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Bankrupt Unemployment Insurance


Bankrupt Unemployment Insurance document sample

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									                                            LaborLetter    Representing one million workers and their families
                                                   November/December 2003                                                                                 Vol. 24, No. 7

  Notes and Quotes                         Saving the State's Unemployment Insurance Fund
                                                            Fundamental Changes in Illinois' Unemployment Insurance Program
                                                               will Benefit Workers and Prevent Future Financial Troubles
 T   here's not enough                                                               Illinois AFL-CIO Fights for Workers' Needs
 spin in Washington or                         SPRINGFIELD - In an attempt to restore Illinois' bankrupt         eligibility guidelines. Beginning in 2004, workers who must leave
 enough dollars in the                    Unemployment Insurance (UI) fund to solvency status, labor             their job because they are victims of domestic violence will be
                                          leaders, the Governor's staff, legislative caucus leaders and          eligible for unemployment. Currently they are not.
 President's campaign                     representatives from business have been working diligently over             "Studies show 25% to 50% of domestic violence victims lose
 coffers to cover up the                  the past months to create an improved plan that will overhaul the      their jobs over the ongoing torment," said Blackshere. "Now
                                          structure of the fund and prevent future financial problems.           workers who must leave their jobs and even their communities to
 failures of the Bush                          Recently an agreement was reached that will help struggling       escape violent assaults can apply for unemployment assistance to
 Administration.                          workers, restore security to the program and ensure fairness to both   help them get reestablished and back on their feet. We can help
                                          labor and business.                                                    them feel safe again. This is an important UI reform."
            - Sen. Dick Durbin                 The Illinois AFL-CIO and allied community groups demanded              Workers will be asked to make a small sacrifice. The Cost Of
                                          several key reforms to the current system. Those changes include:      Living (COL) increase will be reduced by a small percentage
                                          restoring the UI trust fund to financial health by changing the way    beginning in 2004 and the yearly C.O.L. increase will not rise the
                                          the program is funded; counting workers' most recent earnings          full amount. Rates for individuals and for workers with dependent
                                          when considering eligibility; and allowing workers to leave their      spouses will decrease by 1.5 percent a year until 2007. Benefits
                                          jobs because of domestic violence.                                     for those with dependent children will decrease by .3 percent a
 Would you like to see                         "We have made substantive changes to the program that will        year.
     George Bush                          replenish and insure the viability of Illinois' Unemployment                "We fought hard to keep as many dollars as we could in the
  elected to another                      Insurance fund," said Margaret Blackshere, president of the Illinois   pockets of our unemployed workers," said Blackshere. "But
        term?                             AFL-CIO. "From the beginning of this agreed bill process, we           because of our national economic crisis and shortcomings in the
                                          knew dramatic changes were necessary if the fund was to survive.       system, our UI fund is in severe financial trouble and we must
    No         49%                        Labor's goal was to protect workers' benefit payments and to give      restore it or thousands of working families will suffer. We felt the
                                          them easier access to the funds. We needed to modernize the            small reduction in payments would help save the fund and still
    Yes        38%                        system to meet the challenges workers face today. I am proud to        support our workers."
    No opinion 13%                        say we accomplished our objectives."                                        The Unemployment Insurance reforms were approved by the
Results based on a poll of 700 Illinois        To rebuild the UI program, which the Department of                state legislature.
          registered voters.              Employment Security predicts will be $500 million in debt by                Unemployment Insurance was established in 1935 to provide
   Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV Poll
                                          year's end, the tax rate and the taxable wage base that businesses     weekly benefits to eligible workers who lose their jobs through no
        Published 10-26-03                pay will increase. For the past 15 years, employers have paid UI       fault of their own. Illinois' program will aid nearly a half a million
    Source: Market Share Corp.            taxes on only the first $9,000 of an employee's wages. Beginning       new applicants in 2003, paying weekly benefits that average $280
                                          in 2004, the amount of earnings subject to the UI tax will increase    per worker.
                                          yearly. By 2009, the taxable wage will be $12,300. And the tax              Organizations in alliance with the Illinois AFL-CIO on the key
                                          rate, which fluctuates due to economic conditions, will become         UI reforms are the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Chicago
                                          more sensitive to economic indicators and the balance of the trust     Jobs Council, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights,
                                          fund. Meaning, the rate will go up as unemployment rises and the       Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights, National
                                          trust fund is depleted, and will go down when the unemployment         Center on Poverty Law, National Council of Jewish Women,
                                          rate is lower and the trust fund rebounds. These revenue increases     Voices for Illinois Children, Women Employed, and Work, Welfare
                                          should help restore the fund to solvency.                              & Families.
                                               The Illinois AFL-CIO also fought to reform antiquated

                                                     Labor Supports Exelon's Acquisition of Illinois Power
                                               In an effort to protect over 6,000 union jobs up and down the state, the Illinois AFL-
                                          CIO threw its support behind the sale of Illinois Power Company to Exelon, the parent
 Take Back The                            company of Commonwealth Edison.
     Power                                     Exelon offered to buy Decatur-based Illinois Power from its parent company
                                          Dynegy Inc. for about $2.2 million. In addition, Exelon sought to pass legislation that

