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Xmas Thai


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									                            Project Trust’s Overseas Newsletter
                                                                                        Decemberish ‘08

                                                                              Hello and welcome to the December
                                                                              edition of Projections and may I take this
                                                                              opportunity to wish you all a very Merry
                                                                              Christmas & a Happy New Year from all
                                                                              the staff at Project Trust.

                                                                              Thanks to those of you who have been
                                                                              sending in your pictures and comments
                                                                              of life overseas, keep them coming.

                                                                              Our monthly photography winner is
                                                                              David Cartwright, Thailand. Well done,
                                                                              David... as David was the only volunteer
                                                                              to send in a picture, ‘Celebration’ will be
                                                                              this month’s theme too...
                                                                              Please email your entries to
Bulletin Board                                                                or post them to the office on Coll.
Christmas Fun                                                                 The last thing on your minds
Please remember that before you leave for exciting travels, you do need       We are booking your return dates for next
to check your plans with your Rep and Desk Officer and leave us a basic       summer early this year to avoid problems.
itinerary so we can locate you in an emergency. Your insurance policy         Your Desk Officer will coordinate the best
does not cover you unless you do this. You also need to ensure that Desk      time for the country group to return with
Officers have your most recent mobile numbers.                                your Rep, but if you have a pressing need/valid
                                                                              reason to come home at a specific date you
Safety & Security                                                             need to discuss this with your Host, Rep and
As you begin to feel more at home in your host community, there is            DO now and get their permission (as leaving
also the tendency to become complacent about your safety. DON’T!              early is technically breaking your working
There have already been an incredible amount of incidents across the          agreement with your host).
world: volunteers have had bags stolen from buses, phones stolen
from accommodation, have been broken into, have been sexually                 Please contact us any time before the 25th
propositioned, have gotten drunk and had passports and money stolen…          January. PT will absorb the initial charges
And you’ve only been overseas for a few months! Despite your integration      incurred. After 1st March you may still
into the community, all the warnings given on Training still stand and will   change your return travel date but you will
be even more important during the winter holidays, when many of you           need to pay travel agent charges. Flights are
may be travelling.                                                            subject to availability book early to avoid
At your project: check your risk assessments and make sure you have
locks on your door, check electric wires and gas appliances, keep             All volunteers need to be back by the August
valuables hidden.                                                             15th, this is to ensure that you all have enough
On the move: Be vigilant, keep bags in front of you, don’t carry passports    time to breathe before Debriefing and more
and credit cards unless you need to, don’t walk on your own at night,         importantly University.
DON’T get blind drunk and lose everyone else, look after each other and
watch your drinks.
Around the world with PT...                                           In the News
                                                                    A surprise visit by US President George Bush to Iraq has
Guyana                                                              been overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were
Sam Rowland Simms & Thomas Younger have finally spent their         thrown at him during a news conference. An Iraqi journalist
first night in the bush. They cooked in the open air whilst sipping was wrestled to the floor by security guards after he threw
tea made from lemon leaves with the fire burning away. Sam’s        his footwear, just missing the president.
also been swinging on a bush vine over a creek, grated cassava (a
vegetable the Amerindians turn into everything) with locals and     A Florida pizza delivery man uses a large pepperoni to fight
managed to get tipsy with them on pine wine.                        off armed robbers - and makes a successful escape.
                                                                     An Italian man who rowed across the Pacific from Peru has
Bruce Torrance has been hairi fishing with poison and done          to be rescued only 65 nautical miles short of landfall in
lots of canoeing. As far as wildlife goes, he’s seen kingfishers,   Australia.
vultures, tucans, macaws, parrots, humming birds and even a         Archaeologists find what could be the oldest surviving brain
jaguar’s paw print. He went to visit Sam & Tom with his partner,    unearthed in Britain, dating back more than 2,000 years.
Matt Purdie and had to trek for two days through sweltering
heat, uphill, in a never ending rainforest carrying a really heavy  A man who plotted to offer drugs to singer Amy Winehouse
bag. The things you do for PT love!                                 so he could sell lucrative video footage to newspapers has
