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Coldwater Crossings Community Newsletter


									                                                                                                                                                       December 2007

                                                          Coldwater Crossings
                                                                           Community Newsletter

  As you join our community, it comes with both rights & responsibilities. We would like to build a safe, respectful, and clea n environment for everyone to enjoy, setting a standard of
                                                              excellence above any other within the Lehigh Valley!

              The moving experience                                                                                       Winter is Here!!!
          Welcome to Coldwater Crossings.
We all know moving, getting to know your neighbors,
     and adjusting to all the transitions can be quite                                          Please make sure all vehicles are off the streets
      stressful. As the Home Owner’s Association                                                during snow occurrences so the plows can don
  continues to form, we will be updating all residents                                          their job.
    with a newsletter and the website. We hope the
    information will be very useful and beneficial for
everyone. We have formed a number of committees                                                                                  Winter Jobs
 to assist in activities, rules and regulations, security,
and communication within the community. Our goal is                                             If there are any, of age, children (young adults)
   to build a wonderful community for all to enjoy for                                          looking for winter work such as shoveling snow,
             years to come, unlike any other.
                                                                                                babysitting, or other tasks, please contact Molly
If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please email                                           Hower at to place an ad in
             them to                                                            the next newsletter or on the website.

          Website:                                                 Please contact Devon or Anita to gain access

                                                                                 Safety First
  For the safety of everyone as construction continues and for respect of neighbors, please keep your speed to a
   minimum while driving through the community. Children should be properly supervised while playing outside,
   especially while biking or walking in streets. Children should not be playing on or around other homeowners
   vehicles. Please do not leave bikes or toys unattended in the streets, sidewalks, yards, or driveways of other
  residents. We wish only to eliminate any and all accidents and keep your children, their belongings, as well as
everyone else safe. In the near future, we hope to designate play areas where the children and adults can run and
play at their leisure. In the meantime, we hope to respect both adults and children rights to recreation in a positive
                                                and courteous manner.
**Please Note: Trash Cans should only be outside on curbs during scheduled pickups, otherwise stored properly out
of site. Make sure trash cans are not overflowing with garbage, it ends up in your neighbors lawns on windy days and
           is unsightly. It is your responsibility to clean up trash that has blown or dumped out of your can.

                                                                            Owners Information
  If you have not sent in your required owners information form to the management office, please do so. If you are
  an investor, and have not sent the required lease and lease addendum to the management office, please do so as
               Alteration Request                                           Lifestyle Coordinator
 Before starting any work, such as decks, patios,                    Dear Coldwater Crossing Residents,
  landscaping etc., be sure to fill out an alteration
    request form and forward all modifications to                     My name is Cindy Andres, I am the
 Danella Realty for the Boards approval. If you do                  activities director for Pulte Homes. My
 not have a request form, please contact Anita at                       role is to help communities with
      Danella Realty at 610-834-6200 or email for assistance.                    clubhouses to get activities underway.
                                                                      At this time, I am working with your
                                                                    Social Committee to help put together
                                                                    monthly activities for your community.
               Community Connection                                   Presently, we meet at the Shannon
Find the latest updates for the community by going                   Model home at 10:00am on the first
    to the website                         Tuesday of each month. If you would
and click on “Community Connection”. You will find                    like to be on the committee, please
 weekly clubhouse updates as well as upcoming                        plan to attend our next meeting. We
   events and to ask questions of the Board or                               would love to have you.
              Management Company.                                      Once the clubhouse is open, I will
   Get involved and help this community grow.                       begin to schedule classes and help to
                                                                    get interested clubs under way. Please
                                                                    feel free to contact me if you have any
                                                                    suggestions for clubs or classes. I can
            Important Phone Numbers                                     be reached at 215-778-6162 or
RCN Jodi Klinger                          (610)-972-9389   If you have
Service Electric Cable TV                 (610)-625-8684             a club already started, please contact
Phil Carpenter Local Service Elec. Rep.                    (610)-
                                                                          me to schedule space in the
972-3908                                                                           clubhouse.
PP&L                                      (800)-342-5775            Please be sure to watch the Coldwater
UGI                                       (610)-866-0951              Crossing website for updates on the
Verizon                                   (888)-438-3467            clubhouse grand opening and activities
                                                                         that will be taking place in the
Trash: Raritan Valley Disposal            (610)-432-7574
                                                                     community. I look forward to working
Water: Lehigh County Authority (610)-398-1444                                        with you.
Sewer: Upper Mac. Twnshp.                 (610)-398-9171
Emergency                                 911                                Sincerely, Cindy

