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									                                               Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management
                                               Customer Solution Case Study

                                               Medical Technology Company BD Gains
                                               Strategic View of $400 Million R&D Portfolio

Overview                                       “After implementing the EPM Solution, we are now
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Life sciences—Medical devices
                                               able to provide the leadership at BD with deeper
                                               visibility into our $400 million R&D fund.”
Customer Profile
                                               Jeff DiPasquale, Global IT Portfolio Manager, BD
BD, a global medical technology company,
manufactures and sells medical supplies,
devices, laboratory equipment, and
diagnostic products. Headquartered in          Medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, BD employs
more than 28,000 associates in nearly 50       serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical
countries.                                     laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and the general public.
Business Situation                             While R&D spending at BD grew rapidly, the company’s ability to
With an R&D budget that doubled to             analyze projects and investments lagged behind. BD needed a tool
U.S.$400 million in just a few years, BD
wanted stronger analytics in place to aid in   that would provide a companywide view of all projects, associated
decision making on its R&D investment          costs, and resources. The company chose the Microsoft® Office
                                               Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution. With the
Solution                                       standardized metrics and advanced analytics provided by
BD deployed the Microsoft® Enterprise
Project Management (EPM) Solution. UMT         implementation partner UMT Consulting Group, the EPM Solution
Consulting Group helped BD define              offers many benefits. The company now has a comprehensive view
valuable metrics as well as create
advanced analytics and reporting               into its U.S.$400 million R&D budget, giving BD the information it
structures for the EPM solution.               needs to measure its investments against its stated strategy, make
Benefits                                       timelier decisions, and maximize its return on investment.
 Total visibility into $400 million R&D
 Clarification of business strategy
 Timelier decision making
 Optimal return on investment
“The analytical tools in                       Situation                                         that we needed a project management tool
                                               BD is a global medical technology company         that would be flexible enough to follow the
the EPM Solution give us                       that focuses on improving drug delivery and       product development process while taking us
a window into viewing                          disease diagnosis as well as advancing drug       to the next level of business intelligence
                                               discovery. BD develops, manufactures, and         internally. We wanted to know, for example,
these potential                                sells medical supplies, devices, laboratory       what information is used at the local
outcomes, which helps                          instruments, antibodies, reagents, and            organizational unit level to make portfolio
                                               diagnostic products. It serves healthcare         decisions? Who makes those decisions, and
us drive our business                          organizations, life science researchers,          what types of information and analysis would
strategy more                                  clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical         help us manage the broader portfolio in line
                                               industry, and the general public.                 with our strategic goals?”
Scott Bruder, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President   In February 2007, BD decided that it needed       Solution
and Chief Technology Officer, BD               to implement a companywide project portfolio      BD was looking for a solution that supported
                                               management methodology to optimally               the three Gs that are drivers behind the
                                               manage its large investment portfolio in          company’s global project portfolio
                                               research and development. “Our R&D budget         management initiative:
                                               had doubled from $200 million to $400
                                               million in just a few years,” says Jeff            Global governance—adherence to the
                                               DiPasquale, Global IT Portfolio Manager at          GPDS within the project management tool
                                               BD.                                                Global harmonization—the use of
                                                                                                   standardized metrics and calculations
                                               Although BD could perform R&D investment            across all organizational units
                                               analysis within its individual 9 organizational    Global transparency—the consolidation of
                                               units, DiPasquale says, “It was difficult to        all investments and valuations within one
                                               compare apples to apples across units.              system to give stakeholders the
                                               Therefore we needed to improve our portfolio        information necessary for making effective
                                               management process and also automate this           portfolio decisions
                                               process by selecting a tool that would help us
                                               view our investments and make decisions           After evaluating several vendors, BD chose
                                               about these investments at a corporate            the Microsoft® Office Enterprise Project
                                               level.”                                           Management (EPM) Solution, which includes
                                                                                                 Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server
                                               To help achieve the needed standardization,       2007, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007,
                                               make more informed decisions, and calculate       and Microsoft Office Project Professional
                                               return on investment, BD began by improving       2007. “We chose the EPM Solution based on
                                               the portfolio management components of its        three primary requirements,” says
                                               companywide global product development            DiPasquale. “We needed a solution that was
                                               system (GPDS). The system tracks the              flexible enough to customize workflows. Our
                                               distinct phases of the product development        goal was to deploy first to R&D, and then to
                                               life cycle, from concept through launch. “We      extend the investment by deploying to other
                                               created a staged approach for product             functions like IT.” For security purposes, BD
                                               development that also linked associated           required the ability to configure user access
                                               expenses and resources,” says DiPasquale.         according to specific criteria to ensure that
                                               Scott Bruder, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President      people only had access to the portfolios that
                                               and Chief Technology Officer at BD,               matched their job responsibilities. “Lastly,”