                                          would speed up the process by which the Illinois Commerce Commission could approve
                                          the sale to nine months from eleven months, and the company asked for a single-digit
                                          rate increase that would be effective in 2007. The state's electrical rates were frozen in
                                          1998 through 2006 due to deregulation.                                                        Illinois AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer
                                               "The rationale behind the Illinois AFL-CIO and our affiliate unions supporting this      Michael Carrigan addresses the crowd
                                                                                                                                        during a press conference in Chicago
                                          sale and proposed legislation was two fold - maintaining good-paying jobs and assuring
                                                                                                                                        where Exelon announced their intent to
                                          the utilities' infrastructure," said Illinois AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Michael Carrigan.   buy Illinois Power. Also pictured to the
     March 16                                  The legislation, SB 2200, passed the Senate during Veto Session, 39 to 10, but failed
                                          to pass out of the House Rules Committee with changes. The buy-out seems to be a no-
                                                                                                                                        left of the podium are Dominic Rivara,
                                                                                                                                        Business Manager for IBEW Local 51
 Register by February 17                  go, but local leaders hold out hope another agreement can be reached .                        and Bob Joyce, president of IBEW
                                                                                                                                        Local 15.
                                          The bill’s sponsor was Sen. Clayborne (D-Belleville).
         LaborLetter                                                                    2                                          November/December 2003

        100 Years…Now That's an Achievement!
              Laborers Honored at Hall
                  of Fame Dinner
     The Illinois Labor History Society
celebrated the 100th anniversary of the
Laborers' International Union (LIUNA)
during their annual Hall of Honor
dinner on October 19 at the IUOE
Local 150 Hall in Chicago. On hand
to accept the award was Terry
O’Sullivan, LIUNA International           Paying tribute to the century-old Laborer's
president.                                union are: (l to r)Margaret Blackshere,
     In April of 1903, 25 delegates,      president, Illinois AFL-CIO; Ed Smith,
from 23 local unions in 17 cities,        manager Midwest Region, LIUNA;
                                          Terence O'Sullivan, International
representing 8,000 construction
                                          president, LIUNA; Terrence Healy,
workers gathered in Washington D.C. manager, Great Lakes Region LIUNA;
and established the International Hod and Tim Leahy, secretary-treasurer,
Carriers and Building Laborers'           Chicago Federation of Labor.
     Shortly thereafter, the American Federation of Labor granted exclusive
jurisdictions to the new union covering construction duties - wrecking of
                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL HUMAN
buildings, excavation, digging of trenches, piers, foundations and holes, pouring
concrete for buildings - foundations and floors, mixing and handling of all                           RIGHTS DAY
materials used by masons, clearing of debris from buildings, shoring,
underpinning and raising of buildings, drying of plastering and handling of
dimension stones.
                                                                                                                          DEC. 10TH
     Since that time, the union has expanded its membership in numbers and
range and in 1965 changed its official name to Laborers' International Union of                “ Employees shall have the right to… form…
North America. LIUNA membership is now over 800,000.                                          labor organizations… to bargain collectively…
     At the Labor History Society dinner, two prominent LIUNA members were
posthumously inducted into the Labor Hall of Honor. The inductees were Hermon                    (and employers may not) interfere with…
Lilien, the founding president of the International Hod Carriers and Building                          the exercise of …this right.”
Laborers Union, who served from 1903 though 1905, and Peter Fosco, who was
elected president of LIUNA in 1968 and became known as one of the most                                         National Labor Relations Act - 1935
progressive leaders the union has known. Fosco served as his local's president, as            U.S. laws supposedly guarantee the right of America's workers to choose for
LIUNA Regional Manager of the Chicago Region, and as General Secretary -                 themselves whether to have a union - but in reality, the laws, eroded and poorly
Treasurer of the International Union. He is credited with establishing LIUNA's           enforced, no longer protect workers. Employers routinely violate the rights of workers
national apprenticeship program.                                                         trying to form unions by lying to them, intimidating them, spying on them and even
                                                                                         firing them.
   Labor's New Assistant Director                                                             Human Rights Watch, an internationally recognized organization that monitors

    Promises Action and Support
                                                                                         basic human rights, calls these violations of workers' rights in the United States a
                                                                                         fundamental human rights issue.
     Esther Lopez, the assistant director at                                                  It is a huge problem in America, where 42 million workers say they would join a
the Illinois Department of Labor met with                                                union tomorrow if given the chance. America's workers want to improve their job
labor lobbyists on the first day of Veto                                                 safety, gain health care, ensure job security and have a say in their working
Session. She told the group to "expect                                                   conditions. Unions strengthen families, communities, our social support networks and
quick, expedient enforcement of labor                                                    our economy.
laws."                                                                                        When employers violate the right of workers to form unions, everyone suffers.
“There will be changes in the Labor                                                           On December 10th, International Human Rights Day, tens of thousands of
Department from what it has been under                                                   American workers, their allies and elected officials will speak out together, calling for
previous administrations," said Lopez. "We                                               restoration of the freedom to form unions. In rallies, marches, meetings with elected
have the momentum. We have the support.         Esther Lopez, assistant director of      officials, and education workshops, workers will demand that their right to choose a
And we have the ability to really make this     the Illinois Department of Labor,        union be respected by employers and by government.
department work for union members in            with Jeremy Smith, Illinois AFL-         December 10th is the 55th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of
Illinois. There'll be no more status quo. No CIO legislative director, speaks to         Human Rights. The declaration protects such important human rights as freedom of
                                                Labor Lobbyists at the Illinois AFL-     speech, assembly and religion. It also states unequivocally "everyone has the right to
more lengthy investigations. Expect to see
                                                CIO on November 4.                       form and to join trade unions for protections of his or her interests."
     Lopez is assuming director duties until a permanent replacement is found for        In Illinois, events are planned around the state. Check the Illinois AFL-CIO web site
Michael Fenger the previous department chief.                                            for a list of activities.
     Lopez, a Chicago resident and former Steelworker, most recently worked for
the AFL-CIO in the Field Mobilization Department.
     Lopez introduced George Sisk, the chief legal counsel for the department and           Progressive Workers' Rights Bill Passes in Illinois
Stephanie Noble, the department's director of legislative affairs. Sisk previously           In Illinois, Card Check legislation passed this year that allows state employees to
served as assistant general counsel for Secretary of State Jesse White. Noble was       form a union if a majority of the workers sign authorization cards. And the Illinois
legislative director for AFSCME. They can both be reached at the department's           AFL-CIO is working to pass Senate Bill 461 disallowing state vendors who receive tax
Springfield offices at One West Old State Capitol Plaza, 217-782-1704. Lopez            dollars from using any state money to influence a union organizing drive.
can be reached in Chicago at 312-793-1809.                                              On the federal level, Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. Miller (D-CA) recently
     The Department of Labor enforces state laws on workers' rights, wages,             introduced the "Employee Free Choice Act" that would ensure when a majority of
working conditions and safety. There are four divisions within the department -         employees in a workplace decide to form a union, they can do so without threats and
Fair Labor Standards, Conciliation and Mediation, and Public Safety and                 obstacles from their employer. The legislation would also ensure that a contract would
Administration - that monitor issues from child labor laws to equal pay. The            be negotiated in a timely manner after workers succeed in forming a union.
department has a budget of $6 million and 90 employees.
           LaborLetter                                                                         3                                       November/December 2003

