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					            Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
                                                          people of faith live in relationship to money
                                                          and material wealth.
Homepage                                                  As an issue of faith, Jesus speaks more
                                                          about money than any other topic, except the
                                                          Kingdom of God. More than prayer, more
                                                          than sin, more than salvation, more than
                                                          forgiveness or love, Jesus teaches and
                                                          preaches about our relationship with money.
                                                          This leads us to see that to be true disciples
                                                          of Christ we have to consider our relationship
                                                          with money and possessions carefully. It
                                                          follows that we must also think carefully about
                                                          what we give to the Church.
                                                          We will take different factors into account
                                                          when making our decision as to what to give
                                                          to the Church. Our starting point is the fact of
                                                          our discipleship. Whatever those factors may
                                                          be, discipleship comes first. Any ministry that
                                                          we exercise comes through and out of our
                                                          following of Christ. What we give and how we
                                                          give is also an expression of our discipleship.
        THE MESSENGER                                     It is as valued and loved people, called by
                                                          Jesus to follow his way, that we make our
         December 2003                                    decisions about money – what to give and to
     Free of charge, contributions welcome                whom. Discipleship is love in action and
                                                          embraces service, prayer and care. It is
LOVE IN ACTION – FOLLOWING AND                            prayer that challenges us to be fully aware of
FUNDING                                                   the world in which we live and to present it
                                                          with all its needs and pains to God. The
Not long after Christmas you will be receiving            disciple is called to follow the Lord not only
an invitation to our Parish Cheese and Wine               into the desert and onto the mountain to pray
evening to be held in the Church on Saturday              but also into the valley of tears, where help is
24th January 2004. It will be an opportunity              needed, and onto the cross, where humanity
for us to gather to hear about the financial              is in agony.
needs of St John‟s in the years ahead in a                Advent coincides with the great shopping
relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I hope that              spree that is the run up to Christmas. This
you will all be able to come and hear the                 Advent, please also give some thought as to
speakers and enjoy yourselves.                            how you, as a disciple of Christ, will respond
Canon Alan Haydock is one of the                          to the Funding Programme that begins in
speakers; he is a parish priest, an                       January. It is as much a part of „love in action‟
entertaining raconteur and a professional                 as anything that we seek to do as disciples
after-dinner speaker. He is also passionate in            and followers of Jesus.
wanting to help parishes in their fund raising.           Your friend and priest
He comes to us for a nominal fee that will                David.
barely cover his expenses!
Individual members of congregations are
never keen to have the question of their                  Our faith demands trust from us – in the
giving to the Church raised and reviewed. It              eternal purposes of God mediated in the
tends to be something that we want to get                 sacraments and the life of the Church and its
over and done with as quickly as possible.                people.
Yet, money is essential for the work of any
Church. Money is a spiritual matter. All

           Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
The first day after Christmas                            A WEEK IN JANUARY
My true love and I had a fight.
And so I chopped down the tree                           The week commencing 18th January is a full,
And burned it just for spite.                            exciting and also extremely important one for
Then with a single cartridge                             us. Please note the following dates and
I shot that blasted partridge                            services etc. in your diaries and, please also
My true love, my true love gave it to me.                make time to join in to as many as possible.
                                                         On Sunday 18th January at the 10.00am
The second day after Christmas                           Parish Eucharist, the Funding Programme
I pulled on the old rubber gloves                        formally begins. The Bishop, the Rt. Revd
And very gently wrung the necks                          Tim Stevens is the celebrant and preacher at
Of both the turtle doves                                 that service. The visit of the Diocesan Bishop
My true love, my true love gave it to me.                to any parish church is unfortunately, due to
                                                         the schedule and workload that all Bishops
The third day after Christmas                            now have, a comparatively rare occasion.
