesday 8th
•    Property-related household expenses        July to talk discuss ‘paying for care’.
     such as rent, mortgage and council tax

•    Disability-related expenses. These are any
     extra costs the person has to pay because
     of their disability, for example, extra
     heating or laundry costs, extra clothing or
     footwear costs.

Following these calculations, the final figure will
be the individual’s ‘disposable income’. The
disposable income is the person’s assessed
contribution towards the cost of their care.
                                                    Page 12               Carers’ Forum Newsletter
                                                                          Carers’ Forum Newsletter

                                 Carers’ Forum
                                 The next Carer’s Forum will be held at the Rufus Centre,
Tel: 01234 363222                Flitwick, between 10.00am and 1.00pm on:
Bedford                          Tuesday 8th July 2008
Adult Learning
Disability Team                  Guest Speakers:
                                 Liz Morgan (Disability Resource Centre)
County Hall                      Elaine Quantick (Customer Services, Bedfordshire County
Cauldwell Street                 Council)
MK42 9AP                         Tuesday 7th October 2008

                                 Guest Speaker:
Heartlands Adult Learning        Anthea Slark (Community Library Services)
Disability Team
                                 The Carers’ Forum is a platform for carers to share their
The Rufus Centre                 perspective. As a carer, your presence and contribution would
1st Floor, Room 6                be greatly valued. Lunch is provided, and we can help you with
Steppingley Road                 transport if needed.
MK45 1AH                         If you would like further information about the Carers’ Forum, or
                                 would like to share your views about the newsletter, please
DUTY                             contact Marie Cleary, Carers’ Development Worker
Monday—Friday                    on 01234 276108.
9.00 - 5.00
                                 Alternatively, you can write to me at:
Tel: 01234 276762                Adult Learning Disability Team, County Hall, Cauldwell Street,
                                 Bedford MK42 9AP
Bedford: Option 2
Heartlands: Option 1             Email marie.cleary@bedscc.gov.uk

                                 Previous editions of the Carers’ Newsletter can be
Out of hours                     accessed at www.bedfordshire.gov.uk
Emergency Duty Team
0870 238 5465

Safeguarding Adults
Helpline: 01582 818085
Fax: 01582 818031
Out of hours (emergencies
only) 0870 2385465

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