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					                    Opportunity Connection Campaign “Strategy”
                            Home Business Connection
One of my deepest desires is to see each of you achieve your vision of success. I have prepared the
following outline that should assist you in your quest. If you have other concerns, needs or questions
please feel free to e-mail me at .

This information should double for the Opportunity Connection Campaign and Home Business
Connection Campaign. The introduction would be the main difference. You should be able to adapt this to
other types of recruiting campaigns.

The following information is an outline for you to consider. You will have to adjust it to fit each of your
individual skill levels and styles of marketing. The scripts and information included in this synopsis are
not intended to be absolute and complete. There are too many possible skill levels and personal styles to
address all possibilities. Also for the best results a skilled communicator will want to interact with the
prospect throughout the presentation. It is helpful to develop a connection with the prospect as you
present the program. Also it is best to develop a commitment from the prospect in steps as you present the
program. I have included information that applies to the grassroots distributor all the way to the most
experienced networkers.

The following information will give you a start. Give us feedback so that we can continue to refine our
systems and training to meet your specific needs. You can apply these principles and training to other

When approaching the recruiting process, you should learn to develop an effective mindset or paradigm.
There are several factors involved in a success-dominated mindset. Attitude is one factor. If you approach
the recruiting process with something to prove, you will end up being defensive, critical and negative. I
suggest that you do not measure yourself by the experiences and results from the recruiting process.
Approach the process from a learning position, claiming no particular skill level. Expect the recruiting
process and success in this industry to have obstacles just as life in general doe, but expect an eventual

Don‟t approach this industry with specific expectations but learn what to expect as you learn more about
the industry. Understand the potential of the industry, have faith that you will earn your slice of the
success but realize there is a journey of learning ahead of you that will lead you into the treasures of
success. Now, let‟s prepare yourself for the journey.

Sorting:     The recruiting process begins with creating a reservoir of prospects. Your reservoir will be
filled with many different kinds of prospects. Learn the value of each prospect and how they can fit into
your crown of success. Don‟t be deceived into thinking that only the most skilled people are good
prospects. More than 90% or mine and your future organization will be ordinary people. You need all tier
levels of consumers, distributors and leaders to achieve great success. By learning this principle, you wil l
enjoy your journey much better.

Keep in mind that you are sorting leads to find two or three builders that will create momentum in your
group. Nearly 100% of the individuals that are earning $20-$50,000 per month have only three or four
legs. Each of these legs took off with one builder that started a prairie fire of growth. Nearly 100% of all
Presidentials and Diamonds achieve their ranks through two or three legs. You may have to go enroll
several individuals to find the two or three that will take off with it but you only have to find a couple of
builders. The reality of what you are doing is important to focus on. The majority of people that succeed
are individuals that simply worked at it consistently.

Realistic Expectations: It is important to have realistic expectations. During my 37-year career I
have observed that one of the greatest reasons for failure or success is an individual‟s marketing
philosophy or belief system. How you perceive the mechanics of this industry will influence your
attitude, motivation and expectations. We have a tendency to defeat ourselves or empower ourselves
through our perspectives. An individual‟s expectations play a major role in his/her success or failure. The
staff at PN has test marketed a number of lead sources and on an ongoing basis are examining lead
sources. The lead business is not perfect. It is important to have reasonable expectations. A good lead is a
prospect that is looking for a home business and is willing to listen to your presentation. A good leads list
is a list where a majority of the individuals on the list fit the above description.

A good leads list is not always determined by the number of enrollments. There are several factors
involved in enrollment besides the viability of the prospect. The skill level of the presenter, timely follow-
ups, the emotional or mental condition of the prospect at the particular time that you call him, the
information being communicated, and the level of emotional connection between the presenter and
prospect all play a role in the enrollment.

                                        The Presentation
The following are helpful hints on how to approach the prospect. We cannot provide you with a precise
map to follow because there are various circumstances that could cause you to vary your approach. The
following is an outline that will provide you with various options. Familiarize yourself with this
information and select a course of action. Don‟t make it more complicated than it is.

