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					                                           Unity Church of Positive Living

                                                                       November/December 2009

                                                   Creating a New Vision

         We have a New Home with new surroundings and ambiance. There is a new feeling of joy and happiness flowing
through our community. The time is ripe for us to create a new vision for our Unity Church of Positive Living. What is God
calling us to do and express as a spiritual community in this new environment we find ourselves in? The future is open for
us to create a new perspective in our church. The Divine Spirit is flowing in each of us in a unique way. It is calling us to
create a deeper relationship with God and with one another. What is our next step as a spiritual community?

        We just celebrated our 15th anniversary as a church community. It was an honor to have Rev. Maxine Shutt, our
founding minister, to speak on that occasion. She shared the history and development of Unity in southern Utah with us.
What a wonderful event! The desire for Unity teachings is alive and well in St. George, Utah.
         After our celebration I spoke with Maxine and asked what her vision was when she started Unity as a study group in
the basement of the Daughters of Pioneers building, just down the street from our present location. This vision for the group
had four basic components: 1) Establish a metaphysical church in the area so people would have a choice in expressing
their spiritual beliefs; 2) Help the St. George community grow in its religious diversity of religious beliefs; 3) Raise the
consciousness of people through spiritual teachings; and 4) Create a spiritual community where the Unity principles would
be established and practiced. Maxine stated she feels that vision has been accomplished. “Speaking at our 15th
anniversary service was very satisfying and fulfilling for me,” she said. She cautioned me that the church is a work in
progress and not to be discouraged by its ups and downs. She had her own difficulties along the way but counseled me to
“Never Give Up.”
       We stand on the shoulders of Rev. Maxine and all those folks who helped the church grow and evolve to its Present
Place. How do we continue moving the church forward to its next level of spiritual development?
         After speaking with Maxine, I took time to reflect on our next steps as the present generation of Unity Church of
Positive Living. What is ours to do? What is God calling forth within us to re-create our Unity church and to serve his
people? With the help of Maxine, here are some suggestions for our future growth: 1) Deepen our relationship with Divine
Spirit (both individually and collectively), through prayer and meditation. Rev. Maxine has volunteered to lead a meditation
class for us. 2) Work together as a team. Teamwork and cooperation among all fosters growth in all arenas. 3)
Commitment and ownership. Every member has a stake in the wellbeing of a church community. 4) Share the vision.
Creating a new vision for the church is a shared endeavor, with everyone helping to discern the future direction.
          The opportunity is ours to move forward and deepen our commitment to make our Unity Church an inviting positive
spiritual force in St. George. Creating this new vision is a dynamic process that takes lots of time, intention, cooperative
effort and prayer work. We’ll begin the process at the HOME program on November 8, 2009 after the Sunday service.
Let’s come together and share our thoughts and ideas regarding the future vision of our church community. Everyone is
invited to participate. Come and let your voice be heard!                                                   Peace and
blessings, Luigi
                                               Our new Unity space:
                                                198 N. 100 East

                                              Our mailing address is:
                                                  P.O. Box 910043
                                               St. George, UT 84791

                                          To contact Unity Church:
                                        Phone: 435-674-5025 (office)
                                              435-229-7242 (Luigi)

                                                     BOARD NOTES
                                                from President, Nancy McClain

At the October meeting a myriad of topics were discussed, including: Utilities bill (now that
there are renters in the back of the building, there will be some changes), Projected Love
Offering Commitments, Housekeeping, Membership Committee, Helping Hands Program,
Potluck, and 1+1 Program. The majority of these will be discussed in more detail in the
coming months and at the HOME Meeting, on November 8th. Come find out what is
happening in your church!

                                               UPDATE ON FINANCES
Sept. Income         $3,635
Sept. Expenses       $3,790

Oct. Income          $3,435 (Includes $1,000 transfer from savings)
Oct. Expenses        $3,790(Estimate)

                                                    UNITY WISHLIST

Small (2 drawer) file cabinet
Large white board & markers
Heavy soundproof door for Sunday School room
Dimmer switches (and installation) for sanctuary & meditation room
                                                      THANK YOU!

