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					            2010 Women’s
           Golf Championship

                 May 17-20, 2010
Practice Round: Sunday, May 16, 2010 9AM Shotgun

          Bulletin of Information

              LPGA International Golf Club
                    Legends Course
                  Daytona Beach, FL

            Hosted by Daytona State College
          1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.
             Daytona Beach, FL 32120-2811
                   Entry Checklist and Deadlines

It is extremely important that you meet the deadlines
listed. This will ensure that your team is included in the
tournament program and that the tournament preparations
run smoothly. Your help with this is greatly appreciated!!

  Submit Team/Individual Media Information Forms
  E-mail Team/Individual Photo
  E-mail School Logo
  Submit this information IMMEDIATELY!!
  Must be sent by April 05, 2010.
  Send to Shannon Slaybaugh at

  Submit Hotel Reservation Form by April 23, 2010.
  Send to Laura Brown at
  See form for details.

  Submit Official Entry Form as soon as you qualify!
  Deadline is May 07, 2010.
  Send to Laura Brown at
  See form for details.

  Submit Banquet RSVP & Ticket Request form by May 07, 2010.
  Send to Laura Brown at
  See form for details.

  Tournament Fees due at coaches meeting on May 16, 2010.

  Check for Tournament Updates.
            2010 NJCAA Women’s Golf Championship Committee

Tournament Directors:                Laura Brown       (386) 506-3282
                                                       Fax (386) 506-4485
                                     Will Dunne        (386) 506-4486
                                                       Fax (386) 506-4485
Assistant Tournament Directors:      Cindy Meehan      (386) 506-3097
                                     Alison Mohr       (386) 506-3400
Marketing                            Shannon Slaybaugh (386) 506-3178
Athletic Training                    Kim Csabi         (386) 506-3989

Rules Committee:                     Florida State Golf Association

Golf Course:                         LPGA International (386) 274-5742
                                     Legends Course

NJCAA Asst. Executive Director:      Mary Ellen Leicht    (719) 590-9788
                                                          Fax (719) 590-7324

NJCAA Women’s Golf Chair:            Norma Dycus          (937) 512-2353
                                                          Fax (937) 512-3056


                    Your Family and Friends Can Stay Connected!

                     Get Tournament Updates, Daily Scores and
                             See Tournament Pictures!


                             Pre Tournament Information

Roster & Team Photo:
Included is a team/individual information form that needs to be completed by April 05, 2010.
A team photo and college logo must also be e-mailed to no later than
April 05, 2010.       If you need to mail this information please send to Shannon Slaybaugh,
Daytona State College – Athletics, 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32120-
    Do not wait to qualify for the tournament. Send this
information immediately. You must submit this information on
time to make sure that you are included in the tournament

Official Entry:
Each qualifying team’s coach will name specific players from the roster to compete as a team prior to
the start of the tournament. This should be included on the enclosed official entry form. Qualifying
entries should be sent by fax to Laura Brown at (386) 506-4485 or e-mail
as soon as qualified and set by the coach. Deadline for receipt is   May 07, 2010.
      A. All entries must be received by the Tournament Director 10 days prior to the tournament.
      B. It is the responsibility of the Regional Directors to send entries to the NJCAA Tournament
         Director, postmarked Certified Mail, or by email no later than 10 days before the