1.   Timely Contact: Call the prospect as soon as possible. Preferably within 24-48 hours. You are
   potentially competing with 3-4 other networkers. In reality we have found that only 1 or 2 competitors
   are calling these particular prospects but in some cases it could be up to four.
2. Initial Contact With Prospect: When someone answers: You say, “My name is Mike
   Akins may I speak to John Smith?” When John gets on the call introduce yourself and then
   you tell him that “Bambi over at Opportunity Connections referred you to me as someone that is
   evaluating business opportunities. You remember speaking to someone from Opportunity Connections
   the other day don‟t you? Great, is this a good time to share a short overview with you to see if our
   opportunity is something that you would like to get more information on.

     If he says this isn‟t the best time you say, “That‟s no problem John I would rather catch you at a time
     that is better for you. How would Thursday or Friday evening work for you or is there a better day and
     time?” Try to secure an appointment while you are on the phone with them. If you can‟t tie down a
     specific time then find out what day and part of the day is better to try back. I have included a
     complete script written by Bambi from Opportunity Connection.

     (If you are involved in another campaign besides Opportunity Connection, remind the prospect
     what he/she responded to. Example: John you responded to an ad that I placed in the Home
     Business Connection magazine. Do you remember the ad that ……………. If they do not
     remember move forward by saying, “That is all right John I am sure you probably requested
     information from more than one source. John, have you been looking at possible home
     businesses? Great! If you have a few minutes, I will give you a brief overview to see if you

   would like more information about this opportunity. Keep in mind that the information on
   whatever ad, postcard or marketing tool the prospect responded to is the information you want
   to emphasize and expand upon. For example, your should have the HBC article and ad in front
   of you to review the information with the prospect.)

3. Once you get the opportunity to share the presentation, you will have three choices to make; (1) Send
   them to the hotline and gateway site. (2) Give a five-minute overview and then send them to the three-
   minute hotline message and the gateway website. (3) Give a quick overview and then get permission
   to share the rest of the opportunity and do so.

   You may have to experiment to see which approach works best for you. If you are fairly skillful, you
   may want to either share the complete opportunity or share the five-minute version. Either way do not
   make the presentation too long and too complex. We are finding that too much information leaves the
   prospect overwhelmed. You may have to experiment to find which method fits you.

   The advantage of allowing the system to share the presentation instead of sharing the complete
   presentation yourself is for the benefit of duplication. If you enroll them through the system they can
   immediately duplicate you and they feel empowered. Also it is much easier for a grassroots distributor
   to share the opportunity through the system than personally sharing it.

   The disadvantage of this method is that sometimes the prospect, in spite of their good intentions, may
   get distracted and not make it to the hotline call or website. This is where sharing a short synopsis
   comes in. The benefit of sharing a five-minute overview is that this motivates the prospect to go to the
   hotline and website because you have given them enough to “wet their appetite.” The potential
   disadvantage is that you may share just enough information to allow the prospect to think they know
   what the opportunity is about and not feel like they need to check it out further. In spite of the
   disadvantage, we believe this may still be the best approach.

   The advantage of sharing the complete presentation at the initial contact is that you have them on the
   line and you don‟t take a chance that they may not go on to the systems. The disadvantage of this
   method is that it is difficult to duplicate. The following script is provided by Bambi our liaison with
   Opportunity Connection. This script is for the third method of sending the prospect directly to the
   hotline and website.

                   Other Considerations Before You Begin
There are several factors that may assist you in determining which method of presentation would be best
for you to use.
(1) Is the prospect new to MLM or experienced?
(2) What is your own experience level?
(3) Does the prospect seem to be in a hurry or not?
(4) What is your previous experience with this type of lead?

If the prospect is new to MLM, you may want to familiarize the prospect with the industry before you
send him/her to the hotline and website. A new person may not know what to look for and may not place
the same value on certain features as you do from listening to the hotline and viewing the presentation. On
the following page I have included a small script for newbies. If you give too much information before

sending them to the hotline and website the prospect could prejudge the opportunity. You will have to try
each of these methods to see what works for you.

First you go through the introduction script prepared by Bambi.

                             Script for First Approach
                                     (sending prospect to system)
Hi, could I speak to ________________.

Hi, _____________, my name is ____________; and I‟m calling you from _________ and real quick
_______________the reason I am calling you is because I was actually referred to you by the folks over
at a company called Opportunity Connection. They recently talked to you regarding your interest in a
home based business. I‟m sure you remember talking with them, don‟t you?