                           Happy Holidays from the Board
    Nadine                                      Lou                    Rich                 Chip
            Assessment Payments
            All payments must be sent to:
           Coldwater Crossing Association
                   P.O. Box 65941
            Phoenix, Arizona 85082-5941                           The Pet Box

          All correspondence must be sent to:             Pets must be leashed at all times, kept
           Coldwater Crossing Association                    under control, and attended by a
                                                                    responsible person.
                    P.O. Box 1017
                                                            Pets may be walked on a leash on the
               Blue Bell, Pa 19422-1017
                                                            sidewalk or in the street, but they
                                                           should be toileted in the rear area of
          Danella Realty & Management Co.                  the homeowners lot (where applicable).
                                                          Condominium homeowners should not toilet
       610-834-6200         fax-610-834-6204               their dogs on any common areas. Their
      Community Manager : Bruce Undercuffler              pets should be toileted between Gateway
                                                                   Rd. and Route 100 only.
    Assistant Community Manager : Anita Lafferty          All solid pet waste must be immediately
                                                             picked up, bagged and disposed of in
                        owner’s trash. This includes Unit
                                                           Owner’s lot or any common area that
                                                           your dog may happen to soil, including
                                                            the common area next to Gateway Road.


                                                              Clubhouse TV Service
   Trash is not to be stored or disposed of on       RCN is working with the management
    Association property, limited common             company to give the community a break
    elements or controlled facilities.               on the cost of service for the clubhouse.
   Trash and recycling receptacles are to be              Thanks to RCN for their help
    stored within the confines of the Owner’s

   Trash and recycling containers are not to be                   Newsletter ideas
    stored or kept outside on any other day than
    trash pick up days.                              If anyone has any ideas or items they would like
                                                          to put in the newsletter please contact:
   Trash is to be placed outside in secured              Devon Boyd at:
    containers no earlier than the evening
    before the scheduled pick up day.                                       Or
                                                                Bruce Undercuffler at :
   All trash or recycling containers are required
    to be removed from curbside no later that    
    the evenings of the scheduled pick up day.                     Fax – 610-834-6204
  Welcome to Coldwater Crossing

              Coming soon after the 1st of the New Year,
  the members at the Estates at Coldwater Crossing
  Homeowners Association and Condominiums at
  Coldwater Crossing Association, will be receiving
  information from the management company as to any
  owners who is interested in running for the Board of
  Directors to fill out a “Candidate Data Sheet”. As you
  may already know, according to the By-Laws, once
  your community reaches 25% occupied, a member of
  the association is brought on board to be a Board of
  Director. We are looking for members who have the
  communities interest at heart and have some extra
  time to donate to better the communities. This is a
  position that we expect everyone to take seriously
  and to attend all Board meetings, which would most
  likely will be every other month at the beginning.

                Clubhouse Update

             As of December 21st, the certificate of
  occupancy was issued for the clubhouse! We will be
  able to obtain all the paperwork from the township
  the week of Christmas and we will be announcing the
  grand opening date very shortly. We know all of you
  are very excited about getting to use this wonderful
  facility. We are still completing a few minor items and
  a walk through with the engineers and HOA still need
  to take place. Please check the “Community
  Connection” section of the website on Thursdays for

                    Thank You
                  Happy New Year

Nadine Buehler                                  Chip
       Lou Cocco                Rich Muller

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