Contestant Supervision:
No contestant shall be permitted to enter the NJCAA Golf Championship Golf unless accompanied by
1) a coach or faculty member of the sending institution or 2) a designated supervisor, coach or
faculty member from an NJCAA member college. Designation of a supervisory person in (2) above
must be in writing. Written notification shall bear the seal of the college and the signature of the
athletic director and the president or dean of the sending institution. Notification shall be sent by
certified mail to the tournament director. All contestants must remain under the supervision of their
coach or designated supervisor throughout the tournament and until departure from the site.
     2010 NJCAA Women’s Championship Specific Information
A. Soft spikes must be worn by all competitors.
B. Dress Code – please refer to the attached sheet on dress code guidelines.
C. Competitors will be registered and local course rules will be explained at the pre-
   tournament coaches meeting scheduled for Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 1:30p.m.
   at LPGA International Golf Club in the Conference Room. All coaches are
   required to be in attendance. Entry fees/practice fees shall be turned in at this
   time. Any health histories of participants that may be important to the athletic
   training staff should also be turned in at this time.
D. Housing is being assigned. It is mandatory that all participating colleges
   honor this assignment or pay for these rooms. The official hotel will be the
   Hilton Garden Inn, 189 Midway Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32114. Reservations for
   your team are made by completing the attached Hotel Reservation Form. Do not
   call the hotel directly! Rates will be $86.00 for a standard room and $96.00 for
   a suite plus tax – this rate includes breakfast each morning. You will be assigned
   rooms based on the number of players you have.
E. A Tournament Banquet is scheduled for Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. and
   will be held on the Daytona State College Campus in the Lemerand Center.
   Banquet tickets are included with tournament fees to entered players and one
   coach per team. Additional tickets for other coaches, administrative
   personnel, parents and any other guests are available for $30 per ticket
   and need to be purchased in advance. See included invitation.
F. A Coaches’ Association Meeting will take place on Tuesday May 18, 2010 at the
   Hilton Garden Inn – time will be announced at coaches meeting on Sunday.
G. Entry fees are due at the pre-tournament meeting. The entry fee is $400 per
   team or $80 per individual. There will also be an additional fee of
   $600.00 per team or $120.00 per individual to cover practice
   round/banquet/tournament fees. All fees will be paid to Daytona State
   College – you will not need to pay LPGA International Golf Club for
   practice round. Four person teams competing as a team will pay the team rate.
   Checks should be made out to Daytona State College. If you are paying by
   personal check you must have a driver’s license number listed on the check.
H. Each team will be allowed one practice round. The practice round must
   be played on Sunday, May 16, 2010 and we will be having a 9:00 am
   shotgun. There is no need to call the golf course. (No one other than
   tournament participants will be allowed to play at this time). Players will
   be provided carts during the practice round.
I. NJCAA Tournament Merchandise will be sold all week at the event by Team IP. You
   may also pre-order selected items – see attached flyers.
                         Team/Individual Information and Media Form
(Please type or print legibly)

College ________________________________________________________________

College Address _________________________________________________________
                             Street                         City
___________________________________ College Website _______________________________
       State           Zip
College Mascot _________________ College Colors ___________________________
Enrollment _____________________ NJCAA Region _______________________________

Coach: ________________________________________ Phone: __________________
E-mail: ________________________________________ Fax: ___________________

Athletic Director: _______________________________ Phone: __________________
E-mail: _______________________________________ Fax: ____________________

College President: _____________________________________

College Sports Information/ Marketing Representative __________________________
E-mail: ___________________________ Fax: _______________________________

Time, Place, Date of Arrival _______________________________________________

Team Roster:
Player Name                      Class   Hometown, State               Unisex T-
                                                                       Shirt Size

    Continue on next page!!! This form is due by April 05, 2010 to Shannon Slaybaugh.
              E-mail to or Fax (386) 506-4485.
Along with this form please e-mail the following items to
    A team photo, JPEG of TIFF format at least 300dpi and 3-inches
    Your school logo in an illustrator or as an EPS file. As a JPEG/TIFF it
     must be at least 300dpi and 1-inch minimum.

For questions or more information regarding submitting photos or school
      logos, please contact Shannon Slaybaugh at (386) 506-3178
           Fax (386) 506-4485 or

              This form is due by April 05, 2010!!
                  2010 NJCAA Women’s Golf Championship
                  Hotel Reservation Form
(Please type or print legibly)

College __________________________ Head Coach ____________________________

Phone (          ) ____________________Fax Number (             ) ____________________

Arrival Date/Time ____________________Departure Date/Time____________________

Email address for confirmation: ___________________________________________

Form of Payment:       Visa     Mastercard      AMEX       Discover     Cash     Check
(If paying by check, each standard room including tax is $96.75/night and each suite including tax is
$108.00/night – number and type of room is determined by number of people staying in each room)

       Name on Reservation: ______________________________________
       Name on Credit Card: ____________________________Zip Code:___________
       Credit Card Number: ____________________________ Exp. Date: ___________

      Rooms are reserved at the Tournament Hotel for your team.
      Please complete the rooming list and indicate which participants will be rooming together.
      Reservations must be FAXED or EMAILED NO LATER THAN APRIL 23, 2010.
      You will receive an e-mailed confirmation of your reservation to your provided email address.
      Official hotel is for participants and coaches only. See attached flyers for friends
       and family options.