                                               continues: “As we refined GPDS, we realized       says DiPasquale, “we wanted a credible,
“The Efficient Frontier                      established vendor in which we had                    Provides many advanced decision-making
                                             confidence. Microsoft met all of these                 tools such as the graphical analysis for
Analysis provided by the                     criteria.” BD also required the solution to link       return on investment presented in an
EPM Solution easily and                      data from other Microsoft products such as             Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 feature
                                             Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and                   called “Efficient Frontier.”
clearly shows the return                     Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007.
on investment BD can                                                                            BD deployed the solution to R&D in two major
                                             BD partnered with UMT Consulting Group to          phases. Once established in R&D, “We
get out of its product                       define goals and metrics and to create             decided to further gain value from the EPM
development portfolio.”                      advanced analytics and reports. UMT                solution by deploying similar portfolio
                                             Consulting Group designed and built UMT            management capabilities to the IT
Tom Malfi, Partner and Engagement Manager,   Portfolio Manager, which Microsoft                 organization thereby providing a common
UMT Consulting Group                         purchased in 2006 as the foundation for            framework to manage both R&D and IT
                                             Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server          project-type investments,” says DiPasquale.
                                             2007. Headquartered in New York City, UMT          Recently, BD extended the solution to its
                                             Consulting Group is a global services provider     research arm, BD Technologies.
                                             and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
                                             specializing in project and portfolio              Benefits
                                             management. The company is recognized              The EPM Solution at BD, designed and
                                             internationally as a market leader and has         configured by UMT Consulting Group,
                                             successfully implemented project and               provides the company with total visibility into
                                             portfolio management solutions with global         its $400 million R&D budget. The solution
                                             organizations for more than twenty years.          helps BD to measure its investments against
                                                                                                its strategy, make timelier decisions, and
                                             “We worked with each of the 9 organizational       maximize the value it receives in return for
                                             units to understand the data standards and         each dollar it spends.
                                             components in Office Project Portfolio Server
                                             2007 that BD wanted to create,” says Tom           Total Visibility into $400 Million R&D
                                             Malfi, Partner and Engagement Manager at           Fund
                                             UMT Consulting Group.                              Before implementing the EPM Solution, BD
                                                                                                did not have a “single source of truth” for all
                                             With the help of UMT Consulting Group, the         of its projects. “At the corporate level, BD
                                             EPM Solution at BD:                                probably had a good understanding of the top
                                                                                                25 things that were critical to the business,
                                              Collects standardized data and metrics for       but it did not have total visibility into all of its
                                               each BD R&D project.                             projects,” says Malfi.
                                              Prioritizes strategic company business
                                               drivers and shows how each BD project            With the EPM Solution designed and
                                               aligns with each strategic driver.               configured by UMT Consulting Group, “BD
                                              Evaluates and prioritizes projects based on      now has a single source of truth for all new
                                               user-defined goals, including maximizing         product development projects,” says
                                               strategic value and financial value while        DiPasquale. “After implementing the EPM
                                               reducing technical and commercial risks.         Solution, we are now able to provide the
                                              Provides the ability to analyze projects         leadership at BD with deeper visibility into our
                                               based on user-specified “what if” scenarios      $400 million R&D fund.”
                                               such as changes in resources, strategic
                                               goals, and budgets.
Clarification of Business Strategy                  the amount of money spent,” says Malfi. “A
The transparency of all projects, finances,         company will not want to spend a great deal
and resources helps BD to clarify its business      of money for only an incremental value
strategy. “Every project in one of our              increase, so this is critical business
organizational units, when viewed in isolation      intelligence. The Efficient Frontier Analysis
for that unit, may make sense. But when you         provided by the EPM Solution easily and
look at that unit’s list of projects with respect   clearly shows the return on investment that
to the aggregate of all BD projects, they may       BD can get out of its product development
not make as much sense,” says Bruder.               portfolio.”
“Perhaps they don’t provide a sufficient
return on investment, or they might not meet        BD continues to optimize the solution for all
certain criteria. The analytical tools in the       levels of the business. DiPasquale concludes,
EPM Solution give us a window into viewing          “Currently, we’re looking at how our
these potential outcomes, which helps us            organizations can extend this technology into
drive our business strategy more efficiently.       other functions in order to support our goal of
The solution gives us the data that we need         establishing a common investment decision-
to ask ourselves interesting and challenging        making process.”
questions inside our business.”

Timelier Decision Making
The company’s previous conglomeration of
stand-alone tracking methods significantly
constrained its ability to perform
companywide analysis and make timely
decisions. Since implementing the EPM
Solution, BD’s organizational units are
tracking their projects with fresh diligence.
“We see the value in using the tool and
following the process because doing so gives
those in a decision-making capacity the
ability to discuss the implications of the
data,” says Bruder. “It arms us to go back to
the units and ask clarifying questions to a
degree that we could not have done
previously. This valuable directional
information, provided by the EPM Solution,
helps us make more strategic, and more
timely, decisions.”

Optimal Return on Investment
The EPM Solution provides many ways for BD
to analyze and prioritize its investment
strategy. One of the most useful features for
BD is the Efficient Frontier Analysis. “This is a
line graph that shows, at different points
along the curve, the value that the company
is receiving, or would receive, in proportion to
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