                             Italian American Labor Council
                                  Honors Stan Karczynski
     Stanley Karczynski, a long-time Chicago-area labor leader was named Person of the Year by the Italian American Labor
Council of Greater Chicago during a ceremony on October 17.
     Karczynski has been president and business manager of the largest Sheet Metal Workers Local union in the United States
and Canada for the past ten years. He started his rise to the top in 1985 when he was elected business representative of
SMWIA Local 73. He served in that job until 1994 when he was elected for the first of four terms as president of the Local.
In 1999, Karczynski was elected General Vice-President of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association and now sits on
the Executive Council.                                                                                                                Stan Karczynski, president of Sheet Metal
     Karczynski is also chairman of Local 73's Pension and Welfare Funds, the Annuity Fund, the Joint Arbitration Board and           Workers Local 73 (center) was named the
the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. He serves on the Board of Directors of Amalgamated Bank of Chicago and the                        IALC's Person of the Year for 2003. With him
Executive Board of the Chicago Federation of Labor.                                                                                   are (left) IALC President Joe Serpico and
                                                                                                                                      Illinois AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Michael

     Senate Committee Hearing on Big Box Stores
          CHICAGO - In response to Wal-Mart's recent announcement that they plan to            Club, Citizen Action of Illinois,
     build a store in the South Austin neighborhood of Chicago, Ron Powell, president of       Chicago Jobs for Justice, the
     Local 881 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) testified on             South Austin Coalition, and the
     October 27 before the Illinois Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on the                 Illinois Coalition for Immigrant
     harmful effects that big box stores like Wal-Mart Supercenters have on workers,           and Refugee Rights.
     small business owners and entire communities.                                             Sen. Carol Ronen, chair of the
     Powell testified that big box stores devastate communities by actually destroying         Senate Labor and Commerce
     more jobs than they create and the jobs they do create have lower wages and few, if       Committee, said she was
     any, benefits. Only 42% of Wal-Mart employees are covered by company health               pleased by the turnout and the
     care - according to an AFL-CIO report. In comparison, 80% of UFCW members are             diversity of those testifying.
     covered by virtually no-cost comprehensive health care plans.                             "This hearing was an               Testifying before the Senate Committee on
     In testifying to the Committee, Powell said that, "Once a big box store moves into a      opportunity for the Committee      October 27 are (l to r) Ron Powell, president
     community, growth is stifled in the areas of tax revenue, employment, and business        members to hear both sides of      Local 881 UFCW; Bob Vondrasek, South Austin
     ownership. Unable to compete with the predatory pricing of big box retailers,             the debate on the economic         Coalition Community Council Executive
     family-owned and smaller, regional business owners are often forced to close.             impact of big box stores," said    Director; and Tim Drea, Local 881 UFCW
     Consumers are left with few choices for shopping and of what products are                 Ronen. "The Committee heard Legislative Director.
     available. If big box stores are permitted in the City of Chicago, we believe that we     over three hours of testimony from labor, business, community groups and units of
     will see the same devastation occur in our neighborhoods."                                local government. I would like to thank Mr. Powell and the UFCW for bringing this
          In addition to Powell's statement, the committee heard opposing testimony from       far-reaching issue to my attention."
     business groups, including the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association and the                Although representatives from Wal-Mart attended the hearing, they did not
     Illinois Food Retailers Association, and from community groups, including the Sierra      testify.