Great. ______________ have I caught you at a good time? Can you spend about 10 minutes with me on
the phone?

Okay, _____________ the purpose of my call today is first of all to introduce myself to you and to start
you in the process of getting the information you‟ll need to determine if what I do is something that would
be a good fit for you.

The first thing that I am going to do is to have you listen to about a 4 minute call and the bottom line is
that once you do listen to this call you will know if there is an interest on your part in going ahead and
getting more information on this opportunity.

Before I play that call for you _________________, let me ask you a few quick questions.

I did get a bit of information about you from Opportunity Connection but the most important thing they
told me about you, at least in how it pertains to me at this point is that you are serious in finding a way to
make money from home. Have you been looking for very long?

If you don‟t mind my asking, what do you do for a living now? How long? Do you like it? Well
_______________ are you looking to supplement your income or possibly replace it completely?

(The following is a short script to share with a prospect that is new to the concept of network
marketing before sending them to the hotline and gateway website:

____________have you been involved in a home business or network marketing before? (If the
answer is yes skip this section and finish the introduction script. If the answer is „no I haven‟t‟ then
share this short script.) Before I send you to a pre-recorded message, I will give you a short
overview of what network marketing is about so that you will recognize the benefits of our
particular opportunity. With conventional marketing, you start with a manufacturing company.
There is at least a wholesaler and a retailer between the manufacturer and consumer. Also, millions
of dollars are invested into advertising to get the word out about the products. This is called
conventional marketing.

In Network Marketing, the manufacturer decides to market directly to the consumer, bypassing the
wholesaler and retailer. A ton of money is saved by bypassing these steps of the marketing process.
Also, by marketing directly to the consumer, millions of dollars are saved in advertising. The money
that is saved is paid directly to the consumer for spreading the word about its products. We are not
talking about going door to door to sell anything. The consumer uses the product and simply shares
his testimony with people they know. I am sure, John, when you run across a bargin downtown you
share that news with people you know. You are not selling anything to them. You are only passing
the word on about a good deal. When these people get excited about your testimony and share it
with others you still get paid because you started the process. Some consumers would rather do all
of this by mail and not personally talk to anyone. You will learn more about this after you call the
hotline. You don‟t have to be a salesperson. Ordinary people just like us are earning nice extra
incomes through our system. It‟s easy and fun. The key is selecting the right company and getting
the right training. That is where we come in.

It is very difficult for an individual that is new to this industry to know which program will work
best for them. Mike has made your decision easier. Mike invested more than ½ million dollars into
a study of this industry. No one else has ever done this. You can learn a great deal from this study.
You will find some of this information on the website I send you to or if you do not have access to
the Internet I can send you to a pre-recorded message to learn more about his study. Being new to
the industry, you will appreciate another feature of our support that no other leaders in the
industry has ever duplicated. Mike provides a full-time staff of experienced consultants to
personally assist you. This could be vital to your success.
At this point more forward with the script. )

Okay, well I am sure you will be impressed with what you are going to discover about our company.
___________, let me play the call for you now – (3-way the prospect into 512-404-2368 option #1)

After the call…..     ______________, were you able to hear everything okay? What did you like best
about what you just heard?

Great! Well ____________, what I want to do now is to confirm your email address so that I can shoot
an email over with a link to a flash presentation for you to watch. The presentation will last
approximately 15 minutes. I will also include my contact information in the email. By the way
_____________, in the subject of the email, I will put ______ ______ _______ _______(example- info.
from your name). Now when would be a good time for me to give you a call back so that you would have
had time to view this information? Would _____________ or ____________ be better?

Set up time
                             Step Two After Sending to System
                                       E-mail form
Copy and paste letter into separate new email. Fill in the “your name here” and “your email here” &
“your id # here” before you save it. Create a “form letter” folder to store this letter in. Make sure that
italics are turned off. Each time you need to use the letter, you will need to copy and paste it into a new
email letter. If this is done correctly, you will only need to fill in the “prospect name here.”