To Janis Wick again for her help with typing & computer input.

To Maxine Shutt & David Tate for offering their talents as guest speakers this fall.

To Nancy McClain for her help in designing our Helping Hands Family program.

To Sylvia DeVoss for assembling newcomer visitor packets.
To Carmen & Joe Gomez, Marianne & Dave Ayers, Sylvia DeVoss & Dave Dougherty for agreeing to head up
Helping Hands Families.

To Gaylene Knoke for organizing & MCing the community Peace concert & ALL musicians & helpers.

To ALL who provide goodies for our hospitality “Happy Hour” and help to set up & clean up on Sundays.

To ALL helping to move our church forward, giving generously of your time, talent and treasure.

To ALL of you who make our Sunday services run smoothly.

                                                                                   HEALING CIRCLE
The Unity Healing Circle meets on
4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. All are welcome. Wendy Ensley will teach the next classes in Nov and Dec:

  ovember 24 - Healing through the "Field of Love". Learn to release judgment and love unconditionally. Heal yourself
and the world will follow!
December 22 -Healing through Truth.
Learn simple tools to recognize truth in your life and set yourself on a path of physical and emotional healing. Explore
kinesiology and the use of pendulums.

              Music, Music Music
                                                                                        from Gaylene Knoke

The Peace in the Park Concert in the Town Square was such a success! Thank you to all who
participated as singers, accompanists, behind the scenes movers, shakers & sound
I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to learn new congregational songs from the hymnal. Luigi has
expressed interest in a variety of other songs that we could try. Please let me know if you
have any favorites that you would like to include. I will check the schedule and coordinate
new songs. If you have specific ideas for the special music that would be appropriate for
the topic, your suggestions are also appreciated.
    Also, with Christmas just around the corner, I would like to have rehearsals for the
"Christmas Concert." Please let me know what dates and songs would work, and we
can have performers do a concert at the church. Please contact me by phone 635-9073 or
      Yours Musically, Gaylene

May the blessing of light be on you, light without and light within.   Irish Blessing

                                                                          PRAYER MINISTRY NOTES

You may contact Rev. Luigi for personal prayer needs. Silent Unity at 800-669-7729 is also
available for 24-hour prayer support.
                                              UNITY YOUTH PROGRAM
                                                    from Marianne Ayers

Next Youth of Unity Meeting will be November 22 at 10 – 11 AM for teens between 13 to 17.
 We will be planning a "song" to perform for the Christmas Service on December 20. Please
join us for a chance to learn & share our "Spirit". Bring a friend. Contact Marianne Ayers at
435-628-7665 for any questions or comments.

                                                  UNITY HIKERS NEWS
                                                     from Dave Dougherty

On Saturday, October 17th, intrepid Dave Dougherty led eager Unity hikers to the Anasazi Ridge in Ivins. The
ADA-friendly trail has much to offer. Besides the beautiful scenery overlooking the Santa Clara River, there
are signs indicating the whereabouts of many rock art sites, and even a developed archeological dig with an
informative interpretive sign enclosing the remains of ancient puebloan structures. 12 of us explored this region
with Dave that day and we look forward to discovering more fun hikes with him (see below for details)
        Report from hiker, Cathy Sylvia

All are always welcome on the hikes! Remember to bring water and a snack.

                                                   Saturday, ov. 14
                                                  Yellow Knolls Trail
Three mile moderately difficult hike out Turkey Farm Rd. across rocks and much sand with 300 ft. elevation change.
Meet at Unity parking lot at 9:00 AM to carpool.

                                               Saturday, December 12
                                                 Temple Quarry Hike
Remember the pioneers and hike where carts carried rocks for the St. George Temple. See large rocks and beautiful
views! Take Airport Rd. to 265 S. (Black Hill Park) to Donlee Drive. Meet at Trailhead at 9 AM.
Call Dave Dougherty at 627-0966 for more details or to sign up.