                                                                                                                                                  Change                Richter Scale
                  Illinois is a 7.3 on the "Economic Richter Scale,"                                                                                                      Reading
                  Has the 5th Worst Record in Nation                                                           Change in unemployment rate         Up 2.2 percent             2.2
                                                                                                               January 2001-September 2003
 4                New Report Measures Illinois' Economy for Working                                            Jobs
 2                Families                                                                                     Change in number of jobs,           Short 4.9 percent          4.9
                                                                                                               January 2001-September 2003
     SPRINGFIELD - Illinois' economy measures 7.5 on the "Economic Richter                          In         Change in poverty rate, 2000-2002   Up 2.1 percent               2.1
Scale," according to a new report released in November that examines objective                 Illinois, the   Health Care Coverage
criteria of how working families in Illinois are faring. The "Economic Richter Scale"          ranks of those  Change in share of residents with   Down 0.6                     0.6
                                                                                                               health coverage, 2000-2002        percentage points
ranked Illinois 45 among all 50 states. The rankings were based on each state's                without health
                                                                                                               Household Income
unemployment rate, job growth, health insurance coverage, household income, poverty            insurance rose  Change in median household          Down 5.7 percent             5.7
rate and personal bankruptcy filings. The data, based on official government statistics,       from 13.5       income, 2000-2002
was compiled by the AFL-CIO.                                                                   percent to      Personal Bankruptcies
     "With an Economic Richter Scale rating for Illinois of 7.5, it is clear that current      14.1 percent    Change in filing, 2000-2002         Up 35.4 percent              0.2
national economic policies have been disastrous for Illinois' working families," said          between 2000    Personal Bankruptcies
                                                                                                               Change in filing, 2000-2002         Up 35.4 percent              0.2
Margaret Blackshere, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO. "Good jobs are being                   and 2002, the
                                                                                                               Total Points                                                    15.7
eliminated and the quality of life has deteriorated for families in Illinois as the ranks of   poverty rate
                                                                                                                              ECONOMIC RICHTER SCALE RATING: 7.5
the unemployed and uninsured continue to increase."                                            climbed 2.1
     "It is now two years since the national recession ended and the so-called economic        percentage points, personal bankruptcy filings increased 35.4% and median household
recovery began," said Blackshere, but we still have a lot of recovering to do here in          income declined by 5.7%, according to the report.
Illinois."                                                                                          "This is the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression," said
     The new report shows that the unemployment rate in Illinois has grown from 4.9            Blackshere. "Instead of investing in our communities, the Bush administration has
percent to 7.1 percent between January 2001 and September 2003, and the state has              given tax breaks to the wealthy and implemented policies that caused the loss of good
lost nearly 200,000 jobs since President Bush took office. Since January 2001, the             paying, middle-class jobs for our residents."
state lost 114,200 manufacturing jobs - an erosion of America's middle class. Illinois              The AFL-CIO and its allies are launching a national mobilization to draw attention
has also lost 8,900 jobs from the state's much smaller information sector.                     to the need for good jobs and steps that must be taken to build a strong economy. In
     "Our nation is hurting for good jobs, and Illinois is no exception," said Blackshere,     order to create jobs and improve conditions for working families, the administration
pointing out that the Bush administration promised that starting in June of this year its      and Congress must invest in our nation's infrastructure, provide financial assistance to
economic program would create 306,000 new jobs nationally each month. But as of                the states, extend the federal emergency unemployment insurance compensation
today, Bush is nearly 1 million jobs short of his promise, she said.                           program, address the nation's health care crisis and raise the minimum wage.
       LaborLetter                                                                    4                                            November/December 2003

                                                                     Labor & Politics
                                                           October 27, Navy Pier, Chicago
                                                                                     $5,000 Sponsors
                                                                 HERE -Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union •
                                                   IBEW Local 134 0 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers • IBEW Local 176
                                            IBT Joint Council 25 - International Brotherhood of Teamsters • IFT - Illinois Federation of Teachers •
                                                  USWA District 7 - United Steelworkers of America • The Law Office of James Ridge, PC

                                                                                      $2,500 Sponsors
                   AFSCME Council 31 • ATU Local 241 • Boilermakers Local 1 • Carpenters’ Chicago and Northeastern Illinois District Council •
                Chicago Building Trades Council • IBEW Local 9 • IBEW Local 150 • IUOE Local 399 - International Union of Operating Engineers •
           LIUNA District Council of Chicago and Vicinity - Laborers' International Union of North America • NALC - National Association of Letter Carriers •
            Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor • Painters’ District Council 14 • Sprinkler Fitters 281 • UA Local 130 - Chicago Journeymen Plumbers •
                  UAW Region 4 - United Auto Workers • UFCW Local 1546 - United Food and Commercial Workers • Rider Dickerson Inc. Printing

                                                              Can Medicare Survive?
     On Tuesday, November 25, the Senate approved the           In a searing statement released just after the vote,   VOTING WRONG: Senator Fitzgerald and
Bush Medicare drug plan 54-44 with 2 not voting. The       AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said, "Congress has          Representatives Biggert, Crane, Hastert, Hyde, Johnson,
House approved the report 220-215 in the pre-dawn          fundamentally undermined the security of the Medicare       Kirk, LaHood, Manzullo, Shimkus, Weller. Call and/or
hours on the previous Saturday, after an unprecedented     program with a drug plan that provides giveaways to         write these members of congress to tell them you're
three hours of voting (rules called for the voting to be   private insurers and opens the door to privatization of     disappointed they sold out Medicare, seniors and people
open for only 15 minutes). The next stop for the           the entire program. In addition, nearly three million       with disabilities.
Medicare Prescription Drug Deal is President Bush's        retirees are expected to lose their employer-sponsored      The Presidential candidates vote:
desk.                                                      prescription drug benefits."
                                                                                                                       VOTING RIGHT: Senator Edwards and
     The AFL-CIO has opposed the Republican-backed         The Illinois Congressional delegation vote:                 Representatives Gephardt and Kucinich.
plan on the basis that it pushes people into the very
                                                           VOTING RIGHT: Senator Durbin and Representatives            NOT VOTING: Senators Kerry and Lieberman.
HMOs that contribute heavily to Republican lawmakers
                                                           Costello, Davis, Emanuel, Evans, Gutierrez, Jackson,
and bars the government from negotiating for lower                                                                     Sure to Vote the WRONG WAY with his pen: President
                                                           Lipinski, Rush, Schakowsky. Call and/or write these
drug prices.                                                                                                           Bush.
                                                           members of congress to thank them for standing up for
                                                           Medicare, seniors and people with disabilities.             Voting information from the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans
    LaborLetter                                                                     5                                        November/December 2003