Hi “prospect‟s name here,” thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I am sending a link for
the website that I mentioned about in our conversation. This website will give you an overview of our
company. Our company is very unique and is a good opportunity for the grassroots distributors as well as
the full time professional. If you decide to join with us, you will be supported by the only million dollar
support team in the Network Marketing industry. We will provide you with personal success coaches that
will mentor and train you. You will also receive 5 free websites that you can use to promote your 4Life

   4Life is recognized by Inc 500 as the 15 th fastest growing company in the U.S. (pretty good for a
    company built on word of mouth or referral marketing)
   4Life is expanding globally and is now able to sell products in more than 20 countries
   Highest payout in the industry
   10 trips to Hawaii given away monthly
   Most unique, patented and consumable product line available
   Bonus pools for grassroots distributors as well as full timers
   Step by step training program.

Please visit the website below to learn more about our opportunity and support. I will follow up with you
on __(scheduled time)___.


<your name here>
Independent 4Life Distributor # <your id # here>
Ph: <your number here>
Email: <your email here>

                               Short Presentation Approach
    The following is an example of the method of sharing a short presentation and then sending them to
    the systems. After reminding the prospect about being interviewed by Opportunity Connection say,
    “John do you have a few minutes so that I can give you an overview of our opportunity to see if you
    would like more information? If you like what you hear I will send you to a pre-recorded message and
    a website for moreinformation. Does that sound ok to you? (John says sure) Great! John, I appreciate
    the opportunity to share this with you.”

     (At this point you will have to decide if you are going to start with a “Discovery Period” or not. I
    suggest that you review my 14 communication techniques. An example of the Discovery Period
    technique would be, “John may I ask you if you have been involved in network marketing before?” If
    they say that they have some experience, you say, “John how did it work for you?” Here you are
    learning what the individual has been through and at this point you may adjust your approach to
    accommodate the prospect‟s experiences. Also, Bambi‟s script contains discovery questions. We have
    found that the very best presentation leaves room for interaction with the prospect. You have to
    feel the prospect out on how open they are to personal interaction. Do not just run through the
    scrip non-stop with out interaction. This is a sure way to chase your prospect away.)

Short Presentation:          This starts after your initial opening statement. “John, do you have a few
minutes that I could share a short overview of our opportunity to see if this is something that you would
like more information on? Great!

”John I would like to send you to a pre-recorded message and a website so that you can review this
opportunity. I am sending you to this website so that you can “test drive” one of our systems. If you
decide this opportunity meets your expectations, you will not have to know everything about it in order to
move forward. You can immediately direct your customers to this hotline and website. Before I give you
this telephone number and website address I would like to take less than five minutes to give you a few
features that I would like you to pay close attention to as you review the website.”

(I firmly believe that the following segment is the most important part of your presentation.
Emphasizing our study, training and support is the best information that we have to offer. It is the
only area that cannot be matched by any networker in the industry outside our organization. You
can expand on what I share here. I didn‟t want to weight you down with too much information)

“John, whatever opportunity you select, there is one factor that will go a long ways in determining your
success and that is what kind of training and support you receive. I suggest that you look at this factor
closely. I have found it to be very important. John I work with Mike Akins and his staff, a leader in this
industry with 37 years of successful experience in network marketing. Mike has developed five successful
organizations during his career and all of them are still in existence. In the late 80‟s Mike semi-retired for
eight years while his staff serviced his downlines.”

“When he came out of retirement, he invested ½ million dollars into a study of this industry by an
independent marketing company to help him select the #1 opportunity in the world to crown his career.
The study examined more than 300 programs and forty years of network marketing history. After 3 ½
years of research, 4Life Research was selected as the number one opportunity in network marketing. Five
years later this study was validated again when the prestigious Inc. 500 magazine rated 4Life as the 15 th
fastest growing privately owned company in the USA. This is the highest rating ever awarded a network
marketing company. This study found five factors that are important to your success in network
marketing. I will give you a short overview of how 4Life Research, our company, fulfills this criteria.”

    (1) Security: “John, I am sure you realize the importance of selecting a company that will be
   around for a long time and provide you with the leadership that will maximize your success. 4Life
   Research has experienced and visionary leadership. David Lisonbee, the co-founder of 4Life co-
   founded a network marketing company in the mid-80‟s and in 11 years led it to more than 200 million
   dollars in annual sales. As testimony to his visionary leadership, recently, 4Life was rated the 15th
   fastest growing privately owned company in the USA by the prestigious Inc. 500 Magazine. This is
   the highest rating given to a network marketing company in the history of the rating system. Inc.
   Magazine examines more than 100,000 businesses.

