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					                                          City of Coatesville

October 2000                                                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 3
               Redevelopment Authority Poised for Opportunity
        The City of Coatesville Redevelopment Authority was formed in May of this year to eliminate blight and
dangerous conditions. The Authority was formed by City Council and operates independently in its business
        Part of the overall mission of the Authority is to maintain a vital downtown business center and to
attract new businesses into blighted and abandoned commercial properties.
        The Redevelopment Authority has the power to operate within areas of the City which have been
designated by the City’s Planning Commission as blighted. At a public meeting in August, the City Council,
City Planning Commission and Redevelopment Authority met as joint bodies to discuss the proposed areas
                                                within the City which would benefit from redevelopment. They
                                                then began to process to formulate a boundary map which
                                                designates areas of the City where redevelopment could or
                                                should occur.
                                                       Once the boundary map is approved by the Planning
                                                Commission ad City Council, the Redevelopment Authority will
                                                have the power to assemble, purchase, obtain options upon,
                                                acquire by gift, bequest, devise or otherwise any real or per-
                                                sonal property or any interest therein from any person, firm,
                                                corporation, municipality or government within the redevelop-
                                                ment area. The authority will have its own staff and budget for
                                                effecting its operations.
                                                       Members of the Redevelopment Authority include Paul
                                                Givler, chairman; John Pawlowski, vice chairman; Regina
                                                Horton, Secretary; Gabe Milanese, Treasurer; and Paul Phillips,
                                                Assistant Secretary. Patrick O’Donnell is the solicitor for the
        Over 15 vacant parcels, abandoned and/or vacant buildings have been identified as potential sites for
consideration by the Redevelopment Authority. Prioritizing these sites for redevelopment opportunities will be
one of the first goals of the Authority.
        The Redevelopment Authority meets in public session on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm
in the multipurpose room of City Hall.

                                        Coatesville Celebration
For everyone who attended the concerts and fireworks on August 26th, it was a great celebration of the many things going
on in Coatesville. We could not have held those events had it not been for our community partners. To all these organi-
zations and individuals, Coatesville’s City Council would like to publicly thank you for your generosity and support.
                                                         Thank You
Main Street Bank, Carl Chetty, Comcast Cable, PNC Bank, Coatesville Area Partners for Progress (CAPP), Carroll Engineering, John
Carnes, Esq., Thomas Comitta Associates, Lamb’s Beverage, Albert Abdala Accounting, American Financial Group, Kistler/Tiffany
Company, Portnoff Law Associates, Marshall Geo Sciences, First Union Bank, Coin Caterers, High Associates, Albert Sardella, Esq.
Milanese Remodeling, Barry Rabin, Esq., Grant Real Estate, Inc., Paul Phillips Accounting, Coatesville Flower Shop, Sign Studios,
Brian Hoskins Ford, Daryle Flynn Towing, Washington Hose Company, West End Fire Company, Buzz Woodward Towing, City of
Coatesville Staff, Bethlehem Lukens Plate, Brandywine Hospital Medic 93, Westwood Fire company, Chester County Department of
Emergency Services, Coatesville Area School District Police, East Fallowfield Police Department.
                           City Conducts Market Analysis
       As part of our Main Street Manager Program, the City has contracted with Urban Research
and Development Corporation (URDC), to complete a market analysis study of the City. The market
analysis will assist us in accomplishing the following goals:

   •   Develop a plan to help strengthen and retain our existing businesses.
   •   Better recruit businesses that will complement existing businesses in the downtown district.
       Parking concerns centered on the central business district.
   •   Provide ideas on how to better improve the physical appearance of downtown.
   •   Assist the City in improving its image and increase the potential to attract new business.

        To accomplish these goals we need your assistance. Over
the next few months we will be performing a wide variety of
survey’s to help establish what you, the community, feels is impor-
tant for a healthy business district. Surveys will be sent to City
residents, local businesses, commercial property owners, the
customers, and our friends who reside in the region.
        While we all have very busy schedules, please take a few
minutes to complete and return the survey when you receive it.
Your input is very important to us and we will all benefit from a
stronger downtown.