My Mother caught the croup.                              Bishop Tim is here as we begin our Funding
I had to use the three French Hens                       Programme but he is also interested in our
To make some Chicken soup.                               Church and its life. He will be staying on after
The four calling birds were a big mistake                the service to talk with us. Please come along
For their language was obscene.                          to the service and please be prepared to set
The five golden rings were completely fake               aside some time to stay on afterwards to
And they turned my fingers green.                        continue our conversation with him on a more
                                                         informal basis.
The sixth day after Christmas                            On Wednesday 21st January at 7.30pm the
The six laying geese wouldn‟t lay                        Revd Alistair Helm is to be licensed as the
I gave the whole darn gagle to the RSPCA                 N.S.M. Assistant Priest at St John‟s with
On the seventh day after Christmas                       responsibility for the Church of the Nativity,
What a mess I found.                                     Cavendish Road, Aylestone Park. The
All seven of the swimming swans had                      Service will be held at the Church of Nativity.
drowned.                                                 Do please come along to support Alistair and
My true love, my true love gave them to me.              Kate. Please also remember them in your
                                                         prayers as Alistair takes on this new
The eighth day after Christmas                           responsibility.
Before they could suspect.                               On Saturday 24th January at 7.00pm for
I bundled up the eight maids a milking                   7.30pm the Funding Programme Cheese and
Nine pipers piping. Ten Ladies dancing                   Wine Evening will be held in the Church. You
Eleven lords a leaping.                                  will be receiving invitations shortly after
Twelve drummers drumming.                                Christmas.
(well actually I kept one of the drummers)               On Sunday 25th January at 10.30am (please
And sent them back.                                      note the change of time) the morning service
                                                         will be a United Service of the Churches of
I wrote to my true love a letter                         the Clarendon Park Consultation. This is the
“We are through love and I said in so many               last united service of the Consultaton as at
words                                                    Pentecost 2004 a new ecumenical body – the
Furthermore your Christmas gifts were for the            South Leicester Christian Partnership will be
Four calling birds, three French hens                    launched. Please come along on 25th
Two Turtle doves and a partridge in a pear               January to give thanks to God for all the
tree”                                                    tremendous work that the Clarendon Park
                                                         Consultation has achieved in building and
Sent by Marion Moule courtesy of the WI.                 developing the ecumenical life of this area.
                                                         EXPLORE! will run as usual and will be joined
                                                         by children from the other Churches.

           Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
Mothers’ Union                                           Then the pumpkin starts to grow with the
                                                         flower on the end. It swells like a long balloon
At our October meeting just before                       and grows bigger and rounder every day.
Harvest Festival we contributed to the                   With no water on the allotment except from
decoration of the church by cutting out                  rainwater butts and wells if not dried up,
fruit and vegetable shapes from coloured                 caring for a pumpkin is a labour of love
cardboard. Not quite back to school! In                  needing daily visits often carrying water.
fact they looked very effective and
welcoming stuck on the oak doors of the                  What better place to be, though, on a hot day
church. Revd Sarah and Belinda joined                    than watering and watching plants grows and
and helped as always. We have really                     listening to the birds singing before bedtime,
appreciated their cheerful presence and                  away from sticky sweat and traffic fumes.
support.                                                 Well, her pumpkin grew and grew. Fellow
The MU stall at the Winter Fair with Myrtle              allotment holders dropped by to watch, chat
and her helpers made £230.                               and marvel. Perhaps the gnomes were
In December Marjorie Lord speaks on                      tending it; the dictionary says they are
Christmas Customs.                                       subterranean creatures who are guardians of
2004 is the Year of the Family so keep an eye            the earth. When they are fully-grown
on the notice board for events. Story bags for           pumpkins are green and then orange stripes
EXPLORE are coming on slowly and Tina                    appear until they are orange all over by the
Davison is going on the Parenting Facilitators'          beginning of October and ready for harvest.
course at Launde Abbey in March.                         Margaret B‟s weighed 20lb!
