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A Newsletter Exclusively for Ambassadors
by Roth Staffing Companies, L.P.                                           commitment.                                          Photo submitted by:
                                                                                                               Our Service Manager, Ultimate Staffing

Ultimate Staffing Services • Ledgent • Adams & Martin Group                                                                 March 2009

                                                As an Ambassador, you discuss three             Here’s what some of our
                                                brief questions with your supervisor when       Ambassadors are saying…
                                                you start a new assignment. Listen and
                                                document their response, then perform           “My supervisors here have appreciated
                                                your duties according to their answers          the Ambassador Program. I feel it’s
                                                – and wait to see what happens. They are        a great way to open up conversation
                                                going to rave about you! By engaging your       and understand expectations from the
                                                supervisor, you have taken ownership of         very beginning.”
                                                your performance and fulfilled our shared       – Patricia See, Ambassador
                                                Promise to create remarkable experiences.
                                                                                                “The Ambassador Program is truly
                                                We are thrilled that you are representing
                                                                                                valuable to understand what your
                                                the unique Purpose and Promise of the
Happy Birthday,                                 Roth Staffing Companies organization as
                                                                                                supervisor expects from day one,
                                                                                                so that you can deliver exactly what
Ambassador Program™!                            an Ambassador!
                                                                                                they want.”
It’s already been one year since we                                                             – Yolanda Johnson, Ambassador
introduced the Ambassador Program™,              The Ambassador Program™
a unique system designed to help you                                                            “I found that the Ambassador Program
                                                 Easy as 1…2…3                                  helped me get started on the right
perform at your very best and feel more
engaged in your work. This contributes to        How does the Ambassador                        foot. Asking my supervisor the three
our ultimate goal of fulfilling our company’s    Program work?                                  Ambassador Program questions
Purpose, “To make life better for the                                                           enabled me to connect with him from
                                                 •   Your Service Manager will show you         the very beginning. ”
people we serve.™”
                                                     a brief introductory video at your         – Ashley Mayon, Ambassador
Throughout the past year, we have been               local branch office.
thrilled to hear stories from our Ambassadors    •   When you get a new assignment,
across the country who have used the                 you’ll receive a supplement with your
Ambassador Program to become passionate              timecard containing three questions
                                                                                                Trivia Winner
about their assignments and create remark-           for you to ask your supervisor.            Congratulations to Frances Lind,
able experiences for our customers. Now                                                         Ambassador with our On-Premise
that a year has passed, we thought it would      •   On the first day of your new assign-
                                                                                                branch at Infineon for being selected
be a great opportunity to review the heart           ment, ask your supervisor for a moment
                                                                                                as the February Trivia Contest winner.
of the Ambassador Program.                           to discuss three questions designed to
                                                                                                She correctly answered that 1 billion
                                                     help you perform at your best!
                                                                                                Valentine’s Day cards are sent annu-
We want to invest in you. We want to support     •   Record your answers on the timecard        ally. She will receive a $50 Gas Card.
you with the resources and motivation you            supplement and turn it in to your local    Download February’s Engage! from
need to take ownership of your role. You             branch along with your first timecard.     the Career Center:
play a pivotal role in what we do. We know
                                                 •   While you are on the assignment, be        www.ultimatestaffing.com
that when your heart and mind are fully
                                                     mindful of the answers you received        www.ledgent.com
engaged, you will personally get more out
                                                     from your supervisor and act accord-       www.adamsmartingroup.com
of the work you do and our customers will
love you. The Ambassador Program gives               ingly. This will help you meet and
you the tools to accomplish this.                    exceed their expectations! They will
                                                     love you!                                 Engaging Hearts and Minds™
                                                                                               We’d love for you to share your engaging photos
                                                                                               with us! Please visit www.ultimatestaffing.com,
                                                                                               www.ledgent.com, or www.adamsmartingroup.com
                                                                                               to learn how.
                                                  Ambassador of the Month
                                                  Celeste RiCCo, Ultimate Staffing
                                                  Denver, CO

When customers just can’t stop raving about an Ambassador, you          Her supervisor has stated, “Celeste continues to be a STAR for us!
know she must be a star! This is certainly the case with Celeste        Thank you for sending her our way!” Callers have taken the time to
Ricco, an Ambassador who has been on assignment at a health care        let her supervisor know how much they appreciate her, commending
call center in the Denver area since last fall. Celeste’s supervisor hasher “kindness and patience,” and how she “showed they really do
received many compliments from callers, who are thrilled with her       care about patients and customers.” These callers have no idea
kindness, sensitivity and positive attitude.                                              they are speaking with a temporary employee, but
                                                        “it’s important to me to Celeste has so embraced the customer’s culture,
What’s the secret to her success? “It’s all about
listening,” Celeste says. “The people who call in
                                                       provide value to myself she fits right in and represents their organization
                                                                                          in an outstanding light… making her a truly exem-
are usually involved in a stressful situation. Just by and the organization i’m
                                                                                          plary Ambassador!
listening, I can help them feel at ease and make the           working for.”
process easier for them.”                                                                 Celeste believes it’s important to give 110% on
                                                                        assignment and not “settle” for average. “I want to be proud of what
Combined with her customer-oriented approach and friendly
                                                                        I do!” she says. “It’s important to me to provide value to myself and
nature, Celeste’s listening skills have really helped set her apart. “I
                                                                        the organization I’m working for.” Celeste, you have done just that
love working with people and helping them get problems solved,”
                                                                        – making you our Ambassador of the Month!
she explains. That approach certainly shines through in her work.
Account Executive Desiree Diaz has received several notes from          Congratulations to Celeste Ricco –
Celeste’s supervisor complimenting her outstanding performance
and stellar attitude.
                                                                        our Ambassador of the Month for March!

 Trivia Contest                                              St. Patrick’s Day ‘Fun Facts’
 We’re proud of our company’s Values!                        St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, but he was actually born in Wales, about
 Find our first Value statement and submit                   AD 385.
 it as your answer for this month’s trivia                   St. Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the concept of the
 teaser contest.                                             Holy Trinity to non-Christians. His followers adopted the custom of wearing a
 For an opportunity to win a $50 gas card, please submit     shamrock on his feast day.
 your answer including your name and branch location
 in the email with the subject line “March Trivia Contest”   March 17 commemorates the day St. Patrick died, around AD 461.
 to: contest@rothstaffing.com by March 20, 2008. One
 winner* with the correct answer will be selected in a       The first civic celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in the U.S. took place in Boston in
 random drawing held at our corporate office.                1737.
 *You must be a currently registered Ambassador with Roth    The St. Patrick’s Day parade was first held in Boston in 1761.
 Staffing Companies, L.P. to win.
                                                             The city of Chicago dyes the Chicago River green and has done so since 1961,
                                                             when sewer workers used green dye to check for sewer discharges and got the
                                                             idea to turn the river green for St. Patrick’s Day.

                                      Ultimate Staffing Services • Ledgent • Adams & Martin Group

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