Bankruptcy Court Records on a Business by qww14167


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									B 132

                                  United States Bankruptcy Court
                                                     Western District of Louisiana


   Name of individual or business that is the subject                 Social Security No. or Employer Tax I.D. No. of
   of the search:                                                     Subject:

   Please search your records for the following information regarding the individual or business named above:
      pend ing or closed bankruptcy cases in this district;
      pending o r closed ad versary proc eedings;
      judgments/evidence of satisfaction of judgments; and
      other [d escribe briefly]

   Please search for the period from _____________________________to ________________________________.
   A fee of $26.00 is charged for each name or item searched. Payment by check or money order must be enclosed.
   Please do not send cash through the m ail.

   Name, add ress, and phone number of the person requesting the search:

                                                     CERTIFICATE OF SEARCH

The undersigned clerk hereby certifies the following results of a diligent search of the records of the court:
[Check only the items for which a search was requested and a fee paid.]
     A. Bankruptcy Cases:
           1.          None found.
           2.          Case filed on ____________________________.
                                                 (date)         (Date)
                           Voluntary                 Involuntary
                           Pending                   Closed on ____________________________.
                           Discharge granted on ____________________________.
                                                                   (date)      (Date)
     B. Adversary Proceedings:
           1.          None found.
           2.          Subject is a party to the following proceeding:
                       ____________________________________________ v. __________________________________________________
                                       (Plaintiff)                                               (Defendant)
                        Adversary Proceeding Number ________________________________, filed on ________________________________.
                                                                                                              (date)    (Date)
                             Pending                Closed on ___________________________________________.
                                                                                   (date)          (Date)
                        Disposition:      Dismissed on ______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                            (date)                      (Date)
                                          Final Judgment entered on ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                       (date)         (Date)
                        Case Number of Related Bankruptcy Case _______________________________________________________________.

                                                              _               J. Barry Dunford
                                                                        Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court

____________________________________                      By: __________________________________________________________
                 Date                                                                    Deputy Clerk

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