If anyone [non-members also] would like to
receive Home and Family magazine please                  „I will never be able to eat all this on my own,‟
see Carol Rogers. All are welcome at our                 said she and kindly offered it to us Harvest
meetings.                                                Festival. It was placed before the altar. She
Margaret Young                                           came to see it. Afterwards it was given to
                                                         Park Lodge who were delighted to receive it
Pumpkins and a Fairy Godmother                           and made pumpkin pie. The seeds were kept
This was intended for the last issue but got             and Margaret will grow and tend another
lost in cyber space- it makes a nice Christmas           pumpkin next year.
Fairy godmothers? Well, you can‟t have a                 Our little pumpkin was just the right size to
pumpkin without one! A friendly fellow                   make soup for three so we shared it together
Queen‟s Road allotment holder, Margaret B.,              with Margaret at our own Harvest Supper.
helped us {Jeanette and me] get our jungle               [Barry pulls faces at my soup so had
plot dug and weeded earlier this year after it           something out of a tin instead]. Perhaps
got neglected the previous year when I was               enough pumpkins will be grown next year for
ill. Later we went on a trip to Pershore                 a Parish Harvest Supper.
Agricultural College with the Garden Club and            Margaret Young
bought pumpkin plants. We had a little one
suitable for our small plot, which we planted
amongst the aubergine and cucumber.                      BY OUR MINISTRIES
Margaret B‟s called Ghost Rider was a giant.
Pumpkins are fascinating. They produce large             Baptised into the Church of God
yellow flowers and sprawl seductively over               Jemima Eve Parker
the ground with great long stalks and big
leaves. They relished the dry conditions we              Laid to rest
have had this year. Once they‟ve finished
sprawling all the flowers drop off except one.           Mervyn Storey

            Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
CHANGES TO SERVICES                                       CRIB SERVICE
At the meetings of the PCC on 30th October
and 20th November the following services                  4.00pm CHRISTMAS EVE
were considered. The outcome is as follows:               The service is a simple re-telling of the
These changes take effect from the beginning              Christmas story with traditional carols and
of Advent 2003.                                           songs. Even the youngest members of
10.30am Friday Service of Holy Communion                  EXPLORE! (St John‟s Junior Church) can be
It was agreed that this service will cease. This          involved. There is a part and a place for
is to take effect from the beginning of Advent.           everyone! We‟d like all the children to take
10.00am Wednesday Eucharist                               part and we are making arrangement to
It was agreed that the service would alternate            include everyone. There are letters about this
on a weekly basis between a „traditional                  at the back of the Church and if your child
language‟ service (similar to that which has              would like to be involved, please take one
been said each Friday at 10.30am) and                     and complete the form at the foot of the letter
Common Worship.                                           and return it to me.
6.30pm BCP Holy Communion on the first                    The first run-through of the children‟s roles
Sunday of every month                                     will take place during EXPLORE! (Junior
On the first Sunday of every month there will             Church) on Sunday 21st December. Two
be a service of Holy Communion from the                   further rehearsals will take place from 3.00pm
Book of Common Prayer (including the collect              to 5.00pm on Monday 22nd and Tuesday
and readings).                                            23rd December. Light snacks will be provided
6.30pm Evensong                                           and we can arrange to collect the children.
There will be a service of Evensong (with                 For further information ring Fr. David on 270
hymns, psalm and canticles) on the second,                6097
third and fourth Sundays of each month.
There may not always be a sermon preached                 FROM AN AFRICAN NATIVITY PLAY
at this service.