   (2) Product Strategy: “Secondly, the study found that the flagship product should be as
   exclusive as possible, be patented, unique and effective. 4Life has a world renowned team of scientists
   that have developed a unique product called Transfer Factor. 4life has world-wide patents on this
   product and it is very exclusive in the market. After 50 years of research by scientists all over the
   world and after 50 million dollars in research, technology has finally increased to a point that transfer

      factors is now available to the ordinary person like you and I. You will learn more about transfer
      factors on the website.”

      (3) Compensation Strategy: “John, 4Life has the best pay plan in the industry. Recently,
      there was a survey of the top 30 network marketing companies in the industry. The survey found that
      4Life was the highest paying of the top companies. 4Life pays 15 million more dollars to its
      distributors on every $100 million dollars in volume. On the website you can view the details of this
      survey. “

(5)   Training & Support: “John as you can see I have given you a brief overview of one of the
      greatest opportunities in the United States. In spite of how great this opportunity is without the
      appropriate training and support you may not be able to take advantage of it. Here is where Mike
      Akins and Professional Networkers come in strong for you. I am affiliated with a professional training
      and support team that provides the finest support and training that I have ever heard of. In my search
      for an opportunity that would work for me, I couldn‟t find anything like the support that is available in
      this opportunity. Professional Networkers provide the only staff of this size in the industry to work
      hand in hand with you, training you step by step how to become very successful in this industry.”

(Here you have to decide if you want to try to take the prospect on a 3-way call to the hotline
message or send them there. I prefer 3-waying them. How much of a hurry the prospect is in may
make the difference.)

“John you will learn more about the details of this opportunity from the call and website. Do you have a
pen handy so that I can give you the number and address of the website?” (Give them the information and
then ask them to read it back to you.)
Option 1- 3 minute message
Option 2- 5 minute message ID#.html

“John when do you think you could listen to the call and view the website? Great! I would like to touch
base with you afterwards. How would Thursday or Friday evening work for you? Or would another night
work for you?” (set up the appointment)

When you call back, if the prospect forgets the appointment and doesn‟t answer the phone, leave a short
message. “John, this is Bill. We had an appointment set for this time. You may have had something come
up so I will try back in a few minutes. I am looking forward to answering your questions. “

Call back in 10 minutes. If he still doesn‟t answer say something like this. “John, its Bill again. It looks
like something came up. I will give you a call tomorrow evening to see if we can connect then. I look
forward to talking with you. Be blessed. (or whatever )

When you connect with the prospect, ask him if he had a chance to view the website and listen to the call.
If he says no, say “I‟m sorry to hear that. Would you like another day or so, John? What would be a good
day and time to get back with you? Great.”

When you reconnect with him and he is ready to talk here are some ideas to consider.

You should briefly review the highpoints of the opportunity. Say something like this, “John can you see
how the hotline and website will make it easy for you to share this opportunity?” “John can you visualize
how a product like Transfer Factor will sweep the country? Wouldn‟t you like to be on this growth
wave?” “John what did you like most about this opportunity?”

You will want to assist the prospect in visualizing himself actually doing this business. You might say
something some thing like this, “John, we will assist you in finding health minded individuals that are
looking for a chance to earn extra income. You don‟t have to sell them anything. You just direct them to
systems that share the information with them. Does that sound like something you could do?”

“The only way you are going to really know how this will work for you is to give it a „test drive.‟ The
staff at Professional Networkers and I will be there for you step by step. The final step is closing the
prospect. I suggest a phrase like this, “John do you have enough information to give this a try?”

If he says no, ask him what kind of information would help him make his decision. Be ready to send the
prospect to other sources of information. Here are a few suggestions:

(1) Dr. Rob‟s product call - 866-315-4002
(2) Dr. Rob‟s opportunity - call 866-315-4006
(3) PN‟s 15 presentation call by Chris Moore - 678-318-1729. This message will eventually be moved
    and replace Naomi Jackson’s message on 512-404-2368 option 3.
(4) The ID#.html site. Send the prospect to an actual link such as: Why
    Professional Networkers?, Support Systems, Transfer Factor, the bulletin board, etc.

