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Mr David Grundy


									                                     MD105 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

                                         GENERIC PRESENTATION

Target Audience: Lions clubs learning about the scheme. Members of the public, clubs,
organisations. Can be adapted for Emergency Services, PCTs

Duration: This takes 8 minutes to read through. I would allow 12- 13 minutes at a
presentation and a further 10 minutes for Q&A. If you distribute bottles at the presentation,
depending upon the size of your audience you may need some assistance and to add a little
more time.


 HEADLINE                               COMMENT                                   PROMPTS
INTRO          Good Evening

               My name is XXXXXXXX . I am the “ Message in a Bottle”
               co-ordinator for XXXXXXXX.

               Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your time, to
               talk to you about a scheme, which is totally free to
               everyone and, as a minimum, will bring comfort to the user,
               their family and friends. Potentially, it could save a life by
               providing vital information to the Emergency Services at a
               critical time, that could save a life!

               You may have the question in your mind “Why should I use
               this scheme?” I suggest the question should be

               “Given it’s potential and that it’s free, why shouldn’t I
               use this scheme?”

               Time is always tight, so I’ve allowed myself just 15 mins
               and I will be taking questions at the end please.

Version 1.0
March 2005
 HEADLINE                             COMMENT                                   PROMPTS
Aim           My aim in giving this presentation, is to provide a brief
              overview about the scheme, and answer some of the
              following questions:

                     What is it?
                     How does it work?
                     What information do I have to give and who else
                      has access to it?
                     Who can benefit from using the scheme?
                     How much does it cost the user?
                     Are the Emergency Services aware of this and will
                      they use it?
                     How can I get hold of my free kit?
                     How many kits do I need?
                     Should I stop wearing my MedicAlert or similar

                  Again, I’d be happy to take any questions you may
                  have at the end.

What is it?                                                                Show/ give out bottles
                     It looks like this ….
                     It’s an Emergency Information scheme that provides
                      vital information about you, when someone else
                      needs it.
                     It’s very simple to use, but highly effective
                     The user updates the form as regularly as required
                     It’s a potential life saver

Version 1.0
March 2005
 HEADLINE                             COMMENT                                        PROMPTS
How does it                                                                   Invite people to open
                   The bottle contains:
work?                                                                         them and examine
                       o A simple form to complete (as much or little         what’s inside
                         info as you would like someone else to know
                         in an emergency)
                       o Green Cross Emergency Sticker x 2
                   Complete a form for each member of the household
                    (you can fit 2/3 forms to a bottle)
                   Place the bottle in the fridge (this is where the
                    Emergency Services have come to expect to find it)
                   A Green Cross Emergency Stickers is placed on the
                    outside of the fridge indicating the location of the
                   Another sticker is stuck on the inside of the house
                    door to alert the “authorities” to the existence of the
                    “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE”
                   I’m sure you can imagine other places this would be
                    useful e.g. Car, Caravan, boat

                   As much, or a little as the user wants to
do I have to       Only the user holds the data, in their bottle. There is
give and who        no central database. You do need to ensure the
else has            information is up to date and sufficient to inform the
access to it?       reader.

Version 1.0
March 2005
 HEADLINE                                COMMENT                                    PROMPTS
Who can
                Lot’s of people, including every single person in this room,
benefit from    for example, people who have:
using it?
                      any type of hidden medical condition
                      an Allergy
                      Had an implant
                      Take regular medication
                      You would like your blood group recorded
                      You have a living will or would like to be an organ
                      You want the Emergency Services to know you don’t
                       have any of the problems and treat you promptly
                      You care for someone and they may need help e.g.
                       children, elderly or vulnerable friends or relatives
                      You simply want someone else to know you have
                       been involved in an emergency

                So, in effect anyone can benefit from using this
                scheme. Anybody can fall down the stairs and loose
                consciousness or have a road traffic accident.
How much
                      Nothing, it’s free to everyone.
does it cost
the user?             This scheme has been funded by [ENTER DETAILS
                       HERE] e.g. Lions FUNdraising, Sponsor etc etc
Are the                                                                        PCT, Emergency
                      The short answer to both questions is Yes.
Emergency                                                                      Services, Medical
Services              On a county level, we have obtained the active          Practitioners.
aware of this          support of [ENTER WHO’S SUPPORT YOU HAVE                You could use a copy
and will they          HERE]the Ambulance & Para Medics as well as the         of the MD Officers
use it?                Fire Service.                                           report from the
                                                                               Leeds Launch with
                      Locally, we have made contact with local
                                                                               60,000 bottles
                       emergency services, doctors, Social Services etc to
                                                                               supported by the
                       notify them about the scheme [ TUNE THIS TO
                                                                               PCT & Emergency
                       YOUR AREA].
                   So, in short Yes they are aware and using it.
                                                                               Readers Digest
Where can
                      We have made arranged for distribution at the
you get your                                                                   You could also have
                       following points [LIST YOUR DISTRIBUTION
free kit?                                                                      some with you
                       POINTS HERE]
                      These will be available from [ENTER DAY & DATE}

Version 1.0
March 2005
 HEADLINE                                 COMMENT                               PROMPTS
How many
                       This depends on the numbers living in your
kits do I need
                        household and the other uses e.g. car, caravan
                       You can put more than one form in a bottle (2/3)
                    You will need to photocopy the form inside for additional
                    use and future updates.
Should I stop    No. If you have a specific medical condition and routinely
wearing my       wear a MEDIC ALERT or similar necklace or bracelet, you
MedicAlert or    should continue to wear it.
other similar
system?          MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE is NOT a replacement for these
                 schemes, but can still be used as an extra means of
                 providing information when you are unable to do so. Think
                 of it has free insurance.

                       A FREE scheme to benefit the vulnerable and any
                       Simple to use, but highly effective
                       Kept in the fridge, but can be used out of the house
                       Supported by PCTs and the Emergency Services
                       Not a replacement for MedicAlert or similar
                       A comfort to the user, family & friends.
                       A potential life saver

                                      ANY QUESTIONS?

Version 1.0
March 2005

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