6.30pm Evensong on the fifth Sunday of the                The scene is the usual one with Mary and
month. When there is a fifth Sunday in the                Joseph near the infant Jesus, with shepherds
month the service of Evensong will be from                and angels in the background. As three
Common Worship with hymns, psalm and                      characters approach we think that they are
canticles.                                                the three Wise Men. But no, these have
6.30pm Choral Evensong                                    already come and gone as the three gifts are
This service will continue to be held at                  displayed before the cradle. When the three
intervals throughout the year and at which a              get closer we realise that they are not kings.
sermon will always be preached.                           One is dressed in rags, one has chains all
Evening Worship in the style of Taize                     around him and the third has ashes on his
This service, which has been held on a                    head and seems in great distress. As they
monthly basis, will be held approximately                 approach the choir sings: „Joseph, close the
once a quarter.                                           door. They are thieves and vagabonds
                                                          coming for all we have.‟ Joseph answers: „No.
Christmas Services                                        Let them enter. Our child is for everyone.‟
Sunday 21st December                                      Joseph then tries to give away the gifts; gold
6.30pm        Carol Service                               to the first to help him in his poverty; myrrh to
Christmas Eve                                             the second to soothe his wounds;
  4.00pm      Crib Service
                                                          frankincense to the third to calm his troubled
 11.30pm      Midnight Mass of the Nativity*
Christmas Day                                             mind. With great courtesy they decline them
   8.00am     Holy Communion                              and address the child directly. „Little Child,
10.00am       All Age Eucharist for Christmas             you do not belong to the world of gold and
Morning                                                   frankincense. You belong to our world, a
                                                          world of pain and suffering. We too have
*Incense is used at this service.                         come to pay our homage and bring our gifts.‟

            Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
The first then says, „Little Child, accept my             to suffer and to die, so Peter is going to have
tattered shirt because one day you will be                to think soberly about the meaning of the
stripped and beaten and led away naked.                   Messiah.
Remember my gift then. The second says,                   In chapter 17 the Transfiguration takes place
„Little Child, I give you one of my chains                giving the disciples a glimpse of who Jesus
because one day you will be led out in chains,            really is. Their faith and relationship with him
but on that day you will break the chain of               has been tested and Jesus tries to prompt
many.‟ The third says, „Little Child, I have              Peter to consider some consequences from
nothing to offer but my anger and fear and                the developments of these chapters.
loss of faith, in God and in man, but Little              Mt 17:24 – When they reached Capernaum
Child, I know that you, only you, can take                the collectors of the half-shekel cmae to Peter
these things and change them into something               and said, ‘Does your master not pay the half-
meaningful and beautiful for God.‟                        shekel?’
Then the three walk away with straightened                The half-shekel was a tax levied on Jews
backs and lighter steps.                                  throughout the empire for the support of the
This is a powerful presentation of an adult               Temple in Jerusalem. It is one of the few
Christ at Christmas and a world away from                 taxes in history paid willingly, since it helped
sugary sentiment.                                         the Jews to strengthen both their religious
Lydia Finlay                                              and national identity, and a fitting tribute to
                                                          God. The collectors come with the question
REFLECTION FOR CHRISTMAS                                  perhaps because they have seen Jesus‟
                                                          freedom regarding the law and wonder
The child that lies in the manger, helpless and           whether he bothers with such things. Peter
abandoned to the love of His creatures,                   answers, „Yes.‟ Any suggestion that Jesus is
dependent entirely upon them to be fed,                   less than a model Jew Peter finds
clothed and sustained, remains the Creator                unacceptable. Jesus then questions Peter.
and Ruler of the universe. Yet, in this human             ‘From whom do earthly kings take tribute,
nature of His, He wills to be helpless that we            from their sons or from foreigners?’
may take Him into our care. For here is no                Two things are presupposed here. It Jesus is
mere matter of appearances. The poverty of                the Messiah and the dwelling-place of God‟s
the Child and of His mother, their loneliness             glory, then he takes the place of the Temple;
and dereliction at Bethlehem, their need for              also, the relationship which the disciples have
food and clothing and support, these are all              with Jesus makes them „sons‟ of the
as real as our own needs and our own                      household of God. If the Temple exists to
limitations. And why? Above all, because of               maintain the link between God and his
the reality of His love. He has embraced our              people, and if Jesus is the one who makes
poverty and our sorrow out of love for us, in             that link, is the Temple in Jerusalem
order to give us His riches and His joy.                  superfluous?