If he says yes, here are the next steps.

(1) Explain the enrollment process. “John you will need a Distributorship kit at a cost of $29.95 This kit
    will provide you with training materials, company policies and other important information. Also
    John, you will need to get product experience. It is important to develop a personal testimony. Your
    prospects will want to know what your experience with the product is. A bottle of TF+ cost $$$.
    When you enroll with 4life you have a chance to take advantage of a special program that will
    maximize your earning potential. 4Life offers what they call a Leader4Life program. (Explain the
    leader4life program). “John which way would you like to get started?”
(2) Set up an introduction call with your upline or PN‟s staff.
(3) Set up a strategy call with you and your upline.

                               Third Method of Presentation
                                           Longer Presentation

    The following is a medium length presentation. If you are skilled, you could use the following script.
    You still should send them to the hotline and gateway website because the prospect needs to
    experience the system that he will use. You do not want the prospect to feel that he must copy your
    presentation. You emphasize this fact by saying, “John, you will not have to personally share what I
    just shared with you. I will send you to a system that will share this opportunity for you.”

Go through the initial steps that I have already shared with you in step one and two.
The opening statements will be similar and the close will be the same. The following
presentation is for the more experienced distributor.

   “John whatever opportunity you select, there is one factor that will go a long way in determining your
   success and that is what kind of training and support you receive. I suggest that you look at this factor
   closely. I have found it to be very important. John, I am working closely with Mike Akins and his
   staff. Mike has 37 years of successful experience in this industry. He has developed five major
   organizations during his career that are still in existence today. Mike semi-retired for eight years while
   his staff members serviced his distributors. When Mike returned full-time to the industry he invested
   more than ½ million dollars in financing a study of more than 300 opportunities and 40 years of
   network marketing history. Mike financed this study to assist him in selecting the #1 opportunity in
   this industry and the program to crown his career in his final quest of success.”

   “John this study found five factors that are important to your success. I will take just a few minutes to
   highlight these factors.

    (1). Security: First, it is important to select a company that has visionary and experienced
   leadership. John, when you select an opportunity to serve as a vehicle to your success, it is important
   that your vehicle will stay in business and provide your with the type of leadership that will maximize
   your chance for success.”

   “David Lisonbee, the co-founder of our company 4Life Research provides you that experience and
   visionary leadership. This leadership is evident in that 4Life was rated the 15 th fastest growing
   privately owned company in the USA by the prestigious Inc. 500 Magazine. This is the highest rating
   given to a network marketing company in the history of the rating system. Inc. Magazine examines
   more than a 100,000 businesses.

    David Lisonbee gained his experience by co-founding a network marketing company in the mid-80‟s
   and leading it to annual sales of more than 200 million dollars in the mid-90‟s. David has a heart for
   his distributors and plans on passing this company down through the decades to his children so you
   have long-term security. 4Life has a five-year track record of excellence. Last month 4Life experience
   a all time record and is moving into momentum. Your timing couldn‟t be better.”

   (2) Product Strategy: “John, the second important factor in the equation for success is the
   flagship product. It is important to have a flagship product that is exclusive, patented and effective.
   Transfer Factor is such a flagship product. John, Transfer Factor represents a complete new
   dimension in nutritional science. 4Life has world-wide patent rights for Targeted Transfer Factor.
   Transfer Factor is not a vitamin, herb or mineral, it is a complete new class of nutrition. There is
   absolutely nothing like Transfer Factor on the market.”

   “Forty-million dollars were invested in research on transfer factors. Transfer factors have been
   studied since 1949. Only now has technology advanced to a point that it can be made available to the

“Your body already contains transfer factors. Transfer factors regulate your immune system. Your
immune system fights for you life every moment you are alive. When your immune system fails or
becomes dysfunctional, you develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies or a great number of
conditions. When your immune system is working well, you stay well, have tons of energy and feel