                                                                    been jailed for two years.
Thailand                                                              Efforts are underway to open sections of the two luxury
Luke Rodgers has been rat hunting with a few teachers &               hotels in Mumbai (Bombay) that were targeted during
students. Apparently you turn up at a field and go off with the       deadly attacks in the city last month.
‘beaters’, while the teachers sit & eat on wooden decking. They
didn’t manage to catch any rats, which is just as well as they’d      Sport
have had to eat them.                                                 FOOTBALL
Swaziland                                                             EPL: Liverpool top the Premiership by a point from
                                                                      Chelsea, with Man U and Arsenal a few points behind.
Emma Jarvis and Olivia Angwin visited a local fairground, except
                                                                      Burnley are the latest team to scalp Arsenal, knocking
in true Swazi style the electricity failed half-way through leaving
                                                                      them out of the Carling Cup at the quarter-final stage.
all the rides stationary with the lights out, no music and a
                                                                      This follows Burnley’s win over Chelsea in the previous
deflated bouncy castle. The girls also had ‘a moment’, when
                                                                      round. West Brom, Sunderland and Blackburn are in the
they went to switch the lights out for bedtime at the hostel, and
                                                                      bottom three, with the magic skills of Harry Redknapp
accidentally pressed the switch for the fire alarm. The worrying
                                                                      having transformed Tottenham’s dismal season, following
thing was that no one seemed to notice.
                                                                      the sacking of Juande Ramos.
South Africa                                                          SPL: Celtic move 7 points clear after Hearts were the
Laura Graham managed to projectile vomit next to a taxi rank,         latest team to beat Rangers, 2-1 at Tynecastle.
which didn’t put a smile on the taxi driver’s face. Laura & her       INTERNATIONALS: Scotland lost to Maradona-led
partner Rachel Crockett are really enjoying life in South Africa      Argentina 0-1 at Hampden, while England beat Germany
and the project. The kids always have a smile on their faces          2-1 in a friendly to continue their great run of form under
which puts a smile on theirs.                                         Capello. Wales beat Denmark 1-0 away, Northern Ireland
China                                                                 lost 0-2 to Hungary, Eire lost 2-3 to Poland and Holland
                                                                      beat Sweden 3-1.
Bradley Barrett went to visit Kirsty Shorter & Suzie East in China.
On arrival at the project they were ripped off by the taxi driver   RUGBY UNION
and had to break into the teacher’s complex because the gate        The southern hemisphere nations toured the UK recently
was closed.                                                         and came away with pretty resounding success. England
                                                                    were thrashed by Australia, South Africa and New
Sam Irving has been looking out onto a foot and a half of           Zealand, while Scotland also lost to New Zealand and
snow from his school. He’s hoping to appear in the school’s         South Africa. Wales recovered some northern hemisphere
promitional video too. Sam managed to come second in the fast pride, beating Australia but were still trounced by the
reading competition and has his class of Grade 1s shouting ‘angry other two. The draw for the 2011 World Cup was made
monkey’ at him everytime he walks past thanks to a lesson of        and Scotland and England were drawn in the same group,
singing ‘ I like to eat eat eat bananas’ in different voices.       together with Argentina.
Uganda                                                                CRICKET
Christopher Noakes bought a crocodile for about 60p, and              England’s tour of India was disrupted by the Mumbai
found an old guy who lives behind his house to skin it for him.       terror attacks. They had been on a dismal run, losing all
Apparently crocodile meat tastes great; a bit like chicken but        five one day internationals heavily. There is some doubt
with the texture of beef.                                             over whether the tour will continue next week.
                                                                      OTHER STUFF
Life on Coll                                                          Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark were beaten in the
Seonaid Maclean-Bristol has just given birth to her third child,      semi-finals of the Badminton Men’s Doubles at the Hong
Xander, congratulations to her and Alex.                              Kong Open. Ricky Hatton beat Paulie Malignaggi in the
                                                                      Junior Welterweight title fight, with his opponent’s corner
We had an unfortunate incident with a lightning storm here at         stopping the fight in the 11th round. Hatton has now only
the office during November. Project took a direct hit and the         been beaten once in 46 fights.
phones were left completely fried with no email access either.
A couple of staff members had electric shocks from their              So until next time, have a wonderful Christmas and make
computers at home. Doug had a bolt of lightning come straight         the most of experiencing it in a completely different
through a closed glass window, striking a metal staircase inside      environment. Make sure you write with news for the next
his house.                                                            circular.
It’s cold dark nights and mornings here on Coll. Staff are gearing    With love from us all on Coll.
up for the Chirstmas holidays, with one more selection course
to go this year.

Desk Officers have all returned safely back from their visits with
lots of exciting pictures & tales a plenty.

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