Thomas Merton from ‘Meditations on Liturgy’               He seems to be trying to get his followers to
Mowbray 1976.                                             realise that they find themselves in a
                                                          completely new situation and to start to act
TAKE THE FIRST FISH THAT RISES                            accordingly. The Transfiguration is the turning
                                                          point. He is saying quite emphatically – from
Matthew 17: 24-27                                         now on you must learn to think and act in a
Precis of an article by Fr. John Hemer MHM                completely different way. It applies as much
Jesus told Peter: „…go to the lake and cast a             today as it did to Peter.
hook; take the first fish that rises, open its            If onlookers see the tax is not paid they may
mouth and there you will find a shekel; take it           conclude he has no concern for the Temple. It
and give it to them for me and for yourself.’             seems that the last thing that Jesus wants is
What has gone before? In Mt 16:16 Peter                   to give the impression that this link between
identifies Jesus as the Christ. Next, Jesus               God and man is of no importance. He
surprises Peter by telling him that he will have          instructs Peter; it is not fitting that this be paid

            Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
out of the common purse of the new                        YOUNG PEOPLE
community. ‘However, so that we shall not be              Junior Church: during 10.00am Parish
the downfall of others, go the lake and cast a            Eucharist on most Sundays of the year. For
hook…’                                                    further information, please contact one of the
Some have suggested that Jesus is simply                  clergy.
telling Peter to go fishing and thereby earn a            Impact: a group for 11 to 18 year olds meets
living with which to pay the tax, and trust that          in the Parish Office during the 10.00am
God will provide. There is also a type of                 Parish Eucharist service on the first Sunday
catfish, a bottom feeder that scavenges for all           of each month. For further information,
manner of things. If a coin were lost and a               please contact one of the clergy or
hook was cast it might well be the first fish to          Sally Beazley, 36 Spinney Halt,
bite, and in its mouth…                                   Whetstone.LE8 6HU Tel: 286 6395 email:
REFLECTION FOR ADVENT                                     „Tinies‟: for very young children and their
                                                          parents/carers. Fridays at 10.30am, Parish
The Christ child comes, like every other child,           Centre. For further information please contact
to give the world a message.                              Mrs Ceri Williams, 27 Sidney Road.
What message have I come to give?                         LE2 Tel: 221 5653
I seek guidance from the Lord to express it               Child Protection Policy: nominated person:
in a word or image.                                       Mrs Joan Bushby, 254 Kimberley Road.
From „Wellsprings. A Book of Spiritual                    LE5 1LJ Tel: 273 7487
Exercises‟ by Anthony de Mello
Image Books 1986.                                         MOTHERS‟ UNION - Meets on the first
                                                          Tuesday of each month in the Parish Centre.
DIRECTORY                                                 For further information please contact:
                                                          Mrs Margaret Young, Branch Leader, 5
Clergy:                                                   Southernhay Close, LE2 3TW. Tel: 270 7842
Team Rector: The Revd David White,                        Treasurer: Carol Rogers Tel: 212 9060
The Rectory, 9 Springfield Road, LE2 3BB
Tel: 270 6097: email:                 St John‟s Church of England School:
                                                          East Avenue, LE2 1TE (Tel & fax) 270 9932
Parish Reader: Mrs Sheila Roberts, 1 East                 Headteacher: Mr D R Dunmore B.A.