   Room Name                             Name                            Name

      All participants must stay at the tournament hotel per NJCAA tournament rules.
      The Hotel is considered part of the tournament site and all behavior rules will be
       enforced. This includes a ban on alcohol and tobacco.
      If you have any questions regarding this form please contact Laura Brown at (386)
                                   Return By Fax or Email
                                 No Later than APRIL 23, 2010
                                 Laura Brown (386) 506-4485 (FAX)
            2010 NJCAA Women’s Golf National Championship
                        Official Entry Form
College_______________________________________ Region___________________


City_______________________________ State______________ Zip______________

Coach_______________________________ Signature__________________________

Athletic Director_______________________Signature__________________________

Entries – By Team Position

   1. ____________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

   2. ____________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

   3. ____________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

   4. ____________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

   5. ____________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

Alternate:_________________________ Class________ Avg. Score_____________

If qualified in addition to team entry:
Medalist:__________________________ Class________ Avg. Score____________

Medalist:__________________________ Class________ Avg. Score____________
Official Entry is Due on or before May 07 , 2010. The Regional Director is the final
responsible individual for the delivery of the official entry. If early notification of
qualification can be provided please do so to assist with the organization of the
tournament. Please mail, email or fax entry form to:
Mail to:     Laura Brown, Women’s Golf
             Daytona State College
             1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.
             Daytona Beach, FL 32120-2811 Fax: (386) 506-4485
Sunday, May 17th, 2010  6:30 p.m.                            Dinner provided by:
Daytona State College
Lemerand Center ~ Building 310
Casual Dress


Please return by May 7th:
College: __________________________________________________

                                   Number Attending               Price                   Total
           Tournament Players                                      Free                   Free
            Head Golf Coach                                        Free                   Free
           Additional Guest(s)                                   $30 each

   MasterCard            Visa           Discover
Cardholders Name: _______________________________________________________
Card Number: ____________________________________Zip Code: _______________
Expiration Date: __________________ Daytime Phone: _________________________
Please make checks payable to: Daytona State College
(Drivers License # must be on all personal checks.)

Banquet tickets will be given to coaches at the coaches meeting.
Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended, seats are limited.
     Team IP is the official merchandiser for the 2010 NJCAA Women’s Golf National
            We are offering the chance to preorder your official NJCAA polo.

                 Men’s or Women’s Polo (Any Color) - $40.00
   Sales tax will be applied to all presale and onsite purchases (unless a sales tax exempt form can be
         Sizes available: Women in adult XS - Adult XXL, Men in Adult Small – Adult XXXL.

                                            Color Options:

TO ORDER, Call Christa toll free: 1(877)821-8643 ext. 112
Call Direct: 772-408-5087
             Team IP is offering you a chance to preorder the official
                             Tournament apparel for the
                   2010 NJCAA Women’s Golf national Championship.
           All items will be printed with one of the below front designs
                        And participating golfers on the back.

                 White or Light Steel Tee - $19.00 ($20.00 at event)
            White or Light Steel Long Sleeve Tee - $24.00 ($25.00 at event)
           White or Light Steel Hooded Sweatshirt – $39.00 ($40.00 at event)
   This is a savings of $1 per item!! Sales tax will be applied to all on site and presale orders (unless a sales
                                       tax exempt form can be presented).

                             Tees available in Youth Medium - Adult XXXL,
                          Long Sleeves Available in Youth Medium - Adult XXL,
                      Hooded sweatshirts available in adult small – adult xxxl.
                     (XXL and XXXL sizes are available for an additional charge.)

TO ORDER, Call Christa toll free: 1(877)821-8643 ext. 112
Call Direct: 772-408-5087
     Holiday Inn Express Hotel Daytona Beach
 This beautiful 7 acre Resort with easy access to I-95, Airport and LPGA features a special
 rate for NJCAA friends and families. This hotel is not for tournament participants! Ask
    for the NJCAA rate May 15, 2010 through May 22, 2010 when calling to book your
                  reservation and receive a $79.00 rate for standard rooms.
. 151 Non-Smoking Guest Rooms include King or Two Double Beds, Desk,
Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Wireless High Speed Internet
. Complimentary Express Start Hot Breakfast Buffet
. Business Center
. Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Six Lighted Hard Surface Tennis Courts, and Fitness
. Complimentary Airport Shuttle

        Holiday Inn Express 2620 W. International Speedway Blvd.   Daytona Beach Fl 32114 Tel: 386-258-6333
  NJCAA National Women’s Golf Championship
              May 17-20, 2010

                       Friends & Family Rates
                             Offered by:

      These hotels are not for tournament players and

                              Courtyard by Marriott:
Rate is $99 plus tax/Includes breakfast. For reservations call
(386) 255-3388 and ask for the DNG rate. To view the property and amenities go

                           Residence Inn by Marriott:
$109 plus tax/Includes breakfast. For reservations please call
(386) 252-3949 and ask for the DNG rate. To view the property and amenities go

Rates are good from 5/14/10 – 05/23/10.