                        Live in Dignity and Good Health                                                                      Anti - FTAA
          Peoria Retirees’ Council Health Fair                                                                             Rally at Brach's

  John Hidden - UAW                                                       Vilas Belsey - IBEW
  #974 gets his                                                           #34 enjoying a
  cholesterol                                                             pressure point
  checked.                                                                massage.                         Ron Powell, president Local 881 UFCW; Margaret
                                                                                                           Blackshere, president IL AFL-CIO; Tim Drea, legislative
                                                                                                           director Local 881 UFCW; and Steve Powell, secretary-
                                                                                                           treasurer Local 881 UFCW join the rally against FTAA.

                                                                                                           A rally Nov. 1 against job losses and low wages outside of the
                                                                                                           Brach's Candy Plant in Chicago brought out hundreds of union
                            Mr. and Mrs. Jim Allen - Teamsters                                             members who voiced opposition to the Federal Trade Areas of
                            #627 - he’s not enjoying getting a flu                                         the Americas (FTAA).
                            shot.                                                                          The Brach's plant recently announced it is closing down and
     2003 was the eighth year in a row the Union Retirees' Council of West Central Illinois has            moving operations to Mexico and Argentina. More than a
held their comprehensive health fair for all union retirees in the area.                                   thousand union workers will lose their jobs and $35 million in
     The Council actually organized two fairs this year: one on October 30 at the Teamsters 627            tax revenues will disappear.
Hall in Peoria and another on November 13 at the UAW Local 974 Hall in East Peoria.                        Speaking to the crowd, Margaret Blackshere, Illinois AFL-CIO
Hundreds of union retirees participated in the fairs where thirty-four public and private agencies         president said, "We have to start protecting American workers
provided various services including flu shots, cholesterol screenings, blood pressure checks,              and their families. We cannot continue to allow American jobs to
trigger point massages and other services and vital health information to help ensure the future           relocate to foreign countries that do not enforce workers' rights,
well being of members.                                                                                     living wages, environmental protections or safe working
     All of the services were provided free of charge to union members.                                    conditions. Our federal trade policies and this administration are
                                                                                                           gutting the middle class of America. It's time for a radical
                                                                                                           change in our trade policies and in our federal administration."

 Governor's Quad City Economic Plan Unveiled
                                            Manufacturing is a Top Priority
EAST MOLINE - Governor Blagojevich unveiled the second of 10 new major               The Northwest Region, which includes Jo Davies, Carroll, Whiteside, Rock Island,
economic initiatives that should help spur growth in Northwestern Illinois. The      Mercer, Henry, Bureau, Lee, Putnam and La Salle counties has many strengths,
Governor's plan, Opportunity Returns, is a result of fact-finding meetings held      including manufacturing and existing infrastructure - like the Rock Island Arsenal,
with local labor and business leaders, and government officials.                     but like most regions it has suffered from the recent economic downturn.
Opportunity Returns includes five components specifically targeted to meet the       Since 1998, the United States has lost 2.4 million manufacturing jobs. In Illinois,
economic and workforce development needs of the Northwest Region including;          60,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost and in the Quad Cities area
expanding manufacturing, developing and marketing regional assets, assisting         manufacturing jobs have dropped from 50,000 to less than 25,000 in the past two
entrepreneurs, strengthening education and job training and improving local          decades.
        The Northwest Region Economic plan includes several major initiatives such as:
               •     Supporting development around the Global III Intermodal Facility in Rochelle
              •     Providing $13 million to develop the Galena Bypass which will benefit the region through improved
                    access for tourists and hopefully expand opportunities for commercial and retail development
              •     Creating a revolving loan fund, with an initial investment of $25 million, to help manufacturing companies
                    retool and upgrade their equipment
              •     Assisting manufacturers in reducing their energy costs through the Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Program
              •     Maximizing the potential of the Rock Island Arsenal through improved marketing with $200,000
              •     Speeding up efforts to complete the West Rock River Bridge project which will provide access to the Quad Cities Airport.
              •     Earmarking $65,000 for marketing the Quad Cities Airport
              •     Committing $300,000 to open a new Entrepreneurship Center to coordinate small businesses and programs
                    available throughout the region
                   “We will work together day and night to put people back to work, to create opportunity
                    and economic security," said Governor Blagojevich. "And when we do - we will make
                      the great dream of building a better life as real and alive as it was meant to be.”
      LaborLetter                                                                      6                                        November/December 2003