Avenue. LE2 1TE Tel:270 3852
email: Smr@SheilaRoberts.Org.UK                           The Messenger, Editorial Team:
                                                          Philip Draycott, 87 Regent Road, LE1 6YG
Churchwardens:                                            Tel & fax: 299 3262 email:
John Freeman, 30 Craighill Road LE2 3FB         
Tel: 270 5631                                             Peter Beaman email:
Rachel Kellett, Wistow Gate, Newton             
Harcourt, LE8 9FH. Tel: 259 2682                          The Revd David White (address as above)
email:                                 Margaret Young (address as above)

PCC Secretary:                                            St John‟s Parish Centre: To hire a room,
Liz Beech 62 Stoneygate Road, LE2 2BN                     please contact the Lettings Manager, Michelle
                          Tel: 220 2218                   Tolley
PCC Treasurer: Claire Wills-Wilson,                       on tel 270 9519 and leave a message
55 Westminster Road, LE2 2EH.                             or e-mail:
Tel: 270 6066
                                                          CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER GROUP
Organist and Director of Music:
Richard Archer, 11 Frampton Av, LE3 0SG                   With regret, this Group has now ceased to
Tel: 285 7193                                             meet.

           Saint John the Baptist with Saint Michael & All Angels, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester
                                                         10.00am        Parish Eucharist.
THE DIARY FOR DECEMBER AND                                              Preacher and Celebrant –
JANUARY                                                  Bishop Tim
                                                         And afterwards in the Parish Centre.
Sunday 7th The 2nd of Advent                                          FUNDING PROGRAMME
6.30pm      Holy Communion (B.C.P.)                      BEGINS.
Friday 12th                                               6.30pm      Choral Evensong
7.00pm      Compline                                     Wednesday 21st

Sunday 14th The 3rd of Advent                             7.30pm     Licensing of the Revd Alistair
6.30pm      Choral Evensong                                          Helm as the NSM Assistant
                                                                     Priest at St John‟s with St
Sunday 21st The 4th of Advent                                        Michael‟s and with responsibility
6.30pm      Carol Service                                            for The Church of
                                                                     the Nativity, Cavendish Road,
Monday 22nd                                                          Aylestone Park.
3.00pm      Crib Service rehearsal                        Saturday 24th
Tuesday 23rd                                              7.00pm for Funding Programme Cheese
3.00pm      Crib Service rehearsal                                   and Wine Evening at the
Christmas Eve                                                        Church.
 4.00pm     CRIB SERVICE
11.30pm     MIDNIGHT MASS OF THE                         Sunday 25th
NATIVITY                                                 10.30am     United Service of the Churches
                                                                     of the Clarendon Park
CHRISTMAS DAY                                                        Consultation at St John‟s.
 8.00am       HOLY COMMUNION
(Traditional Language)
10.00am       ALL AGE EUCHARIST FOR                      SERVICES AND GROUPS EACH WEEK
CHIRSTMAS MORNING                                        SUNDAYS
                                                           8.00am      Holy Communion (traditional
Sunday 28th   The Holy Innocents                         language)
 8.00am       Holy Communion (Traditional                10.00am       Parish Eucharist and
Language)                                                EXPLORE! (for children and their parents)
10.00am       Parish Eucharist and                         6.30pm      Evensong
EXPLORE!                                                 (1st Sunday of the month: Holy Communion –
 6.30pm       Evening Worship in the Style of            BCP)
Taize                                                    WEEKDAYS
                                                         Tuesday         7.30am      Eucharist
JANUARY:                                                 Wednesday 10.00am           Eucharist
Thursday 1st        The Naming and                       (alternates with a service using traditional
Circumcision of Jesus
  10.00am    Eucharist                                          language and Common Worship)
Sunday 4th THE EPIPHANY (Transferred                     Thursday      7.30pm    Eucharist
from 6th)                                                Friday        9.45am    „Tinies‟ in the
  8.00am     Holy Communion (Traditional                 Parish Centre
Language)                                                              7.30pm    Choir Practice.
10.00am      Parish Eucharist and
  6.30pm     Holy Communion (B.C.P.)                     NOTE: Parish web link:
Thursday 8th                                   
8.15pm       Julian Meeting at The Rectory               ex/church/st_john.htm
Sunday 18th The 2nd of Epiphany


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