                                           HELPI G HA DS PROGRAM
Now that we have moved into a new site for out church, there are activities that need to be done so we all may appreciate
and enjoy our service and fellowship. In our church family, we need everyone to help make our experience peaceful,
loving and joyful. By people seizing opportunities their helping hands make light work for all to enjoy. The Helping
Hands Program invites each one of us to be a helping hand four months a year on a rotating basis. This way everyone
shares in the work and not just a few doing the work for all. There will be three Helping Hands groups, Peace, Love, and
Joy. Each of us will be in one of these groups. As a group member each will volunteer to do a few tasks for each Sunday
in a given month. Each group has leaders which will assist you and facilitate the process. The Board of Trustees
members are stepping forward and asking you to join them as they volunteer their hands to help make light work of the
activities of the church.

                                              What are You Reading?
                                                       from Cathy Sylvia
Written from a dog's point of view, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein was highly recommended to me. The
dog, Enzo, owned by a race car driver, (thus, the reference to racing in title) believes that "when a dog is finished living
his lifetimes as a dog, his next incarnation will be as a man." This intriguing statement is on the first page, so I felt this
would be an interesting story. Instead, the story is rather predictable and seemed contrived to me. The author tried too
hard. The extensive racing jargon and descriptions did not interest me, even though I could see that they were intended as
metaphors for life. I wouldn't recommend this book, but I'd encourage folks to read it and form their own opinions.
                                                UPCOMING EVENTS

Sun. Nov. 1 - Membership Sunday

Mon. Nov. 2 - ACIM Overview
6:45-8 PM following regular class

Wed. Nov. 4, 11, & 18 – 12 Powers video and discussion 7-8:30 PM

Sat. Nov. 7 - Helping Hands Team Leaders Meeting 10 AM

Sun. Nov. 8 – HOME meeting following service; Board Meeting

Sat. Nov.14 -Yellow Knolls Trail Hike Meet at Unity Church at 9 AM to carpool. See hike news
for details.

Sun. Nov. 22 – 7th Annual THANKSGIVING POTLUCK; Bring side dish, salad or dessert to share
and canned goods for Dixie Care & Share; Board will provide turkey.

Tues. Nov. 24 - Healing Circle 7 PM

Tues. Nov. 24 – St. George Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
7 PM -Good Shepherd Presbyterian
Church, 611 N. 2450 E.

Wed. Dec. 2, 9, & 16 - 12 Powers video & group discussion 7-8:30 PM

Sat. Dec. 5- Unity WORKDAY 10 AM Clean & décorate for holidays

Sun. Dec. 6 - Board Meeting

Sat. Dec. 12 – Quarry Trail Hike – Meet at Trailhead at 9 AM. See hike news for details.

Sun. Dec. 20 – Christmas Program

Tues. Dec. 22 - Healing Circle 7 PM

Thursday, Dec. 24 – Chirstmas Eve Candlelight service 7 PM

Thursday, Dec. 31 – New Years Eve Burning Bowl Service                      7 PM

                                                   ONGOING EVENTS

Course in Miracles class
- Mondays at 5:30 PM
- Thursdays at 6 PM
Byron Katie Group - Thursdays at 7:15
     Date            November Lessons               Service Assistants         Music
Sunday   1st      Power of Wisdom                 Howard Williams        Tracie McFarlin
Sunday   8th      Power of Strength               Nancy McClain          B. & K. Briggs
Sunday   15th     Power of Understanding          Marianne Ayers         Lolita Hagio
Sunday   22nd     Power of Imagination            Nancy McClain
Sunday   29th     Power of Power                  Open
                  Guest Speaker, Marianne Ayers

     Date            December Lessons               Service Assistants         Music
Sunday 6th        Power of Will                   Howard Williams        Tracie McFarlin
Sunday 13th       Power of Order                  Nancy McClain          B. & K. Briggs
Sunday 20th       Power of Life                   Marianne Ayers         Lolita Hagio
Thursday 24th     Christmas Eve Service           Open
Sunday 27th       Power of Enthusiasm             Nancy McClain

                     Sunday Services 10 AM at 198 North 100 East
                435-674-5025 (church office) 435-229-7242 (Luigi’s cell)

                                 Unity Church of Positive Living
                                        P.O. Box 910043
                                   St. George, UT 84791-0043

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