                        NATIONAL NEWS
Iraq Deals Linked to Bush Campaign Fund
The Associated Press reports that companies awarded $8 billion in contracts to rebuild Iraq and
                                                                                                               S TATE N EWS
Afganistan have been major campaign donors to President Bush, and their executives have had             Home Healthcare                       the UMWA District Council 12
important political and military connections. According to a study released October 30, an                                                    and Letitia Taylor, a former
investigation of more than 70 U.S. companies and individual contractors who have received
                                                                                                        Workers Sign First
                                                                                                                                              director for AFSCME, were also
govern-ment contracts, turned up more that $500,000 in donations to the president's 2000                State Contract                        named to the state panel. Their
campaign.                                                                                               On Thursday, October 23, 21,000       terms expire in 2004 and 2006
                                                                                                        SEIU Local 880 home healthcare        respectively.
Grocery Workers Win for All of Us!                                                                      workers signed their first contract   Ed Sadlowski, a former director
MISSOURI - UFCW Local 655 grocery clerks returned to work this                                          with the state.                       with the Steelworkers District
week after a historic 24-day strike and lock-out that resulted in an                                    In March, Governor Blagojevich        Council 7 was named to the local
unprecedented show of union solidarity and community support that                                       signed an executive order             labor panel. He was appointed by
ultimately brought the area’s largest three supermarkets back to the                                    allowing home care workers            Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.
bargaining table.                                                                                       employed by agencies doing
Local 655 President Bob Kelley announced that the clerks voted 4,174                                    business with the state to join a     Maytag Layoffs Begin
to 945 to accept a second 47-month contract offer by Schnucks,                                          union.                                Nearly 400 workers were laid off
Dierbergs and Shop ‘n Save.                                                                             In a joint statement, Helen           at the end of September at the
Spending 25 days on the picket lines, the clerks won what many are calling a watershed strike for       Miller, president of Local 880        Maytag plant in Galesburg. The
the entire St. Louis area labor movement. “Had the companies been able to beat down Local 655,          and Keith Kelleher, the unions'       large appliance manufacturer,
the largest single union in Missouri, it would have sent a dangerous message to employers               head organizer, said, "Winning        which had employed over 2,000
throughout the state that they can say ‘take it or leave it’ with impunity,” said Bob Soutier,          the first union contract with the     workers, now has a force of
CEO/Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council. “The fact that Local 655 stood          state is an important step in both    approximately 1,600. They have
up for their principles is a victory for all of us.”                                                    improving wages and                   said they will move the jobs to
After announcing the results, Kelley said, “We are forever grateful to the public and the rest of the   recognizing and valuing the           Mexico. The Illinois AFL-CIO
labor movement for their outstanding, if not heroic, support of our members during this very            importance of Illinois care           Member Assistance Program staff
trying time for everyone. We realize this was a hardship, not only for our members, but for the         providers as a key element to the     has been working with union
public as well. That our customers stood with us will never be forgotten by anyone in this union.”      state's workforce and economy.        members at the plant to make
UFCW International Vice President Shaun Barclay told members that because of the new contract,          This victory would not have been      sure they receive benefits
“St. Louis will have the best (UFCW) health insurance program in the country, the only one with         possible without all of our           available under the Trade
zero deductibles for health care.”                                                                      brothers and sisters at the SEIU      Adjustment Assistance Act. The
Sonji Caule and Ruthye Harris, both 26-year members of the union who work at Schnucks City              State Council, the SEIU               majority of workers at the plant
Plaza, emphasized: “We had to do what had to be done. The other unions supported us and our             International Union, the IL AFL-      are represented by the Machinists
customers showed their respect by staying away. We love them and we’re looking forward to               CIO and the entire labor              and the Teamsters. A recent
getting back to work.”                                                                                  movement; ongoing support from        economic impact study shows the
Highlights of the new contract include:                                                                 community groups, our allies in       Maytag plant as the top industry
• The companies continue to pay 100 percent of health care premiums.                                    the state House and Senate, and       in the nine county area
• The union won two new paid sick days.                                                                 the Governor and his staff for        surrounding Galesburg. By
• An increase of 40-hour full-time jobs from 50 to 55 percent.                                          bargaining in good faith."            shutting down the plant, the total
• A larger ratification bonus that more than doubled, from 20 cents to 45 cents                                                               output for the region will
     an hour on all hours worked last year.                                                             Labor Relations Board                 decrease by approximately $540
• Baggers will receive a 10-cent an-hour raise; up from 5-cent raises proposed earlier.                 Appointments                          million. The study also shows
• Total elimination of deductibles on medical benefits.                                                 Governor Blagojevich has              that the total employment loss
• Improvements in the pension plan.                                                                     appointed several veteran labor       (direct, indirect, and induced)
At a press conference after the vote, Kelley emphasized the importance of rising health care costs,     leaders to the state's newly          generated by the plant closing
which he said “are running out of control!” The strike and work stoppage illustrates why it is          organized Labor Relations Board.      will be approximately 4,166.
necessary for the country to address solutions to the health care crisis, he said, and called on        The Board is comprised of two
corporations to join unions in developing a national health care program for everyone.                  panels, the state five-member         Chicago Teachers
                                                                                                        panel and a local three-member        Approve Contract
Wal-Mart: Cracks in the Armor?                                                                          panel.                                Arne Duncan, Chicago Schools
MINNESOTA - Judge certifies Wal-Mart class action suit                                                  Jackie Gallagher was named as a       CEO, finally came to the
The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that more than 64,000 former and current employees of Wal-           member and to chair both the          negotiating table with a viable
Mart and Sam's Club stores in Minnesota will be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against the     five-member state board and the       proposal and a tentative
company. The lawsuit claims employees were forced to work overtime without pay. The paper               three-member local labor panel.       agreement was reached on
estimates the case could cost the company more than $200 million based on the number of                 She will serve until 2007.            November 12 between the
potential claimants. There are 37 similar class action suits against Wal-Mart across the nation.        Gallagher has been with the           Chicago Teachers Union and the
ARKANSAS - Wal-Mart Violates Immigration Laws                                                           Chicago Teachers Union for 12         Board. The determination of
Department of Homeland Security officials raided 61 Wal-Mart stores across the U.S. suspected           years. Previously she worked for      union teachers resulted in the
of immigration-law violations on October 23. Federal officials arrested illegal immigrants              Speaker of the House Michael          Board agreeing to a proposal that
working on cleaning crews at stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware,               Madigan.                              addresses the union's concerns
Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey,                 Michael Hade, former field            about health insurance, length of
New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West             services director for the Illinois    contract and school day/school
Virginia. Files were also seized from the retailers' corporate office in Bentonville, Arkansas. The     Federation of Teachers was            year, as well as improvements in
government alleges Wal-Mart knowingly hired the undocumented workers. The grand jury                    named to the five-person state        working conditions. Copies of
hearing into the charges is expected to begin in December.                                              board for a two-year term.            the summary of the gains were
                                                                                                        Hade served for 12 years as the       delivered to members on
CALIFORNIA - Oakland's Big Box Store Ban                                                                president of the Springfield and      Thursday, November 14. On
On October 21, the Oakland, California City Council voted 7-1 to limit the size of "big-box"            Central Illinois Trades and Labor     November 19, the four-year
grocery stores allowed in their city. The ordinance bars discount retail stores with full-service       Council before retiring in March      contract was ratified by a vote of
supermarkets that exceed 100,000 square feet, or about 2.5 acres. The ordinance targets Wal-Mart        2000.                                 15,104 to 12,599.
Supercenters that average 187,000 square feet. Currently there are no Wal-Mart Super-centers in         Rex Piper, secretary-treasurer for
California, but the company says they plan to open 40 in the state over the next four years.
        LaborLetter                                                                           7                                             November/December 2003