        Despite the efforts of many merchants and home owners, trash and litter continue to plague
our City.
        Keeping the City clean is everyone’s business. While it is a nice gesture from service organi-
zations, churches and even our school children, it is not their responsibility to clean up after some-
one else.
        The impact of litter on this community effects merchants because it keeps away shoppers. But
it also effects homeowners. Property values are based on a number assessment valuations and
clearly, the perception of a dirty street or block effects the value of that street or block.
The Public Works Department is researching various options including additional waste containers,
additional pick-up days and additional equipment. The Main Street Manager Program is working with
other organizations to schedule “Clean-up” days.
        However, if every merchant would take a moment each morning and sweep down in front of
their place of business and toss any litter into the nearby receptacle, imagine the impression it gives.
If you see someone litter, make it a point to have them pick it up. It is ok to ask someone to pick up
after themselves.
        Please, take a moment and grab that bottle or piece of paper and toss it into a can. If you
have suggestions on how to deal with trash and litter, let us know about it. Coatesville is full of pride
and deserves t be recognized as a clean community.

                          IMPORANT NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS

The City of Coatesville requires that all trash be secured tightly before being placed out for pickup
and that it be placed out for pick up no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before your scheduled pickup
                        October is Fire Prevention Month
Three highest causes for fires in 1999 prevention tips

Cooking:       Never leave the food cooking on your stove unattended. Keep the stovetop area clean
from grease and spillage. Keep combustibles such as paper, boxes, and dishtowels away from the
Smoking: Wet and dispose of all cigarette butts and ashes after every use. It’s a good habit to
NEVER SMOKE IN BED. Check all furniture and upholstery for fallen ashes before going to bed.
Heating Appliances:         Have your home heater checked and serviced in the fall. Keep all com-
bustibles at least 35 inches away from any heater. Keep portable heaters away from beds and furni-
ture. Turn of portable heaters when you leave your home.

                                Draw Your Escape Plan
As Fire Marshal for your home, you need to map out your escape routes and practice them with your

                                        Jobs Available
The City of Coatesville Police Department currently has a position of Crossing Guard open for hiring.

This is a responsible position with a wage rage of $7.29 per hour. Duties and responsibilities include
assisting students to cross intersections while walking to and from school, assisting school bus
drivers with the safe boarding and discharge of students, and able to work in inclement weather.
Responsibilities also include maintaining traffic control.

This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Desirable knowledge, abilities and skills
include the ability to work without direct supervision, ability to understand oral and written instruc-
tions, must be willing to work with the public, and perform other related duties as assigned by the
Police Chief.

           City of Coatesville                                                             Bulk Rate
                                                                                          U.S. Postage

                                                                                          Coatesville PA
                                                                                          Permit No. 22

Economic and Community Development
One City Hall Place
Coatesville, PA 19320

                                                     Mailing Label Here

                                Important Dates To Remember
                    TAXES                             Christmas Parade Fundraiser staring Jerry Blavat
   •   City Property Taxes and Solid Waste fees       October 7th at the LGM from 7:00 pm to midnight
       which were due June 30th are now in the        (610) 384-2677 for information or tickets.
       penalty period. Payment of the face
       amount plus a 10% penalty can be made          Main Street Manager Business Series
       at City Hall.                                  SCORE will provide information on their services
                                                      October 19th at 6:30 pm in the multi-purpose room.
   •   Per Capita taxes which were due July 31st
       are now in the penalty period. Payment         Annual Bucket Brigade Fundraiser for Christmas
       of the face amount plus a 10% penalty          Parade
                                                      November 25th at 9 :00 am
       can be made at City Hall.
                                                      (610) 384-2677 for information.
   •    Business Privilege taxes which were due       Annual Chirstmas Parade
        August 15th are now in the penalty period.    December 2nd at 10:00 am on Lincoln Highway .
        Payment of the face amount plus a 10%
        penalty can be made at City Hall.             Holiday Variety Show hosted by Coatesville IAFF
                      Important                       December 2nd at the United Steelworkers Union Hall
 All Taxes and Solid Waste fees unpaid as of          1st show is at 3:00 pm. 2nd show is at 6:00 pm
January 1, 2001 will be sent to collection.           1-800-917-8631 for tickets or more information.
Please pay these bills at City Hall on or be-
fore December 29th to avoid additional fees.