“4Life has found a method by which you an add superior transfer factors to your immune system
assisting you in achieving ultimate health and enabling you to protect your loved ones. Only one or
two couple times in the past hundred years has there been such a breakthrough in health. Think about
it John, you have a chance to be a part of the foundation of bringing a breakthrough product to the
world. Can you imagine the earning power of this discovery and what this can mean to your future?
Another important point that I would like to make, John, is that 4Life has an in-house staff of world
renowned scientists to keep you on the cutting edge of nutritional research. You will have superior
products for decades to come”

(3) Highest Paying Compensation Plan: “The next factor that separates our opportunity from
all others is the design of our compensation program. Recently, there was a survey conducted on the
pay plans of the top 30 network marketing programs. 4Life was found to pay approximately 18%
more than the average of the top 30 programs. This is 15 million dollars more on every 100 million
dollars in sales. It is important that you are compensated well for your efforts.”

Another characteristic of this pay plan is that it pays the start-up distributor well so you can finance
the building of your business with profits from your business as you go. Mike‟s study found this to be
the best pay plan with the right balance between immediate rewards for the part-timer and the longer
term benefits paid on the deep growth within your future organization.”

(4) “John, another success factor is the training and support the company provides you. You will find
that 4Life Research provides you with the finest training and support in the industry.”

(5) Superior Training & Support:“ The final success factor that the ½ million dollar study
found vital to your success, is upline support. You need to find a company that creates the
environment that attracts the kind of leaders in the field that will give you the best hands-on training
and support. This is where Mike Akins and Professional Networkers come in for you. 4Life was able
to attract Mike Akins, one of the most successful leaders in the industry. One of the most prestigious
trade magazines referred to Mike as the „greatest network marketer in the world.‟ I work closely with
Mike and his full-time staff at Professional Networkers.”

Once you decide to give this opportunity a try, you will be provided with free websites, 24/7 hotlines,
conference call training, 3-way calling assistance, and daily conference call presentations hosted by a
professional networker. You can bring your prospects on a conference call and let the professionals
talk to them for you. Professional Networkers will appoint a team of success coaches to assist me in
training you and working hand in hand with you as you achieve your goals. Professional Networkers
will mail out professional packets of information for you to your prospects at the cost of materials
only. The list goes on and on. There is nothing like this anywhere. Mike invest 60% of this income
back into the success of his distributors. John can you see the advantage of this type of support?”

“John at this time I would like to send (or 3-way) you to a short phone presentation and to a website
so that you can review more information. Would that be all right? “

       Set up a time to get back with them. Find out what time of the day is best for them and then secure
       a definite day and time to get back to them. Give them a choice of two different times. Say
       something like this, “John what would be the best day and time to get back with you to answer any
       questions you may have after you have heard the call and viewed the website, would Thursday or
       Friday work for you?”

From this point on follow the information given in the previous examples of presentations.

                          Possible Objections and Responses
Occasionally you may receive objections from the prospects. The following are suggested responses:

(1) Is this like Amway? (response) What is your concept of Amway?
(2) I don‟t think I am interested. (response) John I respect that. John, I am curious what are you looking
    for in an opportunity?
(3) I am not that interested in nutrition. (response) “I can appreciate that fact. Let me ask you a question.
    Are you interested in making a great deal of money? You see John, you don‟t have to be a health
    enthusiast to earn a great deal of money. With 68 million people in the baby boomer generation the
    nutritional industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Our product represents the next generation
    of nutritional science. You can be a part of this financial bonanza. Do you see what I mean?
(4) I don‟t know if I can do this or not. (response) “John ,I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same
    way. The key here is that you don‟t have to be a skilled salesperson. You are going to direct people to
    the information. Can you see yourself doing that John?”
(5) I am not a salesperson. (response) “I totally understand how you feel. That‟s the beauty with our
    marketing system. It is designed for people just like you that are not skilled in sales. The system does
    the selling.”
(6) I decided on another opportunity. “That‟s great, John, that you have found something you enjoy
    doing. I wish you the best at whatever you decide to do. Which opportunity did you select?…….What
    did you like best about it?…………..John, if you don‟t mind I would like to share a thought with

   I have provided this synopsis as an outline for a successful recruiting campaign. According to you
   own skill level you should feel free to personalize this outline to express your own strengths.
   Successful recruiting is a journey of learning and experiencing. Please feel free to share feedback to us
   so that we can continue learning to meet your needs. I wish you a blessed campaign.

   Highest regards,


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