                                                                      Your Vote is Your Voice
                                                                        ROAR IN 2004
                                                                                      Dates to remember:
                                                                                      Candidate filing deadline: December 15, 2003
                                                                                      Illinois AFL-CIO COPE Endorsement session: January 8, 2004
                                                                                      Voter Registration deadline (for primary election): February 17, 2004
                                                                                      Primary Election: March 16, 2004
                                                                                                       Changes to campaign financing in SB 428
                                                                                                    Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) text
                                                              cong public laws&docid=f:publ252.107

                                                 President Bush’s Anti - Union Record
ALL                                                               •   Proposed take $11 billions from State Children's Health      •   Signed Exec Order opening door to privatization of Air
•   Denies airport screeners freedom to choose a union (1/03)         Insurance Program as part of economic stimulus program           Traffic Controllers jobs (6/02)
                                                                      (10/01)                                                      •   Fired all members of key federal workers' dispute
•   Proposes repeal of family friendly unemployment
    compensation rule; failed to extend UI benefits to 800,000    •   Delayed patient protection rules for Medicaid                    resolution panel (1/02)
    working families suffering under Bush recession (12/02)           beneficiaries in HMOs (8/01)                                 •   Revoked union representation for hundreds of workers in
                                                                  •   Bush Social Security Commission issued report with               five Department of Justice divisions (1/02)
•   Proposes new rules to deny Earned Income Tax Credit to
    working poor (4/03)                                               errors and misleading claims (7/01)
                                                                  •   Bush's labor secretary rejected a proposal for accurate      BUILDING TRADES
•   Threatens to veto Labor Appropriations bill if it includes
                                                                      reporting and recordkeeping of workplace injuries (7/01)     •   Closed nomination process for NACOSH (1/03)
    ban on eliminating overtime (7/03)
                                                                  •   Nominated a longtime labor opponent to be the DOL's top      •   Threatened 380,000 jobs with infrastructure funding cuts
•   Bush's OSHA No longer requires employers to keep track
                                                                      lawyer (7/01)                                                    in proposed budget (2/02)
    of such injuries as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (7/03)
                                                                  •   Sought to limit legal rights of workers with repetitive      •   Following pressure from Building Trades unions and some
•   Backs employer efforts to use taxpayer money for anti-
                                                                      motion injuries (6/01)                                           members of Congress, abandoned plans to weaken a
    union campaigns (8/03)
                                                                  •   Forced elimination of $359 million in help for dislocated        critical workers' compensation program. (04/01)
•   Halted OSHA efforts to protect workers from TB
                                                                      workers and adult job training (6/01)                        •   After pressure from construction unions, modified his ban
    exposure (5/03)
                                                                  •   Delayed help to California working families during state's       on PLAs (4/01)
•   Proposes DOL rule to end overtime protection for millions
                                                                      energy crisis (6/01)
    of workers (3/03)                                                                                                              INDUSTRIAL
•   Seeks to thwart Medicare appeals when benefits are            •   Signed tax cut bill that favors the wealthy while giving
                                                                                                                                   •   Negotiated Fast Track trade agreements weaker than
    denied (3/03)                                                     working families no immediate relief (6/01)
                                                                                                                                       existing treaties on workers' rights (3/03)
•   Proposed new accounts that weaken 401-K plans (3/03)          •   Bush Treasury Secretary called for abolition of corporate
                                                                                                                                   •   Keeps labor, environmental and consumer reps off trade
                                                                      taxes and radical Social Security changes (5/01)
•   Proposed privatized prescription drug plan for seniors that                                                                        board (12/02) following a lawsuit filed by the AFL-CIO,
    forces seniors into HMOs (3/03)                               •   Packed new Social Security Commission with privatizers           the Bush Administration named labor reps to board
•   Submitted budget loaded with tax breaks for the wealthy                                                                        •   Eliminates report on mass layoffs and plant closings
    and short on relief for working families (2/03)               •   Rescinded strict reporting requirements for union-busting        (12/02)
                                                                      consultants and attorneys (4/01)
•   Offered plan to allow states to restrict Medicaid (2/03)                                                                       •   Reneges on steel tariffs to protect steel workers' jobs and
                                                                  •   Cancelled OSHA grants for 19 workplace health and                American manufacturing (8/02)
•   Attempted to restrict emergency room visits for poor