                    *Special Notice: Florida’s hotel tax is 12.5%*
                    Tournament Rules and Procedures
A. It is the tournament Director’s sole responsibility to run the National Tournament by the policies of the
   NJCAA and USGA.
B. The Tournament shall be scheduled on a course, which will permit any eligible participant to compete.
C. The NJCAA Women’s Championship Golf Tournament shall be a 72-hole medal play event.
D. Teams shall consist of a minimum of four players and a maximum of five.
E. The team scores for the day shall consist of the total of the four lowest players on the team. The team
   with the lowest four-day total shall be the champion.
F. In the event of team tie for the championship or for third place, the team tie breaking procedure as
   outlined in the NCAA Rules of Golf shall by used.
G. The tournament shall be decided by the last completed round in the event of inclement weather.
H. Every attempt should be made to complete 72 holes by playing 36 holes in one day or completing the
   unfinished round the next morning, with the tournament ending on the fourth day.
I. Players may be penalized for failure to observe the rules of etiquette of golf.
J. Improper behavior by tournament participants, as determined by the NJCAA Code of Conduct may
   result in disqualification. Appropriate attire will be required as defined by the host course. This applies
   for everyone representing a college at all official tournament functions.
K. At the discretion of the tournament director and the Golf Chairperson/designee, when tournament
   course conditions permit, the tournament will be conducted as a 72 hole “no cut” tournament. If the
   tournament format course cannot accommodate a “no cut” format, the following format shall be in
   effect: After 36 holes, the field will be cut to the top 15 teams and any team within 15 strokes of the
   leading team, and the top 24 individuals and any player who is within 15 strokes of the individual
L. In the event of a tie for first place with respect to individual competition, there shall be a sudden death
   playoff. All other ties in the top eighteen shall be decided by the USGA tie-breaking recommendation:
   compare last 9 holes on the scorecard, last 6 holes, last 3 holes or last 1 hole. If a tie still exists: The
   same formula will be applied to the Front Nine.
M. No team will be permitted to play on the tournament site for two (2) days prior to the first official day
   of practice.
N. No players will be permitted back on the tournament course after completing a round except during
   playoffs. The penalty for breaking this rule is 2 strokes added to the score posted that day by that
   player. There is no penalty for congregating in the immediate vicinity of the 18th green.
O. For initial pairings individuals will be paired together and have first tee times. Teams will be paired
   together and follow the individuals. On the second day, the pairings shall remain the same with the
   tee times reversed. On the third and following days, pairings will be based on team standings and
   teams paired together according to tournament scores. Individuals who make the cut will be paired on
   the basis of scores in the tournament and paired between teams of equal score (i.e. the number one
   players, will be paired together, etc.). Pairings will be made in threesomes for all tournament rounds.
   The tournament director will decide the tournament format for the first two rounds.
P. In the event of a missed tee time, USGA rules will be followed.
Q. Scorecard procedures should follow USGA stroke play rules.
R. There will be no advice exchanged between competitors, or among teammates during their round.
   The penalty for breaking this rule will be a two (2) stroke penalty added to the score for the day. Two
   coaches per team may be designated to give advice, but coaches will not be allowed on the greens.
S. No substitution is allowed for a player after that player puts the ball in play for tournament scoring.
T. Players shall not use electronic devices, except range finders (elevation and/or wind device is illegal)on
   the course during NJCAA tournament play. Violation will be disqualification for that round.
Qualifications of Teams and Individuals for Competition
  A. Each region be allowed a maximum of ten (10) participants in the NJCAA Golf Championships when
       golf eligibility filed with National Office is five (5) colleges or less.
  B. Each region be allowed a maximum of fifteen (15) participants in the NJCAA Golf Championships when
       golf eligibility filed with the National Office is six (6) or seven (7) colleges.
  C. Each region be allowed a maximum of twenty (20) participants in the NJCAA Golf Championships when
       golf eligibility filed with the National Office is eight (8) or nine (9) colleges.
  D. Each region be allowed a maximum of twenty-five (25) participants in the NJCAA Golf Championships
       when golf eligibility filed with the National Office is ten (10) or more colleges.
  E. Each region is allowed to qualify the division medallist if she fails to qualify by other means.
  F. An individual who received All-American status (including Honorable Mention) in the prior year may
       also qualify is she fails to qualify by other means.
  G. Should the host team fail to qualify for the National Tournament, they will be given an automatic entry.
  H. In the unusual situation when a second player’s scores are lower than the lowest scores of a member
       of the championship team in regional tournament play, she would also qualify for the National

The host college and the Chair of the NJCAA Golf Committee, will be responsible for securing the services of all
necessary officials and committee members to satisfactorily conduct the tournament as determined by the
NJCAA Committee on Golf. This includes the use of local citizens and coaches of participants.

