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									Business Advantage
    from Absa
Small Businesses Survival Rate!



  Source: Business Partners
Why Small Businesses Fail!

       Source: Business Partners
How Absa Can Help You Grow Your Business
        Small Business Advisory Centre

-The centre has been specifically created to assist small
businesses and help entrepreneurs establish their own

-It also offers workshops and seminars as well as a full
 reference area that will give you easy access to the
 latest business information.
 -Woman Empowerment Desk in PMB and Durban
                   ACCESS TO FINANCE

- Because our focus is on enterprise development, we
  also offer assistance in advising and putting together
  applications for the following empowerment funds:

•   - Khula Credit Guarantee scheme
•   - ABSA / IDC Finance Scheme
•   - Joint SMME Fund
                    Business Essentials

          Key tools and services to help you succeed

Business Plan Pro   Marketing Plan Pro   MindLeaders   QuickBooks Pro
                   Business Plan Pro

          Prepare a Detailed Business Plan for Your Business

 A well thought out business plan is like a road map showing
where you are now, where you intend to go, and the route you
                   need to take to get there

        If you haven’t decided where you want to go
                 and planned your route carefully,
         how will you know when you have arrived…
and worse still, how will you know if you get lost along the way?
                                 Business Plan Pro

                                            • Produce a winning business plan
                                              with over 500 templates

                                            • Create break-even forecast, sales
                                              forecast and projected profit and loss
                                              in minutes

• Review and professionally
  present your plan so that it
  is compelling for investors
  and gets results
                  Marketing Plan Pro

                Prepare an Effective Marketing Strategy
                          for Your Business

Producing an effective marketing plan can give your business a
    competitive advantage, enabling you to compete more
   effectively against your competitors and grow your sales
                              Marketing Plan Pro

                                         • Know what it takes to succeed and
                                           grow sales
                                         • Analyse the strengths, weaknesses,
                                           opportunities and threats of your
                                           products and services
                                         • Identify your competition and how to
                                           compete effectively against them

• Use over 70 sample marketing
  plans to show how you can
  raise awareness, attract
  interest for your products and
  services, and convert sales
    MindLeaders – Skills Training Courses

             Equip and empower yourself and your staff
            with necessary skills to grow and manage your
                      business more effectively

Boost your business performance, confidence and productivity
with unlimited anytime access to over 1400 essential business,
software and IT skills courses and videos. Industry-recognised
   and used by major blue-chip companies across the globe
MindLeaders – Skills Training Courses

                           Some of the courses included:

                           Business Skills Development
                           • Business Maths
                           • Business Communication
                           • Business Management
                           • Customer Service
                           • Negotiation Techniques
                           • Project Management

                           Desktop Computing
                           • Microsoft Office
                           • Word
                           • Excel
                           • PowerPoint

                           IT Skills
                           • Networking
                           • SQL Server
                           • HTML
                           • Dreamweaver

                           And many more…
                   QuickBooks Pro

                Effectively and Accurately Manage Your
                           Business Finances

Don’t let money slip between the cracks. Keep track of money
 going in and out of your business easily and accurately with
  QuickBooks Pro – the worlds leading small and medium
                business accounting software
                                QuickBooks Pro

                                                       • Track money in and out, money
                                                         owed and money you owe

                                                       • Easily produce and record
                                                         invoices, estimates, cheques,
                                                         and cash receipts

                                                       • Keep accurate records of your
                                                         customers’ and suppliers’ contact
                                                         details and history

                                                       • Know which of your products,
                                                         services and customers give you
                                                         the best return

                                                       • Understand how profitable your
                                                         business is at any time

• Produce your business accounts with one-touch ease

• Track your bank, credit card and cash accounts
                           QuickBooks Pro

                     No Accounting Experience Required
  QuickBooks is built for small business owners, with familiar-looking onscreen
cheques, invoices & receipts. Over 4 million small business owners worldwide use
  QuickBooks to manage their accounts because it's easy, affordable & powerful
                          QuickBooks Pro

              Over 100 Customisable Financial Report Templates
                 Know where your business stands at any time
Better track and manage stock – so you always know what’s in, low and on order
               Accurately manage accounts payable & receivable
                         Easily track and manage VAT
                       Business Advantage

           Key tools and services to help you succeed

Business Plan Pro         Marketing Plan Pro        MindLeaders           QuickBooks Pro

                    Succeed Magazine           Networking Opportunities
                                BUSINESS ESSENTIALS

Business Essentials                                                                          R 185 (inc VAT) per month
                                                                                                   Software Valued at R 21,000

Business Plan Pro   Marketing Plan Pro   MindLeaders          QuickBooks Pro

Business Advantage                                                                           R 290 (inc VAT) per month

Business Plan Pro   Marketing Plan Pro                        QuickBooks Pro    Succeed Magazine        Networking Opportunities

                                              * Minimum 12 month subscription
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