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									             RossieR PRofessional DeveloPment PRogRams

USC School Business Management
Certificate Program - a Blended Learning Program
       ...will have you thinking like a CBo.


                                                    July 29th, 2009
                                                  SpaCe iS limited
         The USC School Business
         Management Certificate Program
                     B o o t C a m P s ta R t s J U lY 2 9 t h , 2 0 0 9

          PRogRam Benefits:                                          UniqUe PRogRam Design:

          this scenario-based program puts you right in the          the program is conducted approximately 75% online
          middle of real-life school business situations. You        and book-ended with two residential sessions. this
          will learn how to problem solve both individually and      allows you the flexibility to arrange your learning
          in groups by making professional decisions that are        around your professional and personal schedule.
          faced in any school business setting.
                                                                     With a participant cohort of no more than 25
          By the end of our program you will know how to             students, you work individually and in groups to
          confidently handle operational and tactical issues.        learn how to deal with real-world business situations
          You will also possess the skills of leadership and         and activities.
          strategic planning which are crucial for any Chief
                                                                     You will seek solutions by exploring resources
          Business Officer.
                                                                     that are built into your online classroom, including
          school Business management is one of the few areas         readings, connections to valuable internet sites,
          in the job market that has openings. obtaining your        and videotaped insights from a host of functional
          USC Business Management Certificate will help put          experts as well as current CBo’s. in addition, you
          you at the top of the recruitment list.                    will be presented with individual activities that
                                                                     provide you with the chance to check your mastery
                                                                     of information.
It’s very motivating to be part of a talented, committed group of
people who are working together to pursue a new career avenue.
                                                                     You discuss conceptual information and learn to
It truly makes the work easier and more enjoyable! I am very
impressed with the level of expertise and commitment I feel from     better understand decision-making and analysis
all the organizers and instructors. It’s very special to have this   through interactive gaming techniques. like any
type of support and to be able to work the program into an already
                                                                     good learning experience, there are discussion
busy schedule.
                                                                     opportunities facilitated by a lead instructor who is
      Sharon Kurtz, Manager Special Projects Business Services       a practitioner in school business. You also have live
                                      Hollister School District
                                                                     interactions with a host of experts which will allow
                                                                     you to ask them questions directly in real time.

                    to view an example of a Collective Bargaining scenario and for complete information

                   on the USC School Business Management Business Certificate Program please visit our

                           website at: www.usc.edu/rossierprodev. Click on K-12 leadership
          Boot Camp                              online program                              leaderShip CapStone

s P e C i a l P R o g R a m f e at U R e s :                 P R o g R a m D e ta i l s :
•   allows you the flexibility to arrange your learning
    around your professional and personal schedule.          the program begins and ends with a residential
                                                             session held on the USC campus. The first session
• Establishes a professional network with your
                                                             is a Boot camp that will be held from July 29th to
  fellow participants whom are current and future
  school business officials.                                 august 2nd, 2009. the program concludes with a
                                                             leadership Capstone session in June 2010.
• The simulated problems you solve are immediately
  applicable to your current workplace, increasing           in the 11 months connecting your campus
  your productivity and effectiveness.
                                                             experiences, you will work in an online learning
• Field work projects will provide evidence of your          environment facilitated by a former school business
  ability to apply the learning to real-world work           leader with over 20 years of experience.
                                                             the program fee is $5,500. this includes your tuition,
• Individual résumé and interview techniques
  are reviewed as well as strategies for your next           on-campus meals and on campus residence. all
  position.                                                  course materials will be provided electronically.

• SSC will discuss with graduates their personal
  application file and advancement preparation.

• Your USC SBMCP Certificate leads to CaSBo CBo                     I just received confirmation that I was approved for a new
  certification.                                                    position. I believe that the USC CBO program prepared me
                                                                    and gave me a competitive edge during the interview process.
                                                                    The greatest thing about this program is the format in which
                                                                    different topics are discussed online with my fellow classmates
                                                                    that are doing a variety of job function for different school
                                                                    districts up and down the state of California.

                                                                                              Adrian Vargas, Business Manager
                                                                              Pleasant Valley Elementary Unified School District

                                         for further information,

                       call Dr. Joy mahdesian, faculty advisor at (858) 794-0019.

                or Colleen Dietz in the Rossier school of education at (213) 743-1585.
P R o g R a m fa C i l i tato R s :
Carol A. Berg, Ph.D., Deputy superintendent/CBo for the                 Joyce Mahdesian, Ed.D., was a public school superintendent
anaheim City school District, has capped a 45-year career in            for 20 years serving in small, medium and large districts. as a
education in the public and private sectors. Before returning to        result, she has a variety of experiences with school business
public school service, Carol was the executive vice President           operations. Dr. mahdesian has dealt with declining and
of school services of California. in addition to her many               growing districts; good and bad funding years; earthquake;
responsibilities at SSC, she served as fiscal advisor to schools        teacher strike; special education; facilities issues; bond and
facing bankruptcy and assisted their return to fiscal solvency.         parcel tax elections; communications and media; business
Prior to her work at ssC Carol was the Deputy superintendent            personnel hiring; and management information systems.
in the Newport Mesa Unified School District where she also
was a teacher, a principal and assistant superintendent.

  o U R s C h o o l B U s i n e s s e x P e Rt s f e at U R e D i n t h e P R o g R a m :
  Wendy Benkert, assistant superintendent     Donald Gatti, assistant superintendent of      Jannelle Kubinec, associate vice
  of Business services, orange County         Business Services, Stanislaus County Office    President, school service of California
  Department of education                     of education
                                                                                             Bill McGuire, vice President of
  Ron Bennett, President and Ceo,             Thom Gilbert, managing Partner,                Professional & fiscal services, school
  school services of California               gilbert associates inc.                        innovations & advocacy

  Michael Bishop, assistant superintendent    John D. Gray, vice President,                  Joel Montero, Chief Executive Officer,
  for school Business, Paramount school       school services of California                  fiscal Crisis and management assistance
  District                                                                                   team
                                              Eric Hall, President, eric hall and
  John Bukey, general Counsel,                associates                                     Cindy Petersen, Director of Charter
  California school Boards association                                                       school, grant Joint Union high school
                                              Kenneth F. Hall, founder and Chairman          District
  Kelly Calhoun, Director, education          emeritus, school services of California
  technology & information systems,           founding Director, UsC school Business         tim purvis, Director of transportation,
  Folsom Cordova Unified School District      management Program                             Poway Unified School District

  Margaret Chidester, attorney of law,        Diana Halpenney, attorney of-Counsel,          Gloria Rios, Business services, livermore
  Office of Margaret Chidester                Kronick, morskovitz, tiedemann and girard      Valley Joint Unified School District

  Richard De Burgh, President,                Robert Hamm, Deputy Director,                  Kim Stallings, Chief Business and
  school Purchasing group inc.                maintenance and operations, los angeles        Financial Officer, Long Beach Unified School
                                              Unified School District                        District
  tom delapp, President,
  Communication Resources for schools         Renee Hendrick, Director of fiscal             Caprice young, vice President Business
                                              service, orange County Department of           Development & alliances, Knowledge
  Brian Frohmuth, Risk manager,               education                                      Universe
  County of tulare
                                              Michele Huntoon, associate vice                don Zimring, superintendent,
  William P. Gillaspie, management            President, school service of California        Las Virgenes Unified School District
  analyst, fiscal Crisis & management
  assistance team (fCmat)

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