  A. Awards shall be given to the first, second and third place teams
  B. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded the first, second and third place finishers respectively.
  C. Each individual golfer on the first team shall receive an NJCAA gold medal. There shall be five (5)
  D. Each individual golfer on the second team shall receive an NJCAA silver medal. There shall be five (5)
  E. A Medallist award shall be presented.
  F. A Coach of the Tournament award shall be presented.
  G. The top eighteen (18) medalists will be presented medals and site hole flags in recognition of their
     finish. These golfers will be designated as the All-Tournament team.

Motorized Assistance
  A. Non-motorized pull carts will be allowed in the NJCAA Golf Championships without medical
  B. A player may not use a motorized cart during a tournament round because of injury. Use of a
     motorized cart would be permitted only if a player meets the definition of a disability as
     described in the Americans with Disabilities Act and has presented medical documentation
     upon filing eligibility.

Substance Abuse
The use of all tobacco products by any coach, player, official or other individual involved in the
administration of any NJCAA sponsored regular season or post season play is prohibited within the
confines of the playing area. Any individual not in compliance shall be disqualified from further
participation in that contest.

Open Wound Policy
Under circumstances when constant or profuse bleeding occurs, the participant shall be immediately
removed from that contest by the official and cannot return until the bleeding has been stopped.
Tournament Information (Continued)

Code of Conduct Procedures
Participants shall recognize the responsibility for proper conduct at any tournament, contest, or event
sponsored by the NJCAA or its member colleges. Coaches shall recognize and resume responsibility
for actions of themselves and their team members. Each coach who has participants competing in
the event shall be responsible for informing each member of the CODE. (Article XX of the NJCAA

Medical Information
A certified athletic trainer will be present at all times during tournament rounds. Services available
include taping, ice, blister treatment, injury evaluation and immediate treatment. Athletes who
require modality treatment (such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation) MUST bring a
doctor’s prescription. Please make every effort to inform the athletic trainer on Sunday prior to
the tournament if you will require preventative treatment during the tournament.

General Information
  A. All students who meet eligibility criteria are eligible to participate in NJCAA golf events.
  B. Tournament Housing – Should the tournament host/national office choose to assign lodging
     for this event, all participating colleges must honor that assignment or pay for those rooms.
                      DRESS CODE POLICY

 Appropriate golf attire must be worn at all times.

 Men: Collared shirts required, Bermuda length shorts (maximum of 4
  inches above the knee).

 Women: Collared shirts recommended, Bermuda length shorts (maximum
  of 6 inches above the knee). SHORTS MUST BE LONG ENOUGH!!

 No denim, dress denim, or blue jeans of any kind.

 No tank tops, t-shirts, halter-tops, beachwear, gym shorts, or cut-offs will
  be allowed.

 Spectators are also required to follow the same guidelines as mentioned

 NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this dress code policy.
                                      Participant Survival Kit

                     Sunscreen (minimum 15 SPF for body and 30 SPF for face)
                                  Cool Max Socks (NOT cotton!)
                                           Water Bottle
                                     Lip Balm with Sunscreen
                                        Comfortable Shoes
                                    After Sun Lotion with Aloe

        Play your best: Do not become a victim of Florida’s heat and humidity.

Staying hydrated helps to maintain athletic performance and reduces the risk of exertional heat
illnesses (i.e., heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke).

During play, water and/or a sports drink would be the preferable beverage. However, fluid
consumption during meals can include drinks like milk and juice, as well as sports drinks and water.

                     When you become thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

The first indicators of dehydration are thirst, irritability, and general discomfort. If the dehydration
progresses the signs and symptoms may include headache, cramps, chills, vomiting, nausea, head or
neck heat sensations, and decreased performance. If you experience any of these symptoms during
play, ask your coach or a tournament official to contact the athletic trainer.

A few tips:

      Drink fluids frequently and throughout the day, not just while playing
      Drink at least eight cups of fluid a day
      Carry a water bottle with you at all times
      Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty
      Avoid excessive caffeine
      Stay out of the sun whenever possible; enjoy the beach during the evening hours
      Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30
      Drink plenty of fluids the days prior to tournament play

                         How to tell if you’re getting enough fluid
                 If your urine is the color of lemonade, you should be well-hydrated.

                        If your urine is the color of mustard, drink more water!!!

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