                                                                      safety programs (4/01)
    (since abandoned) (1/03)                                                                                                       •   Urged Congress not to require workers' rights and
                                                                  •   Proposed cutting federal health care programs for the            environmental protections in trade agreements (6/01)
•   Chose wealthy over working families with economic
                                                                      uninsured by 86% (4/01)
    stimulus package (1/03)                                                                                                        •   Supported a draft of the FTAA that would extend NAFTA
                                                                  •   Suspended and moved to repeal contractor responsibility          throughout the western hemisphere (4/01)
•   Proposed new, costly ($1 billion) and burdensome
                                                                      rules (4/01)
    reporting regulations on unions (12/02)                                                                                        •   Supported mining industry's effort to delay rules helping
                                                                  •   Terminated the White House office for Women's                    workers with Black Lung (3/01)
•   Shuts workers and unions out of most safety studies
                                                                      Initiatives and Outreach (3/01)
•   Sides with drug companies against state legislation
                                                                  •   Vowed to veto bipartisan Patients' Bill of Rights (3/01)     TRANSPORTATION
    helping seniors get lower prices for prescription drugs       •   Repealed OSHA ergonomic standard (3/01)                      •   Denies airline workers due process in security assessments
    (9/02)                                                        •   Called for Paycheck Deception to silence working                 (3/03)
•   Following his push for repeal of tough OSHA ergonomic             families as part of campaign finance reform (3/01)           •   Delays new and stronger aircraft maintenance and repair
    standards, Bush offered "voluntary" standards for             •   Proposed raiding the Medicare Trust Fund, taking 15              rules (3/03)
    employers (4/02)                                                  years off the fund's solvency (3/01)                         •   Used Taft-Hartley to intervene in West Coast dock lockout;
•   Proposed sub-minimum wage for "workfare" workers              •   Repealed worker protection and labor-management                  also considers using troops to keep ports open (11/02)
    (3/02)                                                            relations rules (2/01)                                       •   Banned mechanics at United Airlines from exercising their
•   Proposed radical changes to states' Unemployment              •   Blocked responsible contractor regulation (1/01)                 right to strike (12/01)
    Insurance system, including massive tax cuts for              •   Nominated anti-labor Linda Chavez as DOL head (1/01)         •   Announced plans to intervene a second time in aircraft
    corporations and less federal oversight (2/02)                                                                                     contract negotiations (6/01)
•   Proposes budget that raids Social Security Trust Fund to      PUBLIC EMPLOYEES                                                 •   Using NAFTA, Bush opened the U.S. border and the
    pay for tax cuts primarily geared toward the wealthy          •   Slashes congressionally approved pay raise for federal           nation's roads to unregulated trucks from Mexico (6/01)
    (2/02)                                                            workers (8/03)                                               •   Banned mechanics at NW Airlines from exercising their
•   Sought to slash job training funding for workers that lose    •   Establishes system to privatize 850,000 federal jobs;            right to strike (3/01)
    their jobs (2/02)                                                 demanded and won legislation to unilaterally cancel the
•   Proposed cutting 80 jobs full-time safety and health jobs         collective bargaining rights of 170,000 workers (5/03)       EDUCATION/CHILDREN
    and $9 million from OSHA funds (2/02)                         •   Proposed elimination of Civil Service protections for        •   Backed cutting $270 million and 84,000 from college
•   Bypassed Congress to appoint Labor Solicitor opposed to           DOD workers (4/03)                                               grant program (8/03)
    worker safety measures (1/02)                                 •   Terminated the collective bargaining rights of 1,300         •   Proposed school vouchers, undercutting public education
•   Begin groundwork on privatizing Social Security (12/01)           workers at the National Imagery and Mapping Agency               by shifting taxpayer dollars to private schools (3/03)
                                                                      (2/03)                                                       •   Proposed rules that cut children's access to school lunches
•   Repealed federal responsible contractor rule that
    scrutinized corporate lawbreakers during competition for      •   Appoints postal service privatization commission (12/02)         (3/03)
    government contracts (12/01)                                  •   Asked fire fighter to resign from Valor Commission           •   Included school vouchers in education proposal and failed
•   Stopped DOL action on almost 30 job safety initiatives            because of union affiliation (11/02)                             to fund school repair and modernization (2/01)
    (12/01)                                                       •   Opposes grants for fire fighters (10/02)
                            “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.” – Mother Jones

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                                                                                                                            (773) 363-1996 • (773) 363-5099 Fax
                                                                    Replaces Gary Forby                                     1013 E. 53rd St. • Chicago 60615-4311
                                                                    117 BRADLEY, John (D)                                   M114 SH • Beverly Helm • (217) 782-5338
                                                                          (618) 997-9697 • (618) 997-9807 Fax               Health & Human Services; Judiciary;
                                                                          501 W. DeYoung, Ste. 5 • Marion 62959             Local Government.
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